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a simpler box fo an electronic device - A simpple application with push message function a simulation and proof of concept of the app and its core functions - A Simulation project1 A Simulation Project2 - A Singer Website, Design + Dev A Singer Website, Preferably Admin Panel Or WP - A single flat of piece of material (such as image on paper) that can turn into a 3D image instantly. A single flyer design - A single landing page A single listing on DMOZ - a single page template creator site to use in ebay A single page that posts data to Parse in Javascript - A single picture edited A single placeholder webpage created - a single web page that will alternate between live ip camera feeds in a fullscreen mode. A single web page with drawing and texting function (with nodejs backend) Part 1 - A site builder - Drupel a site built and design with user capabilities set up like with profiles - a site for finding roommates a site for finding roommates - A site like AirBnB with customization - modification (e-commerce, marketplace) a site like but only selling digital music and ebooks (possibly physical CDs and Books too) - a site like required a site like myspace - A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tool, No MILESTONES A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tool. - A site similar to A Site Similar to - a site similar to A site similar to twiends - a site the sell photo's an let people order there own A site to allow users - A Site with RapidLeech PlugMod a site with this complexity in another area activity - a sketch artist to design a coat of arms for my family A sketch based off of the Baylor University sailor bear mascot - A sketch/mock up 1 page website and basic logo A sketch/pattern of a female shirt - A Skilled iOS Developer for App Creation A skilled Logo designer is needed. - A skyline and a map a Skype AddOn - A slide show A Slider like Slider Revolution with a Text Effects Generator - a smal application to play sound over the sound-card a smal application: p2p voice chatt - a small 3d effect A small 4 Layer PCB Layout modify - a small amount of website design, majority of coding and building out website A small and cheap GPS locator - A small app a small app for facebook - A Small application tool to extract keywords from google A Small Application/Widget for Web/Desktop - A small bit of conditional formatting A small bit of XML coding - A small business need a GREAT website A small business plan - A small C++ project A small C++ project - A small change on a web site (joomla) A small change on a wordpress site - a small css advice A small CSS bug fix - Shouldn't take long! - A small django application A small DNS control panel - A Small Electronics Manufacturer Seeking for Business Partners A small engineering company website required - A small excel job A small excel job - A small fix for our Firefox addon A small fix for search results sorting issue in a single php file in a web ftp file browser script - A small fold-out brochure - open to bidding A Small Fresh Inovative Design Something New and Impressive - A small GUI application A small GUI sale system - a small HTML responsive design part issue A small html work is needed - A small java application - JavaBall Matches A small Java application - open to bidding - A small JavaScript Project A Small Javascript task - A small Jquery fix for a talented jquery expert. A small js / css issue to be fixed now - a small matlab program - 30/04/2017 08:25 EDT A small matlab project - a small of a mobile app a small oil field game that developed in Game maker platform - A small pencil sketch - concept drawing A small pencil sketch - concept drawing - repost - A Small PHP Program A small PHP project - A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost)(repost)(repost) A Small Picture Managing Software Needed! - A small program for the iPhone & ipad A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution - A small project a small project - A small project from class A small project in parallel computing on open mp/mpi in c/c++ - A small project to test your skills A small project using javascript and RoR - A small real time strategy game A small recording and action product - A Small Retail Product Website with Shopping Cart Functions A small retouching of one photo - A small search engine which crawl 10-15 websites A small SEO about wordpress. - A small simulator (in HTML5 + JS) A small simulator (in HTML5 + JS) -- 2 - A small software in VB6.0 & MS-ACCESS for creat office forms, sanction order increment, increment arrear calculation, pension paper prepration in Orissa Govt. Teachers A small software needed designed and tested on wireless toolkit - A small task about Fick's 2nd law (chemistry) - repost A small task done for me - A small token of my appreciation,please accept A small token toward a bigger number - A small utility in Visual Basic 6 A small vb job - A small Web application for Google Cloud Platform A SMALL WEB APPLICATION FOR SCHOOL PROJECT - A small webservice - open to bidding a small websit needed (2 page only with data base ) - a small Website Revision/Update A small website selling one product with a cart (paypal) (2 or 3 pages) - A small wordpress fix for IE a small wordpress website needed to generate awareness about kashmir floods - A smaller VBA assignment (Excel 2007) A smallproject urgent requirement - a smart wearable sysytem for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring A smart web developer with the time to help me start a business. Some with energy and humor who is not solely driven by the profit motive, but there will be money to be made. - A SOAP - PHP - Financial gateway (Worldpay) Genius A Soap Listener that can pick-up OutBound messages from SalesForce - A Social Book Website A social bookmarking site and interactive startpage - A social market place to build A Social Media and Lead Generation Expert Wanted - A social media site built A Social Media Site LOGO - a social network A Social Network - re - a social network site A Social Network Utility - Like MySpace - A social networking app with geolocation features A social networking application has to be developed in 3 platforms responsive Web, Android, IOS using node.js, mongoDB and native coding - A Social Networking Site for Entertainers A social networking site needed developed from scratch - A social Networking Website based on Music A social Networking Website based on Music - open to bidding - a social software application which can be used in mobile devices
A social travel app - a softwar to run a facebook account as the same time a softwar to run a facebook account as the same time - open to bidding - A software code programmer who can rival Mark Zuckerberg A software company ....Need Expert Team NOW!!!!!! - a software developer with 3+more year exp. on spring hibernate - open to bidding A software developer/ engineer - a software function analysis a software get the whatsapp history - A software or javascript to access specific website - open to bidding A software or javascript to access specific website and fill form - A software testing process A Software that Calculate late payment for monthly instalement - A software to detect changes within to different rows in a table, mysql php a software to force my computers to use the net through my filtered router - A software with Image Processing A software(web-based-script) has to be created - a soliliquy A solinoid valve designed by solidwork - A solution to simplify checkout process for customers and staff. -- 2 A solution to speed up my web request tool - A Sopisticated ebook app A sort of community (network) social website. - a space planner for hair salon in Randpark Ridge A Spain translator in Kota Kinabalu - A Special 3d Inkjet Printer Design A Special 3d Inkjet Printer Design - open to bidding - A Special Project for Helen A Special Project for Helen#2 - A special Website Project a Specialist in Microsoft Excel Program - A speech A speech - a speech written a speed search engine.......... - A sport scientist A sporting sweater - A Sports Social Networking Design A Sports Social Networking Site Build - a spreadsheet A SPREADSHEET - Repost - a squeeze page to copyproof and fix. a squirrel character. We also would like a background "tree house" setting, for a learning website for kids - A standalone PHP application A standalone project using Kinect - A startup exchange that uses blockchain A startup in Delhi regarding photography - A Statement of intent a statement of purpose - A Static Web Page For Bitcoin Jr. Static Web Page Made From Word Press & CustomizrMade From Word Press & Customizr A STATIC WEB SITE - A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS App A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS Application - A statistician to do the statistics for my doctoral nursing research paper A statistician to run data through SPSS for my dissertation - A stencil to spray paint a company logo on the wall A Step Ahead Foundation T-Shirt - A stock control database A stock gallery - A story a story - A story/Novel from a boy that came from Mexico and made it successfully in the USA A story/serial writer - A streaming website A Street promoter to promote our football campaign in a Sports Centre - A strong Kentico developer a strong Node.JS + Angular.JS dev is needed for 2 months - A Student Club Logo A student campus for my online school - a studio engineer to record vocals and give a mixdown which can be sent for master a studio for a cooking show - A Study on Brand Awareness of Fast Rent a Car” (A study with reference to the brand awareness of the organization in the UAE Market) A Study on Climatic Variations, Pollutants, Biodiversity and Environmental Laws in UAE and other GCC/Arab countries - A stunning, smart, & simple yet efficient email scanning software to scan incoming mail inquiries for our products and to automatically quote the respective prices in returning email A style of template copy needed - A Subscriber Billing Management System A subscription based E-calendar - A Summarized proposal(repost) A summary for article - A Super Premium master web site designer A super short mythological story - a supplier for my clothing line A supplier of ONE TOUCH ONE ULTRA TEST STRIPS 100CT for Diabetics - A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format - A sustainable energy source\" for a small village\" A sustainable energy system for Sweden in 2030? - A symbol or design combining three zodiac symbols A Symmetric Key Encryption Technique by Genetic Algorithm - A system for logging outbound calls and printing reports for a small business A system for managing construction projects - A system to disclose and sell tickets; a system to exchange bookmarks across pc / mac / devices - a t shirt design a t shirt for a family birthday (I don't understand the question "what skills are required" and I can't submit without picking one!! - A T-Shirt design project called FAMILY A T-shirt design very quickly - A table in my website - open to bidding A Table in PHP - A Talent coder to solve MMPROG bugs! A talent directory - A talented programmer A Talented Unity3d Developer is needed for an awesome game - A tattoo designed A tattoo designed - A TCP Socket programming c or c++ A tea Date - A team logo a team logo - A team of Web Developers A Team of Web Developers Needed to do a Virtual Trade Show - A team with a lot of skills and a good team leader A team with atleast 5 people needed for 5 days work - A technical assignment on project risk management A Technical Blog-site - A technical report of 2000 words A Technical Report of Efficiency of Solar PV Modules - a Technical Writting A technically simple website, like kickstarter or indiegogo - a telemarketer call script written for a travelers club a telemarketer for few hours a day - A template for a Prestashop website a template for a webpage - a template of a flyer A template PP presentation - A tennis score app a term Assignment (System Thinking) - A test run for an hourly job A test run on the basis of financial affairs - A Text to be rewritten and proofread. a text to speech converter - A thankyou video A Theater Play Creative/Artistic Website - A thesis needs to be Amended A thesis of a master in marketing - A three part erotica story A Three tier frame work for intruder information sharing - A time-based media (video,audion) action editor and command executer web application.. A time-multiplexed seven-segment display peripheral. - A tiny network program -- 2 A tiny programme for Facebook game. - A to z A to Z guide how to make a website for dummies - A tool for fixing corrupted JPG photos(repost) A tool for maintaining a MySQL database - A tool to pull out data for gold price movements A tool to recover SQL Server 2005 stored procedures - A tool where user can see their 2D model and try clothes on it