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Add content to a Wordpress site - Add content to an existing Expression Engine Website Add Content to an existing website - add content to costum theme - open to bidding Add content to current wordpress theme. Need completed by May 4th. - Add content to files Add Content to Flash Template - Add content to Joomla 1.7 Site, fix component and style mods Add Content to Joomla Component - Add content to my blog Add content to my Drupal website - Add Content to new Website Add content to new website - Add Content to Site Add Content to Site - Add content to video game site Add Content To Web Site - Add content to website, SEO and Redirects Add content to website. - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to wordpress site - Add content to WordPress websites using the BeaverBuilder plugin Add Content to WP Page, Add Slider Image(s), and Names To Photo(s) - Add Contents and Post Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site - Add contents to wp site Add contest system to bigcommerce - Add Contributions to new osC2.3.1 site add contributions to OScommerce - Add conversion tracking to WordPress/WP Plugin Add cookie and redirect - Add Cookies To Login System Add cookies tracking script to existing session tracking script - Add Cordova features to an Angular2 Meteor application Add cords to graduation photo - add countdown timer to php Add countdown timer to website - add couple item to my online store with all size add couple lines click to call code to a php script - Add coupon on my site Add coupon page for paypal site - Add Craigslist Clone Software to my site. Add Craigslist posting feature to Joomla RD Autos component - Add credit card billing to an existing website Add credit card billing to existing website - Add Credit Card validation to existing PHP reservation form Add Credit Card Verify - Add cron job. add cronjob - Add CSS & SVG animations to an html site Add CSS 960 grid to previous CSS Design - Add CSS styling to a button in Wordpress- Hiring today, finish today, get paid today! add css styling to html5 form - Add CSS to PHP email Output Add CSS to RSS - Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store - add currency Add currency button to html site. - add custom 404 error page and alter some fonts in my opencart store Add custom Action to IP tables on Linux - Add custom crawlers to get deals from third parties daily deals sites Add custom CSS Mouseover Code to Magento website - Add custom feature / link to my big commerce store add custom feature and edit pages in prestashop - Add Custom Field Column to Admin Area Add custom field entry to WordPress loop - Add custom field to woocommerce billing and shipping address -- 2 Add custom field to woocommerce billing and shipping address -- 3 - Add custom fields to genesis theme Add custom fields to google calendar - Add custom fields to WP and some small fixes Add custom font and change layout/design of standard template invoice/order - Add custom functions to online CRM database Add custom functions to online CRM database -- 2 - add custom javascript code to wordpress site Add Custom JS Counter to website - Add custom mysql and css design to an existing website Add Custom Navigation Menu to Page Template in Wordpress - Add custom payment method to opencart urgent add custom paypal gateway to wordpress site - Add custom Reporting to Joomla Auction Site Add Custom Search and Bot - Add custom text to checkout in prestashop Add custom text to existing website - Add customer area to a template and add the ability for customers to submit inventory. Also add auction timer to inventory items that can be started b Add customer collection to MongoDB - Add Customer's remaining balance for Drupal/Ubercart Add Customers Date of Birth to all Order Confirmation eMails - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost 2 - Add Data Capture to existing FileMaker Database Add Data Columns to eBay Search Results - Add data from PDF's to spreadsheet as per examples Add data from scanned file to excel - Add data into magento shop - repost Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet - add data on newegg Add data Series to an NT MACD indicator - Add data to excel sheet - repost 2 Add data to Flash animation from SQL - Add data to Web Site Add data to website - Add Database Function-2 Add Database Functionality - Booking form & Payments - Add datas in our db Add date and and lot number - Add date to column - repost Add date to column - repost - Add debit details to Nochex and change product page image Add debit details to Nochex and Resize product page image - Add Delete Functionality to Photo Gallery script Add Delete Update of Contact Documents - Add description lookup to this page add description on page orders and returns - Add design and colour to education workbook Add design aspect to magento / Website - Add design to complete HTML game add design to document (need in 1 day) - Add designer add designs and new features to an App - Add details to games website game card add details to woocommerce products - Add different size and price for same product OSCommerce Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page - Add direcpay payment gateway to woocommerce add direct credit card payments to my woocommerce site - Add Discount Code Module to OsCommerce Site Add discount code on web site - Add Disqus & Facebook Commenting on my WordPress Websites (4) add disqus at the bottom of all our blog pages and articles pages - Add DNS Record to CPanel Add DNS records for a single domain on DYN.COM - Add Donation Page Add Donation widget in Wordpress - Add download function to webView - Android Add download image functionality to existing PhotoSwipe Javascript code - Add drawing functions to Order system add to my game - Add drop down menu on website.... Add drop down menu on website.... - Add drop down menu using html in opencart megamenu Add Drop Down menus in flash header - Add dropdown and captcha to Chronoform of Joomla
Add dropdown box and ''attach files'' box to contact form - Add Dropdowns to 2 website navigations Add dropshipping function to Magento store - Add dynamic careers section to basic html website Add Dynamic Content - Add Dynamic link for after purchase to download paid for file Add dynamic links and one step checkout - add e-cards option/display new members into dating site add e-cards option/display new members into dating site(repost) - Add E-Course to Existing Website Add E-mail and Push Notification for indicator - Add eBay html to existing Ebay store template Add ebay integration to existing php script - Add eCommerce and login functionality -- 2 Add ecommerce area to existing word press site - add ecommerce to an existing site Add ecommerce to classified website - Add edit / delete to admin section add edit button for events on meeplace and payment system - Add effects on webpage Add effects to a some video clips. - Add element on 3d character Add element to 3 HTML pages - Add email address to hotmail accounts application Add Email Addresses in Twitter Find Friends - Add email contact form to web site menu Add email delivery to exisiting rub application - add email notif to follower user wordpress -- 2 Add email notification feature - Add Email Sign Up for mobile version of my website. Add email sign up pop up banner to homepage - Add email verification to woocommerece single product checkout form Add email/audible alerts to Metatrader 4 indicator - Add embed video + fix contact form add embedded player in php music script - Add encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA Add encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA - 01/09/2016 09:38 EDT - Add English text in Videos Add enhancements - Add ePDQ to ecommerce website that currently uses paypal give options Add Episode listing/control in WordPress frontend/backend - Add Event Function in my App -- 2 Add Event on Google Calendar in PHP - Add events from websites Add Events in Website - Add Excel export and cron for parse email Add excel upload to current admin area - Add Existing Item in VS Freezes System Add existing java algorithm into existing php website to show output - add existing WordPress calendar to new non-WordPress website Add exit popup to squeeze page - Add export functionality to existing database system Add Export Mobile numbers functionality - Add Extensions to Opencart store. add extensions to web site - Add extra data to Wordpress JSON feeds from related custom post types Add extra data to Wordpress JSON feeds from related custom post types -- 2 - Add extra features to my WEBSERVICES add extra features to my websites facebook regestration - Add Extra Fields to my Eshop Wordpress Plugin Add extra fields to prestashop registration form - Add extra functionality to Big Commerce store add extra functionality to custom plugin - Add extra menu page in Drupal ADD EXTRA MENU TO A WEBSITE - Add extra section to an existing Single Page App Add extra shortcode to existing one - Add Facebook & Email mandatory login on e-store Add Facebook & Instagram Upload facility - Add Facebook and Twitter links to footer Add Facebook and Twitter Links to WebSite + Remove Linkedin Share - Add Facebook Button and Twitter Followme to Launch Page Add Facebook buttons to my website - add facebook connect/login to perl script Add Facebook Dynamic remarketing code to BigCommerce website. - Add Facebook feature to cocos2dx iphone game -- 2 Add Facebook features to a finished game - Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted! Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted!! - Add facebook intersitial and banner to a simple iOS App Add facebook invitation on existing game. - Add Facebook Like Button to Website Hosted on GoDaddy Website Builder Add Facebook Like Buttons - Add facebook likes and credit card payment to existing webshop Add facebook likes and credit card payment to existing webshop - ongoing work - Add Facebook Login image same as other page.. Add Facebook login support to my Cytube server (NodeJS) - Add Facebook login to WWW and REST api Add Facebook login/GeoLocation - Add facebook pixels and adword tracking code to shopify store Add Facebook post api permission to script - Add Facebook Sharing and Comments to a Site Add facebook sharing widget and modify one page of my Joomla website - Add Facebook, Twitter & Mi Website Icons Add facebook,twitter and web account log in to existing iOS app - Add Fade Effect to Text and Enable Touch / Swipe on Supersized Slider -- 2 add fade to image - ADD FANS ON SPECIFIC TWITTER AND FACEBOOK NAME Add Fans on my facebook - Add fans to my facebook page 10k+ Add fans to my - Add FB and Twitter Feed to home page Add FB Autopublish/Have it Post as user (Classipress) - Add FB.Twitter etc Add FB/Twitter and iAD to my iPhone app (developed on Adobe flex) not C-obj!!! - Add Feature and Modify Design of Custom App Add Feature and Optimize Code - Add feature in my app ( AdMob ) Add feature in my Backend Panel / Admin Panel - add feature selection on submit car Add feature so use can Translate my existing android app into different languages - Add feature to an App add feature to an existing iOS/Android application written in Xamarin - Add feature to existing android social media application Add feature to existing app. - Add feature to existing WordPress Theme Add feature to existing wordpress website - Add feature to Laravel website. Add feature to mobile website - Add feature to open-source 3D printing plugin for OctoPrint Add Feature to OpenSource PHP Project: ResourceSpace - Add feature to Project add feature to run vbscript after screen capture - add feature to website to post automatically to facebook Add Feature To Website: Download Invoice In Excel Format - Add featured content slider to wordpress theme Add Featured Image to 922 Wordpress Posts - Add features Add features - Add features / fix bug to an existing iOS app Add features / fix bugs (Bootstrap & PHP ) - add features and fix bugs on my B2B scripts #3 Add features and fix issues on local directoy. - Add features for sale to AS3 Starling program Add features for the existing source code for Dictionary app template. - Add features in my dating app application Xcode Add features in my music player app - Add features onto existing iphone application Add features over my website, Fix some problems - Add features to a existing dot net website Add features to a existing small java swing application - Add features to a PHP App Add features to a PHP based site - like scrolling news, fixing layout etc. - Add features to a PHP script