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add new features to musicbox(repost) - Add new features to some existing web platforms Add new features to some existing web platforms (II) - Add new features to website - php mysql add new features to website .net/ c# - add new field in data base Add new field to dantocart/opencart checkout page - Add New Fields To Sql Database Add new fields to wordpress jobroller template - Add new friends to myspace account Add new front end features to existing template - Add new function to image slider js add new function to my shortlink script - Add new functionality in existing mobile app Add new functionality in existing mobile app for commerce store - Add New Functionality To Pre-Existing PHP/MySQL Script Add new functionality to the existing website - Add new functions on existing iPhone app Add new functions to a job portal. - add new funntion on my flask website add new funntion on my website - Add new graphic to a christmas mini card add new hdd to linux (another one later) - Add new issue with Redmind Rest API ADD NEW ITEMS TO CATALOGUE. - add new links missing in link market 3 add new links missing in link market 4 - Add new mods to my phpbb forum Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!)(repost) Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap) - add new page Add new page and update header - Add new page to story board and display users location on mapkit Add new page to web application - Add new Pages to Existing Exchange and Money Transfer system Add new pages to existing website - Add new payment gateway to my web site Add new payment gateway to wordpress plugin - Add New Player to proifle's Add new privacy tools to - Add new products to ecommerce website - data / image entry, formatting using data supplied in xl format Add New Products to ECommerce Website - Data Entry - Add New Range to Website- 63 products + some attributes add new recaptcha on php foam pages - Add New Search Page Add new search page and visitor analytics page into my blog engine website - Add new shortcode to plugin Add new single page - add new tab page Add new tab to link dialog of CKEditor 4 - Add new theme to current wordpress site Add New Theme to Magento Site - Add new unit in adminsystem2 database Add new unit in adminsystem2 database -- 2 - Add New Wallpapers to Website Add new way for a user to submit images on my website using google api images search. Also I will need some changes made to the site. Please read details. - Add Newrelic Application monitoring to an OpenERP server Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash -- - Add news Filter to existing mt4 EA Robot Add News letter subcription - Add newsletter pop up block on wordpress Add newsletter subscribe optionr - Add nice shadow Add NICs and changing MAC addresses in AWS EC2 - Add Normals to Existing 3D Models (.X Format) Add not attending option to bp simple event plugin - Add notifications to Android App Add notifications to existing webview app from XML API - Add objects to excisting wordpress site. Add OCR (text recognition) business card reader to form on mobile website. - Add offline function to existing web based pos software. Add offline functionality to one page in my swift app - Add on a section of our current wordpress website Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only - Add on Feature in Shopify Store Add on feature to web portal - Add on for existing project (templates.aspx page) Add On For exitisng App - Add on functionalities to existing website Add on hours - Add on modules a website -- 2 Add on Modules for 2.2 OSCommerce - Add on shipping method Add on Shopping Cart - add on to customer project Add on to database and website for phpexp - Add on to my Android application in Eclipse Add on to my IOS app - Add on two feature for Property Site -- 3 Add on update - add one butoon on my sites add one butoon on my sites - Add one feature to my WP blog Add one feature to our virtual pet game in php - Add one line of code to iPhone app Add one line of html into a php based file. - add one number to stl add one page and content in joomla - Add One part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS -- 2 Add one payment gateway to plugin Paid Membership Pro - Add one subdomain for blogs Add one tab with ads in Android app and reduce loadtime - Add online ordering menu for restaurant - to existing App Add online ordering to my Pizza Website - Add online store to existing website and a few other items Add Online Store to my website - Add ons to existin php site Add ons to existing script II - Add open close addon on top of a slider, Fix a datepicker conflict and fix responsive issues of theme Add Open External Url on Intel XDK Webview App - Add OpenID login to flynax script Add opening hours to main page - Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. -- 2 Add option for users to favorite other users - Add Option to Multipane Graph add option to my script mysql and file backup - Add options to a software Add options to ABTW - Add options to WP Deals (wordpress deals) Add OptmizePress template to my site - Add Oracle Data Connector in Spotfire 'Managed Data Connections' Add order comments to checkout page magento - Add OS Commerce Packages to existing site Add osc contrib to oscmax - Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle -- 2 - Add Our Drop Shipping product to Shopify Add our English Subtitles to a Brazillian Video - Add our link your websites Add our link your websites! - Add our researched keywords+description to our Overture/GoogleAds Account Add Our Site Search To IE7 Search Options - Add Over 15000 Males as Facebook Friendsin Roughly One Month Add over 230 products in Bigcommerce admin panel - Add Own Recipes (original) - American, European or Mexican Add Own Recipes (original) or get users to share recipes - Add page content to new design add page creation functionality to BreezingForms WP plugin - Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. Add page titles and descriptions to website - Add Page to Joomla site Add Page to Magento Catalog - add page to website Add page to website - Add page-turn sound effects/ New buttons to Flip Book Flash Add page/fix browser incompatibility. - Add pages and features. Add pages and forms to our current website. Ongoing projects - long term availability required - add pages on phpnuke
Add pages on shopify site - Add pages to an existing website and make it all look better Add pages to an existing wordpress sight, enhance that entire site, and similarly enhance a sister site to it ( meaning changes on one can head to the other. - Add pages to existing website wordpress and shop plug in Add pages to existing website. Build a website - Add Pages to my GWA Autoresponder Add pages to my Shopify site for wholesale customers - Add Pages to Website Add Pages to Website - Add Pages/Content to Adsense Site Add pages/Make changes to our website - Add pagination to file sharing database - repost Add Pagination to Isotope Javascript plugin - Add paid listings to existing system Add Paid Members With Secure Access - Add parallax to existing webpage in Joomla -- 3 Add Parallax, slide in and fade in effect to content on my WordPress website - Add Part Compatibility onto eBay Listings Add part number generator to Woocommerce Site. Ajax/Database/Javascript skills required!! - Add Password protected RENTAL / Database scheduling section to website Add password protection for Admin section in - Add pause button to three .PSD files - 5 to 10 minute job Add pause feature to gallery on my website - add payment api to web site Add payment api to website - Add Payment Gateway Add Payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway for Floreant POS Add Payment Gateway in Ablecommerce - Add payment gateway to existing Django website Add payment gateway to existing ecommerce site - add payment gateway which works in india Add Payment Gateway-Bitcoin - Add payment module to creloaded pro / edit php pfiles Add Payment Option for Credit Cards to Allow Store Owner to Receive (Order # + Credit Card #) Safely Using Encryption - Add Payment Processor to my Payment Gateway Add Payment Processors & Wallet System - add payment/subscription services to my website Add paymentgateway - Add Paypal & Stripe Payment Functions to Website Add Paypal & Merchant Account To Website - Add Paypal and other changes to a WordPress website Add PayPal and stripe checkout - Add PayPal button to e-commerce website Add PayPal button to Joomla Website - Add paypal code to a blogspot page Add PayPal credit card payment facility to existing website - Add paypal gateway and fix error Add PayPal gateway to a site - Add Paypal Options To My Site Add paypal ordering to website - add paypal payment option to my website Add Paypal payment to an existing IOS project - Add Paypal shopping cart to the site Add PayPal Shopping Cart to Web Site - Add PayPal to IPB Forum Threads Add PayPal to my existing checkout - Add Paypal to website Add Paypal to website - Add Payumoney gateway to my online store Add PayUMoney Payment Gateway on an NGO website on WordPress. - Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site -- 2 - Add pencil effect on picture Add pending orders to EA - Add people to Twitter list Add per-logged in user notes to a table cell - Add personal chatting feature to my existing Android app Add personality to exisitng Robot models - Add phone number in menu bar of my wordpress site add phone number module in desktop & mobile - Add Phone Number To Wordpress Theme css Add Phone Number To Wordpress Website - Add Photo & Video Galleries to my website Add photo & video gallery to a website - Add photo features and meta info to custom component Add Photo Filter & Lens to My App - Add Photo Section in my Android Apps Add Photo Section in my iPhone Apps - Add photos Add photos and captions to site - Add Photos to Gallery Page on HTML Website Add Photos to LightBox - Add php and form field value to JavaScript (WordPress plugin) - repost Add php and form field value to JavaScript (WordPress plugin) - repost 2 - Add PHP code to template driven site Add PHP code(repost) - Add PHP Functionality to my project Add PHP functionality to my site - Add php script for comments and fix responsive on 3 web pages Add Php Script To Existing Website - Add PHP Zip Archive Script Add PHP-Extension to Webspace - Add Physical Therapy Products to ProductCart Shopping Cart Add Physics Engine to Existing Game - add picture on Flash web site(repost) Add picture preview - Add Picturebox and Text at runtime add pictureligthbox and redesign product page - Add pictures to front page and shopping card change Add Pictures To Homepage on my Open Cart home.tpl File With Responsive Code - Add pictures to website Add pictures via serial print function into WORD - add pinterest pins of our products to our pintrest account add Pinterset followers, likes - Add Play/Stop buttons to Flash video Add player to Audio Module drupal - Add Plug in for COD charges on Magento 2 Add plug ins to Word press site for sales persona. Update web, seo links - Add Plugin Project Add Plugin Rating to Category Pages - Add plugins to x64dbg Add plumbing to my building on revit - Add polish & remove distortion from 3 product images Add polish language to WebUI e3372 - add pop up to my wordpress site Add pop up to website - Add popunder ads to my website Add Popup (Pen UP) Keys to Custom Keyboard - Add popup to HTML website add popup to my html website - Add position to joomla TR french Add positions to existing joomla template - add post method to html file add post n pre roll ads n few other small fixes to my website - Add poster for Add Poster Frame file to my embedded quicktime - ADD POSTING ADD POSTING - add posting add posting - add posting - Repost add posting and data form filling - add posting on different websites. add posting on face book - Add posting, sms sending Add Posting. New Massage Site. (Craigslist & Backpage copy) - Add PPT export function support Add prayer hands to my site - Add Press Article add Presspoint CRM to a Wordpress web site - Add price comparison from products_opt1 field add price converter to existing wordpress website - Add pricing options into my store Add pricing options into my store -- 2 - add print functionality Add print functionallity to C# form - Add Printing Support to Safelog Add printing support to Xcode project - Add Privacy Policy to Mobile App (cocos2dx v2.2.6)-google/apple