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Create And Develope A standard Looking Blog For Us - Create and edit images for various websites Create and edit in a quick intro and outro to a video clip in the next 3 hours. - Create and EPS & JPEG of a current logo Create and excel car sales template - Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data - Repost - create and implement a Language gaming app for IOS, check the attachment first create and implement a marketing plan - Create and improve SEO/keywords and google page rankings for physiotherapy/massage/acupuncture website. Website is WORDPRESS and about 8 pages on the site. Priority: -Rank #1 on google when locals search for services similar to our in the region & Create and incorporate new graphics for my flashgame - create and install an e-commerce site Create and install an order form - Create and Install Wordpress IgnitionDeck Enterprise and all Extensions in Amazon AWS Create and install Wordpress Template - Create and Integrate Product Designer Create and integrate shopping cart - Create and maintain a profitable Google Adwords campaign Create and maintain a social media campaign fr a new range of furniture - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign old adword accounts also need Create and Manage a Profitable PPC Campaign - CREATE AND MANAGE ADWORDS Create and manage adwords campaign - Create and Manage Online Dating Profiles Create and Manage Online Dating Profiles - Create and Market Facebook Page for Musician Create and market online women's health website - Create and Opencart module Create and optimise Adword Campaign for clothing company - Create and Post Feed File of 50 Listings to Sears Create and Post Feed File of 50 Listings to Sears - repost - Create and publish 10 articles on Create and publish 11 hubpages - Create and record 15 - 30 second radio advert for real estate portal site. Create and record fake auto text processing program for a movie - create and sen for me a master card Create and send a professional promotion marketing email - 12/11/2016 20:53 EST - Create and solve Exponential Growth Create and Some Edits to Wordpress Template - create and Submit some Articles -- 2 Create and submit to 300 web 2.0/social networking sites - create and upload 6 pages urgent create and upload a new firmware on ARM based wristband through bluetooth. - Create and vector a simple logo Create and verify 450 Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail email accounts - Create Android & Facebook App From Existing iOS Application Create Android & IOS app from PSD files - Create android and IPad GUI for Tablets 10" and 12" Create Android and iPhone App - Create android app Create android app - Create Android APP / IOS APP like Freelestic ( more simple ) Create Android App 2 - Create Android App from iPhone App. Create Android app from PSD files - Create Android Application Create Android Application - create android application postback tracking Create Android application that check whatsapp contact - Create android custom user dictionary Create Android Developer Account - Create Android Junior developer quiz with 40 questions Create Android Launcher for android L. Very Urgent (in 7 days.) - Create Android receipt printer application for Esc/POS epson Create Android ROM for mini pc - Create android web application !! Create Android wrappers for several URL apps - Create angularjs controller that parses an xml file Create angularjs controller that parses an xml file - Create animated branding video for company Create animated butterflies, fun project - create animated gif Create animated gif (all pics provided) - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 26 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 27 - Create Animated HTML 5 Google Display Remarketing Ad Banner Create animated HTML/CSS website from designs. - Create animated product video tutorial Create animated promo video - Create animated Video Ad for an Indian online Shopping Portal Create Animated Video Add for my website - CREATE ANIMATION CREATE ANIMATION - Create animation / 3d cartoon Create Animation / Motion Graphics of a logo - Create animation for iOS app -- 3 Create animation for Italian Restaurant - Create animation music video create animation music video - Create Animation Video Create Animation Video - Create animation/cartoon commercial for a Product Create Animation/Video for Teaching Course - Create ANIME Logo design for website/instagram Create Anime Site with Wordpress - create another log-out button create another logo for me - Create antivirus software in 3 days Create ANTLR grammar file for my language - Create API & JSON for E-books . JSON response would be in Hindi Create API and database - Create API for MODx / ShopKeeper Create api for my browser based game - Create API to allow restricted access to database views Create Api to Download Apk from google play store - Create app Create app - Create App Description in English Create App Developer ID - Create App for iPhone and Android Create app for Iphone and Android - Create app graphics and PSD web site create app hack - Create app on Google App Engine - test job Create app on Lightspeed e-commerce platform - Create app to Android and IOS Create app to annotate photo - Create app/script to read .csv file of lat/long and convert and export corresponding country. Create App/Webpart to communicate with API - Create application for iPhone and Android to place frames to photos and allows you to share them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram Create application for Mac to convert PDF files to HTML file - Create application to batch convert many jpg files into single PDF (or Tiff) file Create Application to Convert PowerPoint to Word - Create apps create apps - Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech Create Arbitrage Calculation Spreadsheet Web Application - Create around 100 simple graphics Create around 100 simple XML files - Create Article and Submit my website to Search Engines(Off Site Optimization) Create Article Categories and Post Articles to Magento Site - Create Articles For Various Dog Breeds create articles for web content - Create artwork - ongoing work Create artwork and animation layers for tablet application 3 little pigs - create ASP Email form Create ASP Form - Create ASP.NET Reporting Site Create ASP.NET Server Control - Create at least 200 sex position animations Create at least 200 sex position animations - Create attractive website design Create Attractive website design - Finance Institution - Create Audio Book Create Audio Books - create audiobook for my english& chinese ebook Create Audiobook from Hardcopy Novel/eBook - Create Authorization Table using SQL
Create checkout process - Create Auto login to a 3rd Party website using jquery or java script Create Auto Menu for presentation - Create AutoCAD design Create AutoCAD design - create autohotkey script Create AutoIt macro to perform online emailing task - Create Automated System To Gather E-mail Address From Different Yahoo Groups Open To Suggestions Create Automated Testing for OpenCart - Create Automation Script for my web application Create Automation Software. - Create Avatars Create Avatars for 7 Individuals - Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF - repost Create awesome great designs for the new web pages - create b card Create B&W Coloring Pages from Clipart - Create back-links to a fashion website in Australia to improve google search visibility. Create back/front end - Create Background music for a Animation project Create background curtain with sponsor logos - CREATE BACKLINKS Create Backlinks - create backlinks for my website Create backlinks for my website, get it ranked high in search engines - Create backup photo albums Create Backup Procedure - create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi - Create Bank Statements Create Bank Statements, Earning Statement (Pay Stub) & Google Chat transcript - Create Banner Ads for eCommerce Products Create Banner Ads For Facebook And Websites - Create banner for Linkedin Create banner for mobile service - Create banner that is mobile/desktop compatible on WP website create banner who are very attractive - Create banners (PSD available) Create Banners -3 - Create banners for selling audio book Create banners for slide - Create Barcode Label - Sonate #1 Create Barcode Plugin For Adobe Illustrator - Create basic Apigility project Create basic applications involving the use of database management system. - Create Basic Input form from excel example Create Basic Input form from excel example - repost - Create Basic Phonegap App (*w/video capture + uploading*) create basic photoshop design - Create basic WiFi captive portal w/ nodejs or similar Create Basic Windows App To Make GET Request to URL Every 60 Minutes - Create Beat for Song Create beat Hip Hop beat sampling an older song - Create Bespoke Enhanced Ecommerce Specification Document for Universal Analytics Create bespoke packaging design - create big app Create Big Commerce App - Create Binary Landing Page on Pagewiz Platform Create binary options strategy with given indicator with maximum level 3 martingale - create bitcoin wallet application with bitcoinJ library create bitcoin wallet site - Create blling page using whmcs api Create block at website and email us forms - Create Blog Content (AUR1986) to detail out the process in word document Create Blog Content (AUT1984) to detail out the process in word document - Create blog post from our video Create blog post with creative commons music - Create blog using thesis theme Create Blog using Twitter feeds - create blogs and links for my site create blogs and links for my site - repost - create book create book club on existing website - Create booking forms, update web design, make css work Create Booking Joomla Composant - Create Bootstrap 3.x Theme -- 2 Create bootstrap admin - Create bot for Facebook Messenger that helps user order pizza Create bot for google and Bing - Create Box Design For Baby Product Create Box Design For Baby Product - Create Brand Label Create Brand Label - Repost - Create branding Design for chocolate cafe and restaurant Create Branding Designs for presentations - create brochure create brochure - Create Brochure/Data Entry/Microsoft Word Create brochures for our products - Create BuddyPress/Wordpress Privacy Plugin Create Budget - Create Bulk SMS Marketing Software Create bulk social and internet promotion site - create business card + 3 flyers b create business card - URGENT - Create Business Cards from existing design Create Business Cards in Illustrator/PhotoShop - Create Business Listing Citations Create Business listing with DirectoryPress - Create Business Plan. Create business process in cloud bitrix24 CRM system - Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day Create button in pdf & word - create BW sketches from video scenes create bypass debrider - Create C# sample application that uses the Kakadu 64bit SDK to convert an image Create c# sample invoke DLL - Create C.V/Resume Create C2C online mall Wordpress theme - create CAD files Create CAD files for a product - create calculator projec Create calculator/database from excel, Log into API to grab information..... - Create campaigns on Pligger Create campaigns on - Create Captive Portals Create Capture and more Plugin for JW Player - Create Caricature Logo - repost Create caricature mugshots of suspects for a game - Create Cartoon Characters Create cartoon characters - Create Cartoons Create Cartoons - Create Catalog for online use Create Catalog Groups cake php gmaps api - Create Categories as in another site and create icons for these using - Most icons are already done Create categories in BigCommerce - create CD album cover and graphics Create CD Autorun with simple yet elegant design and 4 menu items - Create Ceramic Tile Catalog Create Certificate - new certificate for club - Create Character Model and produce 20 second annimation Create character of women and wolf - Create charting control in C# Create charts - Create Chat Website Template like Create chat with node.js using - Create Child Theme and secure Original WP Theme on host server Create child theme and static page that displays large search box - Create Chinese Version of Existing Website Create CHIP BAG Packaging Design - Create Chrome Extension that adds buttons third-party webpages Create chrome extension that auto fetch coupons on aliexpress - Create Cisco VPN Server on GNS3 Emulator program Create Citations on High Authority US Business Directories with Unique Content Everytime - Create Classe PHP Zip/UnZip and Send by FTP