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Create some images for CMS website - Create some logos for website Create some Magento configurable products - Create some pages on existing website. -- 2 Create Some Paper Designs - Create Some Promotion Videos Create some promotional / review youtube videos for our amazon affiliate website - Create some simple CAD models based on my sketches Create some simple cartoon like images (7 images) - Create some Static Animation Charecters Animation Create some stationery for a new project - Create some website Forms Create some website pages - Create Sortable Membership Directory Similar to example events page. Create Sortable Spreadsheet/Table for Website - Create sounds for an stouch system Create sounds for car engine - create special costum field in wordpress Create special diagrams with D3.js - Create spin words into database specific fields Create Spina go high - Create Sports Drills in Flash Animation Create Sports Formula In Python - Create Spreadsheet for Tracking & Statistics Create spreadsheet form - Create spreadsheet using SOME of the data from a PDF Create spreadsheet with data - Create SQL and maybe a MACRO in Excel Create SQL database - Create SQL Server db with VB and export / import to / from access Create SQL Server import procedure - Create Squidoo Lens Create Squidoo Lens pages - Create Staff Portal Create stage & dev env on railsplayground hosting - Create startup data base from websites Create Startup Pitch Decks and Startup Business Plan for technical startup - Create static professional HTML website - no frills - ongoing work Create static route on sonicwall - Create stciky notes work-alike useing blog as db c#### easy Create Steam API Key - Create stock & sales management system in core php Create stock Balancing Database to pull data from .csv - create store procedure1 Create store procedures and webservices - Create streetmap from google map Create Strength and Conditioning Excel Spreadsheet with Macros - create stunning slideshow Create style and design for Engineering Website - Create Sub-Categories create sub-categories for existing main categories - Create Subdomains With Keywords(repost) Create Subdomains With Keywords(repost)(repost) - Create subtitles for video Create subtitles for video - create superadmin user for joomla 3 Create Superfish/DHTML Menus for Drupal Site - Create svg animated pie chart Create SVG Animation - Create SWF and Animated GIF from PSD Create SWF animations and images - Create System Generated Emails for Website Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Create system like Site "" but for politicians. - Create Tab to show products and after select move to cart Create tabbed Excel form with VBA - CREATE Table of Contents for an SEO Book Create Table of Contents for Word Documents - Create tables from PDF file Create Tables from scanned pdfs 2 - Create tag page based on archive.php in wordpress custom theme Create tagging functionality - Create taxi booking android mobile app Create taxi booking app - Long project - Create technical documents -- 2 Create technical drawing of a website Back End mock up/Applicatiob Mockup - Create Template and Generate images on server using template Create Template and Generate images on server using template - Create template for email marketing create template for email marketing campaign - Create template for use on an iPad Create template for use on an iPad - Create template set for CRE Loaded Create template similar to Elance - Create templates from PHP software Create templates in after effects of 30" - Create Test ASP Site and Make Some Changes create test automatically with multiple answers and publish in Word to print and the answer sheet separately - Create Testimonials Template Page from Existing Templates Create Testimony/Story for LinkedIn, Web - Create text out of colored pixels (div with bg color) Create text sync animation in After Effects - Create textures for a 3D bathroom. Requires a real digital artist to paint on the model. Create textures for a unity3d model - Create the backend of my online site Create the backend of my online site - repost - Create the Compnay Profile Create the content for a Ebook Online Conversion Site - CREATE THE FRENCH VERSION OF A WEB PAGE Create the front and back cover art for an EP by a dream rock/ambient band - Create the Label for my Bottled Product Create the last 300 email Accounts - Create the name and logo of a system Create the Name for the product. Naming and branding. - Create the rig and animations for a human character in Blender create the same design as in the attached pic ..... on Photoshop - Create the software Create the specs for our Project - Create the Website create the website like - create theme for power point Create theme for Prestashop (copy website theme) - Create Thesis Theme Custom Template With Sidebar 2 located above content. create thesse fields on my site - Create this original gallery + admin upload Create this PHP program... - Create three 3D Animated Product Installation Videos -- 2 Create three aspx files from the image - Create three page templates for my Wordpress Blog Create three photoshop graphics from existing graphics - create thumbnail automatically Create thumbnail automatically from php file - Create thumbnails of images Create thumbnails of website - create timelines (research & data entry) create timelines (research & data entry)(repost) - Create Titles and Ad Text Create Titles and Ad Text - Simple for the Right Candidate - Create Tool t-shirt for my ecommerce (Only expert senior Javascript) Create tool that scrapes search engines for Info - Create top 10 YouTube videos Create top 10 YouTube videos -- 2 - Create Tour Viewer Application in Flash(repost) Create Tourism Membership Site, WP or Joomla - Create traffic for a website i will have completed next week Create traffic for a website i will have completed next week - open to bidding - Create Training Schedule - Excel, Access, Analysis Skills Create Training Schedule -- Excel, Access, Analysis Skills - Create Translated Versions of an Existing Brochure Create translating app for playstore - Create Transportation Co. Website Using Wordpress Template Create Trap original with vocals - Create Tri-Fold Marketing Brochure Create Tri-Fold Pamphlet - Create tshirt script or redesign one! Create Tshirts and Mugs Designs - Create tutorila document explaining detail the functions of our software suite 7.5 Gangwani Create Tutuorial Video - Create emotes
CREATE TWITTER ACCOUNT - Create Twitter Header Create Twitter Header - Create two 30 second and three 15 second videos Create two 30 second videos - Create two banner sets - static and animated GIF Create two Banners - Create two custom wordpress pages Create two custom wordpress template - Create two fillable forms on google drive that we can share Create two flags (Mexico and Belgium) the same as the attached example - Create two images based on example Create two images for web use - Create two Map-illustrations summer and winter theme Create two Map-illustrations summer and winter theme - open to bidding - Create Two Pages by Modelling Existing Page: Content Provided(repost)(repost) Create Two Pages for My Websites Using SEO strategies - Create two responsive webpages with sliders Create two responsive wordpress page - Create two simple ms word templates Create two simple pages in PHP - Create two trailers for a mobile casino game Create two tutorial Video for a website. You will be provided three videos, to create this new video. - repost - Create two webpage with Bootstrap create two webpages - Create txt file create txt files with "known" doman names - create ubuntu server and configure using vmware, and video capture for step by step create Ubuntu server in vmware - Create UI/UX Create UI/UX designs based on our current style - Create un sistema de marketing - lading pages Create un sistema de marketing - lading pages - Create Unique CS-Cart Theme for Website Create unique descriptions - Create Unique SWF Tools for Web Creation Create Unique Tables - create unity 3d game Create Unity 3d game from existing 2d game - Create unqiue face illustrations based on the file provided Create unsubscribe function for website - Create upload progress bar for PHP Create upload tool for flyer only images and csv file - Create us a Search Input Field for Relevanssi Create us a Search Input Field for Relevanssi Plugin - Create User Account in Forums and Paste Sentence - Portuguese - Copy and Paste work - SIMPLE Create User Account System on Joomla Website - Create User Interface Create User Interface (UI) from reference image in 3D - Create user profiles create user profiles 40 social networks[URGENT] - CREATE USERNAME AND PASSWORD AUTOMATICALLY FOR WINDOWS SERVER 2000 Create Username in my Forum + Copy post from another forum - Create Utility for Scheduled Pervasive Database Export / Mining Tool Create Utility to Load Nodes with Text File Data - Create Validation Copy of ASP.NET / SQL web site Create validation Form - Create Various Snapchat Filters create various themes - Create executable/command program to read directory, look for files/images, process them and upload them to Azure Storage Create VB.NET Form and SQL database - Create VBA or Software to parse excel file Create VBA script in Excel to expand/decrease advanced graph. Expert VBA required. - Create vector / illustrator document for print. Create Vector / Illustrator file of logo - create vector file Create vector file - Create vector from (low quality) jpg file. Create vector from 3 images on a PSD file - Create vector graphic from sample Create vector graphic from simple graffiti - Create Vector image Create vector image - Create vector images cheap. -- 2 Create vector images for product - very easy - Create Vector Logo from JPG Images Create Vector Logo from logo file - Create vector source file and iOS icon files for an existing design by 9pm EST (US) Create Vector Text for Flash File from a Jpeg - Create Vectors with 3mm Bleed from .psd Files Create Vectors, Make Gallery images in photoshop, upload products to etsy. - Create version 2.0 Create version 2.0 of gCADPlus - Create Very Similar App To Instagram Create VERY Simple SharePoint Theme from PSD - Create very simple series of excel graphs. All data provided. Look/style important Create very simple social platform - Create Video Create Video - create video create video - Create Video about actual IT Security problems Create video about CherryPlayer multimedia player on YouTube - Create Video Assets for Online Training Program (using After Effects, Premiere Pro) Create Video Awareness - Create video cutter plugin in Wordpress website create video Cv to win your dream job or presentation video for companies websites - Create video for Facebook ad Create video for fundraising for special project - related to medicine particularly maxillofacial prosthetics (making facial prostheses) - Create video for website Create video for website - Create video in After Effects create video in After Effects using my template - Create Video of our business Opportunity Create Video of site comparison and narrate the problems. - Create video promotion Create video recorder embedded in browser with java - Create video thumbnails page for Wordpress site Create Video to help user using website - Create Video Tutorials Create Video Tutorials - Create video website using VPS and FTP? Create video website using VPS and FTP? - repost - Create videos about electronic cigarettes Create Videos about Nicotine addiction and its effects on the body - Create Videos from Screenshots Create videos from the content library I have. Used for social media and Instagram - Create Viedo Create view (JSF or prime faces) and controller (managed bean) for application - Create viral videos about our products Create virtual 3D covers for irrigation sets - create virtual phone numbers Create Virtual Reality Apps with Unity3D - Create VISIO diagram from photos Create Visio diagrams for software project - Create Visual Basic WinForm Controls at Runtime Create visual blogs on architecture - Create visualization image from our floor plan + elevation draft. Create visualized financial statements - Create Vocal Shouts create vod site - Create Volusion Content pages / articles - ongoing work Create Volusion Drop Down Menu - Create vps with proxmox Create vqmod that connects to readycloud api Securely For opencart - Create walkthrough 3D Video Create wall and activity stream like facebook in drupal - create wbsite for career counselling Create WC3 Validated XHTML & CSS from PSDs - Create Web 2.0ish Logo Create Web 2.0s & Submit some Articles - Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Elance Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Guru - Create web apps create web apps and service to crawler data from web and grab price with interval time ( view data sheet , download csv and shows trend ) - Create Web Based BI/Reporting Tool W Charts & Gauges