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    ...single web page which has a hyperlink which brings people to it, data coming in, automatic data collection and then is redirected to another page. If it works correctly for one project, then the successful bidder will be back to repeat the process for another project. I don't mind how you approach this problem, but I know enough about HTML, ASP, PHP

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    4 ofertas from users. Classic ASP Static Website. Can use whatever script or code that works well, just explain which you would do in your bid and state if there are any types of visitors that this will not work for. Require form to be coded, have HTML and CSS adhere to mock up design. Access to a test development copy of each site will be provided

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    11 ofertas you. The calculations are not complex, they should be easy for most programmers to understand. - an excel file which calculates snowball debt reduction. Just use this for calculation validation, since it does not contain any programming, just excel formulas. - a sample of the input and output forms. I am not too concerned about the format, just make

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    24 ofertas a PHP data harvester (basically a parser) that runs based on a server cronjob. If you think you can get the whole project done in instead, feel free to (just make sure you mention which in your bid) There is a real-estate site which contains record information we need to store and make searchable but because the complete data for these

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    ...subscription web service where end users can upload a csv or tab delimited spreadsheet and my service, acting like an excel spreadsheet, processes their data and returns 1 page with a filled in reporting form (including checkboxes checked according to formulas) and a page of charts with linear trend lines for some of the end user's data. As an alternative

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    I currently have a web form that is completed by employees each day which stores statistics in an access database. (View of web form is attached [emp report]) The website already has an interface where I can view/sort/edit/add/delete report etc. (View a graphic attached [logs]) I have a query webpage that shows the raw data from the database. (Image

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    ...including 3 basic pages - home, category and product - generated by the data in a few tables I will provide. I will also provide a CSS template for the design portion so I am only needing someone with the skills to integrate with the provided design. This can be developed in ASP or PHP, whichever the developer is most comfortable with. There will be

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    ASP Online Purchase System + Installers + PHP Page Editing The Online Purchase System is a partially developed ASP system. We employed a trusted programmer to review and assess what remains to be done. Pages consist of a purchase page, a shopping cart, a login page for returning purchasers, a registration page, a PayPal credit card payment page/script

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    Web Page Redesign Finalizado left

    ...are looking to redesign the layout of a single webpage. But this is a very critical webpage for us. We currently have a website that primarily is an external data warehouse. The site is an ASP application. The website is designed with frames. There are 3 frames used (menu, header and body). This one single page layout is used for all of our reports

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    I need a very small report created using data from an Access Database. This is a sales cart database - we want the online user to be able to extract data based on sales date - begin and end date for the report. Then they see report with number of sales of each item with the descriiption of the item and the total dollar value of the sales. We also want

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    I currently have a set of specifications for various models of equipment I sell in an Excel spreadsheet. I am able to export most of the excel sheets into MS Access format. I am looking for a series of .asp forms that will allow me to drill down data from this MS access database. There are several issues in this Access database that need to be

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    excel workbook to web Finalizado left

    I have an excel work book that contains 15 sheets with well over 100,000 computed cells. I am looking for a solution that will allow me to put this workbook on the web and for users to interactively change the data. Each time a user logs into the site all settings will be reset. Sheets and cells that are protected and hidden are not to be adjusted and

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    ...contains a years worth of data from January - December. They wanted the ability to have the data viewed by the entire sales staff and the ability to add records simultaneously. I suggested that they transfer the data to a database and create an intranet website to allow them to view, add, modify, and search through the data. That being said, here are

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    24 ofertas which took my suppliers Excel Spreadsheet's and updated my website with the new products and prices. I can now get a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file from my supplier which contains even more information (things such as weight of the product, image location etc). So, Im wanting a new script to take all the data out of the CSV file and import

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    ASP Spreadsheet Finalizado left

    This will be based on the ASP version of exceleverywhere. I am a newbie, so please excuse my ignorance. There are 4 main components: the password access system, the user input page, the output page and the hidden calculations (the spreadsheet). If you are interested, I will send a copy of the excel spreadsheet I wish to convert. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] "sprea...

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    **[iniciar sesión para ver URL] / ASP type application_??** The purpose of this project is to create a single copy (per user/client) of a _predefined_ **Business Plan** where the user can make modifications and tailor it to THEIR specific circumstances. I provide the basic text/content and numbers/projections (always a NEW business project without sales history)...and

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    We have an existing program that exports our race data to an Excel file. We have created a web site that is used to view the races results, but runs from an Access database. We need something to get the Excel Data into the Access database automatically via a web interface. I have a perl script that can FTP from a html page to a specified directory

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    We have a web application that parses a SQL database and creates a downloadable file output in either CSV, Excel document or Access database. The system works great until we added acouple more fields to the SQL tables. Now the Field names and data are not in the right order and we don't know why. For other applications we can not change the Database

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    Web Table Query /Save Web Text to Database Project Part 1: Need a program to query and extract tabular table data and corresponding picture(s) from web sites. The site can be an ASP or CGI or other type of sites. For each web page's table save to an excel file. I if there are multiple tables in a web page save them o the same excel...

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