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A Cartoonist for a Female Superhero Comic Book - A case study for real estate class A case study of yourself as a philosopher. - A Cash System for Vbulletin 3.8.4 A Cashback Site - A catering website development A cation deionization technology unit based on PIC18f2525 - A certified php coder wanted A CGI artist - A change in an id a change in police brutality - A Character & animation video A character (cartoon style)for my website/business - A charatcer hero Trinity wired for success for facebookand twitter - repost a charcoal drawing on canvas - A Chat application with feautures similar to Facebook chat A Chat Bot Auto responder - a cheap photographic student A Cheap plain white zip up hoodie - A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people - A chess game with minimumsdk 14-21 A Chess-like Multiplayer iPhone Game w/ RPG Elements - a children's book Illustraiter A children's book illustrated - A children's picture book illustrated A children's short story about morals - a chinese head chef a chinese head chef -- 2 - A Chinese Website in Mandarin on Word Press A Chinese/English intrepreter - A Christmas Romance Short Story -lydiairis A christmas themed project - A church web app a church website for our company - A Cisco network Engineer/consultant A city app - A civil engineer A Civil Engineer project - A class for multithreading and multi core scanner A Class for Polynomials, Part 1 - A Classified App like Olx A classified board out of phpbb - A Classifieds website for people to login and post sell/buy ads. A Classifieds website for people to login/create account to post sell and buy ads. - A Clean Website Required A Clean Website Required - A Client Portal a client report advising on options for sustainable retrofit for an existing building - A clone desigin website with word Pless template!! a clone easyroommate site for south africa - A clone of -- 2 A clone of 3 - A CLONE OF MYSPACE.COM A clone of - A CLONE of website A clone of is needed. - A cloth logo a clotheing disgner - A cloud application A Cloud Backup System with Unique Features - A CMS based on Model-View-Controller PHP needs modification A CMS based web application(MIBE) is going to be developed. News with hybrid contents(video, rich text, image) will be entered by business users. - a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle - open to bidding - A code about random access memory written in Verlog language A code about random access memory written in Verlog language -- 2 - A code written and fig made by GUI A code/script for matrix operation/algorithm - A coder to help add ads to my blog. A Coder To Help Me Upload A Website Please - A Collaborative Application A Collaborative application for house improvement / modelling - A Collections Of UK Articles Needed A college admission essay - A color filter app for iOS a color illustrator who is experienced with Children book''s - A combination of Search Engine and News feed A combination of website design, management, and writing - A comic strip image that can be made into a poster and placed on T-shirts A comic style cartoon made into a short video - A commercial diver A commercial diver - repost - A community knowledge database website -- reposted A community mobile optimized application - A community website development. A community website for medical association - A company info site A company information video - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo - repost 2 A company logo -- 2 - A Company Portfolio A Company Portfolio - open to bidding - A company that can provide us with 6 employees, 3 months A company that does my campaign with leads email provided - A company website built A company website in Wordpress. - A comparision of 3 companies in excel mostly but not allways by numbers A comparision website for nigeria - A competent electrical engineer. A competent marijuana writer - A complet Job a complete - A Complete B2B Website using NETSUITE, Cloud based A Complete BookExchange Website - A complete Design website to be design A complete Designer - A Complete Job Portal in PHP A Complete JobSite Build-up - A complete PAID VPN service. A complete PHP Project - A complete SEO Package A complete SEO Package - repost - A Complete VPN Solution A complete web application built from scratch - A Complete Website for a Real Estate Company. A complete website for B & Bs and private apartments as well - A completely debugged, highly reliable, trial tested, revised and perfected computer driven operating protocol (software program) that is marketable to a broad international customer base, 18 years and above, via PC's, cell phones. Pads, et al.. The progr A completely new website solution based upon a competitors offering, but with enhanced benefits - A complicated, membership based, interactive website A complte website - A comprehensive framework for secure query processing in the cloud A comprehensive list of Drop-shippers in UAE - A COMPUTER BASED TRAINING SOFTWARE a computer coder - A computer software or programs A computer technician need a website. - A concrete 5 develloper A Cone Raycaster with heights in each layer - A construction logo A construction project including planning, cost estimation and design of ”Six Houses, Paired 2-2” on a property in the city of siwan bihar india. - A consumer contractor help at the best quality and price to help both parties with my cost of 10% a consumer report app - a content writer a content writer - A contest website A Continuation of a book of Freddie and Bibelle - A Control Method using PI/Fuzzy Controllers Based DFIG in Wind Energy Conversion System A control panel based on the ExtJS/Sencha framework using the Desktop style - A Cool and Fun Android IME Game a cool animation introduction for you tube channel and cool background music - a copy editor -- 2
A Copy editor with dynamic range... - A copy of Freelancer or Odesk is required A copy of with a better and twitter-bootstraped layout - a copy original document of letter of Naturalisation issued in 1904 A copy past of a particular aplication - A Copywriter A copywriter - A Cordova / Phonegap App communicating over XMPP A Core PHP developer individual, who can help me fix ongoing issues and new additions - A corporate logo design -- 2 A CORPORATE LOGO FOR WEBSITE - A Correction In Logo A Correspondence Reviewer - a counter process for squid required A counter that shows number of users that have viewed specific pages - A couple mmorpg games A couple more articles - A couple of forms and a login A couple of forms required - a couple of small design A couple of small functions - A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding A couple photoshoot - a couplf of fast tasks A coupon mailer that fits in a #10 envelope - A cover design for a new age album A cover for a book - A cow face appealing to children A CPA Offer Focused Wordpress Site Accepted by CPA Networks - A creative architectural design for a single story house A creative Blog and Article Writer for the Australian Property market - A creative graphic designer A Creative Graphics Designer Needed - A Creative Mobile Website A creative new logo that grabs the attention of my customers - A Creative Website Designer A creative website which depicts my quality photography - a creative, descriptive design for a sticker A creative, eye catching, cutting edge photography website designed and built - A Cricket Website For Sale......... A crime alert application - A critical review of an journal article with the consideration of Ottwa Charter A critical review of one empirical research paper (empirical paper will be given by me) - a cron app that will run in windows and will restart automatically when windows start a cronjob script designed in php, connected to mysql - A Crosswords Solvers Assistant A Crosswords Solvers Assistant 2 - A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed now A cryptographer/ Luhn Algorithm - A CSS Developer Needed A CSS drop-down menu - A Cuban that can help my friend fill out some English documents (in Cuba). A cultural service website - A Custom Application development in Bangalore A custom art peice as a gift - A Custom designed News theme a custom designed website - A Custom Facebook Application A Custom Facebook Application - open to bidding - A custom HTML5 canvas - repost A custom HTML5 canvas sketchpad - A custom made logo for my business start up a custom made metal detector - A custom MLM Script in PHP/MySQL A custom Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design for - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 A custom place page website wordpress page - A custom s/w A custom Script to check the product availability on Manufacturer's Sites - A custom Tshirt design - hunting/outdoors A Custom Version of the EduExpression CakePHP Online Exam Solution - A custom woocommerce payment pluginoftware A custom woocommerce website - A Customer management system for a mobile phone company A Customer Progrmming Need - A customizable web forum A customizable website builder for textbook stores - a customized pair of football/soccer boots a customized pair of football/soccer boots - repost - a cute logo for my new business A Cute Skype Cam women - A daily quiz website, only the experienced coders please!!! A dairy that can be shared and used on-line - A data base created on business's in the Melbourne CBD with 3000 postcode only a data base site more or less like a portal - A data entry job - open to bidding a data entry job - open to bidding - A data file is breaking the pop-up script A data file output template creation program (C#) - A Database A Database - a database for certain users A database for my business - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - open to bidding - A dating app for ios/android A dating app for iPhone and Android - A dating website A dating website - A DDos Booter for a stress test A DDos Booter for a stress test - A decision making app A Decision Support System Expert is Needed! - a deleted fi;e a deleted file - A dental marketing postcard A Depop auto follow and unfollow bot for a macbook - A design about board games for a voucher A DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF RECTENNA (rectifying antenna)FOR EFFICIENT TRANSMISSION’ - a design for a business card a design for a call of duty clan - A DESIGN FOR A T SHIRT A design for a t shirt - a design for my blog's title A design for my book cover - A design for the updated website A design for Web Platform - A design of a refillable carbon water filter (like Brita's Maxtra except refillable A design of an idea - A designed picture A Designed Registry Website - A designer for low price :) A designer for my concept product, a POC - A designer to personalize my website Content, landing pages, design A designer to produce a new company logo - A designer's touch on 4 posters. The initial work is done. A designer(repost) - A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER - repost - a detail procedure on how to drive a car for a person that never driver a car before A detailed 3D rendering of a new charging technology - A detailed, web site creation project planning Gantt chart A detailed, web site creation project planning Gantt chart - open to bidding - A developer that can update my Joomla and Hikashop to the most current versions A developer that has knowledge in MapBox - a developer to take on and finish my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. a developer to take on and redesign my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. -- 2 - A developer with good visual design skills A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 2 - A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers - open to bidding A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. - A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification - open to bidding A DHCP server /client in java/C# with some modification - A Dice game for a virtual currency like bitcoin