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Add images to Website, enhance website design, possible marketing - Add Important website features + Graphic Design work Add importing image capabilities to Text box - Add in a page Add in a page slideshow feature to my website - Add In App Purchasing to PhoneGap site (Wordpress) Add In app to iphone /ipad app - Add in for outlook Add in for Outlook 2003 and 2007 - Add in Report Filters Add in RSS FEED Program and link Exchange Program to website - Add In-App Notification for my app Add In-App notification to an iPhone PhoneGap App - Add In-App Purchase to working iOS app Add In-App Purchase, Mysql to IOS APP - Needed Quickly - Add in-place editing to a php project Add inactivity disable to Google Chrome and FireFox Extension. - Add indian payment gateway with membership plugin Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add infinite scroll and video post option to a website Add infinite scroll filters - Add infinite-scroll to Masonry Isotope filter grid Add infinite-scroll to Responsive Masonry Isotope filter grid - Add info to website Add Infobip as a SMS Provider in Vtiger - add information to a mysql database without leaving the page Add information to a PDF - Add Input Form Product Attributes of oscommerce Add input images on a form - add instagram counter to website Add Instagram data into google sheet - Add insurance values Add integral shopping basket to existing website - add interactive user accounts and article contest area with dynamic scrore system to my existing blog Add Interactivity functonalities to Hotel Reservation Plan - Add international countries to website Add international countries to website -- 2 - add intertitial Ads admob Add into an existing upload script an video option - Add Inventory to Volusion Website Add Inventory Tracking Component to Existing HTML/PHP Website - add invoicing and billing to kayako fusion add invoicing and billings to kayako fusion - Add IP address to Squid server Add IP authentication to PERL simple socks 5 server script - add ipad support and full ipad views Add iPad TouchScreen swipe function to prettyPhoto image gallery - Add IPs v6 to Centos Server Add IPtables and Fail2ban on freepbx and goautodial servers (2 servers) - Add Italian and Spanish to Magento Store Add italian fans to Facebook fan page. - Add Items on shopify website with good title, meta description, URLs, etc Add items on website - add items to ios app Add items to Kaboodle - Add items to Shopify site Add items to Shopping Cart - Add J query function in existing applicaiton and fix some issue Add Jackpot function. Tablet Functionality and Chartboost integration. - Add Java Features to a game Add java functions to wpdatatables in WordPress - Add javascript countdown to my page Add Javascript delay to menu on hover (Joomla) - Add Javascript program and more customisation to an existing website Add javascript slider to Scorm moduleduplicate javascript (flipbook) slider in scorm - Add javascript to simple html form add javascript to site - Add Job flow tab to existing job editor Add Job Listing Page with admin panel on a Swish Site - Add joomla blog to my website Add Joomla Category List Layout to Page - Add Journal board in Dating Website Add jpeg's to Wallpaper Site - add jquery colorpicker - Repost add jquery components to existing rails application - Add jQuery Lightbox to ASP.NET MVC project Add jquery Lightbox to Website and Fix Navigation Menu Resizing - Add Jquery slider and datatable support to page Add JQuery Slider control in PHP - Add JQuery UI to calendar Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $ bonus) - Add Js HTML5 logo carousel add js local storage to website - Add jwplayer flash player to my website ... Add jwplayer flash player to my website A.S.A.P - Add keywords and description to website Add keywords and hyperlink to some articles - Add Kissmetrics tracking code to website Add kit process section - add landing page (already created) coded to my website Add landing page ahead of wordpress install and duplicate existing install into subdirectory - Add Language Field to WordPress Registration (User Meta) Add language function to a website - Add language translation to joomla module Add Language Translation widget to header - Add Laravel Socialite 3rd Part User To Website Add large Banner to Website - add law school to my directory add layer / overlay marker on google maps - Add LDAP functions to existing class add ldap info to csv export - add left column to site Add left navigation image/link - Add License Code to Video Turbo Store Plugin Add license field to custom magento module with serial/domain check to mysql database - Add light- or greybox to joomla-powered web-page that displays clickable map to different sub-articles Add Lightbox (javascript) effect to Social Network - add lightbox to html three images Add lightbox to image slider - Add like to buddypress site Add Like, Comment and views to my site - add line breaks Add Line Chart - add link for people to submit application and store in Database Add link front-end site and create the Back-end - Add link to Links bar in IE Add Link to Merchant Account - add link/button to set image as wallpaper/backgroun (android webview) add linkbucks to a page on my site - Add LinkPoint API and other recurring moduals to current cgi script Add Linkpoint API Payment Module to OS Commerce Shopping Cart - Add links to a SVG file Add links to a webpage - Add links to my joomla site ADD LINKS TO MY SITE - Add Links to the bottom of my website: About/Contact/Membership etc. add links to the front-end on my website - Add list of prospects Add list scheduled posts to visual editor wordpress - add listings for 50 night clubs into web directory Add listings from Click Bank to Website - Add listings to Opencart site Add listings to our ecommerce website - Add live data to charts Add LIVE Espn Esport News to my wordpress website - Add live streaming to my website Add live streaming to website - Add Load Balancer to RDP Farm on Azure Add Load Content While Scrolling jQuerry Feature to Gallery - Add local storage to existing Phonegap Application Add Local User Class c# - Add Locations page to Website Add locations to my wordpress custom type page taxonomies - Add logic to a script -- 2 Add logic to a script -- 3 - Add Login and bug fix to ringtone app website Add login and item launch tracking to existing ASP.NET application - Add Login Functionality to MVC Application
Add login functionality with Google & Facebook for an Android App - Add Login To Steam through My Wordpress Blog Add login to website - Add login, register, logout to ionic app based on mysql database Add login, restore and save game functions (in ASP.NET 2.0 C#) to a game - Add logo and images to cms system. I have tpl file to add images add logo and labels to existing pictures - Add logo on a Joomla site Add logo on car image and make it look realistic - Add logo to flash project Add logo to Flash site (WA) - Add Logo to mobile responsive version of site add logo to mobile version of website - Add logo to spinning record Add logo to stock image photos - Add logo tye to Vault logo Add logo watermarks and some dynamic text to images for website - Add logos to PDF Files Add Logos to - add m. to website when opened in mobile Add MA Filter in a existent Expert Advisor - add magento extensions Add Magento form outside Magento (to external page). - Add magnifying glass effect on 3 screenshots Add mail chimp opt in form to site - Add mailchimp signup field into a website Add Mailchimp Signup Field with Multiple States to our Website - Add management interface, stripe integration, and user onboarding guidance modals Add management interface, stripe integration, and user onboarding guidance modals -- 2 - Add many products to Amazon and correctly Add map and directions to webpage - Add MarkerClusterer for a GoogleMap Add MarkerClusterer to home_map_widget.php (GeoPlace v4) - Add masonry grid to a wordpress theme Add masonry plug in to 2 wordpress pages - Add Math based security question to two generic sites Add Math Quiz To Kid's iPad App and Desktop Game - Add me 450 facebook fans every day for 2 weeks Add me 500 facebook friends - Add Me Fast Point add me fast points - ADD ME, contact me Add Measurement feature to range slider - wordpress - add member in facebook group add member info to database - add members to site Add members to site 1 - Add membership privilages to selected linkbuttons Add Membership profiles and custom photo gallery to .net CMS site - Add menu and search to wordpress theme Add Menu and Toolbar to Acrobat - add menu items in wordpress - repost 2 Add Menu items to existing Web site - For ITSERVICE - Add Menus To WordPress Site Add merchandise - Add Meta Descriptions to 26 website pages on Add Meta Keyword Description Edit Some Txt on Site - Add Metabox to plugin template Add metadata to existing photos - Add metrics of visitors to my website footer Add metrics to Joomla! Extension - Add minor feature for existing web application Add minor features on existing mobile game... - Add Missing Glyphs(Characters) to My Fonts Add missing icons - Add Mobile CSS to site to create responsive design -- 2 Add mobile friendliness to existing non-responsive legacy sites based on html/css/php - Add mobile notifications to webapp (Android & iOS) Add mobile notifications to webapp (use Service Workers) - add mobile view Add mobile view menu to my html template - Add Model Numbers Before Product Descriptions. Add modem process on windows platforms - Add modify and delete record in xml file with php Add modify few fields in a web app - Add module styles to YouJoomla Template Youevents Add module to a flash as3 project - Add Modules and Modify existing Software Add modules for T-shirt sizes - Add modules, correct bug with IE, and maybe more? add modules/extension to a opencart Template - Add Mopub full banner ad in my app Add Mopub SDK into existing Eclipse Project - Add more checkboxes to Search Box Add more Cities in User Profile - Add more domains to Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Apache Add more DXF capability to gCADPlus - Add more features in my Remittance system add more features in old website - ADD MORE FEATURES TO IMAGE SEARCH VB SCRIPT Add more features to jsTree for my needs - add more functiolity the applications and write a mnual report for the use of the application add more function at my search result page - Add more functions to an angular.js directive - Angular professional needed add more functions to app - Add more module to my portal Add more muscles to my photo - add more premium user group to xfile sharing 2.2 Add more products ***Wezigners*** - add more to cd Add more to List - Add Motion graphics into a Video - Urgent Add motion graphics sound effects to an animation, level audio (Voice, SFX, Music) - Add movie to website Add movies from admin script - Add mp3 to pdf Add MP3 Upload to Oscommerce - Add Multi category for Media site Add Multi currency and currency admin to site - Add Multi Server Support Feature to Our Site Add Multi source Rss Reader to existing app - Add multi-player plugin to my Game (I have plugins ) Add multi-store multi-currency to website - Add multiline support to lxformtool add multilinguage feature for my existing ASP.Net site - Add multiplayer to a Flash game -- 2 Add Multiplayer to a Unity Chess Game - Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 5 Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 6 - Add multiple linked Flash files to web page Add multiple login/passwords to md5 html page - add multiple user support to my tiny project Add multiple users to a database - Add Music and Video Features to Website Add music Control next to the play button in Wordpress website - Add music to an audio track. Add music to animation - Add Music to Video Add Music to Video - Add My Agent Code To order Form Automatically Add my app to symantec exclusion list - add my contact Add my content (text and images only) to an HTML template in 6 hours - add my friend to my groups -- 2 Add my friend's face in to a photo ASAP! :) - Add My Logo To Current Header & Center Align The Nav Menu Page Links Add My Logo To Current Header & Center Align The Nav Menu Page Links - Add My Posts to Wordpress ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost - add my site to DMOZ Add my site to DMOZ listing - Add my website into the directory Polish Add my website into your google adwords - Add Myspace Friends Add Myspace Friends - Add MySql queries in PHP pages Add N-Tier Architecture to an existing C# ASPX program - Add names to photos