Directorio de proyectos : Capture & document up to 5 15 minute audio stories - capture a web video

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Capture & document up to 5 15 minute audio stories Capture & resize 153 images from pdf Capture ''Yes to all when closing Excel capture .stl or compatable files and place/display them on a guild grid capture 15 second video from webcam and save in any folder on desktop CAPTURE 150 EMAILS.... capture 1500 small screenshot video to .gif (or light .mp4, .ogg,...) Capture 178 Word documents in WordPress Capture 1x2 odds from different bookies website by Excel VBA Capture 2 fields to MySQL database Capture 2 fields to MySQL table Capture 250K names & addresses from the Web Capture 3 Photo from 3 different Webcam Capture 3,000 product images and descrption from a website Capture 360 degree VR video from unity project Capture 500 emails Capture 500 emails Capture 60+ Corporate Logos as Jpeg& PNG Files
Capture 60-Second "Reality" Videos Capture 60-Second ''Reality'' Videos Capture 84 Videos From A Website And Send Videos In Code. Capture a flashgame intro on video, to be uploaded on youtube. Capture a Gorilla Capture a gorilla 1234 Capture A Lifetime Capture A Lifetime - repost Capture a list of items from an already working order system Capture A Movie Capture a nice Capture a photo from camera on screen unlock / app launch Capture a photo from camera with doodling and save. capture a photo story provide me the raw files for atleast 5 photographs. Capture a Screenshot from an IP Camera or NVR and put it in an FTP every X minutes Capture a smal City in Google map capture a web video