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    Consistency and generalized description of the project to be executed: The present project aims to generate a simulation, computerized recreation based on the following software : - Unity 3D - Blend...36.6 seconds, then the air should come out. * 56 balls according to the weight details provided, since there is a weight difference and we are applying the same force on all objects, the lighter ball should move faster, so it changes the probability. * the turbine will be turned on for the indicated time, after that time we will simulate the suction and make the balls come out based on random physics simulation. This should be a digitized simulation and the following examples are attached.

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    ...profesores cualificados que sepan desarrollarse de forma cómoda y eficaz en sus áreas,gerencia empresarial,ingenieria,matemáticas,finanzas,contabilidad,marketing,etc. mientras sea una persona que sepa desarrollarse bien en su área me interesa, necesito freelancers cualificados I need a team of qualified teachers who know in the areas of finance, accounting, mathematics, marketing, advertising, physics, chemistry,computing, any area where the person offering the services is qualified and responsible in order to provide the client with a quality service...

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    I am an artist and I would like to reach an audience specific to the message of my art. I make a style of art that I think is new and I would like to reach a target audience that could be an intersection between art lovers, photography, and any branch of spirituality, how can they be targeted to yoga meditation Taichi reiki quantum physics etc. soy artista y quisiera llegar a un público Específico al mensaje de mi arte. Realizo un estilo de arte que creo que es nuevo y me gustaría llegar a un público objetivo que podría ser una intersección entre los amantes del arte, La fotografía, y cualquier rama de la espiritualidad, cómo puede ser que estén apuntados a yoga meditación Taichi reiki física cuán...

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    Se necesita modelar y dejar con physics y dinámicas un vestido de mujer en la cual reaccione al movimiento de una mujer que baila con un traje típico de Colombia. Es solo modelarno y generarles los Maps, no render y la parte de rigging, debe quedar funcional para personaje en iclone y 3d max. No se tiene que hacer render pero si dejar animada la FALDA mujer, promedio de animacion 2 minutos sin render , SOLO MODELADO Y ANIMACION Y MAPPING, NO RENDER. Se entrega captura de movimiento (FBX) . REFERENCIA video de referencia en: Es solo la falda de la MUJER, VESTIDO PERSONAJES Y HOMBRE YA ESTAN RENDERIZADOS. Aclaramos 2 veces , ya que me están llegando propuestas con valores elevados, debido a que no se ha entendido aún, que es solo la

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    C# Tengo una libreria de Physics 2D - Necesito alguien que documente como funciona a nivel codigo y conceptual Busco talento Mexicano en freelancing Gracias

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    Here the exercices: IF YOU NEED HELP TO TRANSLATE FROM SPANISH SEND ME A MESSAGE FAST PAYMENT 1) Halla el valor en Pascales de las siguientes unidades de presión: a) 13 kg/cm2; b) 30.5 lb/in2 (PSI); c) 1200 mB 2) Un hombre de 70 kg de masa está parado y apoyado en sus dos pies. La superficie de apoyo de cada zapato es de 200 cm2. ¿Cuál será la presión, expresada en Pascales, ejercida sobre el suelo? 3) Una aguja hipodérmica de sección 0,01 mm2 se clava en la piel con una fuerza de 50 N. ¿Cuál es presión ejercida? 4) Sobre un émbolo de sección 3 cm2 que se mueve dentro de un pistón se coloca una masa de 20 kg. ¿Qué presión ejerce en el flui...

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    This project requires knowledge in power relay physics and arc suppression (TVS) techniques. We need a circuit to wrap around a latching power relay to minimize internal relay arcing during operation (make/break) for extended operational life. There are many conceptual ways of doing this such as snubber and varistor approaches, but we need specifics on products to use that are available today and their configuration. The relay in question is rated for 250V, 120A but we are operating in a 120VAC nominal environment with at most 60A full load. Datasheet of the relay can be provided. Expected life of the application/proposed solution is ~20 years with up to 10,000 operations over the life of the product.

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: ************************************************* AFTERSHOCK: NASA SHOCK PROPAGATION PREDICTION CHALLENGE Do you have expertise in physics, mechanical engineering, and/or data science? If so, this challenge is for you! The Aftershock: NASA Shock Propagation Prediction Challenge looks for novel shock propagation prediction models that improve NASA’s ability to predict shock loads through spacecraft. If you’re up to the challenge, you could win a share of the $50,000 purse. To participate in this challenge, you must submit: 1. Your shock

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    i have physics project covering all the details

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    -Looking for someone to do scientific technical writing on an urgent basis -Work duration is for maximum 4 days -Prefer someone with a professional degree (example- 4-year course like engineering) -Expecting around 20-25 pages of content from the candidate -Someone with a keen interest in physics would be an ideal candidate for this opportunity

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    I am preparing for NEET 2022. I get some doubts when I study physics and chemistry. Need someone to solve them.

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    I need to develop an game engine made in phaser 3 with only 1 level Skills: fluid / metaballs and physics matterjs or liquidfun no deadline .. but the first payment is after a small task Payment method: PayPal Budget 150$

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    Looking for building a team 16 horas left

    ...physically here in our country (United Emirates, Dubai), so please if you are not able to travel don’t apply for this job. Therefore, we need members for the following positions: 1. C++ Developer for unreal multiplayer has to have strong knowledge about unreal networking system 2. Someone to work on the Game system, foul, goal, shoot, pass, etc. 3. Someone to work on physic (ball physics and character physics), character, map, AI, etc. 4. 3d modeler to Work on animation and characters 5. UI designer for Unreal Engine Critical requirements: 1. Being able to speak in English 2. strong knowledge about unreal networking system 3. master in related software for each position Preferable requirements: 1. Having enough experience in the related field 2. Familiar to...

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    Write a document about introduction to physics using Latex Gournal Tamplete Prepare a Beamer Latex tamplete Provide a working and complete latex folder for each task.

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    The hair style will be provided when you apply for the project. The hair style is in a photorealistic style but it also stylized in the sense of anime-like hair like FINAL FANTASY or similar games. The game will be produced i Unreal Engine 4 and needs to have physics that will move and sway with the movement of the character. The focus is on the bangs and the long braids the character has. The reason for this is because the game is from the first-person perspective. and the most viewable parts that need to sway and move with movemnt will be the bangs and braids. Think a game like MIRROR'S EDGE. there are files attached of the kind of hair you will be creating but exact references will not be posted publicly but they will be shown to you upon request for the project. Thank ...

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    NEET UG SUBJECT EXPERT Finalizado left

    1. Content curation of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Question bank, test series and subject wise notes for UG Aspirants. 2. Correlating the recurring topics with both horizontal, vertical correlation and applied aspects. 3. Designing MCQs, , Flashcards, Flowcharts, Mind Maps and Tables. 4. Coordinating with the Artists for final submission and upload on the Portal.

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    Hi, I need a 3d model to use into custom mod into arma 3 video game. I include a sketch from model that must include next requirements: Color zones design: - Red - Red zone: Insignia section - Green zone: arma 3 unit logo section - Blue zone: defined to have a country badge, cannot repeat into both legs Deliverables: - p3d file with model. - .paa textures files. - cfg file config. - Readme with HOWTO serialize process from arma tools. - Blender project Into bid you must to separate tasks according: - First delivery: partial p3d model, to verify physics into video game. - Second delivery: partial p3d model, with color zones configuration. - Third delivery: partial p3d model, with textures files - Final delivery: finished p3d model, with blender project and howto ...

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    I am creating an online Spider-Man series and need a few scenes of 3D web swinging, parkour, and hanging. This is full 3D character animation rendered with realistic lighting and animation. You would be responsible for texturing a model to replicate a real life suit and doing the character animation with web physics. I am looking for a few 10-20 second scenes of Spider-Man swinging through the city, one shot of him hanging upside down, and possibly a rooftop parkour scene depending on budget. The script is completed and an outline and storyboard are currently being written. This project has not begun filming and is very early in production, but I would like to start planning budget and storyboarding.

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    Physics Project -- 7 Finalizado left

    Need an expert who has good knowledge in Mechanical Engineering Physics

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    Physics Project -- 3 Finalizado left

    Need an expert who has experience into Introductory Physics

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    Task 1: Grade Calculator Program Using C# Console Application, write a program that perform the following tasks: a. Ask user to input marks of 4 subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science) out of a maximum of 100 b. Use a function to calculate the average of the 4 marks and return it c. Use a function to find out the grade of the student using the average marks following the criteria listed below • Marks >= 80 – Grade A • Marks >=70 and < 80 – Grade B • Marks >=60 and <70 – Grade C • Marks>=50 and <60 – Grade D • Marks <50 – Grade F d. Using a switch statement, print remarks listed below based on the grade • Grade A – ‘Excellent! Your grade is A’ • Grade B &ndash...

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    Review Requirements: Read and understand the 7 page paper (simple math, diagrams, very detailed results). Provide a 1-2 page review of the paper's merit and, if positive, suggestions for next steps to move towards legitimacy. Abstract: In 2014, the Fine Structure Constant (FSC) was calculated to be 137.035999209569, and in 2020, a refined measurement landed within one standard error at 137.035999206(11), Morel et. al. suggesting this calculated value is accurate. The hypothesis behind this calculation claims bonded particles absorb precise quantities of force carrier energy to share common factor energy quanta between their adjusted Compton wavelengths. Subsequent analysis presented in this paper provides additional evidence suggesting the FSC, lepton masses, quark masses, and ...

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    would like this demo fixed to be working also would like a simple demo of just bsp loading + bullet afterwards. money can be paid end of month for this project if its over 50 CAD.

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    Hello, I would like to modify an existing multiplayer game. Here is the code of the game: You can see the game live here: I would like to give the player the possibility to collect stars like in this project: The server has to be authoritative and the client/server must use interpolation and reconciliation Thank you for your interest

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    Online Faculty Finalizado left

    Hi there I am looking for online teachers to teach Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Botony & Zoology for JEE & NEET prep. Also CBSE (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for 11th & 12th 8th, 9th & 10th grade - Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology online teachers.

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    ...the Indian Ludo: • Ashta Chamma in Telugu ( Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions of India ) • Chauka Bara, Katte Mane, Gatta Mane in Kannada ( Karnataka region of India ) • Pakidakali, Kavidi Kali in Malayalam ( Kerala region of India ) • Daayam or Thaayam in Tamil ( Tamil Nadu region of India ) • Kaana Duaa in Hindi ( Madhya Pradesh region of India ) Game features: • Play with 3D real time physics based cowries • Rotatable 3D view port • Play with device players or with human players • Attractive Animated Pawn movements and kill cam feature • Play LAN game with your friends on Wi-Fi connection • OnLine Game is an upcoming feature. • Achivements Cash rewards using UPI payment options • Play with Game fees or Play...

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    Looking for standard 12 online teacher for physics, chemistry and maths. Please send a demo video to reach out to you for next steps.

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    i have a book of physics in hindi language i need to translate it in english language

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    i have a book of physics in hindi language i need to translate it in english language

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    --You will be provided with scripts in Hinglish (Written in English Format but explained in Hindi Language). --Average word count per script could range from 1000 to 1500 words. -- Subjects Covered are Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Maths for Class 10th, CBSE Board India -- In Science you will receive instruction and some links for images/vectors under the heading visualisation. -- In Maths the visualisation needs to be done yourself. -- You may use any editing tool like AI etc to edit, create or change any graphic as required and paste the same in powerpoint. -- You would be required to paste voice over in the notes section of the ppt of each slide for us to understand the flow. -- You would be required to type the animation flow in the notes section of the ppt of...

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    Video editing Finalizado left

    Need a template for an approximate 20 min educational (physics) video.

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    I'm a 1st-year student and have an exam in physics tomorrow.

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    I need a good Unity developer to create a modern version of a simple top racer game (it is a racer game where the camera is placed at the top). It must include 10 tracks to play with and modern features like: - 3D objects (*) - Enhanced physics - Keyboard/Controller support (*) I will provide all assets from the unity store, so you need to focus on gameplay. Multiplayer is not required in this project, but it will be the next upgrade, so design the software with this evolution in mind. The game will be published on Steam. The budget for this job is the one set in the project. Please do not bid over it. If you can’t do it within my budget, please don’t bid on it. The gameplay of the reference game is: Please, add [sliks_UNITY] as the first word

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    18 ofertas and to launch market- places or integration technologies for the sale of illiquid credits and to provide liquidity and financial solutions aimed at the liquid credit market. thus transforming some products, such as invoices, credits and loans, into financial products. Tasks In particular, we are looking for a person with a background in computer science, computer science, mathematics, physics, or related subjects, and who has already had a period of experience as a developer (appreciated from one to two years), training in particular development experience in Java, Javascript and in framework environments such as Angular , React , Web Components, Vue.js. The objective will be to carry out development activities so that, starting from already existing machine learning f...

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    ...development/engine elements of a production Required Skills / Experience • 2+ Years of experience in Unreal engine development • Experience with XR hardware platform(s) • Strong experience with C++, C# • Strong experience with Epic Unreal Engine (+ Unity a plus) • Rendering/animation knowledge (real-time rendering, animation) • Excellent communication skills • Software architecture, mathematics and physics understanding • Understanding of game development, real-time rendering and game engines Personal Attributes • Highly committed and able to work independently and as a team • Positive attitude towards learning and sharing • Extremely organized with excellent attention to detail • Deadline oriented; able to work in a...

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    Need a PINN model with physics equation to predict a value, regression. Deepxde library or otherth PINN before

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    kryptile grant Finalizado left

    we are a startup created for a new solar panel project with the highest efficiency ever. looking for specialists in the physics of light, thermodynamics, PVD, CVD, etc. the job will be part-time, mostly from home.

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    A special ocular lens Finalizado left

    I want to design and make a prototype for a specific lens to condense Ultraviolet rays , it has certain dimension and functions. It will need an optics specialist with background in physics. UPDATE: I don’t need only 3D design, I want someone with optics or physics background to design it because THIS is a complex lens composed of multiple lenses and prisms

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    I would like someone that is good at maths and physics

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    A thesis about topology - 12 pages double spaced - about 12 sources 1 Opening Like: Geometry is something fundamental in our society, we use it to know how to build things, where things are, to unravel complex physics equations, and so on. If you have two points, you can use length units to calculate how far away things are from each other. But what if you were to live in a world where height doesn't matter how we look at things, and points on an object? This is called topology. According to topologists, a cube is a sphere, a coffee mug a donut. In topology, the shape of objects is not the important thing, but how many holes matter. 2 Abstract 3 Main text (Why does it matter etc) 3.1 A simple explenation 3.2 History (previous scienticts) 3.3 An in depth explenation 3.3.1 ...

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    Our Company AirClass is actively and urgently looking for online tutors who can teach from grades 1-12. The requirements of our tutors are as follows: 1. Have stable internet and noise cancelling headset with good working environment/background. 2. Preferably English/Math/Biology/Chemistry/Physics teachers with experience 3. Familiar with GCSE or A-level (for UK) 4. Good English communication skills (for non-Spanish tutors) need to have a passion for education; Have enough love and patience for students; 6. Have excellent teaching skills you have teaching experience in online education, you will be more likely to be accepted. 8. A graduate of Bachelor’s degree *Job Responsibilities: 1. Completing the teaching tasks arranged by the company is the most important work; 2. P...

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    Hi there, I have a group project coming up in Medical Physics and I'm doing my final year of my Physics Bsc, its to do with: NHS Optimum quantitative analysis of image quality during Physics Quality Assurance Would you be able to help guide on this project. Thanks

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    I'm looki...looks similar to this mini game: But in multiplayer and with an authoritative server <<<< The game must be created using phaser 3. For that you need to turn the phaser 3 example game (linked above) into a multiplayer one. The server in NodeJS must use those libraries: Server physic Server Interpolation Server UDP connection I'm open to discuss the use of different libraries if they have the same features. If you took the time to read everything, please write what is an authoritative server when you submit your bid. <<< Thank you for your interest

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    This project involves in writing a journal paper the main part of the simulation with MATLAB is completed. Desirable skills are physics, manufacturing engineering, laser ablation. However, any other background in engineering or physics are welcome. More details will be discussed privately.

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    Need a tutor that is really good in physics and even a better teacher to tutor me for a couple of hours on zoom every day until my exam to help prepare for exam. Textbook: Halliday, Fundamentals of Physics,

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    Reference letter -Physics A levels knowledge

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    physics project Finalizado left

    the project is covering the physics in general

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    ...Oriented Bharat” means to take a step forward in educating Bharat to make it innovative. We enact and are committed for excellent outcomes in field of Expertises. Our Areas of expertises & Services are – Armed & Para- Armed Forces, Indian Air force, Indian Navy, S.S.C., U.P.S.S.S.C. Railways. In teaching Areas – UPTET, CTET, NVS, KVS, AWES (APS). For Academic Classes 11 & 12 – Mathematics,Science (Physics & Chemistry). Courses Armed & Defence Courses National Defence Academy (N.D.A.) : As one of the best Core in Armed Sector, We Shri Brahmdev Classes educate our Aspirants for National Defence Academy (N.D.A.) & Naval Academy N.A. . It is a path to achieve (II – Lieutenant) Rank in Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy t...

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    Dear Sirs or Madams, i need to have a raycast based vehicle physics-model which acts very very realistic, while the whole vehicle is scalable in the parent root (scale factor x/y/z). The full behaviour and feeling must be remain the same at every scale-size! That is the most important point. The car should act/feel very realistic at jumps, drifts, slides, breaking, while driving over bumps and jumps. Please check out this example movies to get a good base for this: Raycast-based vehicle with suspension and different surfaces: Raycast suspensions: Tilt/Flips: ***Technical requirements, which must be 100% fullfilled*** - use Unity 2019 LTS - in EVERY

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    Principales artículos de la comunidad physics