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Add TABS functionality to our WYSWYG editor - Add tag hreflang to Magento multistore Add tag on my website - Add tap to focus on existing custom camera app ADD TAP&TAP to our application in ANDROID - Add taxonomy to press-this.php Add Tcadmin to My Whmcs Website For my Users - add tell a friend and bookmark feature Add tell a friend script to website - Add Template To Surf Script Add template to website + ongoing work - Add Testimonial Feature add testimonial page to my website - Add text and image to an Indesign CS 5.5 BOOK Template (already created) Add text and images to 11-18 web pages. The template is already in place. - Add Text and Polish Video Add Text and Polish Video - Add text document data base for e-mail Add Text Entry Field ability to FPDF - add text on top of a .jpg for a menu board Add text on two images - Add Text to a Existing banner Add text to a few images - Add text to an image with PHP Add text to an Image(repost) - add text to flash movie and export Add text to footer homepage. - Add text to images Add text to images using JavaScript - Add text to pdf Add text to pdf - Add text to the 2 document you already made me Add text to the app you created. - Add text, image and barcode to PFD in JSP/Tomcat Add text, infographics, and logos to film clips. - add texts to a video add texts to joomla website - Add texturing on an existing 3d file .obj in 3 steps Add thank you message to contact form - Add the ability to Post data via an API Add The Ability To Upload Images To A Wordpress Theme - add the effect from the youtube video Add the entries from one website to another - Add the functionalty of distance on search/filter modules and search pages in joomla site? Add the functions and cookies - Add the new message system ADD THE OPTION TO ALLOW IMAGES FOR PRODUCT CATAGORIES (WORDPRESS) - add the same text on 30 pictures add the seperator in log for inactiveness - Add theme and login into blog and message board Add Theme Plugin to my Script - 8/27/2010 - add things from my old site to my new site classified add things on about us page - Add this content to my Drupal Site Add this icon codes as requested - Add Thousands of HD Wallpapers to Wordpress site. Add Thousands of Wallpapers to a Wallpaper Website Based on Wordpress - Add three piezoelectric Materials to COMSOL Add three products to my ecommerce site... - Add thumbnails to recent posts section in Wordpress Add thumbshots and Google Adwords - Add time settings to a MQ4 expert advisor Add time stamp to C++ application - Add timestamps to various site functions Add timetable data for additional listings on the website - add title in a ligthbox photo gallery Add title information onto graphic and then resize - Add to a flashgallery call shadowbox function Add to a Gay romance/erotic book for me - Add to a wordpress website Add to - Add to app Add To Auction Site - Add to calendar" button using code Add to Card Magento Fixation - ADD TO CART AUTOMATION Add to Cart Booking - Add to cart bot for sneaker websites must be fast Add to Cart Bot via Twitter - Add to cart buttons added to menu. Add to Cart Buttons Missing from Magento Product Pages - add to cart getting a 404 magento Add to cart in API: Magento Experts only - Add to Cart service bot nikebot Add to Cart service bot- must use twitter keywords. Golf products. - add to collage Add to Current Design - Add to existing EA Add to Existing Expert Advisor - Add to exsisting Joomla site Add To Exsisting Orders: Interspire - Add to HTML/Javascript Project Add to httpd.conf via script - Add to Magento site: Invite Friends from Address book Add to Magento store - Add to my site 20k facebook likes Add to my SMM Panel - Add to our identity, Presentation Folders & T's Add to our portfolio and join our web design team! - ADD TO QUOTE THEME INTEGRATION IN MAGENTO add to ref my site - Add to the petition section of my site Add to the team in writing the software and helping us in speeding up - Add to WordPress plugin that does registration and creates a directory Add to WordPress site one effect and one small fix. - add toolbar to existing html5/javascripte page, test on iPad Add toolbar to hex control and few other things - add total weight and change box size if needed in magento.. Add Total Weight for Bundled Products for Magento - Add tracking codes to magento Add tracking for application - Add traffic and user registrations to site add traffic counter to - Add translation Add translation option in Joomla 3.2.3 website - Add travello theme to dropinn Add tri-colore/French Flag to logo - Add turn by turn driving instruction in my existing Application Add Turn by turn navigation in current project - Add twitter accounts to company names Add Twitter and Facebook Buttons to My Website - Add Twitter Follower Add Twitter Follower - Add Twitter Followers To My Account Add twitter followers, replies, favorites and retweets - Add two adverts 2 our website Add two amazon affiliate widgets to my site - Add two divs to website and help align content Add two domains to apache and make them work - add two fields to already 75% developed function using django reversion Add two fields to existing application - Add two links to established website Add two Magento extensions - Add two PDF Flipbooks (I have flipbooks links and plug ins to WP, one password protected, the other not add two pics to a website - Add two social media icons to top of Shopify store Add two table columns to existing html table - Add txt and picture to backlinks Add TXT Functionality to - Add UI JQUERY Add UI Layer - Add unified Inbox to Rainloop Webmail client Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client -- 2 - add unlimited sub template to jsveiws Add unlimited sub template to jsveiws sample - Add update to Connect2 HTML5 game. ADD UPDATES - add upload feature to wordpress
Add Upload Field into Contact Form - Add upload video feature Add upload video feature -- 2 - Add UPS Shipping Calculator to custom perl shopping cart Add UPS shipping Calculator to OsCommerce Website - add url submit site(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) Add URL to flash banner - Add USB HCI communication to existing QT app -- 2 Add USB support to a PIC32 project - Add User Event Calendar Add User Following Capabilities to my website - Add User Management features to ASP.NET Portal Add user Management interface, and allow document exchange among users - Add user role to CI script Add user roles and authorizations to Spree Commerce - Add users on multiple databases when someone registers on main site Add Users to EJabberd XMPP Server via Remote PHP Server - Add Validation for html form Add Validation in Existing Multistep Form.. Project for Only Experienced Developers Designers - Add values on radio selection Add Values to Category Column in Excel Spreadsheets - Add various functions in existing C# project via Teamviewer. Add Various Social Media API's to Wordpress Website - Add Vendor features Add Vendor Name to Shopify Orders - Add very simple user level login to existing WEBSITE and include basic database Add very simplistic 5 item cart to hitappoint admin section. (within joomla site) - Add Video Call Functions to VoIP Application Add video capability on Anypic by Parse - Add Video clip to slide show - fix image sequence scroll Add video clips to current website - Add video file to website Add video footage to 2 hours of audio - Add video on home page Add video on home page WordPress - Add Video Provider to JomSocial add video providers jomsocial 2.6.2 - Add video tab to Magento product page. (Image Included) Add Video Through Admin - Add video to iTune Add Video to Joomla Article Using All Videos Plugin - Add video to our homepage Add video to our homepage -- 2 - Add Video To website and u tube Add video to Website Header - Add video/audio to WMP Add video/chat + paypal payment system to my website - Add videos 40 ebooks 70 to my website in 30 days Add Videos and Information To Our Forum - Add VidStab to FFMpeg linux add Vietnamese in user panel and admin panel - Add virtual columns to SQL query Add Virtual Furniture for Real Estate Photos - ADD VISTA COMPATIBILLITY TO SIMPLE BACKUP APP VB.NET + New Features Add Visual Composer Plugin to WordPress Site - Add voice mail feature for DID numbers in our asterisk server Add Voice mail feature for DID numbers to our A2billing - Add Voiceover to a video script add voip termination to our a2biiling system - Add VPN IPSec endpoint VM (Vyatta) to ESXi host Add VPN Screen to existing app - Add watch companion app to existing checklist app-urgent Add watch extension to Existing iOS App - Add Watermark on Videos using Ffmpeg Add watermark to 1,215 Videos Length 1-10 mins. - Add Watermarking (with PNG 24) Ability to Current Script add watermarking feature in directshow streaming application - Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service - ongoing work Add Web Calendar to php Page - Add web RTC video chat to website Add web scraping and automatization to some features to a Wordpress Theme - Add webpage and MYSQL database Add webpages - Add Website content and/or build an admin portal add website content, logo, pages, text and update as needed and make live - Add Website Screenshots to PSD Mockup Add Website Search Capability - Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies Add websites to existing software and upgrade cron jon functions - Add wheels to shop Add WHISPER feature to VicidialServer - Add who's on line search at site add wholesale page to site - Add Widget to my site Add Widget To Phpbb3 site - Add WIFI reconizing to my app - send push notification if network is reconized Add Wiki functions to Geo Places - Add WinSparkle functionality to existing c# app Add Wire Transfer Payment Option to Zen Card - Add woocommerce and make order app and delivery app (mobile) add woocommerce and paypal integration to wordpress site - Add WooCommerce Products Add woocommerce products translation (have them already in excel) in 7 languages - add wooden gates, car and hedge to 4 photos Add word cloud generator to my sites - Add Wordpress blog to an Opencart website. add wordpress blog to CS-Cart website - Add wordpress color picker and google map pop up box Add Wordpress content / articles on how to make money online - Add Wordpress news page to existing website Add Wordpress page - Add WordPress theme to my account (profile) Add wordpress to an existing website - add words to my video add words to pdf document - Add world shipping zones to existing OSCommerce site Add Worldpay Plugin To Magento - Add wowza live stream into my revolution slider Add wowza live stream into my revolution slider -- 2 - Add WPML to Site Menu Bar Add WPS functionality - Add WYSIWYG Editor to page. Add WYSIWYG Editor to Wordpress Site - Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (1673613) - Add XML search in 10 domains Add XML Sitemap code to website - Add years to date field on forms Add yellow freight lookup to virtumart cart - Add your name or logo on this real helicopter taking off for $15 usd.. Add your products. - Add YouTube video download option with IAP's for Windows Phone App Add YouTube Video on my Website. - Add Zen Cart Multi Site Module 3 sites Add Zen cart plug-in to Wordpress - Add Zombie effect to faces in video Add zona ,photo draging customize..and add zona in me website - Add Zopim Plugin to Existing WordPress Site Add ~10 unique articles to medical website - add, sub, multiplay two numbers each one is 512bit Add, update & delete JSON feed - add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) - repost 2 add-in for MS Outlook - Add-on / Extension for Mac Mail Add-On as discussed Form/PDF Project - Add-on feature Add-on feature - Add-on for firefox/chrome add-on for freshbooks - Add-on for whatsapp messanger - Nearby function add-on for wow - add-on plus adjustments to site Add-on power-point - Add-on to existing Sourceforge Project Add-On To Existing Web Site - Ready Now - Add-on to wordpress plugin