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Develop an addictive game - Develop an advanced Android/iPhone shopping application - repost Develop an advanced Android/iPhone shopping application - repost - Develop an algorithm to calculate snowboards key performance areas speed, flex, manoeuvrability etc Develop an algorithm to flash an LED on PIC1684 chip - Develop an andriod with admin Develop an Andriod,iOS and Blackberry music application - Develop an Android and iOS application Develop an Android and iOS application - Develop an Android App Develop an Android App - develop an android app Develop an Android App - Develop an Android App for Detecting and Interacting with Bluetooth Beacons develop an android app for multivendor shopping cart website similar to that in the description. - Develop an Android app using React Native Develop an Android app version of my Wordpress Classifieds website - Develop an Android application Develop an Android application - develop an android application develop an android application - develop an android application Develop an Android Application - Develop an Android application for coupon related service Develop an android application for cricket schedule - Develop an android application to route call from android phone to tablet Develop an Android Application to Verify Internet Speed - Develop an Android Game Develop an Android game - Develop an Android Native Application - repost Develop an android news app like business insider - Develop an Android/Apple mobile application for app store/itunes Develop an Android/Browser Game - develop an anti-phishing tool develop an API - Develop an API XML import and export Develop an APK that runs a list of YouTube video IDs - Develop an app Develop an app - develop an app develop an app - Develop an App (Italian speakers only!) Develop an app - Mockups are done - Develop an app for android and iOS Develop an app for android and iOS in order to be able to order food in restaurants through mobile phone. - Develop an App for iOS and Android Develop an app for iOS and Android - Develop an APP for mobile crossplatform native (ios, windows phone and android) for tourism with backoffice management. Develop an app for mobile phones - develop an app in itunes Develop an app in Phonegap + website - Develop an app that removes a person's eyebrows as a photo filter Develop an app that will scan for specific keywords in Social Media Sites - Develop an Apple Application and if possible android application Develop an apple iOS Application - develop an application develop an application - Develop an application for Android Develop an application for Android and Apple - Develop An Application for Study (Compatible with Android, iPhones, iPads, Windows PCs) Develop an application for the common OSs (Social Network App) - Develop an application that generates label and print into Zebra Printer Develop an application that runs once - Develop an appointment iphone app /ongoing work relationship Develop an Appp using Instagram Api for iPhone and Android - Develop an auction site Develop an Auction/Buy&Sell Website (with video) - Develop an Call Blocker App for Android Develop an Catalog application for the iPhone - Develop an E-commerce Website Develop an e-commerce website - develop an easy website- easy money Develop an eBay App to implement Feedback into listings - Develop an education app (iOS) develop an education platform - develop an electronic toy that makes sounds and lights up develop an electronic toy that makes sounds and lights up - Develop an eNews HTML template compatible with all browsers Develop an English Test - Develop An Excel Database List - Create Database Develop an excel file to solve scheduling problem using branch and bound method - Develop an existing online store in Magento Develop an existing online store in Magento - develop an ftp client-server application based on the UDP protoco Develop an FTP data backup app. Java or other cross platform technology - Develop an ID3 PRIV Frame Tagger Develop an Identity (Name, Icon) for a Macintosh Application - Develop an info site on Wordpress CMS Develop an infographic for superhero films - Develop an Integration plugin for my application Develop an integration with WHMCS - develop an interactive system to keep track and maintain the store’s inventory. develop an interactive t-shirt - Develop an intranet for my company Develop an intrusion detection system - Develop an IOS and Adroid Mobile Application develop an IOS and Andriod app - Develop an ios App (Designs provided) Develop an iOS app about surveys - Develop an iOS application Develop an iOS application - Develop an iOS application to calculate IRR and Compound Interest rates Develop an IOS application using Swift - Develop an ios Virtual Stock Market and Forex App Develop an IOS, Android and blackberry applciation - Develop an iPad Application Develop an iPad application - Develop an iPhone /Android Application Develop an iPhone /Android application - Develop an Iphone App Develop an Iphone App - develop an iphone app Develop an iPhone App - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone client for OwnCloud Develop an iphone Flashlight Application. - Develop an iPhone/iPad App Develop an iPhone/iPad App - Develop an mobile app for android OS Develop An Mobile app for Mobile business - Develop an offline application form1 Develop an offline application form1 - repost - develop an online classified website like quikr -- 2 Develop an online coding platform - DEVELOP AN ONLINE FORM CALCULATOR APPLICATION/WIDGET WITH CONTACT FORM/LEAD GENERATION INTEGRATION DEVELOP AN ONLINE FORM CALCULATOR APPLICATION/WIDGET WITH CONTACT FORM/LEAD GENERATION INTEGRATION - Develop an online Shop Builder site Develop an Online Shop website - Develop an online version of a book Develop an online video player - Develop an organisational identity and branding, refresh the existing logo Develop an OS X application that slides in from the side of the screen and offers interaction (drag&drop) - Develop an School Management Android App Develop an SDK for use with mobile Apps - Develop an third party app store for new country Develop an Travel app - Develop and Add Content to Fitness Website Develop and add new content into current website - Develop and app for the iPhone and Andriod phone Develop and App of the android and iphone market - Develop and Configure Kamailio SIP Server Develop and Configure the Phpholidays Cms (PHP ZEND FRAMEWORK) - Develop and design a dynamic mordren website.... Develop and design a ecommerce-like site. - Develop and Design a WordPress Plugin Develop and Design a WordPress Plugin - Develop and Design Multi Authors Wordpress Blog and Mobile App
Develop and Design multilevel menbership website Wordpress - develop and document software application using scrum methodology Develop and embed JavaScript & PHP - Develop and host an online training program Develop and host in AppStore Audio Book Application - Develop and Install a Google Chrome App Develop and Install a Google Chrome App - repost - Develop and iOS app for mobile pattern lock game Develop and iPhone & Android Application - Develop and maintain website - FOR SKORDS Develop and maintain Website in Umbraco - Develop and Online Store with Custom Theme Develop and OpenGl Qt project - Develop and Set up VPN. Develop and setup simple OSCommerce Site - Develop and Write a Technical report in java SE and Mysql. Develop and write an iphone application - DEVELOP ANDROID AND MAC APPLICATION - open to bidding Develop Android and Blackberry Mobile Application - Develop Android and iOS Retail App develop android and ios style app for latinas spanish and english versions - Develop Android app Develop Android app - DEVELOP ANDROID APP FOLLOWING ANOTHER APP MODEL Develop Android App for altcoin exchange trading. - Develop Android app screen with PSD. No API integration. Develop Android app screen with PSD. WE WILL DO API integration. - Develop Android Application Develop Android Application - Develop Android Application - BLUE LED LIGHT with Functions Develop android application . - develop android apps Develop Android Apps for existing zencart website - Develop Android Iphone App Develop Android IPhone Application High Paying - Develop android version of existing IOS app. Develop Android Version of FB Web App - Develop angularJS front end application develop Animal/Raptile community forum and personal stores - develop api for magento to process shipping with dimensions to receive volumetric weight Quote Develop API for mobile apps - Develop App Develop App - develop app and website DEVELOP APP AND WEBSITE SAME WAZE.COM FUNCTIONS - Develop APP for IOS and Android Develop app for IOS and WINDOWS PHONE - Develop app in fix api (fxcm) from my expert advisor strategy - only for HedgeMaster1029 Develop app in java for view a dvr zmodo on android - Develop app to manage soccer league Develop app to post 50 Yelp reviews per month - Develop application Develop application - Develop application for Windows phone Develop application framework - Develop apps develop apps - Develop Architectural BIM Model-LOD300-Residential Building Develop architectural design - develop ASP.NET MVC CRM website Develop web application - Develop Audio Player for AOD /Live Streaming with special requirments Develop Audio Tool in CSS and jquery - Develop automation solution for testing parts of the application Develop Automation system to read data on regular time from a Database on a system and Store it in a particular format in a folder on that very system - Develop backend englne for website Develop backend for a web platform - Develop Basic accounting application with customer database for church Develop basic Android IOS applications with several levels of reporting which feeds back to a web based back-end system. Need to be able to develop the apps as well as the web based system and tie it all together. - Develop Best In Class Machine Learning Algorithm Develop Best Website - Develop block chain database for carbon credits Develop blockchain solution - Develop Brand Identity and "story" concepts for testing. Develop brand identity for a Jewellery brand - Develop Browser-based game Develop BRS & SRS for a commercial exam simulator website - Develop Business Model & Plan Develop Business Plan - Develop C# program to reassembled/ uncompress network traffic develop c# algorithm that makes the product backround completely white - Develop C++ programs using CVP tool Develop C/C++ program - Develop Card game Develop card game - develop cgi scene with people Develop CGPA app for android - Develop chatroom develop checkin module for social engine, using either facebook or foursquare checking. - Develop Chromium Applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS Develop Church Android App - Develop cloud server to store and categorize files/content/data Develop CMS (admin) and help update website - Develop code to FFmpeg Develop code to map a data set from mapping table as an excel back end applicaiton - Develop company brand image Develop company brand image - open to bidding - Develop Complete Joomla Site from Fireworks CS5 Design Files Develop Complete Magento Website - Develop conceptual, theoretical and practical questions and answers related to Mechanical Engineering subject. Develop configuration program - Develop Content Management Solution Develop contingency plans and arrangements to respond to business disruptions - Develop Corporate Identity (Continuous Work) Develop Corporate Identity (Logo, Banners, Brouchers, Stationary, 3D Designs) - Develop course content and supporting materials Develop course content: Using social media to attract accounting talent - Develop cross-browser extensions with JavaScript and jQuery Develop Cross-internet Product Search Engine - Develop Current Prestashop eCommerce Site Develop current website - DEVELOP CUSTOM CSS/PHP/HTML DIGITAL AGENCY WEBSITE DESIGN PROVIDED Develop custom Drupal functionality - Develop Custom Made Wordpress Plugins Develop custom Magento extension - Develop custom Scada System Develop Custom Script/Application to pull data from Helpscout API into a Geckoboard Dashboard - Develop Custom WHMCS Front End Theme/Pages and integrate into website Develop Custom Wordpress Auction Web Site - Develop customized newsletter system Develop customized POS software - Develop data structure that represents an Othello board Develop Data Visualization Applications for Fortune 500 Company - Develop databases for mobile game for Android and iOS develop databases synchronization program - Develop demo of gaming portal website Develop demo scene on DirectX and C++ - Develop Desktop Application (Medical Management System) Develop Desktop application for HR, Payroll - Develop Digital Signage Restaurant Menu in HTML5 to Load on Media Player Develop diploma level ICT units - Develop downloadable PDF Joomla component for form records Develop Downloader at WPF. - develop drupal webpages Develop Drupal website - Develop E-commerce Platform - Continuous Project DEVELOP E-COMMERCE SITE - Develop e-waiver & check-in system for kids' play center Develop e-Wallet. - Develop EC2 Framwork for my cloud client Develop eclipse GMF application - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - Develop Elearning Driver Education Computer Base Training Site Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - plague - Develop Email Plug Ins Develop email plug ins for browsers - Develop Emoji Application