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Add a Checkout Step in Opencart Website - ADD A CODE IN MY WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE FROM WIDGET SECTION ADD A CODE IN WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE FOR IMAGE - Add a column to IPB skin. add a column to my home page in wordpress - Add a confirmation prompt to single-action buttons in Workflow Extensions module D7 Add a contact email on AirBnb ad ! - Add a contribution on OS Commerce Website Add a contribution to existing Oscommerce website - Add a couple features to website Add a couple fields to an .ASP checkout page - add a coupon/voucher section to my OS commerce Add a courtroom behind a barrister - Add a custom dialog form to Installshield 2010 (ver16) MSI Project Add A custom drop-down (two level) menu to a WP custom theme - Add a custom payment page to WordPress dashboard unique to each user Add a custom permalink in a Wordpress website and other URLs rewriting - Add a Customer Chat to a Landing page Add a Customer Chat to a Landing page - Add a delayed stock ticker to a Power Point Slide Add a deposit function in Wordpress - ADD A DIRECTORY AND CLASSIFIED SECTION TO AN EXISTING WEB SITE add a directory in my site - Add a DONATION page to my website Add a Down Arrow to Dropdown Boxes WordPress/WooCommerce - Add a drop downlist to a sliced PSD html Add a Drop-down menu for USA customers to select state - Add a eCommerce Site In a sub domain Of my website Add a Editable Calendar set by Admin - Add a facebook and Twitter Fanpage to my SMF without a SMF Mod Add a Facebook Icon and Link to my Wordpress page - Add a feature (Plugin) to our existed website - Add a feature (Plugin) to our existed website - -- 2 - Add a Feature on MYSQL Database(repost) Add a feature on php online soft - Add a feature to a wordpress site, READ before bidding Add a feature to a wordpress site/woocommerce - Add a feature to boxbilling add a feature to directshow video capture application - Add a Feature to my React-Redux UI Homepage Add a feature to my site - paying around $80 - Add a feature to Wordpress Plugin Add a feature to Wordpress Theme - Add a few elements to a pre-existing website Add a few extensions to open cart website - Add a few features to website paypal cart Add a few fields to an Excel Report (MS SQL) - add a few pages to existing ecommerce site Add a few pages to my website - Add a field in a prestashop store Add a field to a custom Magento report - Add a filter to a videostream before sending it further Add a filter to my location page ( - Add a flashgame to a facebook app Add a Flat Rates to our Freight Rating System - Add a form field to main page Add a form label to a form - Add a form to my website Add a Form to my Wordpress site - Add a forum to my site Add a forum to my site. - Add a front end user submission social feature integrated with buddypress to my website, I will provide designs Add a fuction to a php script - Add a function in plugin Add a function on post admin dashboard - Add a function to existing ios app add a function to existing website - Add a functionality of pdf creation & its sharing in an existing android & iOS App. Add a functionality to a text editor (written in java script) - Add a Gallery to phpBB3 Add a gallery/store to a WordPress book site - Add a graphic to a wordpress theme in top bar Add a Graphic to an existing Website - Add a help column to Web/PHP page(repost) Add a help section in an existing source code - Repost - Add a HTML editor top content in every product page - repost 2 Add a HTML editor top content in every product page - repost 3 - Add a Jason Input/output to my xml output in Java app Add a java plugin to the child-theme of my WP-theme - add a jquery plugin wordpress site Add a JQUERY script to a CAKEPHP project - Add a language to my wordpress website Add a large batch of delicate information to Wordpress - add a like button to BUDDYPRESS profile Add a LIKE button to my website - add a link to a website page Add a link to an existing site made with Tomcat Struts - Add a little code in my android app Add a little code to a completed Javascript project - Add a login and sharepoint files into my web app Add a Login and signup database in template - Add a login/password to my site Add a login/password to my site(repost) - add a logo to a psd file Add a logo to a Video - Add a low latency interface (e.g. ASIO) to an audio software programmed in C++ URGENT add a macro to office - Add a masonry gallery to a shopify theme Add a Masonry style gallery to Shopify - Add a menu to an existing iOS application add a mesage section to an existing website - add a mobile portal to existing CRELoaded website. Add a mobile site to an existing site - Add a module to an existing application Add a module to C app and fix small bugs - Add a Multi-Step Form to CRM add a music - Add a New Admin Alert on Add a new animation to current website - add a new feature and fix some thing in my website add a new feature edit PSD files with this editor - Add a new field "page link" in edit page on WordPress website Add a new field in database(repost) - Add a new function to a script. Add a new function to my html5 chat. - add a new menu and it's function Add a new mobile style drop down menu to navbar - ADD A NEW PAGE TO OUR WEBSITE AND MAKE IT AUTOFEEDED Add a new page to Property Management site - Webzin - Add a New Post Type With ACF PRO to an existing WordPress Template Add a new product category to a Silverlight app - Add a new slideshow to a WordPress site Add a new subcategory to our Joomla based website - Add a news feed module to existing Joomla website Add a news filter to an existing EA - Add a one page domain to my digital ocean droplet from another shared server Add a One Page Parallax HTML page to my PHP index file - Add a Page and an Online form to our website with db to collect online form submissions add a page and embed a video to my wordpress website - Add a page to a Joomla website Add a page to a lead management tool admin - Add a Page to my Website Add a page to my website - Add a page utilizaing API from, and utilizee that info throuout website. -- 2 add a page with a database to an existing website - Add a password. Add a Pattern to a Jacket - Add a payment method to a WordPress website Add a payment method to an existing web site - 2 - Add a paypal function to my website Add a paypal integration to my site - add a photo gallery plugin on an Ajax theme wordpress - repost 2 Add a photo gallery to a joomla site with a specific effect - Add a php function to a button using JQuerry Add a php function to a plugin - Add a picture with a link in the widget area of a wordpress site. Add a Pinterest "pin" to products page on Interspire shopping cart - Add a Poll/Quiz Website
add a pop to old project - Add a popup on Drupal site Add a popup page with T&C on current wordpress site - Add a preview button to a submit form Add a pricing table to my wordpress template. - Add a product filter Add a product in my website - Add a project/picture gallery on my site Add a promo code field - Add a Quick Shopping Cart to My Site. Lead to future work!! Add a quiz feature to my wordpress website - Add a recurring payment option to ecwid or wix Add a Red YouTube "Play" Button on top of 10 different still photos. - Add a reporting print all statement to Current Invoice Billing System Add a request a property form - Add a ringtone to a digital Christmas card Add a robots.txt file to my wordpress site - Add a Save Feature to my Software Add a save-settings function to my browser extentions - Add a scroller to our cake php site remove in a few days Add a scrolling footer - Add a search field for couples to Dolphin 7 Boonex software Add a search field in existing db and homepage. - ADD A SECOND MENU TO THE TOP OF THE HEADER as well as combined 3rd menu as responsive Add a second page with some written words in invoice plane - add a secured page on my website Add a select form to contact form on BigCommerce site - Add a share to twitter and facebook to my website Add a sheduling / booking system to my website - Add a shopping cart to a website add a shopping cart to an existing html website - add a sign up button on my page and design flyers Add a sign-up form to my wordpress site - Add a Simple cart to our Website Add a simple Chat to my Website - add a simple flash presenter to a zen cart store Add a simple form after a Paypal buy now button is clicked - Add a simple mp3 to existng app & do some UI enhancements Read First Add a simple new Sentence to E-commerce Form - Add a single image web-link to 10 of our pages . . NOW!(repost) Add a Single Item Charge Which Gives Interior Access to a Web site - add a slider to a wordpress blog Add a slider to an existing theme and fix a error - wordpress - Add a small enhancement into existing MS Credential Provider project Add a small feature in existing IOS app - Add a smile to beer froth picture Add a sms/email alert to a forex indicator - Add a specific menu to a wordpress page urgent Add a specific redirect to a complicated PHP site - Add a stopwatch to woocommerce order admin screen + simple report screen Add a store locator search function to custom Google Map - Add a subdomain or change domain Add a subpage for my website with Y-axis spin animation on mouse-hover (responsive) - Add a Syntax Highlighter to my textarea Add a T-Shirt Designer to My CRE Loaded 6.5 Store - Add a tag to RSS feed Add a tagline to an existing logo - Add a text field to our Word Press Home page add a text to my website - Add a thumbnail gallery to my Wordpress theme Add a tiered members section to an existing Wordpress site - add a total amount to the products detail page in virtumart add a tracking cookies in my website - Add a twitter favoring bot with their API into my admin panel Add a Twitter Feed - add a url spinner in my wordpress blog commenter add a url to the menu - add a very simple admin and functionality to static website Add a very simple code to an existing source - Add a Video spokesperson to my website Add a video Tab to my Android app - Add a voice math calculator into my website Add a voiceover MP3 to an Adobe aftereffects CS5 Project - Add a webhook to a Wordpress plugin Add a webkit-based rotating HTML5 cube to a one-page website (cube code provided) - add a wheel to original app(repost)(repost) add a wheel to original app(repost)(repost) (492250) - Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site -- 2 Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site -- 3 - Add a Wordpress Application Add a wordpress blog and make some changes to my website - Add A Wordpress Page To A Business Website Add a wordpress plugin (talentlms) to my bluehost/wordpress domain - Add a YouTube logo to my website Add a youtube tv script into my avatar chatting script - Add ability to import graphs, images, charts, and tables into web app with widget Add ability to NopCommerce - add about 121 images Add about 150 products to oscommerce store - add accommodation Add accordian slider on clikc Mar 04 2013 14:00:31 - add accout in FX7Days forex field Add Accurate listing in Site - Data Entry - Add actionscript Add Actionscript 2.0 features to Existing Site - Add ad in my app Add Ad links to Product Pages on Shopify Website - Add Additinoal Functionality to ASP.Net App Add additiona features to my Directory script 9/30/10 - Add additional currency support for rsevent ticket Add additional currency to payment gateway - Add additional features to an existing joomla website Add additional features to an existing product and bug fixes - Add Additional Features to PHP site (Signatrust) Add additional features to recent project - Add additional functionality to an existing Android App Add additional functionality to CodeIgniter website - Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. - Add Additional Page to Drupal CMS Add additional page to existing website - opportunity for steady workflow. - Add Additional Requirements Information to Excel Spreadsheet Add additional screens to mobile Unity app - Add address from a file to a map Add address info to prospects - Add adjustment of manual focus slider control to exists camera application add admin account after privileges gone after restore - Add administration pages to an existing website(repost) Add Administrative Function in ASP or PHP. - Add admob banner in simple cocos2dx iOS (iphone) game Add Admob Banner to iOS project (Objective c) - Add admob to android application Add Admob to App Invnetor App - Add Ads Before Videos on Websites Add ads in App - add ads to my unity 3d game and fb share Add ads to Wikipedia CMS - Add Adsense code to my HTML/PHP Website (1st of 9) add Adsense code to the site. - add adsenses code to existing wordpress website and a blog add adult payment gateway to adult site - Add advertisement banner in android app Add Advertisement Blocks into Wordpress Pravda Premium Theme - Add Advertising space on directory categories and homepage Add advertising to an iOS app. - Add affiliate ads on my websites: Amazon, adsense, ebay. 200 sites Add affiliate advertising to my website - Add affiliate links to website Add Affiliate Logos to Site - Add Affix and Scrollspy Functionality to Multiple Navigation Elements Add After Effects for Video - Add AirPrint functionality to existing iOS application Add airpush budle 2 adds into a template - Add Ajax Drag-and-Drop Cart Feature to ASP 3.0 Cart Add Ajax editing fields to edit song name, bio, and photo once logged in. - Add ajax or jquery functionality to existing photo gallery Add Ajax Poller to Existing Site - add ajax to existing PHP application