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A cd cover for my single Don't let them Get in my way. - A Chain of Influence: Schelling, Coleridge, and Emerson a chalk artist to draw a 3m x 3.5m chalkboard wall. - a change in police brutality a change in the way you deal with other people - A character (cartoon style)for my website/business A character (logo) - a charcoal drawing on canvas A charcole drawing - A Chat Bot Auto responder a chat messenger like paltalk - A Cheap plain white zip up hoodie A Cheap plain white zip up hoodie - A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people a chef to prepare a menu/ dinner for around 10 ppl on 10/12/13 - A Chess-like Multiplayer iPhone Game w/ RPG Elements A chibi of myself - A children's book illustrated A children's book illustrated - A children's short story about morals A Children's Story - a chinese head chef -- 2 a chinese head chef -- 2 - A Chinese/English intrepreter A choose on Essay - A Christmas Video- After Effect Template supplied a chritian social networking - mix between myspace clone and blog/ xanga clone - A cigar logo A cigar tube - A city that you can go inside A city that you can go inside - open to bidding - A Civil Engineering Job A Civil Engineering Project - A classic Tetris game for Ipad (Arcade) A Classic & Luxurious Logo - A Classified website like (in Arabisch and Engelisch) A CLASSIFIED WEBSITE LIKE GUMTREE - A clean attractive light weight CMS Website A clean busylamp patch - A clear box to fly at least 1000ft high and suspend itself there for periods of up to 6 months or a year. a click for lifetime memories & brand name should be daymaker - A Clientside (javascript + imacros) Script/Program For a Facebook Bot That Does The Following A climbing based platform - Android / iOS - A clone of a program for Andorid A clone Of A Real Estate Site - A clone of A Clone of Hotmail with Messenger App - a clone of A clone of Teespring site and all its current functionalities in wordpress site - A Clone site a clone site - A clothing designer A Clothing inventory database - A cloud-based attendance monitoring system A Cloud-Based Framework for Agriculturists on Mobile Platform - A CMS for a current HTML5/CSS 3 website A CMS for a letting agency - A cnet download type web site a co typer for my projcet - A code in R that helps to estimate the parameters of the model A code in SAS or R for Compustat data - A coder A coder - a coding assignment in C A coding expert - A collaborative writing project. Are you in? A Collage assignment on First-order logic, Propositional logic. Find the file. only bid if possible from you - A college assignment needs to be done in C language. A college assignment on signal processing in matlab in 24 hours only - a color in poster a color poster/presentation - a Combobox in a datagrid A comedy script writer for a movie - A Comic/Editorial cartoonist needed A Comics poster - A commercial text for my website A commerical with indian public people - A Community Newspaper A community newspaper / news / discussion portal in Russian - A community/dicussion forum a compamy logo and bussiness cards samples - A Company Logo A Company Logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a Company Logo design a company logo design - a company profile A Company Profile - a company to fund my project which is based on low cost sewage cleaning system A company to manufacture my project - A company website is needed A company website..... - A comparison of Australia and Article 101 of TFEU on restrictive business practices A comparison of C++ and Java - A competent Web Designer A competent, low-cost blogger - A complete Affiliate website, with all coupons, deals, tips n tricks... etc A complete Affiliate working website, with all coupons, deals, tips n tricks... - A complete copy of a website A complete copywriting for a travel website - A complete E-commerce website almost from scrap A complete e-commerce website for my comopany - A complete make over of website A COMPLETE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DATABASE for Service Industry - A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE WEB SITE DESIGN + SCRIPT A complete redesign of our oscommerce site - A complete simple Website A complete site - A complete webpage for php A complete website - A complete website re-build A Complete Website Redesign with some Added Features - A Complex Ecommerce Website with complete Admin and Sub-Admin Panels A complex finance peer to peer lending website - A composed letter a composite numerical integration approximation by using composite Simpson’s rule - A comprehensive school management web application A Comprehensive Strategy to Eliminate Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Liberia. - A computer game(new edition) A computer game/simulation in UE4/Unity - A concept Artist a concept mp3 - a configuration guide for webmin and virtualmin A configurator in Adobe Flash - a consultant A consultant in ISO9001 documentation - A contemporary African American Author A contemporary fiction book translated - A content Writer Job.I would like content writers to contact me. a content writer who can write content for my ads - a contract developer A contract illustrator - A Convolution Neural Network Application To Read Characters A Cook Book - A cool logo for my food truck A cool look to a web-page i have built - A copy of a website in joomla A copy of an assignment you have already written. - A copy of , mobile app and website A copy of previous project. - A copy writer a copy writer - A copywriter or article rewriter in English is needed A copywriter that understands brand identity formulation for editing work. - A corporate animated video a corporate external & internal analysis - a corporate presentation.
A Corporate Sales Executive - A costom BOT designed for grabbing football tickets from UK premier league clubs like Liverpool Fc, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal - open to bidding A costum ad module - A Couple Articles Needed a couple caricature - A couple of automated SE tools. A couple of bbpress and registration fixes - A couple of improvements A couple of iPhone mods - A couple of videos for my sites A couple of web pages - A couple simple projects A couple small Android app/java projects - A courier eCommerce website. Similar to A courier eCommerce website. Similar to - A cover letter for a job A cover letter for a job - A crawler or retrieve for Linkedin A Crazy Flash Game for kongragate - A Creative Designer is Needed A creative designer to make a holiday bingo board for hair salon - a creative logo A CREATIVE LOGO FOR A NEW BUSINESS - a creative program writer - repost A creative science project - A Creative writer is needed A creative writer is needed . Are you ? - a credit risk analysis of Indian banking sector a credit system for my dating website - A Critical Analysis on Family and Kinship A critical appraisal of ECC contract - A critical study on the safety procedures of Working at height in relation to construction work A Critical weiting report - A cross online store between youtube and ebay A cross platform app - Question / Answer feature - A crowdfunding pitch video shoot & edit. A Crowdfunding platform - A CS Engineer in NOIDA a cs project - a css expert who can help me in my ongoing project a css expert who can help me in my ongoing project - repost - A Curl Expert Needed a curl login private - a custom block created in the right sidebar A Custom Bot for Twitter - A custom e-commerce store (english and french speakers) A custom e-commerce store/UN SITE E-COMMERCE SUR MESURE - a custom field in woocommerce product page a custom field in woocommerce product page - open to bidding - A custom ipad project a custom javascript - A custom made theme A custom made theme fit to the looks I want. - A custom module to be integrated with Magento A Custom Moodle Website - A custom plugin for product comparisons on my site A custom PPD script & design - A Custom SMS and email website A Custom SMS website - A custom webshop like A custom webshop like - open to bidding - A custom wordpress template A custom wordpress template website - A customised form for CRM & task-scheduling within Apple iCal & address book A customised form for CRM & task-scheduling within Apple iCal & address book - repost - A customized calendar wordpress plugin A customized calendar wordpress plugin - repost - A customized text editor A CUSTOMIZED TIMER FOR A CYBER CAFE - A Cyborg Future Commando A cycler program - A dance school management software package A Dance to Remember - a data bast to scan documents into a folder , to help go paperless, for customer .s data a data capturer - a data entry job - open to bidding a data entry job - open to bidding - A Data Entry Project Specific to the United Kingdom a data entry project/contract. - a data typing work a data typing work - A database designed - open to bidding a database developer - A Database of Websites That Are Looking for Guest Bloggers A database project like Clasifield ads - a dataentry expert needed! a dataentry person for backlinking - A dating site A dating site MVC - A Daydream/Screen Saver App A days editing on either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro - A decal for the back of playing cards A Decals and Signs website with built-in Image Editor - A dedicated php programmer to integrate an api a dedicated sales person to make calls and follow up - A demo capability to be offered on our new website A demo for a virtual reality headset - a descrption A desigh for a T-Shirt/Coffee Mug - a design done for a tshirt - ongoing work a design done for my t shirt - A design for a graduation dress -- 2 a design for a halter neck bikini - a design for a website A design for an A5 fridge calendar - A design for our town entrance statement/markers a design for packing fried kentucky chicken - a design of 2 crossed baseball bats A Design of a glasses-like computer using BCI - A design suitable to be printed on T-shirts A design that can maximize the space in our house. - a designer a designer - A designer to create a " prototype ready" clothing design for children. A designer to create a custom design tee shirt - A designer who knows HTML code to make changes and possibly a designer to change it A designer who works with Photoshop to complete our award seals for our 50 winners in our online publication. - A desktop application that I can enter in values and then it will create an email A desktop application to share data with my customers. - A Destination Website A detached house interior design (248m2); a premium class design (elite) - a detailed strategic marketing plan for marketing water A detailed study of technical systems for a restaurant, execution includes power, lighting, media and communication networks - A Developer For Voice Recognition Framework Needed. -- 2 A developer for Web project - A developer to make a website A Developer to optimize a Magento website script to avoid abusing CPU resources - A developer with Augmented Reality experience A developer with experience in native java and php - a developper to recover the data from the backurl of Kiala , select & store A develper for eccommerce portal - A DHCP client in java with some modification A DHCP client in java with some modification - open to bidding - A Diary App a diary application - A different version for the logo Hoop·Hope A different version for the logo Hoop·Hope -- 2 - A digital download plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce A digital download store using myCRED plugin - A Digital Timer A digital version of Lupus in Tabula playable in public places with a lot of people - A directory system and the affiliate program A directory website - A discussion forum A discussion to understand the feasibility of the SIM STK app - A dissertation report for a cloud-based attendance monitoring system A Dissertation: Effect of applying different curing system on concrete mix properties - A DJANGO BASIC WEB SITE PROJECT - repost A Django developer is needed for a Python project. - A django developer with CSS skills is needed.