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Create an XML file to upload to server for RSS Feed - $10 - Create and Install Outlook Email Template Create and SFTP on Digital Ocean Hosting - Create and Adsense Website Create and Advanced iOS Application - Create and apply a attactive/catching graphic interface to an existing website Create and Apply CSS on my ASP.NET website - Create and build SoundCloud Accounts Create and build website for manufacturing company for window covering system and folding door - Create and configure USA targeted advertising campaign on Facebook Create and Configure WordPress Widget - Create and Design create and design - Create and Design a Power Point in a Day Create and design a research paper on Travel and Social Media - create and design an iOS and android app create and design an iOS and android application - Create and Design Iphone App Create and Design Iphone Game - Create and design website based off another website Create and design website for local girls charity club - Create and DRAW original character Create and DRAW original character - Create and Edit PDF with stock images Create and edit product videos - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 - Repost - Create and fix web elements of JQuery, HTML and CSS3 Create and format some documents in Microsoft Word. - Create and Implement Advanced Search for the Website Create and Implement an effective marketing tool for my consulting company using social media, websites, profiles etc. - Create and Input Content for Five SEO Blogs – using Wordpress or Joomla CMS Create and Input Content for Five SEO Blogs – using Wordpress or Joomla CMS - repost - Create and Install CRUD Interface based on Symfony Create and install custom skin for site using Joomla - Create and install Wordpress Template for .ngo website for nonprofit Create and Install Wordpress Template from PSD design - Create and integrate the game 'Mastermind' in my website Create and integrate unique Theme - Create and Maintain A Profitable Adsense Blog. Create and maintain a profitable Google Adwords campaign - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and Manage a Successful Adwords Campaign create and manage ads on facebook - Create and manage Google Adwords PPC campaign Create and manage Google and Bing ads - Create and manage SEM campaign + Facebook ads Create and manage server - Create and Modify Module for Joomla! Create and modify one logotype - two versions - Create and populate tables based on template Create and post 1000 HTML related form posts - Create And Promote C++ Website Create and promote small videos - Create and publish high quality SEO English. - Repost - open to bidding Create and Publish iPhone/iPod Wallpapers (Ongoing Project) - Create and run landing page campaign from facebook ads for stress coaching Create and run SeNukeX Campaigns - Create and setup 2 x magento webshop create and setup 3 pages on my site NOW - Create and Submit a Sitemap for my Website Create and submit a video sitemap to google - Create and update packing design with ue of a step-by-ste guide Create and update packing design with ue of a step-by-ste guide -- 2 - Create And Upload PDF, PPT to document sharing sites Create and upload Product csv Database to my eBay Store - create and/or adjust features on a wordpress site Create and/or Alter Rear Window Graphics. - Create android account Create Android Activity with multiple videoview - Create Android APK file Create android APK ready to post - create android app Create Android App - Create Android app for existing iPhone app create android app for job portal with pushnoptifcations - Create Android app to deliver dynamic content Create android app to get GPS data - Create android Application Create android application - Create Android Application to get radio informations from layer 3 Create Android application to play images and video slideshow - Create Android Developer Account Create Android Developer Account - Create Android Jump & Run Game Create Android Junior developer quiz with 40 questions - Create Android port for existing iOS app create Android private key for app release - Create Android War Game Create android wear app - Create angular 2 directive for tables - 27/03/2017 01:07 EDT create angular dashboard - Create Animated Advertisement - avi and mov format Create animated and interesting presentation - Create Animated Explainer Video Create animated explainer videos based on videohive templates - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 14 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 15 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 45 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 5 - Create Animated Menu for Unity 3D Menu App Create Animated Motion Video Background - Create Animated Video Create Animated Video - Create animated videos Create animated videos - create animation Create Animation - Create Animation for a Product Create Animation for a unity3d game - Create Animation Frames From 3D Deer Models Create Animation from 2 minute Power Point Presentation - Create animation of walking and jumping animal 10-15 png's (i have example) create animation on after effects - Create animation video Create animation Video - Create Animationi Create Animations - Create Anime Graphic for Youtube Channel Create ANIME Logo design for website/instagram - Create another Karaoke create another log-out button - Create antivirus software by modifying source code Create antivirus software in 3 days - Create API and Enhance an existing PHP / MySQL web application: Pierewiet Wilders Valuations Create API and make app - Create api for my browser based game Create API for my product to be saleable on other's site - Create APi Ready EA Metatrader Create API Request code examples in C#, PHP, and Javascript - Create App Create App - Create app Android with Unity 3D Create App Background themes - Create app for iOS and Android Create app for iOs and Android - Create APP for website create APP for website - Create app iphone for my siteweb streaming Create app launch images/background images for cute app similar to candy crush. - Create App Template by my mockup design Create app that automatically turns pages for Kindle books. - Create App wats app style app.. - repost Create APP with a calculation tool in it. Also connect APP with website - create application Create application according to details attached - Create application IOS and Android to send SMS or Email Create Application like My Sale - Create applications based on python technologies
Create Applications for iphone, etc - Create Arabic language Landing page for a sales training create arabic logo photoshop - Create Architectural Models that are 3D Printable Create Architectural Photorealistic Renderings of Pool Deck and Terrace from 3D file - Create Art Application, similar to Weavesilk, with enhanced features. Create art assets for my game - create article pages and post articles for 29 sites Create article resource boxes - create articles using my system Create Artist Knowledge Graph on Google - Create artwork for music production sample pack plus an advert banner create artwork for podcast - Create ASP.Net Application to collect FaceBook Data Create c# shell of a website with bootstrap and responsive design - Create ASPX pages for site Create aspx pages from psd files - Create Attention Getting Headlines and Summaries Create attention getting sharp looking website banner - Create auction system site with specific access and information requirements on bidders and auctioneers Create Auction Website - Create audio guide for museums in English language Create audio guide for museums in German language - create augmented reality apps from 3DS max files Create Augmented Reality Mobile Game (Android, iOS) with "administration" - Create Auto Dialar Software Create Auto Dialar Software /application - create Auto Script ! Create auto service tracking iphone app - Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches - Create Automated Email for Wordpress Website Create automated emails using links from products on eCommerce sites - Create automatic email using date (customer history) Create automatic emails from an Access database - create autonews-aggregator site with wordpress Create autoparts web shop based on TECDOC database - Create AVI files from DIB data buffer Create AVI+SWF from logo PNG - Create awesome logo Create awesome looking Deal-Style banner - Create Azure environment with Bussiness and 365 Remote Apps Create Azure scale set with custom image and autoscale based on service bus - Create back-end of a company portal (kind of small website) with use of Spring , Hibernate , Maven, mySQL. Create back-end systems for Website and tie-in existing Front-End - Create backend to 3D Virtual Sports Game Create Backend-Database for Forms - create backlink finding software Create backlink java phop script - Create backlinks for my .de casino website Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 1 - Create Backs for 250 of Our Report Covers Create backup - create bank statement temeplate for Chase create bank statement temeplate for chase - Create Bank Statement Template_1 Create Bank Statement Template_2 - Create banner ads and info graphics Create Banner Ads for eCommerce Products - CREATE BANNER FOR KIDS FITNESS COMPANY Create banner for Linkedin - Create banner templates Create banner that is mobile/desktop compatible on WP website - Create banners (private project) Create banners (PSD available) - create banners for promoting my site Create banners for selling audio book - Create Barcode Label - Sonate Create Barcode Label - Sonate #1 - Create basic animation with provided requirements - open to bidding Create basic Apigility project - Create Basic Index Page Layout Create Basic Input form from excel example - Create Basic Organization Website Create Basic Packaging Design - *URGENT - Create Basic Website Promo Video Create basic website with about 3 or 4 static pages - Create bbs Template Create Beach House Emblem - Create beer labels for 4 diffrent beers Create Beginning Affiliate Website - Create bevel and extruded version of lettering Create Bi-Folded Business Card - Create billiardo web game mutiplayer Create Billing Portal - Create Bitcoin Module for Zen cart Create Bitcoin Pool - create blank embed web page for site create blank Module Class Suffix for rocket theme template - Create BLOG and NEWS/EVENTS admin sections and integrate into Bootstrap front-end Create BLOG and NEWS/EVENTS admin sections and integrate into Bootstrap front-end -- 2 - Create Blog on website create blog on website - Create blog site Create Blog Site for Personal Use - Create Blogger Affiliate Sites For Existing Product Feed Create blogger media list - create blueprint illustration Create blueprints for a manufacturer - Create Book Layout Create Book Layout - (eBook + Print) - All Text Provided - Create Bookmark with publisher information and author information create bookmarking accounts - create bootstrap template of SEEDDMS script Create bootstrap template to allow correct layout with or without images - Create Both Vector & Real Graphic Repeating Images Create bots for yahoo chat - Create Box with 3 cds and book Create Box with 5 cds. - create brand name Create brand name and slogan for nail salon. - Create brasil drums with sticks hitting it Create BRD/FRD/UAT for Video Resume - Create Brochure /Flyer Create Brochure and Poster for Marketing of medical products - Create Browser Based RPG Game (MMORPG) Create Browser Bookmarklet - create budgets on excel Create bugfix for asterisk's libjack implementation - Create bulk Whatsapp sending Create Bulk Whatsapp, SMS and Email application Software in - Create business card design Create business card design - Create business case analysis Create Business Citations - Create Business Logo Create Business Logo - Create business process in cloud bitrix24 CRM system Create Business Process Infographic - Create Button Images Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day - Create Buzzfeed Like Website create BW sketches from video scenes - Create C# or class to print label on Brother ql 700 printer Create C# program for data entry and search to existing SQL Server DB - Create C++ source / software based on already published software Create c++ Zip/Unzip file - Create CAD file for clothing and help me source! Create CAD File for Jewellery Item, Rhino - Create calculation web form Create calculation web form of WordPress - Create Camera 2 App with Google Vision Create Camera flood fill feature (Android studio) - Create captions for youtube videos Create Captivate 9 course - Create Caricature Character with photoshop Create caricature for football website - Create Cartoon Album Artwork