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A single page that posts data to Parse in Javascript - A single picture edited A single placeholder webpage created - A single web page with wrap and one spi A single webpage with a few button linked to other webpage. - a Site clone a site clone - A site for Ted A site from Drupal to Wordpress - A site like Groupon a site like groupon - A Site Like A site like shopstyle - A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword tool A site manager for a construction site - A site similar to higear[dot]com A site similar to Kickstarters and IndieGoGo - A site similiar to the combination of Digg and A site so my buyer can login and order online - A site to income A site to upload files to a server and download them. - A Skateboard company i'm starting and i need a deck graphic designer. a skateboard painted with various illustrations to denote a life of a vet skateboarder - A sketch of my daughter a sketch of people in A2 paper (no need to colour) - a skilled animator who can animate for m,y minecraft vids on youtube A Skilled computer person - A skilled programmer required A skilled transcriber needed - A sleek fast miniature pen based printer bot hardware A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching - a slogan for the mineral talc A slogan for website - A small (approx. 5 template) Wordpress site A small .NET program to modify a specific SWF resource in a SWF player file. - A small adaptation to an already existing javascript A small add on for my mlm website - A small Android application parse json and show them in listview a small android apps for IT training Center - A small application for window 8 apps skill A small application for windows mobile - A small assignment using Microsoft Project Software. A small automatic grading program - a small business grant for non-profit organization/retail/sales/service company need a grant of about $500,000 for expansions inventory stocking salary paid positions for employees a small business manager - A small C++ project A small C++ project - A small change on a wordpress site A small change on html website - A small CSS bug fix - Shouldn't take long! A Small CSS Change (BEWARE FOR ADULT CONTENT) - A small document to be translated from English to Spanish A Small DOS Project - a small engineering project A small enhacement work for existing website - A small excel job A small excel job - a Small fix in Joomla website A small fix needed in oscommerce pyapal checkout - A small gallery A small game - A small gym management system - Repost A small help through text and CM - A small iOS app for iPhone A small iOS app for iPhone - repost - A Small JAVA Project A Small Java Project - a small job seo optimirung the website and purification of a small job to be done regarding email facility - A small logo design work use Illustrator A small logo for a minecraft build team - A small modification required to an html signature A small modification to a project Salmanaim just recently completed for me - a small paragraph/article A small part of code for moving a cube so it follows the finger (Unity 3d javascript) - a small php job A Small PHP Program - A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost)(repost)(repost) A Small Picture Managing Software Needed! - A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution - open to bidding - A small project a small project - A small project from class A small project in parallel computing on open mp/mpi in c/c++ - A small project using opengl, c++ A small project which implements parallel computing concepts - A small Report a small report - A small routing algo implementation (C++) a small scheme program - a small shell program working on linux by C "student lab Assignment" A small shopping cart - A small site .......3 pages of html pages - open to bidding, Word press with sliding screen/frame. With some pictures.....Word Press .... A Small site like YouTube - a small speech between 3 to 4 minutes A small spring application - a small team to sell website subscriptions a small test - A small trial project of little PHP fix and SEO - On Page Optimization A small trial task for a new big web project - a Small Web app A small web application - A Small web site to manage students in schools A small web-based e-learning system - A Small Website Required A small website required... - A SMALL WORD PRESS MENU PROBLEM A small wordpress fix - A small-sized Sales Banner A smaller VBA assignment (Excel 2007) - A smart web platform and an Online Store A smart, responsible person to manage 3 events for a wedding - A SOAP Server and Client in .NET A Soccer (football) CMS - PHP - A Social economy website A Social economy website -- 2 - A social media app like tinder A social media app like tinderr - A social media/booking multiplatform application and website. A Social meia application for a specific purpose - a social network build A Social Network for Authors trying to get published - A social network website not working A social network website not working - open to bidding - A Social Networking site A social networking site - A social networking template - open to bidding A social networking type of mobile app - A social platform for food recommendations A social platform for food recommendations - open to bidding - A social website A social website - repost - A software app Social media A software application to operate a mobile USB device for Windows Mobile. - A software developer A software developer and IT systems (2 in 1 if possible) in Kirkland WA - A software for MCR200 that write emv cards A software for online test session - a software like rockmelt A software like viber without call (Please avoid sending fake price!) - A software programmer who is excellent in Ruby on Rails (Linux Platform) A software Required - a software that will allow users to watch my online video free of charge A software that will enable downloading MP3 and other music files extensions, MP4, avi etc from PC to Mobile phones with color screens, e.g. NEC Video Phone, Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia etc - A software tool called tail A software tool to copy data from one spreadsheet to another - A Solid Model of a Saucepan with 5 different components
A Solid Model of a Saucepan with 5 different components -- 2 - A Solution Like(repost) A solution provider website - A song writer A song writer/composer - a sourcing in China A Spa Salon Webpage and Software - a speaker / trainer a speaker / trainer - open to bidding - A Special Project a special project - a special service a special tool for connecting cables in the oil and gas industry - A specific website scraped for data found in individual company profiles a specific wordpress website design - a speech of about 20-30 minutes A speech paper 4 pages doubled space 12 font. NEED FINISHED BY MONDAY NIGHT - a sponsorship document created A sponsorship proposal written up - A sports nutritionist A sports related iPhone application - A spread sheet to formulate draw down and draw up and risk to reward A SPREADSHEET - a squarespace website built A Squash Court Floor Graphic - A stand hostess-assistant for an exhibition in World Trade Center-Dubai -- 2 A stand to be designed that can hold a phone/tablet acccording to our specifications - a start-up screen for my iphone app - ongoing work a start-up screen for my iphone app. - A statement letter for a university A statement modified and created as a pdf and email me the results - A static site based on a template we provide A static site creation - A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS App A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS Application - A statistician to run data through SPSS for my dissertation. A statistician who could model 3Ls (least square model) or 2LS model of simultaneous equation - A Step by Step " How-To" Guide - deschis pentru plasarea ofertelor A step by step guide to make yourself happy -using CBT - A stock market simulation program complete with GUI done in BlueJ A stock trading strategy based purely on price - A Story Behind Dreams A story board presentation using graphics and animation - A storyboard for a social responsibilaty campaing - open to bidding A storyboard illustration of a brand TV script for a local bank - A string quartet and a singer A striped down version of - A Structual Engineer who can work to Australian standard. A structural drawing for a 5 meter diameter gazebo - A student grade report system A student Graphic Designer looking for some website experience - A Study into cloud game streaming performance to home networks. (dissertation) A Study into cloud game streaming performance to home networks. (dissertation) -- 2 - A study on teenagers in developing country A study on teenagers in developing country - open to bidding - A stylish top A Stylish Video player for android - A subscription-based book library mobile app for Android phones. A succesful SEO in my site - a summary of excel spend by product from a large spreadsheet A summary of IEEE paper - a super user friendly website built A Super-hero Sharepoint developer with great design skills - A Support Ticket system A supreme writer required - A survey paper on a computer science topic A survey project - A Swift Coded App Will Be Made iPad Compatible (+Admob integration with some integrations) A Swift2 Coded App will be integrated with Chartboost Interstitial Ads - A synthesizable implementation of Compression engines A synthesizable implementation of ECC engines - a system modelling simulation and a report A system of a website - a system with a database A System With NFC And Voice Verification - A t-shirt design a t-shirt design - a T-shirt for Electrical engineering students a T-shirt for the students of Electrical Engineering students - a tablet software A TAG LINE FOR MY LOGO - A talented French Writer A talented girl. - A task message board that can be added to or changed over the internet. a task on SQL/big data analysis using ORANGE - A taxi e-hail app a taxi fare calculator - A team capable of handling all the work i can provide A TEAM logo - A team of PHP ( Full time Expert label Dadicated ) A team of programers need it! - A team who could do a flash mob for us A team with a lot of skills and a good team leader - A Technical App A technical assignment on project risk management - A Technical Report of Efficiency of Solar PV Modules A technical report to write - A Technician with Server/computer knowledge in New Mexico a technicien and programmer - a telephone based switching system with voice prompt A telescope mount tune up - A template for my company\'s blog - repost A template for pic microcontroller - A Template, Joomla 3.3.3, Responsive, Multilingual, Banks gates ways payments and Installation. A Temple Run style game - A Test Give - Away Project a test guage with a relief built in relief valve - A tester for my website required! A tester project to identify a SEO Expert for a long-term collaboration - A text transcribed to audiobook A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - A theme for 2nd hand car website A theme for wordpress blog - A ThinkorSwim Algorithm A third fantasy fiction writer needed - a ticketbot programme(s) for ticket selling companies a ticketbot programme(s) for ticket selling companies - open to bidding - A timesheet / project logging application A Tinder bot - a tip for you A tip needed for using HTML input type=file in Firefox for Android - A to Z Technologies A to Z Vegetables For Health - A tool to change shape of 2d object's image and measure them A tool to compare 2 Excel files - A TOP 100 GROWING U.S. COMPANY SEEKING Commission BASED salesperson/ affilate marketer wanted fo my service a top 100 iphone game of the week need to be developed - A Torque PRO like app A torrent tracker redesign - A Tour of Your Mind - Training Handout A3 A tour package website. - A trade site like google trader and mp3 sell A Trade-In House clearance website similar to music magpie - A trainable, data-collection program A trained illustrator in drawing a black and white line art - a training tracker A training Tracker website with cron and multiple roles - A translate A translate - Repost - A translation from English to Greek A Translation from English to Gujarati - A translator A translator - A Translator for a Chinese Manga A translator for a corporate shoot - A TRANSLATOR FOR MY HUSBANDS GREEN CARD INTERVIEW