Directorio de proyectos : Creating a sts-template for a modified OScommerce shop based on a lay-out. - Creation of a plugin that allows Magento to create and add contacts in the address book google contacts

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Creating a sts-template for a modified OScommerce shop based on a lay-out. - Creating a tech brand Creating a TECH SUPPORT POP UP ALERT link - Creating a Theme Song for a News Program Creating a Theme Song for a News Program -- 2 - Creating a tutorial for building Android apps. Creating A Twitter App for Events !!!!!!! - Creating a vector file in Adobe Illustrator from a picture Creating a vector icon - creating a video chat creating a video clip - Creating a Video with the VoiceOver Creating a Video-Tutorial in Houdini for Cinema 4D - Creating a web based social game. Creating a web browser strategy game similar to Travian (C#/MSSQL/ASP.NET) - Creating a Web Site Creating a Web Site - Creating a Website Creating a Website - creating a website creating a website - Creating a website design which is unique Creating a Website Design with HTML,CSS,JS - creating a website for selling cars and its accessories Creating a website for students - Creating a website similar to Facebook social marketing Creating a website similar to fmylife or dearblankpleaseblank - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before MONDAY! -- 2 Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Sunday Evening. ... - Creating a wholesale web site from current code base Creating a wholesale web site with existing code base - Creating a WordPress layout Creating A Wordpress Membership Site With S2 Member Plugin - Creating a Wordpress theme update notification -2 Creating a Wordpress Theme Which is Fast And Best For Adsense - Creating a Yogiwe Website for articles and postings - updated NEW - Repost - open to bidding Creating a youtube animation group - creating accounts on website Creating Accounts(repost) - Creating Adsense ready Blogs for 50 Domains Creating AdSense sites - Creating an " All-In-One" Sneaker Auto Checkout Bot/Backdoor Links Creating an "Account Login" button and child theme - Creating an Admin Panel Creating an admin user settings page for our web app (PHP) - Creating an ANE for Adobe AIR Creating an animate material with conductive fibres - creating an API for movie showtime listings within the United States Creating an API module for WHMCS - Creating an App that can produce black light Creating an app to host our mobile site - Creating an Cake Ordering Android Application Creating an Company Information Video - Bitcoin Exchange - Creating an electronic email to send to clients Creating an Elegant, Clean and Sleek Label for a Wrinkle Repair Hydrating Eye Gel - Creating an Excell Routine on a MacBook Pro creating an executive brief and training manual - Creating an image in Illustrator - from architect plans Creating an image of advertising - creating an introduction letter for a cleaning business Creating an introduction video for my self empowerment website - Creating an MS SQL sync solution (C# .net 3.5) using MS sync framework and MS CCR Port based (XcoAppSpace) technique for communication. creating an ODBC Mysql Connection for a asp .net real time application - creating an online store for selling mobile subscriptions Creating an online store from and site from main supplier site - Creating an SMTP Server creating an social networking and instant messaging app - Creating and Design a web/video Creating and Design a web/video - Creating and installing web pages Creating and integrating a blog into a corporate website (Joomla integrated) - creating and posting posts in Social media about upcoming marathon events Creating and posting work. - Creating Android App with ListView Creating Android App with ListView - repost - Creating animation/presentation slideshow Creating Animations - Creating applications Creating applications academic system (programmed course students, the input value of courses, etc) based on android - Creating artworks for a poster or a logo Creating control - Creating Avatars for our website Creating Aviation Related Textbook - Creating backupscript and various tasks creating badges - Creating Basketballleague Website (without design) Creating bespoke product price for printing company - Creating boxscores on a hockey website Creating boxscores on a hockey website(repost) - Creating buttons Creating buttons for the social sharing of videos you tube on my site - Creating Catchy Names For YouTube Videos Creating Catchy Names For YouTube Videos - Creating classes and implementing various features Creating classes c++ - Creating comics in manga style Creating commercial slide powerpoint [URGENT] - Creating Contact List for U.S. Dairy / Butter Distributors Creating Contact List for U.S. Dairy / Butter Distributors - Creating copy protection of OSX app Creating copy website of A K U C O - Creating CSS for navigation & top page sections Creating CSS for webshop based on company CSS - Creating custom scripts in PHP Creating Custom Setup for Project - creating dashboards using vba and excel Creating Data base - Creating dating android app (Experienced team only) Creating dating site profiles. - Creating Developer Google Play Account, Creating Developer Google Play Account. - Creating Drupal based website based from flash website Creating Drupal based website based from flash website (1578719) - Creating e-commerce website using Creating e-learning modules for K-12 segment through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - Creating email account automatically Creating email accounts - Creating ESL Lesson Plans for Interview English (EFL) -- 2 Creating ethernet diagram - Creating Excel Macro to calculate turnover based on Indian Tax Law for F&Os Creating Excel Rate Sheet - Creating Facebook Custom Audiences Campaing and implementing Conversion Pixel creating facebook fan page - Creating few slides on a case study Creating few slides on a case study - Creating Flash Movie Creating flash movie with clickable images spinning around - Creating Forms dynamically based on database configuration Creating forms in excel......lowest bidders wins this project. - Creating Frontpage Slideshow galleries Creating Frontpage Slideshow galleries(repost) - Creating game in java programing Creating game in Unity 3d - Creating google product feeds and uploading to Google merchant acc Creating Google Redirect Virus [For Education Purposes] - Creating High Converting Sales Pages - open to bidding Creating High CTR Facebook Marketing Assets - creating HTML website Creating HTML Website from Fireworks Design - Creating Illustration for a woman shirt Creating illustrations for 9 Country cards - Creating InDesign Print creating indesign-files from magazine pages (pdf) - Creating interactive model of nfc cards and reader where it should be able to identify the identity Creating interactive PDF forms - Creating ISO - open to bidding Creating ISO - open to bidding -- 2 - Creating JPEG images for signs models -- 2 Creating jpg image - Creating landing pages with search results from a mongodb database.
Creating laravel package - Creating linux web server and RTC api Creating List / Countdown YouTube videos (ONLY PEOPLE WITH EXPERIENCE) - Creating logo creating logo - Creating low poly character for mobile Game creating lp formulas for a problem, maths based - Creating Main Pages of a Website creating malayalam images - Creating Masonry Portfolio with Likes and Shares. Creating Mass Web Pages on my site via Excel - creating menu in a footer area of a wordpress theme creating menu pictures - Creating mobile game platform Creating mobile game platform - open to bidding - Creating Monthly Newsletters - open to bidding -- 2 Creating monthly press release to go out to online media and US travel related publications - Creating multiple email-ids and validating Creating multiple HTTP login sections in Spring Security Java Config - Creating name field on homepage creating nameserver on Centos 6 - Creating new layout in php Creating new layout in php - repost - creating new websites@outsourcing projects seo's Creating new Wordpress website based upon existing HTML website, - Creating of a wordpress site for Zedcoin Creating of aim helpers or botz! - creating OLAP cubes creating on-line course - Creating Online Tutorials Creating Online Website Product Pictures and Description - Creating pages in FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ for our group companies Creating Pages Layouts - Creating pdf Form for Website Creating PDF Forms to downloaded and filled out - Creating php e-commerce site analog Creating PHP file for integration - Creating plugin for wprdpress, joomla and perhaps a few more cms scripts Creating plugin that will allow to batch add authors to po - Creating PR4+ / High DA/PA links creating practice exam questions for 1z0-052 - Creating Product Datafeed Creating product description and bullet points for product selling on Amazon - Creating profile in Wikipedia ? creating profile listing website - creating qr code and mobile website Creating QR CODE Generation and Android App - Creating Realistic Figures creating realistic fur texture with Fast&Fur (Vray in cinema 4D) on a bird - Creating reusable scraping script (c#) Creating reviews for restaurants in different languages - Creating SCC files, Captioning. creating scheduling information system - creating secure databases with ADOX Creating Secure Proxy Server - Creating short-video content (videographer) Creating shoutbox for my site - Creating Simple Learning Management System - repost Creating simple line drawings of 12 faces for Playing Cards! - Creating Site for Educational Purposes - open to bidding Creating site like ebay - Creating small Website with DB Creating Smartcam app - Creating some new graphics creating some pages in adobe business catalyst - creating sql creating SQL maintanance jobs - Creating Stored Procedure that Filter words and limit characters before inserting Creating Stored Procedures between Parse Database and Mobile App - Creating Sum where Blank fields in Excel Creating support application - Creating template for Ebay, Vendio and PDG Commerce Creating Template for - Creating the content of food database for 500australian foods Creating the content of food database for french foods - Creating Theme for Wordpress Creating theme using VANILLA - Creating trapezoid image calling from Python Creating Travel Itineraries using Microsoft Publisher - Creating txt via ASP to feed Generator Listboxes Creating typography with my own quotes - Creating Userformular in my Website and integration in a Bootstrap Theme called (Neon) Creating users in peer to peer networking using ACL for fine grained access to folders - Creating video and slideshow Creating Video Animation - Creating videos for automation testing tools. Creating Videos for conference promos, events ; Graphic designs for flyers, brochures - Creating web 2.0 backlinks Creating Web 2.0 Blog - Creating Web Services For Android App Creating Web Services from Java Classes Using Metro Infrastructure . - Creating Webshop Creating webshop including user data export function - Creating website for a Thai takeaway / restaurant creating website for gambling - Creating website with Asp Dot Net C# Creating website with Asp Dot Net C# - Creating winform scrapper Creating Winning Corporate Presentation for Sponsor Advertising Pitch - Creating wordpress template from existing website design to make blog Creating wordpress template question and answers - Creating XML files of location clusters from a database with lat/long info Creating XML for Google Merchant Center via PHP and mysql anda inclusion of product in Mercadolivre - Creating/adjust existing iPhone/iPad app for different customers - repost Creating/Building a professional website. - repost - Creation & Integration of Blog page in a web portal Creation & Management of Ebay Store and Management of Shopify Store - creation and activation of 300 blog accounts Creation and administration of a Moodle server - Creation and maintenance of multiple woocommerce sites Creation and maintenance of multiple woocommerce sites - open to bidding - creation d un reseau social creation d une template pour DLE ( datalife engine ) - creation d'un site e-cigarette - open to bidding Creation d'un site eCommerce - Creation de logo creation de logo - CREATION FICHE ENTREPRISE AVEC GOOGLE MAP MAKER Creation fiches sur google map maker - creation list of contacts Creation logiciel emailing - Creation of "caricature and cartoons design" Creation of "Flight Time" App - Creation of 1000 US itunes accounts - 1001 to 2000 Creation of 10000 Skype accounts - Creation of 2 service offering Creation of 2 slideshows, images only - Creation of 3 Max scenes Creation of 3 mini e-books - Creation of 40 slide power point presentation Creation of 40 Unique Articles - Creation of 6 Excel files from TXT extracting relevant data Creation of 6 icons required - Creation of a all platforms mobile security app. Creation of a Alternate CryptoCurrency - Creation of a class diagram based on a brief that contains a client's requirements creation of a class using existing data types as class level data members - Creation of a data entry form for iPAD Creation of a database - Creation of a file for selective varnish Creation of a File in Excel - Creation of a grid of cells (layed on a city) using web mapping and GIS and populate data with the help of googlemap apis Creation of a gross Profit monitoring system for a restaurant - Creation of a list of email adresses in xls format from public sources Creation of a list of email adresses in xls format from public sources - creation of a magento module Creation of a mailchimp template - Creation of a new Webpage to rate Items Creation of a new website - Creation of a plugin that allows Magento to create and add contacts in the address book google contacts