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Add a Groups feature to an existing Ionic Framework mobile app - Add a Holiday Touch to Our Logo - Easy Job Add a home page with recent activies and new members - Add a image gallery to socialplay wordpress theme add a image in a layer - Add a javascript to hide a div and make work on existing page Add a javascript to my site that tracks IP - Add a Jquery/Vector Map to WordPress site/template. Add a Jquery/Vector Map to WordPress site/template. -- 2 - Add a left accordion nav to my app and shift a few elements around Add a Left Grid to the DSR plus miscellaneous improvements - Add a link easy project Add a link for a Blog - Add a link to small flash movie Add a link to the slides in my slide show. Joomla skill required - add a live chat system so that my employees can talk to my users Add a live chat to a magento site - Add a login form of my site to another site add a login form on website - add a logo and text to a box Add a logo in 5 small video - Add a logo to a wordpress blog and. Add a logo to existing banner in Flash - Add a Magento store front to existing store. Add a Mail - Add a media upload to Wordpress plugin - repost Add a member to an LLC for Deleware corp - Add a messaging function to existing iOS Swift project Add a Meta Box to Wordpress Edit Screen, Output the Contents in Template - ADD A MODULE AND THEME TO PRESTASHOP! Add a module for bank payment instruction - Add a moving "Featured Products" slideshow on my html page add a moving .swf file to wordpress template - Add a MySQL database with search feature to a website Add a MySQL database with search feature to a website(repost) - Add a new date field to Opencart Plugin (admin side), so it shows on Front End Add a new domain to an existing exchange server - Add a new feature to my website for mobile Add a new feature to PHP/MySQL application - Add a new form in a existing aplication(repost) Add a new form to an existing android application - Add a new item to navigation menu add a new layer on gmap - fem - Add a new page to existing web application Add a new page to my Flash Site - Add a new payment gateway WordPress add a new payment way on online esrore Integration with OneCard - add a new Search Word game to a mysql database Add a new section : Top earner of the week - Add a new Wordpress install to a dedicated server with one non-WP site already on it. Add a new WP Theme and content - Add a number of well-defined views (javascript, backbone.js) to a modern single-page web application. Add a number of well-defined views (javascript, backbone.js) to a modern single-page web application. -- 2 - Add a page (and contents) to existing wordpress website, add additional tab to menu button and add content updates to existing page Add A Page / Cleanup - Add a page to a existing website Add a page to a Joomla website - Add a page to my Vistaprint website - page contains multiple swf files Add A Page To My Website - Add a page to this ASP.NET catalog application Add a page utilizaing API from, and utilizee that info throuout website. - Add a password windows to log into Open VFR/reader Add a password. - Add a payment gateway with WooCommerce Add a payment method to a WordPress website - Add a paypal form to a wordpress website Add a paypal function to my website - add a photo gallery plugin on an Ajax theme wordpress - repost 2 Add a photo gallery to a joomla site with a specific effect - Add a php function to a plugin add a php gallery - Add a Pirate Theme to my mobile game Add a Play button to 2 Flash animations - add a pop up email subscribe type deal to my website add a pop up for my instruction site - Add a Popup Video Payer to the PHP Script Add a popup window on website load for mailchimp - Add a print button to my web page that prints the exact layout without buttons though... Add a print button to Seblod Joomla page - Add a Product Shop/Gallery to WordPress site add a product to magento - Add a property search and a post a property to my site add a property to the attached Delphi component - Add a quote me / contact us form to my Wordpress website. We Hire event equipment. Add a Quote system to website - Add a referral builder to my wordpress website Add a referral system to my website - Add a required agreement page to aMember add a reservation module to a flash site - add a room on a house and modify add a room on a house and modify - repost - Add a scene to a promo video Add a schedule feature to our dance application - Add a scrolling footer Add a scrolling news from reputed news site to a wordpress site - Add a search field on homepage Add a search function to a website - Add a Second price in article Add a second store to my magento backend (multiple magento stores) - Add a self maintained blog to our website Add A Semantic Text Feature to Task App - Add a shipping option to my website Add a shipping rate on product page - Add a shopping cart to existing site Add a shopping cart to existing web site - Add a Signup form In Wordpress Website Add a simple "Click to Expand" feature to my website - Add a simple code to a buddypress site according to my instructions-Good English Speakers Pls - repost Add a Simple Contact Form to Website - Add a simple frontend editing feature to our live site Add a Simple Function PHP in admin Area - Add a simple option in PHP script Add a simple php mailer function to an already working script - Add a single pair recovery strategy to a multi-pair expert advisor Add a single web page and link it to a Database - Add a slider to my website theme homepage Add a slider to my Wordpress Homepage - Add a small feature to an existing free CMS script. Add a small feature to an existing php web development application - Add a SMTP Server plugin to wordpress site Add A Social Button to Volusion Website - Add a speed control x1 to x3 to JW player 6 using JavaScript Add a Sponsor ''Banner'' to a vBulletin Message Board - Add a Store Locator to website Add a Store Switcher to our Shopify Theme - Add a subscription monthly billing system to our website Add a subtotal field to my PHP page - Add a tab bar badge for new rss feed Add a Tab for component on joomla site - Add A Template To Articles(repost) Add a template to my website - Add a Thank you page to website Add a thank you page to WP Landing Page and submit form input to download by excel - Add a tone to sound files Add a tone to sound files - repost - add a travel portal for Add a trial version software download (and tracking) for registered customer in Drupal 7 - Add a unique image overlay to every listing for the WordPress template, change button color, remove link from the menu -- 2 Add a unitypackage asset on my unity 3D project and a button to activate it - Add a user registration to my web app. add a user to a php script - add a video on my wordpress website add a video player to my site - Add a video upload page in Yii2 Dashboard (images and dropbox links - add notification for admin when new video added) Add a view style for flexslider - Add a web page linked to SQL 2008 to project based on the Beer Store
Add A Web Page to Existing Website - Add a weight tracker to iphone app add a wheel to original app - Add a Widget Zone to a template header Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site - add a word to existing logo 5 min job Add a wording to Existing logo using the same font style - Add a Wordpress Contact Form 7 forwarder to an existing form Add a Wordpress Directory and Customize It To Work - Add a YouTube API Feature Add a Youtube button and Facebook button on the homepage of my Wordpress blog - Add ability to display previously purchased products to osc Add ability to downgrade video quality - Add about 1000 products to wordpress add about 121 images - Add access to items from a breezing form record to woocommerce order details (backend screen) add accommodation - Add accounts/contacts info to CRM add accout in FX7Days forex field - Add actions after user registration in Magento Add actionscript - Add ad in my app Add Ad links to Product Pages on Shopify Website - Add additiona features to my Directory script 9/30/10 Add additional 2/3 text-links on top right WP - Add additional currency to payment gateway Add additional data to image files - Add additional features to an existing site. Add Additional Features to an existing website - Add additional features to wordpress website Add Additional Fields to a Wordpress Site - $30 Project - Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension - Write Software Browser -- 2 Add additional functionality to Ultimate Client Manager Job Task - Time Management - Add additional layer on google map Add Additional Log File to Web Scrapper - Add additional pages to a site created in Drupal- design to be provided by us. Add additional pages to our website - Add additional sports betting sites Add Additional Tab Virtuemat Flypage - Add Addthis Welcome Bar to Magento store add adense to my vanilla forum - Add Admin in Url Add admin option in aMember to hide promo code in sign up link - Add admob ads into a android application - repost Add Admob Ads into Free iphone App - Add admob interstitial and add one language to localization files in ios source code Add Admob Interstitial in a few apps - Add Admob to my iOS Project Add Admob to simple Webview app - Add ads to existing android application add ads to existing ios App - add adsense code a page Add Adsense Code and FTP to New Server - Add Adsense to site Add Adsense to Thesis WP Site - add advanced search option to script Add advanced search to left column of magento site - Add advertising code from LifeStreet Media to the \'What is your future car?\' app, and one other minor modification Add advertising column and pull down menu to Invision forums - Add Adwords tracking code to Joomla Site Add ads - Add Affiliate Id As Hidden Field To Getresponse Form -- 2 add affiliate link into footer of blog pages and post - Add Affiliate Tracking to Website Add affiliate/referrer to order form and database - Add airfare and concert tickets to my website. Add Airline Frequent Flyer number - Add Ajax Chat to my OpenCart Website / Create Gambling Script with Store Credit Add AJAX Clear Cart button + AJAX feature to "remove item" icon + "click to scroll animation on WordPress Website - Add Ajax on HTML statci site Add ajax or jquery functionality to existing photo gallery - Add AJAX to WordPress recent posts widget Add Ajax to WordPress template - add album to biz profiles add album to my wordpress with sidebar with text - add alert to my indicator add alert to zigzagvalue count - Add Alipay to my Wordpress Add all address fields to Woocommerce Registration page - Add Alphabetical index to e107 content plugin Add Already Done Php Code to Live Site - Add Amazon button to my site ADD Amazon check out on my site - Add Amazon S3 Storage to a File Sharing Script Add Amazon S3 to small script to upload images to Cloudfront instead of server. Experienced of similar job only! - Add an "About" Popup in LaunchRock page Add an "introduction" field in my backoffice and website - add an addmob to Android app add an address or add a phone number or address or anything when you click Create a new listing - add an announcement banner to some pages of our site Add an API Functionality to Simple Rails App - add an award recognition to our website Add an awesome design to our pitchdeck - Add an Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart Add an email form on my website popup - Add an exit survey add an extension - Add an FTP account on a windows 2008 R2 Server add an FTP upload page to my wordpress website - Add an image adjusting function to matlab application. Add an image as css background - Add an installer for a small java program Add an installer for my windows app - .exe or .msi - Add an online chat support to an existing website Add an online flight booking system to a current website - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an Option in Wordpress - Add an slider to this page Add an slider to this page - Add an Upload Picture option to my website Add an upload progress meter to existing script - Add and Checkout Add and Comment 50,000 Facebook Friends - Add and customize features in the Collabtive open source project management Add and delete fields in my GRAVITY FORMS - Add and editing some page in my website Add and enable SilverStripe extensions to my website - Add and modify features of a program Add and modify features to landing page - Add and Remove Software Completion Add and Remove Software Development - Add and Update Markers on Loop in a Leaflet Map, JS Add and Update my website for Changes - Add Angular.js to a Django App Add angular/materal module to Yeoman generator - Add Animation to illustrations GIF Add animation to logo - Add another Product page to existing website` Add another 1000 Products to Existing Magento - Add another language to this index.php add another level - Add another shipping method based on weight.. Add Another Two Menu Items Too My Site - Add API for domain Add api for my php website - Add API texting service to my system add api to creloaded store - add app-in purchase for existing android app. Add Apple iAd too Game-App - Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App Add Appraisal Certificate - Add Arabic Language to Shopify Add Arabic Language to website - Add Arabic version for a wordpress website -No indians!
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