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A simple website - a simple website (3-4 pages) in jsp or java bean A simple Website - open to bidding - A simple website do integrate with my IoT project A simple website Duplicate - a simple website like a simple website like memebase - A simple website with payment function A simple website with paypal - a simple windows application A simple Windows desktop exe application to control PC's audio volume - A simple wordpress plugin A simple wordpress plugin - ongoing work - A simple words learning application a simple work for an ausralian - A simple YouTube API project A simple youtube application to program - A Simplistic Minimalist Personal Webpage A simplistic physics-based game for Android - A Simulation modeling for SIP signalling over MANET ( OPNET or NS-2) a simulation of a national chain of Health and Fitness Clubs - a sincere voice-over english, NON-commercial-vibe A Sing Along Multimedia Application - A singer's personal site a singer/musician - A single graphic design for a web site home page. A single header. - A single one sided A5 flyer A single order option page for my Word Press website. - A single page website which displays leaderboards using MySQL table data provided a single page website with a BILLION blank ad spaces. - A single question on an advanced astrophysics problem (radiative transport) A single responsive site from PSD and already coded down example (few alterations). - A single-page client/server web app to manage Multiple Choice Questions. A SIP Based VoIP Client Application for Windows - A site created on wordpress A Site Design... Pre-Launch Style & Click Bank Product too - A site in php similar to A site just like Reddit for a different language - A site like - repost A site like - repost 2 - a site like A site like webs dot com - A site needs to be edited A Site or Group of Site earning $100 daily - A Site similar to (Friendship, Dating) A site similar to munute workers - A Site that i can upload music and videos to for my friends to download from A Site that Manages and Sells Digital Content - A site where I can host WebM A site which can earn me 10$-20$ per day from google adsense - A Skeleton XMPP 'Component Bot' that Executes/Responds to Commands A Sketch - A sketch of wedding dress A sketch of wedding dress - A Skilled Drupllar Requird a skilled electrical enginer. - A skillful php developer wanted A skillful php developer wanted (repost) - A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching A sleek, logo that exudes luxury and beauty - A slogan(in English) for a new ukulele brand A slogan(in English) for a new ukulele brand - a small 100sqft structure design for a cafe A small 2 port SIP VoIP based GSM gateway with SMS send/receive required - A small adjustment in my wp site A small adjustment of 3D model + pdf drawing - A small Angular project of Music Application... A small animation of a car hiring model/process - A small application in ZOHO creater that allows anonymous users to upload CVs and pass on a code to another cloudservice (surveymonkey) a small application made for some basic network tests - A Small Billing Software A small bios hook for Windows 7/8 [C/C++] - a small business grant for non-profit organization/retail/sales/service company need a grant of about $500,000 for expansions inventory stocking salary paid positions for employees a small business manager - A small C++ project A small C++ project - a small change in wordpress A small change on a web site (joomla) - A small cover graphics for an ebook a small css advice - A small distribution company A small django application - A small elecronic + mechanical machine need to be MADE. A Small Electronics Manufacturer Seeking for Business Partners - A small excel job A small excel job - A small fix for my Laravel 5.1 application and some clean ups A small fix for our Firefox addon - A small fold-out brochure A small fold-out brochure - open to bidding - A small graphic job A small GUI application - a small HTML responsive design part issue A small html work is needed - A small java application - JavaBall Matches A small Java application - open to bidding - A small JavaScript Project A Small Javascript task - A small Jquery fix for a talented jquery expert. A small js / css issue to be fixed now - A small matlab project a small matlab task - a small oil field game that developed in Game maker platform a small one minute movie clip - A small pencil sketch - concept drawing - repost A small Perl scripts - A small PHP project a Small PHP project - A Small Picture Managing Software Needed! A small piece of software to track the use of the x-ray equipment - A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution - open to bidding - a small project a small project - a small project in Prolog (SWI) version A Small Project in Python 3 enviroment - A small project using opengl, c++ A small project which implements parallel computing concepts - A small recruitment agency system A small Report - A small rewrite project A small routing algo implementation (C++) - A Small Service Business Website of 12-15 pages a small shell program working on linux by C "student lab Assignment" - A small simulator - base for a game A small site .......3 pages of html pages - open to bidding, Word press with sliding screen/frame. With some pictures.....Word Press .... - A small software project and its documentation. A small software utility to make audio output to Mono sound - a small task for paraphrasing: urgent A small task of 600 words - A small tool to replace characters under Windows a small tool to update database - a small project A Small VB6 software written has to be modified for our needs. - a small web based car booking application for admin use a small web based gam is to be build - A small website a small website - A small website to promote software A small website to showcase places of interest for the public. - A small work for MAGENTO Experts a small work of support ticket software installation in php - A smart course PHP website. A smart design for display - A Smiley + Emoticon App for IOS and ANDROID
A Smiley Face with an arm! - A soccer betting website. A Soccer BigCommerce installation - A Social Engine Developer A social event app - 06/02/2017 09:22 EST - A social media app like tinderr A social media app that combines all in one place - A social media website focused on providing a political arena for the average citizen A social media/booking multiplatform application and website. - A SOCIAL NETWORK BASED ON A CRAZY IDEA a social network build - A Social Network Website A social network website - A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE - A social networking template A social networking template - open to bidding - A social networking website, similar to A social platform for food recommendations - A social website A social website - a software - repost A software / System - A software Developer A software developer - A Software for Retail Jewellers A software for 3D printing using c++ - a software like cccleaner a software like cccleaner - open to bidding - A software program which can annalyze data from multiple app users A software program with C++ and visual studio - A Software that talks to website and get data.. A Software That upload a video to all video sites - A Software To Select Numbers At Random For The State Lottery a software to serach specific files in windows and all drives and uplaods all files to my server - A solid German speaking freelance recruiter A Solid Model of a Saucepan with 5 different components - A Solution Like A Solution Like(repost) - a song request page A song that I have written to be professionally produced & to make it the best it can be. - A sound engineer a sound sys & computer hook up in basement - A spanish translator for a spanish dance critic with artistic director Iain MacDonald at Joburg Ballet A Spanish/English Translator - A special module for Prestashop - ongoing work a special one off poster design project - a Special script needed a special service - A specific type of Christmas card A specific website scraped for data found in individual company profiles - A speech in spanish a speech of about 20-30 minutes - A split timer program, reprogramming a sponsor which support us financially - A sports logo A SPORTS NEWS WEBSITE - A Spray Paint Artist Or Illustrator A spread Sheet designed to caculate compound intrest - A Sql Stored procedure A square space business site built - A stand hostess-assistant for an exhibition in World Trade Center-Dubai A stand hostess-assistant for an exhibition in World Trade Center-Dubai -- 2 - a start-up screen for my iphone app a start-up screen for my iphone app - ongoing work - A statement letter for a university A statement modified and created as a pdf and email me the results - A static site based on a template we provide A static site creation - A Statistical Analysis and programming project A statistical analysis of NBA player salaries using multiple regression - A statistician to analyze survey data with respect to the current market. A statistician to do the statistics for my doctoral nursing research paper - a stencil made from a photograph A stencil to spray paint a company logo on the wall - A stock gallery A stock management person, Marketing skills - a story A story about a cattle enterprise on the Mid Coast of NSW - A story/serial writer A storyboard artist required - A strictly texasholdem source code along with website A striking but reassuriing identity needed for a health startup - A strong sex novel A strong Social Engine/PHP developer - A Student Database A student entrepreneurship platform - A studio table A studio table - open to bidding - A study on teenagers in developing country A study on teenagers in developing country - open to bidding - A stylish and sleek personal website A stylish logo and type for web and print purposes - A subscription website for a social programme for study abroad students a subscription website for Fx trading - A summary of a musical article A summary of commercial european lease terms - A Super SIMPLE FACEBOOK App A super urgent logo designed - A Support contact form A Support System - A Survey paper - repost A survey paper on a computer science topic - A Swift Coded App Will Be Made iPad Compatible (+Admob integration with some integrations) A Swift2 Coded App will be integrated with Chartboost Interstitial Ads - A synthesizable implementation of Compression engines A synthesizable implementation of ECC engines - A system like a system modelling simulation and a report - A System With NFC And Voice Verification A systematic review - A T-shirt Design A t-shirt design - a T-shirt for d students of Electrical Engineerng a T-shirt for Electrical engineering students - A table with data will be provided. In the front end, call the data as per user input. A tablet like thing - A talented designer needed A talented designer needed for HEAVY ROTATION Logo // URGENT!!! - A Tamil karate Movie 2.30-3 hours A task for rvmi - A taxi booking module a taxi booking script - a teacher to teach me how to solve my jQuery AJAX CSS issue A teacher who helps me in improving English dilect - A team of freelancers for developing my website servicing company A team of freelancers from bangalore to provide website services to my company clients - A team or profession onWordPress, PHP, CSS and graphic designer needed A team sales page for making money online biz. - A Tech Blog On Wordpress. - open to bidding A tech pack illustration - A technical job for skillful person. A technical Journal Paper Needed - A Technical writer A Technical Writer is needed - a telecommunication projecy - open to bidding A Telecoms Company NEEDS A LOGO - A template of a nsw australian drivers licence with the hologram A template created - A template inter grated to my site a template logo revision for my company - A ten page review over the concept of effectuation and causation. This concepts are part of the rapid innovation cycle within a company A ten to about 15 second intro animation of a character.Created in a video game style for a ipad and iphone or an animated breif. - A test project a Test Project - A test quantity of emails