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    VideoCamTextChat Finalizado left

    I am looking for software to enable me to have 5 web cams being viewed at the same time on a web site with say 50 users being able to text message and an unlimited number of non-interactive viewers. This service should allow for viewing and/or downloading of recorded slots. The software should be able to be controlled by me on my web site through a

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    Sales Tracking and POS Finalizado left

    ...site had a serious problem and the original post was lost. Looking for long term relationship on this as well as on future projects. ****UPDATE:**** This is not as complicated as some are thinking. Actually some have no problem understanding my requirements, and some seem to think its not detailed enough, so for those who are not sure of what I am looking

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    Flash Cricket Game Finalizado left

    I would like bids on creating a game of Indoor Cricket in either Flash or Shockwave. See the attached Word document for detailed requirements. I will also email the successful bidder an existing game in order to provide a greater understanding of what I want if required. The coder does not need to know the rules of Indoor Cricket as I can sup...

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    Text Alert Program 1 Finalizado left

    Description: ************ I need a program that will deliver real time alerts to authorized users. One submission of a string of text by the operator would be sent to the users using this program. Detailed features for prgm: ************************** *Program should be easily installed by the user when they download the program *The program should

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    We need a simple routine that will strip all scripting from a web page's HTML. Something like: sHTMLWithoutScript = StripScript(sHTMLWithScript) Let me put this in perspective. We're working on the release of software that will be used by thousands of people who will point your function to any website you can imagine. An example is [iniciar sesión para ...

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    Durameter Select Finalizado left

    First Phase I am developing a VB 6 applications program for Client Based Sizing of our pumps. Project is semi-complete but I need someone to develope the install package. I have a copy of Installshield developer to use with this, so experience with it or Windows Installer is a plus. I would also like the program cleaned up prior to release. S...

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    I use Microsoft FrontPage 2000 for my website. I would like to use the project template that comes with the software, but have run into a problem. I have multiple projects I need to track, and I do not know how to upload more than one project web template onto my site. I need assistance in developing a "menu" pa...

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    SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS ===================== A standalone 16 bit DOS executable able to be compiled from ANSI C code using Borland Turbo C++ version 3.0 only. Existing Programme ------------------ "2_FINAL.C" - attached in zipfile "[iniciar sesión para ver URL]" Designed to allow a running log of sales figures for a small sales team to be updat...

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    Telnet Java Client Finalizado left

    A Java based client that allows users to connect to a listening server and port. There is a very good client that I would like to emulate located at: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [ the TERMINAL EMULATOR ] I want to be able to load a flat file database, which holds a Games Name, the Host for that game, and the Port. The flat text file can be

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    We need to save orders we get via ClickBank in an online MySQL database and we need a web interface with all common functions for db management. It should be able to manage unlimited products/software titles. We already have a script (flatfile db) running, that we will provide to the selected coder. It has many of the functions we need, and you can

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    orthopodsurvey Finalizado left

    I'm looking for a coder to write a program to be used for invitation only survey participants. The participants would have individual identifying numbers which would match them back to a database. They would call in on an 800-number, which would link directly into a computer and the software I would need would take the call. The particip...

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    New Video Format Finalizado left

    ...day, I dreamed of a new video format which would really really bring down the size constraints where video is concerned. The new video format that I dream of is very different from what the normal mpg and avi formats... below is a detailed description. Ok.. lets first go thru what an avi format video file does. Basically, it consists of a set of

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    I needed someone to write me 2 Visual Basic 6.0 modules. One dedicated to Zip file extraction and the other for Rar file extraction. Both of these class modules should be able to extract the files without depending on ay external DLLs or OCX (many people like using Winzip's which is not allowed in this case). Another thing I need in both the class modules

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    Need a webpage, that will reside on a secure website, that will enable users to download and upload files in that particular user's personal directory. FTP transfers will not work since they are not secure. Files must be tranfered using the SSL connection. Users will login to the website using built in Win2kServer authentication. Based on the username

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    I have a startup site that is in need of VERY HIGH PLACEMENT in major search engines. It is developed in PHP and currently does not have any Meta Tags etc. I need a coder to develop EXCELLENT METATAGS and also tell me about any other TRICKS they can do to get MAJOR traffic to my site in the next 15 days!!!! THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS PROJECT IS TO HELP M...

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    I am looking for somebody to creat an e-mail filter that will monitor all incoming mail to our mail server which uses Imail. This software would scan the e-mail for spam in 2 ways: 1. It would scan its address through a database (acess2000) of known spammers. 2. It would then scan the e-mail using key words from a database (access2000). If at that time

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    Am looking for coder or coders to review the practicality of producing software that can recognize various coin denominations (dime, nickel, etc) and as well as recognize the date on that coin. Purpose of this posting is to review feasiblity of this project and ultimately to produce a working prototype. Variations on that theme would follow but only

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    I am looking for a coder to develop a software program for the vertical [iniciar sesión para ver URL] program will be general in nature not specific to one industry, and This program must do the following: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] appointments. The software should be able to find appointments scheduled by date and customer name. You shou...

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    We need a similar program like Email Adress Finder from [iniciar sesión para ver URL] AES is a High Quality Bulk Email Software. Email Address Finder extracts email servers address from DNS automatically. It connects to the found SMTP servers and simulates the sending of message, but does not come to the message sending - Email Address Finder disconnect as soon a...

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    Xnyhilo Developer Services is a small development group created by myself, Jesse Wilson, and my partner, Steve Griffin. The goal of this group was to create software that solved a problem or a void in the market where a particular need was not being met. To this end we created a program that is now being integrated into a solution from anothe...

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    I have a project management site that is in need of VERY HIGH PLACEMENT in major search engines. It is developed in MS FrontPage and currently does not have any Meta Tags etc. I need a coder to develop EXCELLENT METATAGS and also tell me about any other TRICKS they can do to get MAJOR traffic to my site in the next 30 days!!!! THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS

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    ...Excel workbook into a stand alone VB6 project which does exactly the same thing. The VB application must run in windows 98 and higher. There will be an additional $50.00 bonus for an additional utility program that automatically does the same conversion. ## Deliverables The original file is an Excel 2002 workbook which contains a few linked worksheets

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    Stock & Purchasing Finalizado left

    ...Stock etc. We also have stock locations - where a part maybe in one or more different locations. We need to be able to produce several types of reports, Stock Available, Allocated Stock, Low Stock, Stock Valuation etc. The actual stock parts we use are controlled by another existing module and we only need the ability to edit the stock detail for each

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    I need a JAVA applet that will run with IE and NS that will print an ASCII text file that contains CR+LF and page ejects on a printer attached to the end-user's PC. Currently we are installing software on end-user's machine that is a MIME content type handler which is automatically invoked by NS and IE when that content type is downloaded. I...

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    help files Finalizado left

    i have created help files for my vb project in word i need a coder to transfer then in to a help program like what msn is in so i can link it to my software i will send the docs to the coder i accept ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of a...

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    voicemail for software Finalizado left

    I currently have an entry package Backend Tables are in access 97 and front end forms are in 97. This voice mail system must be a run time version and should be in access if possible . It should operate as a stand alone system that will answer the phone on designated number of rings, prompt dial in resident for a 4 digit ID number then prompt for resident

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    ...time I am posting this because the person who I accepted the bid for the first time, backed out on me. If you are going to back out on me half way through do not even bid on this project.** What I need is a fully functional link exchange system. I need it to mirror [iniciar sesión para ver URL], [iniciar sesión para ver URL], a...

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    Application Submission Finalizado left

    I have created a mortgage application for my software it 10 pages long and has been written in visual basic6. What i am looking for is when a client goes to click on the button to send the form vi email it shows a preview of the application so that they can check every things ok and if so click the submit button which it will then email the form to

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    I am a small business owner who owns [iniciar sesión para ver URL] My website uses Visual Auction software from [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I am in the need for a bulk uploading tool to allow auction sellers to list up to 100 items at one time with ease. This may be accomplished with a small executable software program that ru...

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    I am reposting this project. I need an experienced professional developer to develop a turn key program to assist users of Ebay.com. The program will be sold commercially and must include a 10 day evaluation version with limited capabilities, and registerable via a registration key. The software must be very professional in appearance, and function

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    Drive Backup Software. To get an idea about the specification please, Download the following software. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] A similar copy of the functions in that product with Microsoft Outlook express look is all what I want. Optional to be paid Extra: German, French GUI. Or select language form GUI . German, English, French

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    Bid module Finalizado left

    I need a coder with asp background who have experienced writing a script of "bid for high position or placement", similar to [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I need administrative as well as advertiser/bidder interfaces. Advertiser needs password and login to access their advertiser account. Also, If you have online ads management modu...

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    CAD/CAM Finalizado left

    I am looking softawre similar to Surfcam, only not as complex. I can provide the Visual portion of the software including menus and forms. It will be the coders responsibility to add the code to the project. I need a coder that is using visual basic and is good with graphics and databases. I will consider more than 1 coder for this pro...

    $318 (Avg Bid)
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    ...written as a class receives variables from asp pages that expose the component and pass the variables. changes are done to the registry. thats' it.. already have .vbp and semi-functional version, company will retain services of sucessfull condidate for support and furthered development. I will supply existing source files via-e-mail. Need fast delivery

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    Application Finalizado left

    I need a coder to create an update form for my mortgage software project i will be linked to an access database. We need a coder to create a form in vb we will give the coder the database and the field required for the form this will enable us to update the database for new mortgage products we will also need a<...

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    Search Application Finalizado left

    I have created a serach form in my mortgage software using check boxs which a user clicks on and it returns the results in to a datagrid we want to take the check boxs out and put in a combo box which does the same only they can select the data from the combo box to return the search we also want a progress bar putting it which will show when the co...

    $54 (Avg Bid)
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    11 ofertas

    I am a serious buyer looking for a serious coder to develop a serious application. If you are not 100% capable of delivering the product, please do not bid on this project. This app will help me manage my accounts receivable collection efforts. The new app should do the following as a minimum... I currently have two applications that are used in my

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    ...where is no need of tracking down customers. Features: Sales -dates,prices etc Byus -dates,prices,etc products -dates bougth,prices etc warehouse inventory -product quantity etc barcode identification for products during sales and buys various reports (i can modify them myself). I can modify and translate program myself so i really need this basic core

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