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    ...create a simple program that will help us create labels as well as keep inventory of current product. The software will work using a scan gun and a label printer (such as a Zebra label printer). UPC Codes will be created and generated. We are a company that buys used mobile phones from carrier trade in programs and need to have a simple software

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    I have an Excel sheet with a lot of macroing/formulation that takes a variety of input and has a few outputs. Now that I have finished creating my sheet how I'd like it to work, I am looking to license this as a standalone software. So I need someone to convert this into a program that can take registration keys/login so that I can market it and sell

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    I need an excel expert Finalizado left

    Hi, I am an university student needing assistance with creating an excel program that calculates energy within a construction project. What i need is pretty simple, i just dont know how to get it to happen.

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    Simple C++ program with logic implementation for creating a 3D graph in Excel file, using complex numbers.

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    I am an independent travel agent focused on luxury leisure travel for my clients. I currently maintain a detailed Microsoft Excel file where I keep track of the details my clients trips by manually entering the data. The details include the client(s) names, date booked, confirmation #s, check in/out dates, nightly rates, total amount, # of days, destination

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    ...Objectives: By the end of the program, participants will be able to: Build budget templates and models for their departments or organizations. Apply several forecasting techniques to better manage uncertainties in budgeting. Evaluate capital budgeting decisions using several methods and recommend proper action. Utilize Microsoft Excel functions and tools in

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    Simple Program on USB Finalizado left

    A Simple Program (on USB) for creating groups of numbers and extracting certain types of information Basic Introduction and requirements to the required Program 1) Should be on USB so it can be used on any normal computer with or without being connected to internet. 2) Should allow creating of groups of numbers with data names ranging from

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    We have two databases : Sage Line50 accounts (a local database) and Zoho CRM (a web based program). Both have available ODBC drivers available from [iniciar sesión para ver URL] that should allow them to be read from a program such as Python. The drivers do work from excel. (Note I prefer python as I have other reasons to use it, but if this is technically not appropria...

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    This is a rather simple data entry project, which provides the users a means to simply enter data that the can read on the text of papers. It's a way to have all the data organized in one place. The program should have import/export features. The ideal candidate should have some experience in creating a simple database and in designing a dynamic user

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    Schreiben von Software Finalizado left

    Creating of a CRM / CMS tool in Access Database – offline- no cloud solution. I need a sophisticated CRM tool to be programed especially for me. Currently all information I store on a very big excel file. I don’t know now to use Access MS very well. So it must be very easy to be used, with buttons which simplify the usage of the of the tools such

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    ...Easy sign-up process to the event • easily importing data for users • easily exporting data for client • Tracking programs and accommodation facilities • Simple administration  • Automatically creating, sending and storing pro-forma invoies SOLUTION Graphics solution will be made on the basis of the client's corporate image, the existing graphic...

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    Program Interface Finalizado left

    Need a simple program to populate one excel spreadsheet from another. The users will want to pull actual expenses from a financial income statement and populate a template to assist with creating the next year's budget. Must be able to execute the program from the user's PC desktop computer

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    ...i need is very simple, but i am not a programming guy, so please help me. I receive everyday input data from customers via an Excel file. in the sheet 1; A1, there is the reference of the project For example "ON1515" What i need is a small program that would start automatically (under windows 7) every time the excel file would be copied

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    insurance estimate Finalizado left

    First forgive the simple terminology. I am an insurance adjuster and I have created my own excel program that I use for creating estimates, this has become obsolete. There are programs that are standard (xactimate, simsol, iscope) but I would like to take that terminology and create my own program. I have a good base I just need it to be way more professional

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    ...- It should be able to make and show the calculations as specified in the Excel sheet - It should be a working dedicated application which can be tested on the latest Android Phones - No Playstore upload requirements, just for testing purposes - $40,- budget for this simple app. However, a bonus can be applied when delivering excellent work Dear

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    ...where a user can login and see the interaction. 4. Admin panel, from where the client can see all users, send diet plans as emails plus auto save it in database. This can be simple. use the TinyMCE editor. 5. In admin panel, client can even confirm payment received via Paypal / other means. 6. A Calorie counter... I've the data in xls... column1 : Name

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    We are a mobile app company looking for someone with graphics design skills who can help expand our business by creating fun games for our portfolio. - You must have a Mac (Mac, MacBook, etc.) and run Mac OS 10.8 or higher to work with our software! There are other ways to run this software by installing Mac on your PC with a virtual box (check if

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    I am working on creating a spreadsheet that is going to calculate the most ideal position someone should be laying in for the maximum sun exposure based on time, day of the year, time zone and GPS/LAT/LON. I am working on building a program that ingests these items, and references the Solar Azmuth Angle (which direction the sun is) along with the

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    Write some Software Finalizado left

    ...looking into creating something similar to caterease. Here is a brief description of what we are trying to accomplish. Objective: To create a program whereby we are able to select food, beverage, and design items and compile them into one document to create a final working menu. We currently use a blank menu template created in excel and copy

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    I need a simple cashiering system For a small fleet. As you see in the attachment Iam using (excel sheet) .What I need is to create an admin ,user(limited access and adjustment) automatic billing daily,weekly or manually, back up file .creating cars drivers ,daily report. history report for each driver with date and time when paid fees. forwarding

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    I need a simple cashiering system For a small fleet. As you see in the attachment Iam using (excel sheet) .What I need is to create an admin ,user(limited access and adjustment) automatic billing daily,weekly or manually, back up file .creating cars drivers ,daily report. history report for each driver with date and time when paid fees. forwarding

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    Have a excel 2007 spreadsheet with many rows and colums. Looking for help creating a userform. I will send you an example of the spreadsheet and some instructions. So basically I'm looking for someone to guide me in finding a good solution and help me develop it. I can program a lot myself as long as someone helps me with it... This should be a simple

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    IOLSPTYLTD Finalizado left

    Need some help in designing/creating an Access Database with a simple Web front end. Our current Excel quote program will need to access and export data via a VBA script to the Access Database. We are in Melbourne too. I can provide more information once I am assured that you have the skills for the [iniciar sesión para ver URL] to discuss on the phone if require...

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    Microsoft Office installer Custom installer program for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013. It has to be very simple for the end user to use Problem I’m creating different ”add-ons” for Microsoft Office. It can be; templates e-mail signatures, themes and so on. When I deliver the files to my customer, they have to install the files in the right

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    Mac conversion Finalizado left

    "We have a program written in C++ that uses an open source, cross platform 3D graphics library and Qt, another cross platform GUI / Graphics / Core toolkit and an Excel interface library, also cross platform. We need to migrate the project from VisualStudio to XCode which in the past has been done by creating a simple qmake script to kick start the

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    I need a simple cashiering system For a small fleet. As you see in the attachment Iam using (excel sheet) .What I need is to create an admin ,user(limited access and adjustment) automatic billing daily,weekly or manually, back up file .creating cars drivers ,daily report. history report for each driver with date and time when paid fees. forwarding

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    ...attached scan. Summary below: 1. New simple logo (already designed) 2. Format the report to make it look pretty. 3. Add the "[logo] Report" as a header for each page 4. Add page numbers Final doc as a pdf. Preferably in MS Word for main doc since it is easier to edit. If you have a way of creating pdfs from MS Word (eg a pdf printer

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    ...within the budget, which is listed at the bottom. I need to have a simple piece of software developed that checks domain registrations on one particular foreign domain registrar WHOIS site. I have a lot of domains registered at this foreign domain registrar. Their site is very simple and does NOT have captcha. So here's what the software needs to

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    .../ DETAILED OUTLINE AND WIREFRAME PAGE LAYOUTS WILL BE PROVIDED TO GIVE DIRECTION AND MAKE THIS PROJECT GO SMOOTHLY AND QUICKLY FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM AND MYSELF! - Creating a friendly SEO website: SEO friendly HTML links, Sitemap, Internal "on page" linking, Properly using <H1>, <H2>, etc. tags. - Meta tag "keywords" / "description" will...

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    I am seeking someone to create a very simple, networked, table view, calendar to be used as a restaurant reservation book. One Single page view in a spreadsheet style format with a few column totals and page up and down buttons. Each Day would have a list of about 50 time slots on each of two pages (Lunch and Dinner). Time slots would be populated

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    1 ofertas set 2) Creating several reports 3) Modifying and extending existing data entry screens 4) Creating an additional user type and managing permissions (There are currently 2 user types) 5) Creating capability to import/export data to excel (Import capability for some data items already exists but needs to be extended) 6) Creating a dyanmic search

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    We need a simple program or database which will enable us to import and compare the rates from our sellers and buyers for different world destinations. Details: - The possibility of creating new sellers and buyers. - Rate entry (import from the Excel table or manually for a few destinations) - For the chosen buyer we need to find a seller

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    Excel Macros VBA_1 Finalizado left

    I need a basic macros which is very simple. I have an excel sheet and someone has already created a macros. I need you to modify the macros. The main requirement is that the program or macros you create should allow for information to be pulled from my excel sheet and it fills up in the empty sheet provided by amazon. I will give clear cut instructions

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    ...that are generated by the system. ## Deliverables I will be posting a more detailed technical specification. The following is the "High Level Design". *The program must be created in **Visual [iniciar sesión para ver URL] 2010** (I can accept earlier versions if it can convert to 2010). **Summary:** Turn-Based Strategy Game that I will use as a '...

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    This project is for importing data info from simple CSV lines to excel. Example of the data file is attached. 1. step In the Example file are measurements made with human body analizator weight/FAT% scale. This DATA should be imported into excel and sorted by the date of the measurement taken that is found in CSV file. The importing process

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    ...directories in database. Data for link directories will be provided in excel sheet, your app should have a module to import this data into app database from excel. Pls refer excel attached with this project, that contains data for one site. There should be simple user registration/user login/forgot password screens. A user can add any

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    We need a web based program to help us a our small production plant. The program will help us calculate production quantities, retain delivery information and will help us invoice our customers. ## Deliverables Objective: We are looking for a web based system that will help us manage a small production plant. The idea is to stream line our day to

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    Hello, I need an excel expert urgently to create formulas and calculations in an excel spreadsheet. The works involves creating simple formulas and calculations. Basically users will answer PASS / FAIL / N/A to each question (~40 questions) and based on those answers I need a %. For example 6/10 answers were fail then % would be 60% (filled in automatically)

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    Looking for an iPhone/iPod Touch programmer to create a deluxe flash card program similar to the combination of JFile ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) and Flash! ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) available for the Palm. The app must be able to create/randomize

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    ...these products from one another. If we like your work on this first job, we will look favorably on your bids for later jobs developing this directory page further, and perhaps creating other similar directory pages in the future. (3-4 hours will probably not be enough to complete the task, but it will give us an idea of whether we wish to re-hire you for

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    I am creating an Excel spreadsheet/database of USA magazines with classified ads sections. I want to turn this? into a **small Windows 7/Vista/XP-compatible executable file program**. This is the project. ? I plan to sell this software through the Clickbank affiliate network as a CB merchant or publisher, and allow CB members to sell it for

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    ... I can't download orders from the cart into Quickbooks. I'd like a simple program that can download daily orders and send them into Quickbooks. I found a complex way of creating a CVS file (not fun), then moving into Excel, then moving into a 3rd party program that can change Excel to Quickbooks readable files, and downloading from there. I�...

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    ...involved, however, the ideal assistant is: 1) Familiar with Wordpress and how to navigate it. There is a training video outlining exactly how to do this, but you will be creating very simple landing pages using a theme that only requires you to "plug and play" 2) A very small knowledge of PHP. Basically we will provide you with some PHP code

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet with calculations for creating sales quotes. I have Microsoft Accounting 2007 with SQL Database. I currently manualy enter parts, descriptions and price into my Excel spreadsheet. I want to be able to search for parts from my sql database. Need a search tool on my excel sheet that I can search by Catagory, Manufacture

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    Dear Freelancers, this job is about creating a simple database solution. The situation is as following. I have different documents (invoices, time sheets, receipts etc.) that have different attributes. Those are the date and the person from whom they are. I need a program with which I can attach those attributes to certain files and then filter

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    TimeSheet Website Finalizado left

    ...currently available Open Source code is acceptable.? MySQL & PHP is not required but preferred so my own techs can make minor updates in the future. A mock up Microsoft Excel 2003 (XLS) example is available for download. __________________ Phase 1:? Generic Web-based Timesheet - User accesses unprotected page and enters in their name, ID and

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    ...This way you don't have to spend time and huge investment of money to have your own unique training web site. eLeaP™LMS/LCMS does it all for you. And it is totally secure, simple and intuitive! eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS is loaded with rich, intuitive and useful features so that you and your users can experience a vibrant, interactive e-learning. Use Flash

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