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Add an email address to bcc a copy of order confirmations on zencart - Add an existing video player to wordpress site Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page and Make Minor Revisions - add an extra page to the design of a website Add an extra row to a Wordpress theme - Add an IM in my community(repost) Add an IM in my web community - Add an init script for supervisor and have it control UWSGI add an insert image field in wordpress frontend - RUSH! - Add an on-line catalog/store to a Template Add an onboarding screen to exisiting WebApp, a screen users see when they log in for the first time. - add an option Add an option box with price to PHP catalog script - Add an SDK to an existing code Add an seccond image to Magento PDF-Invoice (Abstract.php) - Add an upload image script/button to an existing website. Add an Upload Picture option to my website - Add and Admin Panel to an existing html webiste. Add and Amend Functionalities to existing php website. - Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration -- 2 - Add and edit Prestashop modules - 24 hours project time line Add and edit Product Descriptions on a website - Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions -- 2 - Add and test HTTP posting instructions Add and Test SDK to android app - Add Angular Template to Mean stack Add Angular UI calendar to a Django App - Add animation style on WordPress Nav Bar Add animation to a 3D model - Add animations to simple rigged 3D model in FBX format Add annotation (text or lineshapes) to DarkroomJS plugin - Add another flv to swf file with start buttons Add another gondola in a picture - Add another payment method Add another PHP sort function - Add api and change layout of website add api broker into c# application autobot - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API OVH SMS in our Html form - add app features Add app integration at a Android App - add appointment scheduling code to website add appointment to Outlook Calendar - Add AR function to an existed iPhone App Add AR function to an iPhone App - Add archive feature to VB site Add Archive File Support in Existing Disk Reader Library - Add around 25 inventory on woo commerce store Add around 3000 Woocommerce grocery products - Add articles to blogger and volusion site Add articles to existing joomla website. - Add ASP calendar application to page Add ASP code to enable Sign Up with Facebook and Login with Facebook - Add Atachment for PHP Form add atmosphere to my wordpress site - Add attchement to Nodejs script Add Attendance-Taking feature to PHP Web App - Add attributes to approximately 30,000 Products in Zen Cart add attributes to product post in oscommerce - add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided add audio chat using jquery and angular to phpsunchat - Add audio stream to iPhone/iPad app Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming - Add Audio View in my Android Apps Add Audio/Video Chat Features - Add authentication method to java applet Add Authentication support in Flash Encoder - Add Credit Card Payment Option Add form to existing PHP site - add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application - open to bidding - Add auto updater to Java application Add auto-complete to dropdown and fix calendar control on 2 classic asp pages - Add autocompletion to Quform Text Field Add autocomplto my php site search box - add automatic sliding to slider Add Automatic Vertical Scrolling on School Reading Activity C# - Add Avatar to users page Add average daily range calculations to EA - Add aweber optin code to my html squeeze page.. Add aweber optin code to my html squeeze page.. -- 2 - Add back-ground to web site Add back/forward buttons to my car rental booking system - Add background color add background color - ADD BACKGROUND IMAGE TO WORD DOCUMENT AND OUTPUT TO PDF Add Background image with JS and FIX stable the contact form button - Add background to my floating UIView Add Background to my Wordpress Web Site - add badges_functionality in wordpress Add Baidu search/mapping support to code that currently uses Google search/mapping - Add Banner Ads PHP Coder Needed ! Add banner ads to website. - Add banner to all pages of a Joomla website. add banner to front page - Add BANNERS and Adsense to my website Add Banners and Graphics to Phpbbs - Add banners/boxes to template monster oscommerce template Add bar code scanner function to excel file. - Add basic "Property Manager" functionality to listing site Add basic "Property Manager" pages to PHP site - Add basic reporting to our registration site. Add basic responsive to wordpress site - Add BES 12 + Symantec Gateway Email Encryption to excisting mail + server environment Add bespoke functionality to a webpage with Joomla/VM - Add billing fields for Stripe Form and improve some CSS issues Add Billing method on wordpress - Add BitCoin Payment option to website. Add Bitcoin Payment Solution - Add bleed lines to PDF Add bleed space to PSD file - Add blog and contact page to site Add blog and product page to Joomla site - add blog function to HTML website Add Blog Function to my Wordpress (WooCommerce) - Add blog rss feed to site Add Blog section to existing Wordpress Website - Add blog to home page Add blog to joomla web site - Add blog to video website Add Blog to web site (Sinisa) - Add blue background and lego image to bottom header Add blue filter to video so it matches an image. - Add Bluetrackmedia to PPD Script Add blur effect, require login to see all answers on Q&A site. - add booking service for petsitter JOOMLA Add booking system to wordpress site - Add bootstrap elements to page Add Bootstrap in an existing classic ASP application - Add box to homepage.with link to infopage Add Box2D Collision to Game - Add brochure links to websites Add Browse Button in Admin - add bulk lister to auction website add bulk lister to site - Add business location to the google Add business locations to Google using Google Map Maker - Add button and Quantity Box in CS-Cart site Add button and Quantity Box in CS-Cart site in category page only - Add button interactivity to Flash file Add Button into application - Add button to Joomla Editor Interface
add button to mobile phone desktop - Add buttons to add/subtract rows Add buttons to add/subtract rows -- 2 - Add buy Sell to the MT4 Indicator Add Buyer info codes --Same as seen - Add caching-solution to existing PHP-Web-App Add Calcs to ASP Form - Add Calendar to school website Add Calendar to Site - Add callcraig.callcraig need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel Add callcraig.callcraig on Skype, need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel - add capcha to dotcombuilder OR your own solution Add CAPCHA to existing site - Add Captcha code Add CAPTCHA code & Image Descriptions to Website - Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms add captcha in 2 forms - ADD captcha to a wordpress form Add Captcha to a Working PHP Contact Form - Add CAPTCHA to current contact form Add captcha to custom contact form - add captcha to form Add Captcha to Form on J1.0.15 - Add Captcha to Joomla com_user Form Add captcha to Joomla form - Add Captcha to sign up form Add captcha to signup form - Add captcha to wordpress php form Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form - Add Captions to Video Add captions to video(s) using simple online system ! - Add cars from one site into my site Add cart , checkout, automatic email sender to online stores - add catagories and attributes on my magento webshop add catagories and product and set the theme with images - Add Categories to existing shopify shop Add categories to FAQ system - Add category images and small description of each category of lingerie prestashop Add category on Magento store - Add CC to youtube videos based on existing text Add ccavenue as a payment option - Add Cg to existing OpenGL engine Add CGI captcha plugin and upload capability to my cgi form - Add changes to PHP backend and iOS app add changes to wordpress template - Add Charity icon - 3 areas add charity icon for charity listings ( 1-area only) - add chat and make better design Add chat and some minor features - Add chat to my website Add Chat to my website. - add check out cart add check out cart 2 - Add Checkout and Payment Features to Existing iOS App Add checkout button to E-Bay auction listings - Add Chinese translation subtitles to an english 2 min video Add chinese version to current website - Add Cirillic alphabet (Russian) to a website template Add citations on few wikipedia articles - Add CKEditor plugin to site using Expression Engine and Wygwam Add CKEditor to Admin Area - Add CleanSheets functionality Add CleanSheets functionality -- 2 - Add clickable links to tablet and phone adverts Add clickable text and image on top of slider on homepage - Add ClickTag to Flash Banners Add ClickTags to a Couple of Flash files - repost - Add closed captions to a video file Add closing dates to listing - Add CMS functionality to my wordpress site: Add CMS functionality to website - Add CMS to HTML site Add CMS To My Current Website - Add code for Opencart pages Add code for self-hosted video player on wordpress site homepage - Add code to auction site for purchase bids Add code to auto update bids on auction site - Add code to my Job manager plugin - 3 Add code to my Job manager plugin -4 - Add code to subscribe button and contact form on simple coming soon page Add Code to Templates (Shopify Store + Theme) - Add codes price updates - repost Add codes price updates - repost - Rehire - Add color and replace object in logo. Add color and replace object in logo. - Add Color To Drawing Add Color To Drawing - Add colors to list you already created. - open to bidding Add colors to product spreedsheet - Add column in db and display the value in JSON Add Column in Products Page in Opencart Admin - Add columns to PHP file and Create a Color Chart add columns to tables - ADD COMMAS TO NUMBERS SETS/CONVERT TO EXCEL! START ASAP!!!! Add Comment Box & Facebook Comments To Webpages - Add comments about our hotel -- 2 Add Comments and Correction - XML/XSL homework - Add comments to lightbox add comments to our custom Wordpress theme - Add Company Details Add Company Details - repost - Add Competition Section to Magento website Add competitive components to website for youth gaming - Add Concrete5 and format templates to use current design on existing website Add concurrency support to JavaScript programming game - Add Constraints to iPhone project Storyboard Add Constraints to iPhone Storyboard project - Add Contact form to FLA file Add Contact Form to HTML Page - Add contact names and contact emails for data Add contact names and contact emails for data - Repost - Add contact us page to our website ADD CONTACTS FROM EXCEL TO MAIL CHIMP - Add content (provided) to already formatted WordPress Template Add content (provided) to web pages - add content and images & coupons add content and images & coupons -- 2 - Add Content Areas To Wordpress Site Add content as prices from google for my hotel list. - Add Content From Old Website To Wordpress Add content from PDFs into Joomla 1.5 - Add content o web pages Add content of and existing site to a wordpress theme - Add Content To 6 Simple Sites add content to a flash template - Add content to a wordpress page Add content to a WordPress Pagew - Add content to an eventbrite designed wordpress template Add content to an existing Expression Engine Website - Add content to Clipper coupon website add content to costum theme - Add content to existing website... Add content to existing wordpress website - Add content to humor website -- 2 Add content to joomla - Add content to label template Add content to left hand column - wordpress and woocommerce - Add content to my website Add Content To My Wordpress Theme - Add Content to PrestaShop Add content to product information web pages - Add content to the forum topics Add content to the HomePage of WordPress website and make it look beautiful - Add content to website Add content to website - Add Content To WordPress Site