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Add Functions to a wordpress theme - add functions to Excel VBA macro for data entry form Add functions to exisiting PHP/MYSQL-site - Add functions to jquery logo maker. Add functions to my game C++ - Add functions to prestashop (MODULES) Urgente! Add functions to program - add functions to wordpress site Add functions to WordPress site. - add funds to my aacount add funds to my aacount - Repost - add futures and login to WP IQ test -- 2 Add futures to a com/mod for googlemap for joomla - Add Gallery and shopping cart pages Add Gallery and shopping cart pages - ongoing work - Add gallery to Wordpress site Add gallery to Wordpress website - Add games to wordpress Add Gantt chart to Rails Page - Add Genetic Algorithm in DSR by NS2 Add GENRE & YEAR to approx 12,000 music files in iTunes - Add GeoLocation Button To Custom Google Map API V3 add geolocation cookie - Add German to my website Add German translations to product options -- 2 - Add Gift Card buying option on our website - milestone 1 - html prototype Add Gift Card Module to Oscommerce Site - Add glasses to faces Add glasses to faces - Add GoCardless API to WordPress plugin (instead of PayPal) Add Godaddy Merchant Account to my site - Add google ads to site. add Google Ads to two wordpress sites - Add Google AdSense to Joomla CMS Add google adsense to my site. - Add google analytics add google Analytics - ADD GOOGLE ANALYTICS CODE IN MAGENTO SITE Add Google analytics Code in My website - Add Google Analytics goal tracking to my Contact 7 forms (Wordpress) Add Google Analytics Javascript code - Add Google Analytics to iPhone App Add Google Analytics to Joomla - Add Google Analytics tracking to flash based website Add Google analytics User-ID Feature on log-in page + more - Add Google Certified Shop code to our EKM website. add google check out cart - Add Google Distance Calculator Script to Website - PHP/WordPress Add google docs exporting capability to our iOS app. - Add google Images search as vBulletin Attachment ,, PLEASE READ BEFORE BID Add Google like Analytics and Geo Fencing for Advertisements to Mobile app - Add Google Map with Markers to Website add Google maps - Add Google News RSS :) Add Google News RSS to my website - Add Google reCaptcha to DigiShop Shopping Cart Add Google ReCaptcha to exsisting contact form - add google search code/capability to iweb site Add Google Search to a Joomla Site - Add Google Translate to dictionary Add Google Translate tool to Bigcommerce website - Add Googlere CAPTCHA to my form Add goole map to wordpress theme - Add GPU stats to web based linux dashboard Add GPU Support for my Program (Use GPU To BruteForce) - Add graphic so that it shows only on mobile version. Add Graphic to a Page - Add Graphics to Graphical Resume Add graphics to Jomla site - Add Greeting to Email Utility Add Grey Background to Images - Need Fast Turnaround - Add Group/Page/Fan page on Facebook Add group/ungroup features to JavaDrawing Application - Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo add h.264 support to vc++ application - add Header and Footer onto the Website Add header and footer to a external php page within wordpress - Add Header/Footer Code To Template Add Header/Footer Code To Template(repost) - Add Hedge Grid to EA Add hedging capability to existing EA - add hipay to my website as payment option add hipay paymentprocessor to my site( same way as paypal now on my site) - Add Homepage Image in wordpress Add homepage module - latest news - ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO HOTEL MAIN BOOKING SITE ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO MAIN BOOKING SITE. - Add Hreflang Tag Add hReview Microformat data to template - add html code to wordpress page Add HTML content to website - Add html page into php website add html pages - Add HTML to a Shopify template add html to amazon description - Add HTML5 Video to Background of Custom Wordpress Theme 2 add html_quickform to PHP project - Add hyper-ling to flyer to direct customers to website by clicking on images. Add Hyperlink fields in Sugar Suite CRM - Add i18n, ajax submit to website Add iAd and Admob into project - Add iCal calendar to Wordpress website Add iCal calendar to Wordpress website -- 2 - Add Icon and Splash Screen and Trouble Shoot Existing App Add icon before a wordpress widget title - Add iconcox and ruptela gps devices to a opengts plataform Add icons - Add id's to params in a php,cURL request Add Idea/Problem/Opportunity Mobile App - Add iFrame to Squarespace site Add IKobo to gateway - Add Image background to a Wordpress Template Add image background to my WP and center logo and menu - Add image gallery to my Wordpress plugin Add Image Gallery to Website - add image to 2 landing page + psd to html landing page add image to another pic - Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding - Add image upload/resize/crop component to PHP/MySQL site Add Image URL to 552 products in spreadsheet. - Add images and descriptions to directory Add Images and Descriptions to Products in new eCommerce site. - add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding - Add Images to Articles add images to articles - you must be always online - Add images to existing flash fla file Add images to home page of magento site - Add images to products in Wordpress Add images to Sales Report in WP eCommerce - Add images to website/set up shopping cart Add images to WikiMedia online manual - Add improvements to My OMR project Add improvements to the Hotel web app. - Add in anchor links to table of contents Add in another language to existing website - add in bitcoin payment option Add in C# for excell - Add in geolocation to my Shopify store Add in Google Post Code search into wordpress - add in the CMS an "upload image" option to be displayed in the website Add in theme or make a plugin for Transfer - Add In-App Purchase Options onto A Developed Emoji App Add In-App purchase to a existing Android Webapp - Add in-app purchases to Unity game for Android and IOS Add in-app purchases to windows app - Add include to webpages
Add include_increase parameter to web services - Add indicator for filtering trades Add Indicator to EA - Add Infinite Scroll To Shopify Site Add infinite scroll to Shopify Theme - Add Info to a List of Residential Communities Add info to a product list in MS Access - Add information in settings Add information in wordpress header - Add initials to the set of avatar images (via script or manually) Add Input field on Checkout - Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. -- 2 ADD INSIDE PAGES TO A WEBSITE - add instant messenger program to membership website Add Instant Messenger to Users on a PHP Portal - Add interactive map and make some changes on wordpress multilingual site Add interactive Map and Reponsive Slider to an HTML Website (Using existing code) - Add Internal Search Feature to My Site Add international characters and modify an OpenType font - Add Intersticial add to Android application (Admob) Add Interstitial ad to simple android - Add inventory photos and descriptions to new website Add inventory to Magento store from eBay - Add invoice options to my website profile pages add invoicing and billing to kayako fusion - Add IP address to Squid server Add IP authentication to PERL simple socks 5 server script - add ipad support and full ipad views Add iPad TouchScreen swipe function to prettyPhoto image gallery - Add IPtables and Fail2ban on freepbx and goautodial servers (2 servers) Add IPtables for my Dedicated Server - Add italian fans to Facebook fan page. Add ITBMS (taxes) calculation - Add items on website Add items on website - Add items to my online store - Joomla based with virtue mart Add items to my oscommerce store - Add items to store Add items to store -- 2 - Add Jasper Report to Openbravo System Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project that has Spring Security - Add Javascript and Graphic to Existing Joomla site(repost) add javascript animation on my website - add Javascript image hover zoom / flyout zoom effect to php site add Javascript image hover zoom / flyout zoom effect to php site - repost - Add Javascript to make pages work Add Javascript to our Flash Player - Add jfreechart graphs to data from csv, Json and xml Add Jingle chan to asterisk2billing - Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields - repost - Add Joomla Single-Sign-On (SSO) into WebZash add joomla site login to chat - Add jquery ajax to forms and update database tables Add jquery analog clocks to webpage - Add jquery javascript to my weebly website Add Jquery Layout and Forms to a Zend Framework Website - Add Jquery slider and datatable support to page Add JQuery Slider control in PHP - Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $$ bonus) Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $$$ bonus) - Add JS plugin and convert to Jade for 2 webpage - ongoing work add JS to invision power board - Add jwplayer flash player to my website in Cpanel -- 2 Add JWplayer to movie site - Add keywords and hyperlink to some articles (It is a full time job, you need to be full time freelancer) Add keywords and submit website to search engines - Add knowledge base to website Add KNX support to Roomie Remote - Add landscape rotation capability to 1 view in iPhone app Add lang plugin - Add Language to App (Android e IOS) Add language to English Website - Add languages to wordpress theme add languge to website - Add Launch/Navigation Header Images and QR Scanner to Existing IOS/Androids App Templates Add Launcher Icons to App and Remove Android Figure from Screens - Add Lazy Loader option to an existing WP slide Add LazyLoad - Add left and right arrows to slideshow Add Left and Right Margin Banners and Header Banner - add libs to my app Add License Code to Video Turbo Store Plugin - Add Lightbox (javascript) effect to Social Network Add Lightbox and Flipbook to a file manager - Add lightbox to image slider Add lightbox to my tumblr - Add Like, Comment and views to my site Add like, share and comments facebook buttons to my html page - add line breaks Add Line Chart - Add link image to CakePHP layout Add link in same page Wordpress - Add link to NSIS LICENSE PAGE Add Link to OsCommerce Page - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 2 Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 3 - Add links (with clickTAG) to flash ad. Add Links and Dimensions to Excel - Add Links to Current Wiki Entries add links to existing webpage - Add links to our website for from various related websites Add links to page - Add links to web pages Add links to web pages(repost) - add listing Add listing and filtering features to an iPhone app using Parse services - Add listings to a local town discount site Add listings to a local town discount site - repost - Add listings to website Add little function to my php file it is very easy - Add live inventory functionality to my existing website. Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode - Add LiveBackup to servers Add LiveBackup to servers(repost) - Add Local Businesses to new Directory Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder - Add Location Markers to Maps Add location tags to photos - Add logging to the logic layer Add logic to a script - Add logic/views to WHMCS addon Add Logical Point System to DataLife Engine CMS - Add Login function, paypal , and YouTube API Add login functionality and form to email - add login to onepage checkout on magento Add login to script - Add Login with Google to Unity3d game Add login, register, logout to ionic app based on mysql database - Add logo and images to cms system. I have tpl file to add images add logo and labels to existing pictures - Add logo overlay to video add logo to 5k pictures - Add Logo To Gavick World News Joomla Template add logo to iframe - Add logo to PCB (Orcad) add logo to pdf - Add Logo to Website add logo to website - Add logos for Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube to our website font pack Add logos into video -- (Motion tracking effect) - Add LTR English to RTL Arabic Wordpress Site Add Lync Mediation server - Add magento extension for sizes and colors, and advise in the recomemnded extension - repost Add magento extension on root directory - add magicnumber as setting into EA for MT4 Add magnifying glass effect on 3 screenshots - Add mail chimp opt in form to site