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Configure Trunk On Existing Website Configure Trunk On Existing Website/Server Configure TS Gateway on Server 2008 Configure Turnkey Ejabberd server Configure Turnkey Linux Filer & Open LDAP to work together configure tvheadend version 4 for iptv CONFIGURE TWILIO FOR RECIVING SMS Configure two (2) USB Cellular modems to work on one ubuntu server Configure two Cisco Nexus 5000 (vPC, Extender) Configure two Cisco routers ONSITE in St Leonards NSW Configure two domains hosted in ipage in exchange 2013 and make it work within our internal network using outlook Configure two ec2 for php and apache Configure two new Cisco C867VAE-W-A-K9 Routers Configure two Polycom IP560 phones to work with 8x8 phone service Configure two RHEL6 virtual instances and Oracle 10 DBs Configure two templates for a Joomla and Wordpress website on Godday Cpanel Configure two wordpress Plugins
Configure Ubermenu Configure Ubermenu Mega Menu Wordpress Plugin Configure Ubiquiti EdgeMax Firewall Policies Configure Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PRO Configure Ubuntu audio settings for screencasting Configure Ubuntu / Centos server for each user to use specific IP Configure Ubuntu 16 LTS for Postfix (VirtualBox) via TeamViewer Configure Ubuntu Desktop auto reboot auto disk recovery Configure Ubuntu LDAP Client on AWS EC2. Set up Ubuntu to use LDAP server to authenticate user logins. Configure Ubuntu on AWS to shutdown after log off or inactivity. And other SSH BASH shell script. Configure Ubuntu Production Environment configure Ubuntu server (digtalocean droplet) for highload Configure ubuntu server 14.04.01 for different jobs Configure Ubuntu server and HAProxy to act asachive a high performance load balancer Configure Ubuntu server and HAProxy to act asachive a high performance load balancer - ongoing work configure ubuntu server for different websites Configure Ubuntu Server network