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Create search bar in GridView - Create Search facility + Google Chart Create search feature and contact form - Create Searchable Database of Emails and URL's to Verify their legitimacy Create searchable form from MYSQL Data - Create Secure PDF using and Create secure registration forms - Create Selenium test suite for an e-commerce website Create Self Extractor / Installer - Create SEO audit for my website Create SEO audit for my website -- 2 - Create SEO Report. Create seo service script for user and admin - Create Separate Landing Page / Welcome Page for Hoteliers Create separate navigation stack for popover - Create server side API to get data from mobiles Create Server Side Web site - create set up create sets of icons for slots game - Create several duplicate web sites Create several easy delphi reports - Create several website pages based on a spec and an existing site create several websites - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create sharepoint 2013 Master Page and home page from PSD file Create SharePoint 2013 workflows, configure some new team sites - Create Shiply style quote plugin for WooCommerce Create Shipment Label report in Visual Studio 2010 - Create Shooting Game Create shooting game in unity 3D -(Assets Supplied but Art needed) - create shopify search function and import create shopify search function and import - open to bidding - Create Shopping Cart Modules Create Shopping Cart PSD file - Create short animated movie Create short animated movie for branding/television commercial - create short instagram video ad Create short intro video for youtube (animation) - Create short soundtrack - "Sound of winning" Create short text animation videos - Create short Video with looping pictures and background sounds in less than 4 hours Create short video with stop motion effect - Create Shorten Redirect URL script Create Shortened URLS Manually - Create sign up form for wordpress Create Sign up Form Pop-Up integrated with Mailchimp - Create Silicone Mold - open to bidding Create Silk road 2.0 - Create similar functionality as copyscape Create Similar Games Website - Create similar separate paypal email fields Create similar service as Unblock-us setup DNS/HAPROXY or some other VPN tunnel. - Create similar to Themeforest marketplace Create Similar Web Application Form - CREATE SIMILAR WEBSITE TO FULLY WORKING/FUNCTIONING WITH BETTER LAYOUT CREATE SIMILAR WEBSITE TO SAME CONTENT FULLY WORKING WITH BETTER DESIGN - Create simple .gif business logo Create simple .html username lists from .csv files - Create Simple 1D Images / 4 eBook Covers Needed - repost Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Vitamins Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers VS - Create Simple 1D Images/eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images/eBook Covers - Create simple 3D images for marquees Create simple 3d mockups - Create Simple Admin Template create simple adobe air rss ticker - Create Simple Animated Explanation Videos Create Simple Animated Explanation Videos - create simple app using app inventor Create Simple Application - Create Simple Banner Ads Create Simple Banner and Header for My Website - Create Simple Business Proposal create simple business website - Create Simple Clean PDF to HTML Converter create simple club joomla site - Create Simple Data List Page Create simple data network speed test app for Android (Eclipse) - Create simple ERD database diagram with visio from a DFD1 Create simple example MVC website that illustrates login through facebook and post comment (using OWIN) - Create Simple Flash Game Create simple flash game - Create Simple Game for Android Platform - repost Create Simple Game to Help Memorize Country Information - Create Simple Hook File For WHMCS Create Simple How-To SonicWALL Firewall Videos - create simple html web page Create simple HTML-Page from Design - Create Simple Intro For My Program Create Simple Inventory Management System - Create simple job website Create Simple Joomla 2.5 Template - Create Simple Logo Create simple logo - Create Simple Microsoft Access Database Create simple Microsoft Access database in SQL and PHP - Create simple News + Board Script create simple ninjatrader strategy - Create Simple Page for Google Calendar Quick Add Submission Create simple page in flash - Create simple PHP script for image data for DB create simple php script to post to contact form - Create simple purchase page using paypal payment create simple python reader using libraries linux to read data from OBD II device - Create simple RSS feed through data scraping stock exchange news Create simple rss reader to populate table - Create Simple Server using OpenNMT and English-German Model Create simple SharePoint site and transfer contents between site collecions - Create simple Sprites Create simple SQL database - Create Simple UI and Exam Creation/Administration Module Use Existing CSS Frameworks Create simple UI animations and scripts for Unity HoloLens Project - Create simple WAP site Create simple web (indonesian only) - Create Simple Webpages using copied content on provided template. Create Simple Website - Create simple website from wordpress template Create simple website hosted with GoogleApps - Create simple Windows Media Player Log Create simple windows mobile App - Create Simple WordPress templates Wox 3 create simple wordpress theme - Create simplified mobile version of our website. Create simplified vector artwork from bitmap images - Create Single HTML page Create single html page - Create single SEO friendly web page from five word documents Create single Shopify template from PSD - create site create site - Create site for non profit organization (SPF) create site for one million twins - Create site like create site like this - create site searcher create site similar to ( see description) - Create Site-Based Joomla or WordPress PSD file Create Site-Based wordpress PSD file - Create sitemaps for website with 1 million + dynamic pages create sites from a wordpress theme - Create Skin and Install Magento
Create skin for a control (telerik) - Create slider functionality from existing slider template - repost Create slider images - Create slideshow in ProShow Gold and export to mpeg create slideshow of 98 home page images - Create small affiliate website(repost 4) Create small affiliate website(repost) - Create Small C# Classes to Extract Zip/Unzip Operation within Csharp existing code Create Small C# Classes to shrink SQL DB within Csharp existing code - Create Small Gif Animation For Website Create small graph from API code - Create small php script Create Small PHP Script and modify existing one - Create small web scrape application using VB.NET/MS SQL Create small web scraping script (node.js, cheerio) - Create smart contracts for bitcoin and ethereum Create smart objects PSD - Create smooth scroll WordPress menu create Sms and recharge website from scratch - Create Snapchat Mass Friend Adder Create Snapchat Timer video - Create Social Button Create social cover photos and profile pictures. - Create social media branding for sports media channel Create Social Media BUSINESS (NOT PERSONAL) Accounts/Profiles for me - Create Social Media presence Create Social Media Presence and Blogging for POS System Company - create social network -- 2 Create Social Network Accounts - Create Social Networking website like FB Create Social Networking website like FB - Create Soft Format of Hardcopy Letterhead Create soft keyboard for Android - Create software and database for YouthLEAP's smartwatch tracking program Create software and web database for LEAPband's smartwatch tracking program - create software for pet sitting - repost Create software for posting ads - Create software program from Excel spreadsheet. Create software program that polls amazon web services periodically - Create Software to post multiple comments on Instagram Create software to prevent WPE from being used to exploit our chat room and also stop VPN/Proxy users from accessing our site. - Create soical media Create SoildWoks part from the provided drawing - Create solution in Magento to insert, upgrade, delete product in ecormerce site Create solution to change the base priority of processes with access denied - Create some Accounts Create some accounts - create some banner for a website create some banner images for website - Create some character animation for 2d game Create some character animations for a game (Model is already rigged) - Create some design work Create Some designs - Create some flash-banners based existing JPEG-banner - repost Create some form with Admin & client interface - Create some High Quality Backlinks - URGENT Create some High Quality Backlinks - URGENT -- 2 - Create some Images Create some images (about 4) , - create some jquery/ajax code to convert my PHP create some js using instagrams API that allows me to stream a list of users videos - Create some new web pages -- 2 Create some new webpages for an existing Website - OSV - Create some places for a fictional town Create some places for a fictional town - Create some Revit families Create some Revit families - create some software Create some Software - Create some Videos Create some videos - Create something similar to Create something similiar to Yahoo Answers but much simplier - Create Sound F/X for Kids Games Create Sound F/X for Kids Games - repost - Create SPANISH CC (Caption text) for a CATALAN YouTube video Create spanish directories in Magic Submitter - Create specification document for mobile app development Create specifications for project: system cleaner - Create Split payment and complete the website I have Create Split Screen in final cut& pro - Create spreadsheet & data entry Create spreadsheet > realtor email addresses - Create Spreadsheet From Vehicle Log Book -- 2 Create spreadsheet from website tables - Create Sprite for 2d Character Create Sprite from Graphics - Quick Project ASAP - Create SQL Functions Create SQL GUI Builder - Create sql-table from hmlt-code create sqlite databases of space images - Create SSC (Indian Staff Selection Commission ) mock tests Create SSH-FTP (SFTP) with ProFTPD on Linux Server - Create stand alone scrolling thumbnail page to display a report Create stand alone using Inno Compiler - Create statements in PDF format Create static 404 page - Create Static Webpage from Mockup Image Create Static Webpages from MySQL - Create step by step web design instructions Create Step Carousel Viewer v1.6.1 using jquery for wordpress site - create stock chart program algorithm Create Stock Chart program in an algorithm - Create Stored Procedure create stored procedure - Create strip down raspberry PI OS version Create Strip poker game - Create Style guide and Website Sliders Create style guides - create sub-categories for existing main categories Create sub-domain and fix permissions issue - Create Subdomains With Keywords(repost) Create Subdomains With Keywords(repost)(repost) - Create subtitles for video Create subtitles in JSON format - Create Super Sleek IQ Test Website Create Super Wireframe Email Template from HTML - Create Survey Forms in Formidable CREATE SURVEY IN ASP - Create SVG stroke paths from a True-Type font Create SVG Vector Graphic For A Floor Plan Diagram - Create sync between SalesForce and a REST CRM API Create Sync mechanism for SugarCRM & existing user database - create T24 customization Create tab / Highlight tab for link to online shop - Create table for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping - repost Create Table Forms, Data Input Screens, Lookups, Reports - Create Tableless 3 Column List of Categories in Wordpress (CSS & XHTML) Create tableless CSS template - Create tabs for 2 booking engines in a webpage Create Tabs for Content in Wordpress Site - create tarpaulin layout Create Task 16a - Create TCP/IP sample app for Printing Create TCPDF invoice template - Create Telegram App Automation Robot Create Telemerketing List from Digital Coupon Magazine - Create Template Design! Create template designs for Email blasts - Create template for Joomla Mobile create template for joomla! - Create template from existing WebSite Create Template from Magento to CubeCart Version 4.4.5 - Create template Wordpress Create Template, mail merge data and email out - Create Ten (10) MSFN.ORG Forum Accounts with Unique IPs and Backing Emails Create Ten 125 to 150 word ''mini - articles / email follow ups'' - Long term work - Create test application