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Add camera preview to abdroid app in outsystems - Add Capcha to website log-in Add Captcha - Add Captcha code into existing Form-mail for Kohana framework website Add Captcha code on form - Add Captcha in Contact Form Add captcha in joomla - Add CAPTCHA to an existing form on a website Add CAPTCHA to ASP form - Add Captcha to Existing Form Add captcha to existing form - Add Captcha to Form, Drupal 6.x Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form - Add captcha to matukio component Joomla Add CAPTCHA to my online contact form - Add captcha to static forms in magento, subject, reply to email, Add captcha to this form - Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page -- 2 - Add car brands into website Add car data into my website now.. - Add cart and option image on product tabs Add Cart and Quick Setup - Add categories and archives pages to existing WP theme Add Categories and Posts to Wp Robot Blog - Add categories to Magento Add categories to Magento () - Add category option in the website -- 2 Add Category position change Feature To Current Application - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin - Add change to admin for IPad app Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme - Add Channel Martingale option to existing EA Add channel matrix and links to existing drupal - Add Charity icon.. Add chart capabilities to Rails Application (survey app) - Add chat code to WordPress Website Add Chat Feature On Website - Add Chat, Picture Sharing, Private Picture that delete and PHP Send Emails. Add Chat/Comment Features to my website - Add check to crowdfunding plateforme ADD Check to wordpress crowdfunding - Add checkout page, payment gateway and user account to existing website. Add Checkout System to Website - Add christmas and newyear style to existing website header logo Add Christmas decoration to website - Add cities to a list of coutries in WP classipress Add cities to escort directory - Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a website. Add class Suffix + set width of module + customization color module Joomla 3.x - Add click code to 3 Flash banners add click event to text box - Add Clickbank Payment Method To Script Add Clickbank upsell code to web page - Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform Add client IP to opensource github project: rabbitmq-auth-backend-http - Add Clothing Sizes option to Product page Add clothing to my shop - add CMS impress pages to our existing website Add CMS Infusion to a web site - Add CMS to page Add cms to site - Add code highligher to existing code generator GUI add code in my app by teamviewer - Add code to css/html5 gradient creator so that gradient code for older browsers is also created Add Code to Enable Site to Pass Google Mobile-Friendly Test - Add code to my Job manager plugin--2 add code to my private mt4 ea - Add code to website Add code to website and redesign - add codes, and modify open source app Add Coding to E-Commerce Website - Add Color and Text To Illustrations ADD COLOR CHART LINKS - Add color to drawings - open to bidding Add color to illustrations - Add colour background (already pure white) and resize stock images so they are all the same. add colour border to website (css)+ fix slides to shrink when responsive - Add Column Sort to Existing PHP Page Add column to db and create interface in admin section - add comas to a input calculator add combinations for existing products - Add comment box to my website Add comment post to existing Joomla Site - Add Comments and member registration to my site Add comments and topics to Forum - add comments to posts Add Comments To Share button - Add company details to spreadsheet - 585 in total Add Company Info page to Existing .net Script - add complete profiles with descriptions - For FINGERPRINT Add Completed design to template editor - add condition to macro Add conditional logic to Plugin form - Add Contact Data to a Database of Locations Add contact details tab to existing wordpress theme - Add contact form to my website Add contact form to Revolution Slider. optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone - Add contact names and contact emails for data - Repost - open to bidding add contact on linkedin and fill an excell file - ADD CONTACTS FROM EXCEL TO MAIL CHIMP ADD CONTACTS FROM EXCEL TO MAIL CHIMP -- 2 - Add content + remove sample data from Joomla site Add content + small styling changes to wordpress website - Add Content and Images to a Wikipedia Page Add Content and Images to a Wikipedia Page - Add Content Editing to Flash Website Add content editor and admin tool - Add content in flash site Add content in joomla theme(repost) - Add content on a regular basis Add content on new template - Add content to a $13 HTML template. Add content to a 5 pages website template - Add Content To A Wordpress Site Add Content to a WordPress Site - Add content to an existing Expression Engine Website Add Content to an existing website - add content to costum theme - open to bidding Add content to current wordpress theme. Need completed by May 4th. - Add Content to Facebook Application without programming (in spanish) Add content to files - add content to joomla add content to joomla - Add Content To Membership Site Add Content to Microjobs Website - Add Content To My Wordpress Theme - ongoing work Add content to new website - Add content to product information web pages(repost) Add content to real estate website - Add content to the HomePage of WordPress website and make it look beautiful Add content to the HomePage of WordPress website and make it look beautiful -- 2 - Add content to website Add content to website - Add Content to Wordpress Site Add Content to Wordpress Site - Add Content to wordpress website Add content to Wordpress website - Add content, videos, and images to Joomla site - repost Add content/articles to site - Add contents to existing website theme Add contents to Facebook Applications without programming - Add Contributers Page to wordpress website add contribution 689 - customer discount - Add controls to custom control for vscrolling Add controls to custom control for vscrolling -- 2 - Add cookie to Facebook share popup locker
add cookie to javascript popup - Add coordinate axes in a plotting application Add coordinate axes in a plotting application - - add correct canonical in web site add correct canonical in web site oscommerce - Add counter and a links page to my web Add Counter on - Add couple of modules in OSCOMMERCE add couple of things to our wp theme - Add Coupon Payment to a php script Add coupon support to current shopping cart - Add Craigslist posting feature to Joomla RD Autos component Add Craigslist screen scrape to Joomla component - Add credit card details - open to bidding Add Credit Card dropdown to checkout process + enable GUEST checkout - Add credit card, paypal and secure lock images to checkout page Add Credit cards (to accept Visa, Master, American Express) payment mothods in our web portal - Add crop marks and bleed for print Add crop marks and bleed lines to pdf! - Add CSS and AJAX to a contact form in PHP add css and images to current template. - add css styling to php table Add CSS Tabbed Content in Existing Web Page - Add Css to webform Add CSS to webpages - Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store Add CSV of 17,000 products to OpenCart project/Add some custom fields - Add currency conversion in Shopify shop - Repost - open to bidding Add currency conversion to my Virtuemart 1.1 site. - Add custom API payment pages to XFILESHARING Add Custom attribute to magento email confirmation. - Add custom css to a javascript Hubspot form Add custom css to a javascript Hubspot form -- 2 - Add Custom Feature in ASP Shopping Cart Add Custom Feature in ASP Shopping Cart(repost) - Add custom field image to woocommerce products add custom field in Magento porto theme registration page - Add custom field to Woocommerce registration Add custom field to Wordpress site - Add Custom Fields to Google calendar events Add custom fields to input form and output values on single post front end page. - Add custom font and change layout/design of standard template invoice/order Add custom Font Icons to my themes Elegant Icon font pack - Add custom gallery to websites Add Custom Gateway to ShopperPress WordPress Theme Create Plugin - Add Custom JS Counter to website Add custom JS file to Magento 2 adminhtml catalog/product/edit page. - Add custom omniture tracking to a web page. Add custom option - add custom paypal gateway to wordpress site Add Custom Photos to a Javascript App - Add Custom Search Filters to Crea8Social and Fix Paypal Payment Processing Add Custom Search Form to WordPress Menu - Add Custom Text to Product Image Add Custom Text to Product Image - Add Customer Export Module to OSCommerce Add customer file Upload to CRE loaded Cart - Add Customers Date of Birth to all Order Confirmation eMails Add customers survey on a page - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost 2 Add customized views to Joomla/Moodle/Joomdle site - Add Data Capture to existing FileMaker Database Add Data Columns to eBay Search Results - Add data from mysql data base into another table. Add data from PDF's to spreadsheet as per examples - Add data into incomplete products that have missing attributes Add data into magento shop - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar -- 2 - Add data to excel from web search Add data to excel sheet - Add data to the admin panel of our software Add data to web calendar - Add database details to report Add database driven components to website C# - Add database to script #2 Add database to script #3 - Add date on Form view page Add date picker to an existing form field - Silverstripe CMS - Add dbase and uploads to video search site Add DCS to APP - Add delay to BigCommerce Website Menu Add delay to Java onmouseover effect - Add depth (3D) to standard photo of a face using zbrush or similar software Add depth to logo - Add Design Add design - Add design on existing logo Add design on Joolma Template - Add design to the logo Add Design to the textbook content - Add detail photos to dynamic page add detail to current logo - add didot font type to wordpress website Add diff consoles - Add Digital Downloads to e-commerce system Add digital potentiometer interface - Add Directory to excisting script Add DirectWrite to existing GDI Application - add discount feature to individual products on website Add discount labels on Category page - Add Disqus to my Website Add distance search functionality to auction website - Add document.title to attribution javascript Add Documentation and Endpoints in Rails App for iOS Screens - Add dot-qmail functionality into postfix Add DotNetNuke Forum to my site - Add download our App on our website Add Download Page to Magento website - Add Drivers to Windows Install .ISO Add Driveway Gate - Add drop down menu to drupal theme Add drop down menu to existing menu. - Add Drop Down Menus to Website Add drop down multi-level menu to my Wordpress template - Add dropdown boxes to CakePHP script populating from MySQL Add dropdown delay time interval to my CSS menus - Add dropshipping function to Magento store Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song - Add dynamic content to flash (quick & easy) Add dynamic content to website design - Add dynamic links and one step checkout Add Dynamic Meta (Title, Description and Keywords) - add e-cards option/display new members into dating site(repost) Add e-commerce & better gallery to photography website (JA Avian II) - Add E-mail and Push Notification for indicator Add E-mail and Push Notification for indicator - open to bidding - Add Ebay listings - Cds and DVDs - approx 100. Add eBay Listings to an ebay account - Add eCommerce Capability to Wordpress Site add Ecommerce facilities to current site - Add ecommerce to existing simple website. Add Ecommerce to existing site - add edit button for events on meeplace and payment system add edit button to select design idea - Add effects on webpage Add effects to a some video clips. - Add element on 3d character Add element to 3 HTML pages - Add Elements to PHP WhoIs Search Add email address to hotmail accounts application - Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart. - Add email mail box into banner add email notif to follower user wordpress - Add email on contact us form on website