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Add CSS To Asp.Net Web Application - Add CSS to webpages Add CSS to Website - Add CSV of 17,000 products to OpenCart project/Add some custom fields Add CSV Servlet to existing Struts2 BIRT web application - Add currency button to html site. Add currency conversion in Shopify shop - add custom 404 error page and alter some fonts in my opencart store Add custom Action to IP tables on Linux - Add custom code to wordpress Add custom content page editor to ASP.NET MVC web application - Add custom event tracking by existing functionality and add app-id to the tracking pixel. Add custom events page to already existing website - Add custom features to existing WordPress site Add custom features to Gmail contacts and Google calendar - Add custom field to order -virtuemart Add custom field to OS TIcket - Add custom fields in woocommerce and post them to a URL after a successful checkout Add custom fields search filter to search menu - Add custom fields to osCommerce Checkout Add custom fields to our google calendar - Add custom font wordpress site Add custom form to OpenCart product page. - Add custom header for Wordpress pages, Posts and Categories Add custom header to phpBB forums - Add custom lists on Prestashop add custom location twitter facebook & comment bubble on WP - Add custom option magento - URGENT add custom options to product wordpress - add custom play button to html video through javascript Add Custom Post Fields (attachment) to a Wordpress Page - Add Custom Search Field in Wordpress Theme Enfold to Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Add Custom Search Filters to Crea8Social and Fix Paypal Payment Processing - Add custom taxonomy to post and admin Add custom text tab on product page - add custom widget wordpress Add Custom Wordpress Search Functionality to Existing Site - Add Customer Reviews to Existing Website Add Customer Service Priority Warranty to Prestashop Store - Add customized features to existing website Add Customized Field groups to Woocommerce site and link to products - Add Czech Localization to existing app Add D3 Dendrogram to project - Add data for .001 per listings -- 3 Add data for .001 per listings -- 4 - Add Data in my online shop Add Data in Wordpress site using Visual Composer - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3d Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3d -- 2 - add data to a page add data to a shopping cart bigcommerce - add data to my site add data to my site - open to bidding - add data to win32 prog's .dat file / prog to do so Add Data to wordpress database directly from CSV file - add database functionality in website Add database functionality to existing PHP calculator - Add datas in our db Add date and and lot number - Add date to column Add date to column - repost - Add deals and coupons into my website.. YOU NEED AMAZON ACCOUNT Add deals on my website - Add delete buttons to an Access application. Add delete function to 2 tables - Add description and tags to photos across various sites add description box in shopify admin panel - add design Add design & features to existing website - Add design on Given photos to show mock up Add design on Joolma Template - Add design to our wordpress functions Add design to the logo - Add desktop sharing to existing flash conference application Add Destinations on Website - add DHL API shipping XML script on magento website - 20 $ Add dhtml menu and some pages - Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page -- 2 add different voice to a video tutorial - Add direcpay payment gateway to woocommerce add direct credit card payments to my woocommerce site - Add discount box form to classic asp page Add discount box form to classic asp page - repost - Add discussion forum feature to the existing ruby web application. Add discussion forum to my web site - ADD DKIM Record to domain Add dkim signing in PHP - Add document.title to attribution javascript Add Documentation and Endpoints in Rails App for iOS Screens - Add door to 2 photos of wall Add doors and windows to my sketchup building - Add download image link prettyphoto lightbox on a wordpress site add download into IOS and Android app - add to my game Add Drill-down functions on PivotTable.js - Add drop down menu on website.... Add drop down menu on website.... - add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP Add drop down menu using html in opencart megamenu - Add dropbox bulk upload to my site Add dropbox to existing app - add dropdown to menu & other css edits Add Dropdown To Worpress Site NOW - Add DVR compatibility to Wowza server, that would allow for instant re-stream after end of event. Add dynamic (no flash) photo gallery to existing website. - Add dynamic gif to banner Add Dynamic Google Charts to Thank-You Page & Emails - Add dynamic tables to wordpress site. Add Dynamic Title in PHP Shopping Cart - Add E-Commerce to existing website. Add E-Commerce to my site - Add easy admin to existing website Add Easy Sign-up and Login and Fast and Easy Checkout modules to my Zen Cart - Add ebooks to my opencart store ADD Ebooks to pages- Create a WORDPRESS TEMPLATE Please read instructions - Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress website add ecommerce functionality to existing website - Add Ecommerce to Existing Website Add eCommerce to existing WP pizza site - Add Edit Delete View Pagination for 10 tables add edit function - Add Effects to an Icon add effects to existing gallery and add price button - Add element to 3 HTML pages Add element to HTML pages - Add email address to hotmail accounts application Add Email Addresses in Twitter Find Friends - Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart. Add email contact form to web site menu - add email login for wp sites Add email mail box into banner - Add Email Script to Header Image And Fix Some Items add email section in wordpress site - Add email type handler to CF application Add email unsubscribe feature to website. - Add Emails to My Autoresponder Add Emails to My Autoresponder - ongoing work - add emoji in my chat site add emoji in my website in chat - Add encrypted password to my current iPhone app Add encryption to an Android app - Add English text in Videos Add enhancements - Add epay payment and small changes in php code add epay to - Add EU Cookies Policy Warning to Zen Cart Add EULA to iphone Xcode project - ADD EVENT VIEWED COUNTER
Add Eventbrite invitees to WordPress post. - ADD EWAY PAYMENT MODULE AND OTHERS TO AN OSCOMMERCE ONLINE SHOP Add ex VAT & inc VAT prices to front end product pages on Shopify store & fix minor Subtotal glitch in basket - Add exhisting hotmail contact importer script to site Add exisiting code to our website - Add existing post list with thumbnails functionality & look to WordPress theme search & archive results Add existing products into other sub-categories - Add Expedia search engine to existing website Add expenses to Quickbooks from an Excel file - Add Export To PDF Functionality To ASP.NET Website Add export/import functionality to VB Express 2008 - Add exterior lighting to a picture of a house Add external EEPROM flash to existing MCU (CC2541) and update PCB - Add Extra Email Notifications To Site Add extra events to timeline project - add extra Features to open source and change couple things Add extra features to the website - add extra fields to squeez form Add extra fields to the woocommerce registration - Add extra functionality to Big Commerce store add extra functionality to custom plugin - Add extra img to flash banners Add extra input field to Magento Onestepcheckout module - Add extra product options to Cubecart Add extra product options to Cubecart - repost - Add fabric upholstery on furniture Add Facbook and Instagram to my site - Add Facebook and Instagram Upload facility Add Facebook and Instagram Upload facility, *You need to know LARAVEL! - add facebook api to my site Add Facebook App (Already built) to a 2 pages. - Add facebook comments to my app Add facebook comments to my site - Add facebook fans Add Facebook Fans (Poland) - Add Facebook Friends From Email List Add Facebook friends to my account - Add Facebook Group Members Add Facebook Groups in Bulk - add Facebook Like box counter to wordpress theme ADD FACEBOOK LIKE BOX IN FOOTER (SHOPIFY WEBSITE) - Add Facebook Like, instagram follow, twitter follow, google plus follow option to app Add Facebook Like, Twitter & Google +1 Button to Website Footer - Add facebook Login Add Facebook Login & javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site - Add Facebook Login to existing Windows Phone App Add Facebook login to ionic cordova app - Add Facebook mobile ads to existing app add Facebook module to website allowing users to log in with facebook - Add Facebook Post capability with callback on Success with Ionic Cordova add facebook post share to my page - Add Facebook Sharing and Comments to a Site Add facebook sharing widget and modify one page of my Joomla website - Add facebook, instagram, google plus follow, youtube subscribe button to app Add Facebook, Pinterest and other bookmark sites to website - add facial hair to a person in an image Add facility of upload product of supplier on magento - Add Fans at Facebook Fan Page ADD FANS ON SPECIFIC TWITTER AND FACEBOOK NAME - Add fans to my facebook page 10k+ Add fans to my - Add FB and Twitter Feed to home page Add FB Autopublish/Have it Post as user (Classipress) - Add FB.CommentClient.add_onComment script to php template page Add FB.Twitter etc - Add Feature to Existing Site (PHP, Joomla & Mambo) Add Feature , Fix Defects in Cacke PHP Website - Add Feature in Android Tv App Add Feature in Existing Android App. - Add feature on php-based live chat system Add feature on php-based live chat system -- 2 - Add feature to a script Add Feature to a Small Android app - Add Feature to ASP Affiliate Software Add Feature to AuctionPress Wordpress Plugin - Add Feature To Existing Firefox Addon (2) Add Feature To Existing Firefox Addon. (2) - Add Feature to Google Form Add feature to GPS location website - Add feature to Laravel website. Add feature to mobile website - Add feature to my woocommerce plugin Add feature to open-source 3D printing plugin for OctoPrint - Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d (repost)(repost) Add Feature to Premium Wordpress plugin - Add feature to user Tracking script in Javascript / php / HTML Add feature to web tool - add feature to wordpress website Add Feature to Working Website - Add featured product in blog and forum of magento Add Featured Products to existing Amazon Webstore - Add features & fixes. We pick today Add features & improve the ecommerce website - Add Features and conevrt current version in Android and ios Application Add features and correct problems in Telecom Billing Management system - Add Features and Make Minor Modification to my Website Add features and modify a program - Add features for the existing source code for Dictionary app template. Add Features functionality and improve graphics of my website - Add features in my dating app application Xcode Add features in my music player app - Add Features on Existing Android application Add features on existing website and Chrome extension. - Add features to a custom appointment module for odoo10 Add features to a custom drupal system - Add Features to a live b2b website add features to a lookup combo box (Delphi) - Add features to a pre-existing PHP website Add features to a project - Add features to a theme-based site Add features to a unity 3d game - Add features to a wordpress website Add features to a Wordpress-Buddypress website - Add features to an Android code I have. Add features to an Android email app - add features to an existing app. Add features to an existing application - Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL site - Add features to an ios project Add features to an iPhone and Android app - Add Features to App in React.js Add features to application that uses Bootstrap and Javascript - Add features to classic ASP application Add features to classified wordpress site - Add features to current website. -- 2 Add features to current WordPress theme - Add features to existing website Add features to existing .NET CHAT app (Max $40) - Add features to existing django app Add Features to Existing Drupal Site - Add features to existing PHP over YII framework project Add features to existing PHP website - Add features to existing site Add features to existing site - Add Features to Existing Website Platform Using PHP Add Features to Existing Website Platform Using PHP - open to bidding - add features to google mashup- v3 Add Features To Greeting Card Website - add features to iPhone app Add features to iPhone App. - Add features to jQuery Plugin Add features to jquery plugin - add features to my android app Add Features to my android app - Third Party Tinder Client - Add features to my mobile app Add Features to my Online Store and Website - Add features to my website