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Create a Sample Grails Application that Loads Resources using Classpath - repost Create a sample interactive form for PDF using indesign Create a sample IVR project which uses Web service. Create a web service which takes two inputs and provide output Create a sample javascript code to create a Ellipse Dynamic Object based in D3 Library. Create a sample Keynote presentation Create a sample Metasploit script - Testing purposes only (ALD WLD) create a sample ndk library Create a sample page with Amazon Product Advertising API Create a sample part of a 2D game by cocos2d-x and C++ Create a sample PDF based upon the user Input from UI create a sample PHP code to change position of Post Create a sample program that uses specified DLL Create a sample project after installing requirejs, angularjs and create a project structure using yeoman Create a Sample project for download files in xamarin crossplatform create a sample project from given GIT location Create a sample project with frisby.js or protractor and jasmine to test API's. Create a sample randomizer using VBA
Create a sample resturant app Create a sample resturant app -- 2 Create a sample that displays a calendar for a date field using Symfony 2.8 framework, create a sample username and password Create a Sample using Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools Create a sample application which utilizes a webservice Create a sample video for a new mobile application, this mobile application that not exceeding 60sec. create a sample website for me Create a sample website using master page create a sample with my radio show Create a samsung gear VR APP ( is like a game but not a game ) Create a sandbox settlement builder game with zombies Create a SandBox tester like Create a Santa Costume Create a Sarch facility in Shopify Theme (CSS) and other enhancements Create a SAS Dataset