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Create simple HTML from PDF (finished it today EST) - Create simple imacro urgent now Create simple image - voucher - Create Simple Iphone App Create simple iPhone App - Create simple label design similar to attached sample but with a twist Create Simple Landing Page - Create simple look books. Create simple looping macro in Excel using VB - Create simple model of pool/landscaping in SketchUp Create simple module for joomla - Create simple one-page website (parallax) Create simple online calculator - Create simple PHP application. Create simple PHP code for SOAP-API - Create simple powerpoint slide video with voice over Create simple Powerpoint template based on PDF Layout - Create Simple Report Cover Create Simple Reporting Script - Create Simple Script Create simple script asap - create simple small application create simple small application for non profit - Create Simple Technical Instruction Manuals Create Simple Telemarketing Application - Create simple VBScript for Print PDF & Doc Files and move on success Create Simple Video - Create simple web scrapper Create simple web service that will draw data from mysql database - Create Simple Website (design and implementation) Create simple website (eng/chinese/japanese) using wordpress - Create Simple Website With 10 Pages, Simple Flash Header, Autoresponder Create simple website with 3 quiz ASP.Net Web Forms - Create Simple WordPress Plugin Create simple wordpress plugin to show on page seo summary for a keyword - Create simple XSD for an existing XML Create Simple Yet Professional web site with shopping cart, internal blog. - Create Simulator Mouse Event application on IOS -- 2 Create Simulator Mouse Event application on IOS -- 3 - Create Single Page Phonegap Prototype to Record and Replay Videos. Create single page PHP website - Create SIP module for Blackberry Create SISS Package - Create site Design - HTML, CSS - clean and professional Create Site design and integration into WHMCS - create site in accordance with aplication Create Site in Joomla - Create site of viral applications for facebook Create site on laravel like (frelancer site) - create site web create site web clone / - Create sitemap for light CMS Create Sitemap for my site - Create sketch from existing 3d model Create Sketch Illustration Video - Create slide show page with admin and supporting website CREATE SLIDE SHOW PREZENTATION FOR REAL ESTATE NETWORK - Create Slideshow Create slideshow & embed to an existing website - CREATE SMALL 2-4 PAGE WEBSITE IN PHP/JAVASCRIPT Create small 3D model in sketchup from PDF - Create Small Brochure For Companie Products & Services Create Small Brochure For Companie Products & Services - repost - Create Small Exe for Full Screen Create Small Exe for Full Screen -- 2 - Create small Mini Education Games in C++ for mobile devices Create Small Mobile App - Create Small sql database Create small task ( PHP ) - Create Smaller Copy of the Website Create Smaller Horizontal Logo To Match My Big Logo - Create SMF 2.0.4 mod which enables to position attachments post body. Create SMF Forum Skin from Fireworks PNG - Create Snapchat accounts manually Create Snapchat Filter for my Town - Create Social Bookmarking Accounts Create Social Bookmarking Accounts - Create Social Media Analytics - Aggragate Details - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Reddit, Soundcloud. Create Social Media Apps for ( Android and IOS ) - Create Social Media Pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Create Social Media Performance Report - Create Social membership feature on Arcade site CREATE SOCIAL NETWOEK - Create Social Networking site Create Social Networking Site And Mobile App - Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Repost - Create software and database for YouthLEAP's smartwatch tracking program Create Software Application for LED Display Control System - Create software for posting ads Create software for raspberry-pi - Create software program that polls amazon web services periodically Create software requirement specification (SRS) document for a project - Create software to prevent WPE from being used to exploit our chat room and also stop VPN/Proxy users from accessing our site. Create software to remove duplicate emails, tidy formatting and other tasks - Create Solar Date Function & Prototypes Create Solar Enery Product Manual - Create solution to change the base priority of processes with access denied(repost) Create solution to change the base priority of processes with access denied(repost)(repost) - Create some acoustic backing tracks from popular songs Create some activity on an existing website - Create some banners create some banners for a small business using our images - 27/12/2016 16:08 EST - create some character like human body, those basic projek of me. - open to bidding Create some Character Profiles - Create some diagram in Latex Create some diagram in Latex - Create some forms in Excel - ongoing work create some forms using Django on a Linux server - Create some html ads (html generator provided) Create some HTML and CSS - Create some images for an invite Create some images for childrens - Create some logos and pictures for a blog about Thailand Create some logos for website - Create some pages on existing website. Create some pages on existing website. -- 2 - Create some Professional Icon Designs Create some Professional Icon Designs - create some sentences and indicate subject ,object and predicate. Create some shapes(really basic) - create some special amazon xml feed create some specialty spreadsheets - Create some web search engine with solr create some web template - create sort / search algorithm Create Sort Logic, Search Logic - Create sound track -- 2 Create sounds and background music for mobile game - Create Speaker Oone Sheet Content and Sppech Topic Descriptions Create spec sheets from web pages, for antenna cables - Create Spiders to Scrape Websites Create Spin in Germane - Create Sponsorship deck Create Sponsorship Letter in InDesign - create spreadsheet for column base plate design to BS5950 create spreadsheet for components in circuit board - Create spreadsheet of directory information Create spreadsheet of possible email addresses - Create sprites,GUI and assets for the island multiplayer battle game Create Spry menu using XML data - Create SQL Script Installer .NET Create SQL script that creates 1 new table from 2 existing tables, including all PK, FK, constraints, indexes, etc. - Create Squeeze Pages Create Squeeze/Landing Page with autoresponder integration - Create SSO link on wordpress site with ASMX Create SSRS Orchard Module - Create standard deviation indicator for trading software
Create standard graphic files from existing logo - create static html and css from jpg/psd Create static HTML CSS site - Create Statistical Data From Log Files Create Statistical model, estimation, interpretation etc - Create sticky bar for website that displays info depending on user's mobile device Create sticky header for menu only - Create (v2.0) Website (Front End Design / Creative Design) Create Store Address Database - Create storyboards and requirements docs for webpages Create storyboards for 12 minutes of animation (mostly user interface demonstration) - Create strutture for eCommerce multiwebiste Create Student Card Template for our College Based On Existing Student Card - Create Sub Categories On Website Using Shopify create sub domain and connected with my server ip - Create subdomain for my site for 301 redirect - open to bidding create subdomain for WHM /VPS - Create subscription section on my site Create Subscription Site - Create Summer banner Create sun simulation - Create SURFACE PRO 4 box Create surrounding area / landscaping around a 3D rendered house - Create SVG from gif Create SVG from image (line art) - Create Swf to Element for zoo (joomla component) Create SWF which reads contents / animtations from json file - Create T-shirt Design Create T-Shirt design from JPG images - Create Table (cURL) Create table and chart (amchart or d3js) for all items in json object - Create Table on Hosting Site Create table on website from Google Spreadsheet - Create tables in Tablepress plugin on Wordpress create tables to access data via SQL on new WordPress site - Create Taobao Account Create Taobao Application - Create taxi logo Create taxonomies and queries! - Create Technical questions Create Technical questions(repost) - Create template and Plugin/Extension for either joomla/drupal/wordpress Create Template and then Convert Template to a WordPress Website - Create template for interspire website publisher(repost) Create template for investment pitch 1 - Create Template for Wordpress using iThemes BUILDER tool Create template for Zen Cart website - Create template using drag and drop Create template using HTML,CSS [Front-End] - create templates of 3D objects Create templates PSD to html, css, ajax, jquery - create test cases in excel spreadsheet Create test cases in SOAP UI - create TestWise for my website Create Tetris game in Flash Action Script 3.0 - Create text transcript of 6 hours talking Create text version of image 2 & half pages - Create THAI databases – only THAI speaking freelancer !!! Create Thai Language Lessons - Large project. Native Thai Speakers - Create the backend to control app Create the backend to control app -- 2 - Create the Content of the Company Profile Create the content/webpages/images GetRightToGo need to full use all features. - Create the Front-End of a Videogame Store Create the Functionality Layout for an App - create the layout online store to sell warehouse equipment Create the letter R - Create the next design for Infographic for 1 year Create the next generation of social media applications - Create the same website and system Create the same website and time reporting system 2 - Create the theme for php script Create the tool (Using Script/bot/API connection) to automatically post event on few websites - create the xcode (iOS) project for game in cocos2dx v. 2.2.6 create theme - Create Theme from wordpress template Create theme music for a podocast - Create ThinkOrSwim scripts for trading-system rules/logic Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWD Videoshare - Create this program but donot use scanf Create This Simple Graphic Design in Photoshop - Create three buttons on the top bar of an application Create Three Case Studies - Create three quality landing pages for computer company website Create Three Reports Using Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers - Create thumbnail from url using create thumbnail from videos - create TIBCO BusinessWorks questions Create Ticker - Create TimeSheet Report From Excel CSV File Create TimeSheet Report From Excel CSV File - repost - Create Titles, description & keywords for videos Create Tittle template - create tool to analyze text (repost) Create tool to calculate discounted cumulative gain and normalized DCG - Create top class autocheckout Shopify bot create top class autocheckout tools for shopify sites and footsites - Create Tours module for A CMS Create tow 3D models and animations. - Create Traffic for my website and use of Google Adwords Create Traffic for new Matrimonial Website - Create Training Video Create training video clips - Create translation file to Wordpress Twenty Sixteen Child THeme Create translation website - Create Travel Agent Site Create travel blog - create TRichEdit function Create TriFold Brochure - Create TTF file from a set of outlines (provided) create ttf font from image - Create Tutuorial Video CREATE TV CHANNELS - Create Twitter account for website Create Twitter Accounts - Create Twitter Marketing Accounts Create twitter posts for my retail brands - Create two 3D CAD objects from pictures. Google Sketchup Create two 3D characters | only professional! - Create two bar graphs Create two basic racket programs implementing turing machine - Create two custom wordpress template Create two designs based on another - Create two flash objects. Add glimmer effect Create two Flash or HTML5 / Javascript Billboard Ads within the next 6 hours. - Create two images from examples Create two Images with GIFs instead - Create two maps in Tableau using data from excel - URGENT Create two minutes animation - Create two pages on an existing site and add content provided by my client Create two pairs of dice objects - Create Two Responsive Web Pages Create two responsive webpages - Create two simple fragment for android Create two simple illustrations from images - Create two tabs and inside second tab two forms Create two templates for Wordpress - Create two web pages to display ICS (ical) file information -- 2 Create two web pages website template - Create two-sided flyer/order form on pdf create twofold brochure for a spa - Create Ubuntu desktop with VNC access from windows create ubuntu server and configure using vmware, and video capture for step by step - Create UI/UX designs based on our current style Create UI/UX for a mobile APP - Create UML Diagrams