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add reservations to Cre Loaded OSCommerce site - Add responsive CSS Layer to Open-Source-CSS-Framework BlueprintCSS Add Responsive CSS to Existing Wordpress Website - Add Responsive Menu To ThemeForest Template Add Responsive Mobile Templates - Add REST interface to JAVA program Add REST web service to Get/Update some profile information and course data from LearnDash plugin - Add restore button for Unity In App Purchase Add restore purchase button and then submit to app store - add reveiw sofeware Add Revenue Share Add On Into MLM Matrix Script. - Add RevMob Pop Up/Full Screen/ Banner Add Revmob to App - Add Rich Snippets to my ecommerce website Add Rich Snippets to my ecommerce website - Add Rocketboom Clone Into Existing Website Add ROI drawing capabilities to an OMERO server - Add rotating banner widget to top of Wordpress theme Add rotating banner with 2 images on side to wordpress site - Add Royal Slider and a few other minor changes to Volusion Store Add Royal Slider to Home Page, Add SSL to blogspot, Add Href to social media icons - Add RSS Feed to Facebook Page Wall Add RSS Feed to Microblog - Add RSS feeds to PHPBB3 forum topics Add RSS feeds to site using PHP - Add RTL Format Add RTL Style to OpenCart Template and Arabic Transaltion - Add Russian translation to Joomla website Add russian translation to the site - Add Sample Python Code to Google App Engine Project Add Sample Video section - Add scaling to current system add scene to vray 3dsmax movie file - Add scoring system to two iOS applications Add SCORM 1.2 to Existing Flash Program - add script 2 add script 3 - Add script for CHAT to magento ADD SCRIPT FOR CONVERSION TRACKING - add script to my website Add script to site - add scroll buttons on special area of homepage add scroll buttons on special area of homepage -- 2 - Add scrub bar | Actionscript 2 Add SDIF (Sound Description Interchange Format) support to open source project ''Supercollider'' - Add search and favourite functionality to an existing android code add search and find in groups - add search box on website Add search box on wordpress post page - Add Search Engine & Reference # Add Search Engine + 3 filters in my MVC3 Website - Add Search Form Feature(repost) add search form to custom table - Add search option in exciting PHP website Add search option to metaboxes for linked content in wordpress - Add Searchable Custom Field To Wordpress -- 2 Add searchable directories to Wordpress site. - Add second language to Website Add Second Language to WordPress Blog - Add sectioned table to iPhone app Add sections and pages to Wordpress theme - Add Security Extension to My Wiki Add Security Feature to iPhone App - Add security to less than 3 contact forms Add security to my website - Add Selections to Contact Us Form. Add Selections to Contact Us Form.(repost) - Add Sendroid SDK to the existing project Add sentiment section to website - add seo url re write for zen cart Add SEO\Marketing Keyword Tags for Videos - Add settings to existing app add settning to one of my apps - Add Share button & push messaging to existing ios/android app add share button in my website - Add Share, Join and Buy buttons add shared component - Add shipping component to existing Joomla Virtumart add shipping cost and tax to my shopping cart - Add Shipping Plugin to wordpress site Add Shipping Rate Dropdown in my eCommerce - Add Shopify Products & Few small changes -- 2 Add Shopify to my website **Urgent - need done now. - Add Shopping Cart and Checkout to Existing Website Add Shopping Cart and Checkout toWebsite - Add shopping cart feature to existing website. Add shopping cart functionality to existing site - Add shopping cart to add shopping cart to my HTML website - Add Shopping Cart too Brevent add shopping facility on existing listing pages - Add side menu to php files and php Secure Login Add side panel to Chromium - Add sidebox with my flash applet to my Zen Cart Store Add sider to website - Add signature capture to existing phonegap app -- 2 Add signature function to existing application - add signup forms to my website and one static page Add signup profile, payment system, search listing functions for our website - Add simple blog to existing yiiframework project Add simple cart/checkout etc to existing site - add simple fade slideshow to html document Add simple feature in my plugin - Add simple functionality to this Ruby on Rails app to build a Microsoft Word-readable document (rtf or doc) from template that currently generates html(repost) add simple functions to excel VBA macro for data entry form - Add Simple Page Purchase DVD, Tshirt , Goodies Add simple page to existing website and make minor changes - add simple security to page add simple shopping cart to website - Add simple views to existing iphone app Add Simple Webpage to Yahoo Website - Add site coded Add site features and modify - repost - Add site to trusted sites Add site to website directories - Add sites to our directory Add sites to our directory - Add sizes to image drawings add sizes to oscomerce shop - Add skrill/moneybookers to wp-ecommerce Add SKU code to all pages based on login - add slide to SonyVegas project Add SlideDeck plugin to homepage - Add Slider to Drupal 6 Theme Add slider to existing oscommerce webshop - Add slideshow functionality to Shopify product page Add slideshow on existing website - Add slogan to logo Add slogan to logo - Add small feature to Camchat script . Add small feature to Existing magento extension - Add Small Function in WordPress Post Editor Add small functionality to Drupal - Add smart objects in PSD files Add smart point - Add sms jokes to database Add SMS module to - Add SMTP email settings to wordpress theme Add SMTP Mail Functionality and Fix Responsive Issues - Add Social Buttons to Volusion Website Add social buttons to website - Add Social Login and Signup Feature to Existing Application Add social login functionality to php site - Add social media buttons into heading and adjust size of heading Add Social Media buttons on my WP Website - Add Social Media Icons Links to Wordpress Header Add Social Media icons to 2 Tumblr blogs and find new Tumblr followers - Add social media links to our landing page.
Add social media links to the website header - Add social media, enhance logo, make simple changes to site Add social media, logo carousal and video to a Wordpress website - Add Social Networking to my site Add Social networking to our website. - Add Socks 5 Proxy and rotating browser agents support to a automated script coded in PHP - repost Add socks proxy capability to a software. - Add some additional features Add some additional features on my script - add some arabic text to a poster Add some backend features in website - add some changes on existing java software Add some changes to a Laboratory system - Add some code to email from PHP website to google apps - MUST BE ABLE TO DO NOW! Add some code to existing site - add some content Add some content (free public restrooms) to my database - Add some content to wordpress website template Add some content to WP site - Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website -- 2 - Add some ebooks for sale Add some effect like fire on 360 rendered video - Add Some extra option in a webshop. Add some featues and changes into a working cloud (upload/download[dropbox like]) website - Add some feature to my IOS app Add some feature to my Navigation Bar - Add Some Features In My Current App Add Some Features In My Current App - Cookbook - Add some features to a C# messaging project add some features to a Delphi grid (CIV 2005-12-12) - Add some features to access DB - repost Add some features to access DB - repost - add some features to booking script admin panel Add some features to C# progarm. - Add some features to my current website - repost 2 Add Some features to my Ekattor script - Add some features to my YouTube API videos site Add some features to my Zoho Creator project - Add some features to the Resumes section of a job board Add some features to the website Ruby On Rails - Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Checkout Cart Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Checkout Cart - Add some function in Wordpress blog Add some function on my website - Add some functionalities to shopify online store Add some functionality in custom uploader - Add some functionality to appasoft/laravel-5-boilerplate Add some functionality to existing railsproject - Add some functions for a php script tool Add some functions in a Html/Javascript Formular - Add some functions to wordpress Add some functions to wordpress plugin - Add some icons of flags on a website for multi-language support Add Some Idea's & function To Templaye WP - Add some items to portfolio of my website and minor modifications Add some javascipt functions to a html form. - Add Some Links about a Website - repost Add some links, text and menus to website built with Wix - Add some modifications to woocommerce add some mods to MS SQL server SSAS OLAP cube - Add some new features and improve UI to existing app Add some new features and improve UI to existing online food delivery app - Add some opencart extensions Add some option in FLASH - add some pages to my website. Add some pages to my Yii site - Add some php functions add some php to a pre-existant website to alter the paypal payment system - Add some products to Magento Add Some Programming code to my current script - Add some side bars for ads in wordpress blog Add some silder (jquery) in my webpage and convert PSD to HTML. - add some static block and google checkout in Magento cms Add some static text to top main body in Chamilo LMS course section. - Add some text and images over header image add some text in flash movie - Add some things to my site and remove some others Add some touches to a shopify website, need urgently, 20 min job. - Add some widgets on my NodeJS + Angular and D3 website (part II) Add some Wordpress content with Advanced Custom Fields - Add something on my site Add something small - Add somethings to my site. Add somethings to my site. - repost - Add Sort Order Option To Attributes Oscommerce Add Sort Orders by products on specific dates - Add Sound Effects to a 60-70 sec video [URGENT] Add Sound Effects to a video - add sound to simple table view app (each row) iphone Add sound to video - Add Spanish articles to 4000 top high-freqnecy words - Repost Add Spanish articles to 4000 top high-freqnecy words - Repost - abierto a las ofertas - add special form to vb program Add Special Functions to WooCommerce - Add spell checker to Joomla 2.5 TinyMCE and 2 small other jobs Add spellcheck and buttons on WYSIWYG editor on a Social Engine site - Add splash screen to existing web site Add splashpage color theme to additional pages - Add SQLRelay Driver to PHP ADODB add square pluging in word press, and alote of deferant job in word press - Add ssl certificate, webmin installation, Magic spam protection, installation, dns configuration update to change from old ip to new ip Add ssl certificates and Ip address to websites - Add SSL to my payment page Add SSL to my Project - add stars rating bundle to my project symfony2 add start app video to app & Fix the download title issue - add static pages to static website Add Static Price Field to Magento Backend - Add stock and inventory system to my wordpress website that updates automaticlally if i sell goods from my store Add stock level option to Wordpress MusicPro Store template - Add store directory to wordpress store. - $60 Add Store Front to Local Shop Website - Add stream plg-in to our webpage Add Streaming Movie and TV links to my website - Add stripe library via composer Add stripe merchant to event ticket website - Add recurring billing API to my website Add Stripe.js To A 3 Page ASP C# Website - Add styles to some pages Add styling to a Zendesk help center - add subcat names to mega dropdown menu in wordpress Add Subcategories (Categories) In Wordpress - Add Submit button to excel form add submit button to pdf docs so they can be sent by email - Add Subscription Management to music script add subscription module to existing Joomla site and create member only area. - add subtitle to video (i have use ANNOTATION EDIT) Add subtitle to video permanently - Add subtitles to streaming video/movie from Megavideo, Novamov or other videohosting provider Add Subtitles to three videos - Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website -- 2 - Add support NAND driver in U-Boot for Allwiner A10s Add support of h.264/GSM conferencing to c# SIP server/client - Add swf movie file to web pages Add SWFUpload to PHP Script - Add tab & page to current web page Add Tab and few tweaks to Joomla site - Add table functions simple php/ajax Add table in cpanel user plugin - add table2 - viya Add tables and procedures to SQL database - Add tabs to product description for my Shopify store Add tabs to rproduct page and disable copy - Add Tag Cloud from website search Results