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A salesman with B2B experience (ideally in e-commerce) in US - A Sample application - repost A sample application use Aero Style - A sample made of my new design. And place an order after made A sample MYOB EXO API url that can be used to update stock number - A samurai or ninja themed art A sand phone case for cell Phone with small moving parts - A Scalping EA A Scandleous teens drama of family, betrayal, abuse, jelousy, and lies. - A school Logo A school logo - A science fiction graphic novel. - repost A Science Fiction Music video - A scraper for Thomson Local, Yell and BT A scraper python script to compare numbers, using matched names. - a screenwriter currently rep-ed by a major agency A screenwriter for a feature film - A script for an animated video for my website/advert a script for an animation video - A script in php A script just for IMEI CHECK - A script required to hide content on vBulletin from non facebook fans A script required to hide links on vBulletin from non facebook fans - a script that will let me define an area and then click in the area A script that will log in to a website, enter data & submit - A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically -- 3 - A script to set a custom field to be featured image in Wordpress site a script to show some data - a script/website to restore all" Google drive" files modified on a certain date. -- 2 A scroll down box that accepts payments, also a new front page - a search database for emails with tiny community a search engin ! - A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country - open to bidding - a second office365 public sharepoint site for file sharing A second project for this talented developer - A secure website for classified advertisements a secured self destructing scheme in cloud computing - A Selection of Poems A selection of webscraping tools - A Seller/partner needed who have or can make a Webshop ! a selling page for a new product, that will also re direct after payment to a second possible product. - A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct(repost) A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct(repost)(repost) - a seo writer is needed urgently a seo writer is needed very urgently - a series of articles - open to bidding A series of articles about freedom of speech legislation in the Gulf region - A Series of Dental Educational videos website A series of Dutch Ads to be rewritten based on SEM best practices - A series of leisure clothing with an italian flare: T-shirts, pants and windbreakers (3 of each) A Series of Marketing Lectures in Taiwan - a serious adsense project. A Serious Game AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE - A Server side login system A server side script - A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms - ongoing work A services oriented website based on Jommla with CSS manupilation. - A set of banner - repost a set of banners for google ad campaign - A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site. - A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out - open to bidding A set of TWO articles written addressing the benefits of Martial Arts with (1) BULLYING and (2) ADHD - Content Writing - A shadow sculpture - repost A share button for my wordpress site - A SHIRT TAILORING WEBSITE -- 2 a shirt to make a logo on - A Shopify store which sells digital music. A shopify template developed - A Shopping Cart to PayPal A Shopping cart to sell a book - A Shopping Hall/mall picture - open to bidding a shopping mall's multi floor plan - a short 1-2 mins worth of advertisement for our product a short 1-2 mins worth of advertisement for our product - open to bidding - a short 5-10 minute cartoon A short 5-10 second animation - A short animated wedding clip [3-5 minutes] A short Animation - a short anime movie max 3min 30 seconds A short app update - A short cartoon series for real estate DL flyers A short children story in a scripted format - A short Document Translated into Russian and Arabic A Short Documentary in India - a short film A Short Film - A short form report on a broken laptop's exterior casing and seized lid hinge A short formal letter to be proofread and edited - a short introductory clip (2-3min) A short Java Assignment - A Short Quick Catchy Email Marketing Campaign Designed a short realtor bio - A short Story A short story - A short story where the main conflict occurs because of a cross-cultural misunderstanding. - repost A short story with no nouns - A short Url with referral system and coins for clicks member ranking system A short video - a short webisode animated (total of approximately 10 minutes); has 8 characters and can provide story boards if needed - open to bidding A short webseries - A shorthand typist A shorthand typist - 20/07/2016 08:44 EDT - 20/07/2016 08:48 EDT - A Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool A signed disclosurer statement - A similar site like A Similar Site like Not Exact but Just like it offers - A similar website to A similar website to - open to bidding - A Simple 3d Design A simple Android app - A simple .net query page in VB A Simple .NET Web Service & J2ME - A simple 2D game A simple 2D intro that last for about 100 seconds. - A simple 3D graphic is needed A simple 4 - 5 page website needed quickly - A Simple Account Login PHP Script A Simple Account Login PHP Script - repost - A simple aircraft designed A simple Ajax job - A simple and small case study A Simple and Small Social Network Website - A Simple Android App A simple android app - A simple android app. A simple android app. - A simple android layout. a simple android mobile application to control a LED using arduino and Bluetooth module - A simple API layer is needed for an existing web based application A SIMPLE APP - A simple app where you record video with a song in the background a simple app with c++ - a simple application on MongoDb or sqlite a simple application on mongoDb or sqlite like website - A simple assignment waiting for expert freelance with scientific background a simple assignment with c++ - a simple banner design for print A simple banner for a website - A simple blog - open to bidding A simple blog design that I can easily maintain - A simple Business/Fashion Article Writing A simple but catchy logo for my gaming channel on youtube - A simple C language code using Visual Studio A Simple C Program - A simple C++ Program
A simple C++ program - A simple calculator webpage A simple calendar plugin for Wordpress - A simple chatter bot with php or javascript a simple checklist program - A Simple CMS Project A simple CMS site - A simple content management system for online freight booking services A simple Content Management System using the Django Web Framework. - A simple cronjob for a server database A simple CRUD app that makes RESTful calls - A simple Data editing project A simple data entrY - A simple database with GUI A Simple Dating App similar to Tinder for all mobile platforms - A Simple Designer in WPF a simple desktop application - A simple drawing - open to bidding a simple drawing program. - a simple ea creation with indicators a simple ea in mt4 5 digit broker - A simple email processor, v2 A Simple Email Server write in java - A simple expression parser A simple face detection android prototype - A simple feature added, Add funds A simple feature to be added in php - A simple fix for backbone/node.js/mongodb single page app A Simple fix for this game/index.php/sell the index.php section - A simple Flash Project a simple flash shootout game - quick draw - A simple form integration to Saleforce A simple fortran code - A simple game developement for student asignment work A simple game for iphone - A Simple Genetic Algorithm A simple geocoder - 100$ - a simple GUI java interface program a simple haskell exercises - a simple html form a simple html form in .net - A Simple improvement for an existing project A simple induction machine model for predicting low frequency dynamics - A SIMPLE IOS GAME A simple IOS game - A simple iphone app similar to GasBuddy A Simple iPhone Application - A Simple java CRUD and Print application A simple java Database - A Simple Java Project A Simple Java Project - a simple job for any javascript developer A simple job for php coders - A simple lab report A simple lab report -- 2 - A simple listing Web application A SIMPLE LIVE WALLPAPER - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo animation . A simple logo animation . - A simple logo for my website. a simple logo i have in mind - A simple marketplace experiment A simple matching game app - a simple menu driven program A SIMPLE Messanger in VB6 - A simple Mobile Game Application A simple mobile salesman application - a simple mt4 expert , A simple MT4 Expert advisor - A simple number Facebook Game A Simple Object Oriented Designed Java GUI Application - A simple OO program A simple Opeartion input - A Simple Patient Database A simple payment gateway fix - A simple PHP Application - TipsOtips A simple PHP based file explorer with basic file operation features - A simple PHP project A simple php Project requiring php + mysql - A simple Php Website A simple Php Website - A simple pop-up for gathering email addresses A Simple port/USB application - update - A simple profile application A simple profile system for users using NodeJS, MongoDB and Express - a simple program me using C++(linear regression) A simple program that performs histogram. - A simple project for Android A Simple project For The Experienced PHP Programmer - A simple Project,online payment option a simple prolog program - A SImple Question ... A simple question in the C language - A Simple Report Cover A simple Report generating app. - A simple RSS software - Finding Latest Fashion Photos Online A simple Ruby on Rails based code that checks data in DB - A Simple Script to grab Log and send them over the Email A simple script to load images from url on the website odnoklassniki. - A simple shell A simple shell script - A simple Site to Replicate a simple sketch, for a tattoo design - a simple software creation project a simple software for chatting with other users - A simple stats package A Simple Stock APP - A simple task to design net shaping process A simple task with Delphi 7 - a simple text conversion tool(repost) A simple text recognizer - need Delphi code - A simple translation from English to French A simple translation from English to German - A simple UI/UX App for students A simple unity 3D project ( run video playlist ) - a simple vb project A simple VB routine doing data movement - a simple video needed A simple video player in html - a simple weather app for android A simple web app - A simple web based 'todo' list - open to bidding A simple web based game deveolped - A simple web page with drag and drop functionality A SIMPLE WEB PAGE WITH FILTERS - a simple web template A simple web-based business administration system - A simple Website A simple Website - A simple website A simple website - a simple website coded a simple website create for an online vintage store - a simple website for boutique a simple website for my company .. - A Simple website template A simple website that let's people know what we do. - A simple website(repost) A simple website(repost) - A simple wordpress based Site Need..Urgent..!!! A simple Wordpress blog for my organization. - A simple wordpress site A simple wordpress site - A simple work regarding Social Api (Google+ and Linked in) A simple workflow website to manage and track a 5 step process - A simple, custom wordpress site