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Create MT4 EA - Create multi choice Quizzes for the Subjects provided. Create multi coloured image from file of hex codes - Create multi-tool that connects all our online platforms by their API in form of a self-hosted dashboard Create multi-type product feature in WordPress webstore - Create multiple accounts and submit articles. Create Multiple Ad Images for Facebook advertising - Create multiple command prompt inside a single UI Create multiple copies of my existing form with minor changes on my open cart website - Create Multiple IP's and email accounts Create multiple joomla modules - Create multiple sitemaps for site Create multiple sitemaps Maps (SEO experience required) and fix RSS FEEDS - Create multiple Wordpress Blogs, multiple domains on new virtual private server create multiple wordpress sites inc woo commerce - Create Music App Using SeattleClouds App Builder Create Music Database Site with MusicBrainz Database Schema - Create music track based on sample provided Create MUSIC using TURBO C++ - Create my already designed product labels in Adobe Illustrator Create my Amazon store - Create my company a website create my company logo - Create my Joomla Based Site Create my Joomla Site - create my new altcoin Create My New App Idea - Create my Pet Create my portofolio website (I have the psd's) - Create my Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for my Daycare facility Create my store website - Create my website . . . Create my website and online store - Create mymaturespace accounts Create myself a Marketing Cover letter - Create mysql database & webservice Create MySQL database (data model provided) - Create MySQL database with web-interface Create MySQL Database, Plug in Forms, and Create an Admin Area - Create n intro and outro with logo animation for a portal. create n modify query forms on website - Create Native App for Android and Native App for iOS . create native app for mobile game with rest api with website of the game - Create Neat and functional Excel Spreadsheet with search capabilities Create necessarily drawing for Emaar and Municipality approvals - Create New - Create new .Net report - Create new listings in the Home Flat File Ongoing Project Create new listings in the Home Flat File Ongoing Project - Create New Book in BB 10 and Java Create new Boonex / Dolphin theme from supplied PSD - Create new company image Create new company website - Create New Crypto Currency Solution Create New Crypto Currency Solution (coin alternative) - Create new design for messages Create New Design for Mini Game - Create new educational app Create new email on the domain - Create new feature in a new page on my website Create new feature in admin template! - create new front end Create New Fruits for Match 3 Game. - Create New Handshakes Theme Create New Header and Clean Up WP URLs - Create new icon, character animation and artwork Create New Icons - Create new Joomla Component/Modules create new joomla module - Create new links on multi laguage website redorecting to new domain name and set up 301 redirect. Create new links on website to go to another website - Create new logo for company, and three webpages Create new logo for existing site - Create new memes Create New Menu Category Tab for article links and display - CREATE NEW NAME AND LOGO FOR SHOPPING CENTRE CREATE NEW NAME AND LOGO FOR SHOPPING CENTRE (repost) - create new page. PSD provided Create new pages and edit existing pages of my YII/php website - Create new picture with some pattern pitures Create new picture with some pattern pitures - open to bidding - Create new profile ui - open to bidding Create new project - Create new searchform from existing -desing will be provided- repost Create new searchform from existing -desing will be provided- repost 2 - Create New Slider Images for HomePage Create new slideshow - quilts - Create new template design for existing website kit - kit provided -- 4 Create New Template for CS-Cart multivendor edition 3.0.1 - Create new titles based on existing ones Create New Treasure Hunts on - Create new web page like this one create new web page to replace current - Create new website Create new website - Create new website and customer platform for insurance claim Create NEW webSITE and Design LOGO - Create New Website Graphics for Torrent Site Create New Website Header/Banner - Create New Website with Full Admin Control Create new website with glass custom made shower doors. - Create new wordpress page from existing page Create new Wordpress page template - Create new WP site starting from on line example Create New WP Theme - Create Newsletter Create newsletter - Create Newsletter/mailing list - php Create Newsletters - Create nice LOGO on AI Create nice LOGO on AI - Create NinjaTrader Level2 Indikator Create NinjaTrader Level2 Indikator - laufende Arbeit - Create NodeJS Javascript Plugin Framework - repost Create NodeJS Server with Deployment Script - Create NSIS setup with custom design Create NT service wrapper for Java application - Create OCX using INDY componets in Delphi 7 for sending emails Create Odds Comparison Website - create old style landing page Create OLE DB Provider - Create one 3D Rendering of Real Estate Project, Birds Eye view. HIGH QUALITY Create one A4 and two A5 designs - Create one excel based macro Create one exterior 3D rendering - FAST turnaround - Create one js tag for publishers Create one lake design for a fishing Boardgame. - Create one page (home) JS animation - $50 Create One page (HTML) - Create one page mobile app landing page! Create One Page of Text At Website - Create one pager memorial site Create one Parallex website (You can use Wordpress template also) - Create One simple static top banner Create one Simple TMS script on Core PHP with Bootstrap or cakephp or YII - create one web page from PSD Create one web service in Magento platform - Create one-page website with iPhone and iPad applications Create one-time access code system for Moodle (enrolment method) - Create Online Backgammon Game in Website Create online bank balance form and members attendance page using an existing MySql database. - Create online contact database create online contract add-on for wordpress multisite - Create Online eBook Reader - Only expert (Custom PHP) Create online ecommerce platform - Create online forms create online forms in javascript / php or asp - Create Online Nike Cloud Bot System (FAST)
Create Online ordering app - Create online questionnaire (12 questions) Create online quiz and htaccess protect - Create online shower drain configurator javascript create online snooker/pool ame - Create online store in Shopify Create online store MAGENTO - Create Online Video Editing Site Create online video editor - Create Open Cart shopping cart, move products Create Open Cart Site, move content - Create Opencart Plugin for our Newsletter Software with API and Sync Create OpenCart Plugin Which Allows Modification to Product Design - Create Opencart Theme Integration design with VQMOD -- 92293 Create OpenCart Website - "Wine" selling Company - Create Optical (Kinect) Measurement/inventory system Create optimised Google Adwords campaign for my target market. - Create or alter Images Create or amend a WordPress Template - Create or find a pay per click plugin -- 2 Create or find A program or plugin that will allow a year view in OutLook2007 - Create or Modify Affiliates View for Wordpress Create or Modify Affiliates View in Wordpress - Create or sell me an Scholars account create or send me a adult video website - Create Order Form and Price List Create Order Form Creator - Create OrientDB and connect to incoming data from APIs, Affective and EmoVoice - 09/06/2017 14:30 EDT Create Origami's in the shape of constellations - Create original sounds effects for an iOS word game Create original STL files - Create other languages for existing IOS App Create OTP functionality - Build small functionality in existing Express/Node api - Create our media kit Create our Microsoft Dynamics Online CRM System - create outline characater 2 Create outline file of logo - Create overlap map of USA Create Overlay Form from PSD and existing Web Page - Create Package Installers (*.DMG) in Mac OS Create Package Installers (*.DMG) in Mac OS -- 2 - Create packaging design for canned tomato paste Create Packaging Design for Chocolate Bar - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs - Ice cream - Chocobar Create Packaging Designs and full rebranding - Create Packaging for underwear packet Create Packaging Graphics - Create page html from 17 PDF and import in Wordpress Create page in admin to allow matching of coupons from one table to another table - Create page to harvest and include information from selected page using Wordpress Create page to harvest and include information from selected page using Wordpress - ongoing work - create pages for a website in html with bootstrap Create pages for member area content - Create pages using Ionic Framework from PNG files create pages using php and javascript - Create paper flying into phone Create Paralax video's form Wedding images - Create partially prefilled forms Create Particles for PC game Jinx: Womb of Cosmos - Create pattern texture Create patterns for php preg_match - Create payment gateway for opencart Create Payment Gateway for wordpress - Create Payment Solution (Secure) Create Payment System for Joining Groups in JomSocial - Create PayPal Subscription Page Interfacing with on Joomla Site Create PayPal Subscription Page Interfacing with on Joomla Site(repost) - Create PDF Create PDF - Create PDF Catalog Create PDF catalog for online use with 150 products - Create PDF file in PHP Create PDF file thumbnails with file title based on Excel file list - Create PDF form Create PDF form - Create PDF Form with fields Create PDF Form_Edit PDF Doc - Create PDF From PHP file Create PDF From PHP file - Create PDF Maker template create PDF of Illustrator files - Create PDF Study Instruction guide Create PDF System for Hshpere - create pdf without borders Create PDF's - Create Penny Stock Script Create pentaho data integration job that reads magento list of products into an xml file using WSDL - create personal blog page Create personal knowledge management system - Create PES file. Convert 4 color EPS file to PES (Brother file) with minimized thread changes -- 2 create pet sitting software - Create Phonegap app conected to Wordpress Create Phonegap app from 2 different wordpress sites - Create Photo Collage Maker in Flash for Website - Repost Create photo color swatches for my shopify store - Create photo upload / download site Create Photo Upload like Freelancer Profile photo - Create Photorealistic Animation for Architectural Create Photorealistic Animation for Architectural -- 2 - Create photoshop designs for luxury travel web platform Create Photoshop Document for Website Page - Create photoshop tutorial for different pop art styles Create Photoshop Tutorials - Create PHP application for thermometer Create php article publishing site - Create php code to send a form via email Create php code to update google calendar - create php form webpage Create php form with a cookie - CREATE PHP MAIL FUCTION S Create PHP method for posting data to online business directories - create php reg form(repost) Create PHP registration system and update PHP classes - Create PHP script to calculate costs of audio/video services create php script to communicate with API - Create PHP script which detects keyword mentioned on Twitter by a verified account Create PHP Script with Bootstrap Framwork for our client - Create PHP Web funnel template using PHP-Include Create php web page that opens Flash FLV videos via javascipt - Create PHP/Codeigniter Billing App Create php/css template from Joomla template - Create pictograms create picture for a drop of soda (for label) - ongoing work - create pipelines using ETL tool(streamsets) and transform data Create Pitch Deck - Create plan sharepoint infastructure service transformation towards the cloud Create plan to promote's Christmas Song Search 2013 - Create PlaySMS module for a bulk sms api Create pledge module for Prestashop 1.6 - Create plugin for custom CSV exports Create plugin for DPS payment express gateway to tokenise CC details for crowdfunding app - Create Plugin gateway for Playsms Create Plugin Image to Post - Create plugins to add custom javascript based functionality to Wordpress/Buddypress premium theme Create Plugins Wordpress - Create point of sale system for ios platform Create PointO bars MT4 - Create Pool(Billiards) Game Create Pop - Up Donation Form script to add to any button - Create Popup create popup - Create Portal/Software to control another software. Create Portfolio - create post from chapter in books Create post from MySQL table in Word Press - Create Postcard for my Business