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Develop functionality on a Justtide M3000 POS device - Develop game for web/ios/android platforms. Simple game Develop Game in Android or Unity3D - develop games mobile app Develop games webpage based flash and action script - Develop Google Chrome Extension as per spec Develop Google Chrome Extension Type & Translate Instantly - Develop graphics and brand identity for our Social Media project Develop graphics for a 2D game - Develop Header of the website Develop health and security policy for small company - Develop High Quality Websites using Wordpress or Joomla Develop high quality Word game for web with HTML and Javascript - develop hotspot and controller software Develop Hotspot page - Develop html guy Develop HTML Newsletter from Mockup - Develop HTML5 tracking module using local sqlite DB Develop HTML5 version of an Iphone app - Develop identity icons/graphics develop iframe or form for booking to be directly onsite - Develop in PHP a method to extract data using Inspect Element XPATH calls Develop in PHP and MySQL web application - Develop Instant Message server and client on Windows Develop Instant Messaging Android App - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - develop ionic framework mobile app Develop Ionic hybrid app - Develop iOS am Android App like ElfYourself Develop iOS and Andoid App using PhoneGap or Adobe AIR - Develop iOS and Android phone app Develop iOS and Android Social App - Develop iOS App from Android App "Wild Animal Guide" Develop iOS app from scratch - Develop iOS apps using SWIFT or Objective C. Must have developed apps using iOS SDK 8.x, Xcode6,HealthKit Develop iOS business app - develop iOS/Android app using iBeacons Develop iOS/Android library to read a proprietary barcode format - Develop iPhone & Android App Develop iPhone & android app - Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service -- 2 - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app which can play MMS video stream Develop iPhone App with Animation - Develop iPhone application to play media Develop iPhone Application To Scan QR Bar-Codes & Geo Location - Develop iPhone SMS Application to send SMS using WEB API. Develop iPhone version of Android App - Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results -- 2 Develop IR / IrDA emitter receiver pair HW for J2601 H2 application - Develop Java Component to Produce MHT files from a URL Develop Java Function Library for API - Develop job Develop job platform - Develop Joomla Extension Develop Joomla module for Stock Ticker - Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) - Develop LARAVEL FRAMEWORK-powered website Develop Large Scale Massings of Urban Centre in SKETCHUP - Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form - Develop Local Database for an iOS App (iPhone and iPad) Develop local leads for my business - Develop Logo and Visual Identity for Online Store Develop Logo Concept - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 2 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 3 - Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting Develop Mac Cleanner - Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual-POS develop magento extension to limit products in cart by rules - Develop magneto mobile application Develop Mail Server - Develop marketing strategy and branding position Develop Marketing Strategy for Chartered Accounting Firm (Start up company) - develop matrimony site. develop matrimony site. - open to bidding - Develop media device that can connect to tv to stream live video Develop Media Journal, Upload and Search Website - Develop Messenger service Skype Develop Messenger service Skype application - Develop mini ground vehicle with compact chassis Develop minimal valuable application - Develop mobile App Develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for iOS and Android Develop mobile app for iOS and android - develop mobile app using ionic develop mobile app using ionic -- 2 - Develop mobile application - Database knowledge required Develop Mobile Application and Accompanying Website - Develop mobile comunication with database (Unity3D) Develop mobile food ordering APP - develop mobile social website develop mobile template for website powered by SmartJobBoard - Develop Module for Checking/Validating Registration Keys Develop Module for Customizing Products - Prestashop - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding Develop Monitoring and Evaluation Manual - Develop MS Access software Develop MS Excel application to automatically gather stock and option prices from yahoo and google finance - develop multiplayer card game website using django, python, PyGame. develop multiplayer card game website using django, python, PyGame. - open to bidding - Develop My Application with Sencha Ext JS & Sencha Touch develop my arcad WordPress theme - Develop my domains to help me earn $30-$40 DAILY develop my excel model with VBA - develop my private MMORPG server. - open to bidding Develop my PSD -> Wordpress - Develop my Website
Develop my website - Develop my whole website Develop my Word press Websites - Develop native iOS Business Application Develop Native Iphone, iPad App - Develop new company name Develop New Consumer Electronic Device - develop new function for website surfing project : php codeigniter Develop new functionalities for one our games in Windows Phone - Develop new modules for management system in Java Spring Develop new modules in R for the Statistic Analysis Software as a Service - Develop new template system Develop new theme for auction site - Develop New Website In Drupal Develop new website look and feel - Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs (re-post 2) - develop of a prototype database on Access 2010 Develop of a web based management system for an insurance agency - Develop on Wordpress Plugin Develop on-going server-side project using Laravel. - Develop one page Info Graphic company profile Develop one page responsive wordpress website - Develop Online App or Software to Scrape Bands and Musicians Based on Geo Location Develop online assessment - Develop online game for website Develop online game in HTML5 (or Flash) - Develop Online RPG Game site similar to Gaia Online. Develop Online Selling Website Module - Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software - Develop OpenERP module Develop Opennebula Sunstone extension for custom VM scheduling - Develop or use existing IRC-chat for iphone. Develop Oracle Apex Application - Develop Our Company Website DEVELOP OUR COMPANY'S MOBILE APP FOR IOS AND ANDROID - Develop our templates into shopify theme using prebuilt theme Develop our VTIGER CRM - Develop Page for Video On-Demand Develop page/db caching of the existing web site. - Develop Payment Gateway Plugins For AppThemes - Jobsroller Theme - [Wordpress] Develop payment gateway software with all required approvals and certifications - Develop PDA application that can syncronise with MS Access Database develop pdf and video application - Develop phase 2 Develop Phase of construction project - Develop Photoshop CS5 action for Andy Warhol Filter Develop photoshop like software using open source software - Develop PHP Forms - No Design Develop PHP Framework for Existing Online Music Learning Site - Develop PHP Wordpress PSD of homepage redesign Develop PHP Wrapper for Amazon SES - Develop Platform to Add Leads Develop Platform web - repost - Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration - Repost -- 2 develop plugin or extension for sketch up or alternative 3D software - Develop Portal with login and password for monitoring visualization Develop POS and Purchases/Inventory Modules - Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. - Develop price comparison website using Kaon s/w Develop Price File Manipulator Application - Develop Productivity improvment System Java Struts Hibernate Develop Professional Image and Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals - develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart -- 2 Develop program to identify strongest correlation between historic stock prices - Develop prototype of computer game develop proxy server on phone ? - Develop python plugin Develop python plugin -- 2 - Develop query in Microsoft Access that selects X number of random records per Y variable. Develop Question/Answer website - Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 - develop realty website using PHP Develop rebranding website - Develop Replication MySQL <> Sybase Anywhere 11 using JAVA DEVELOP REPORT - Develop Reserved Seating Function for Existing Website Develop responsive application in Angular JS, bootstrap etc - Develop REST API Develop REST API in Java - Develop RFP for Professional Webssite Bids Develop RFP+Technical Document - Develop Ruby on Rails gem for Javascript library Develop running news feeder - develop same functions of fully works Develop Same Like - develop school web site Develop score for Company Name to domain - Develop Script For Produced Video Commercial Develop script for uploading ind including posts into WordPress MySQL database - Develop search form using PHP/AJAX and MYSQL Develop search form web site - Develop SEO plan for my Website Develop SEO Software - Develop several IOS / ANDROID MOBILE APPS Develop Several Online Market Places Plugins to work with out Gateway API - Develop sharepoint workflow Develop sharepoint workflows - Develop simil AUTOBIZ website Develop similar game like given - DEVELOP SIMPLE ANDROID APPS Develop Simple Android Game - Develop simple driver to configure Bluetooth module using embedded MCU UART interface develop simple drupal template - Develop Simple iOS Music Player Develop Simple iOS/Android Game - Develop simple mobile app in IBM Bluemix Develop Simple Mobile Application - Develop simple Program Develop simple program to copy files into a specified folder in Hard Drive - Develop simple user directory application on EC2 and S3 Develop Simple User Input Window For DOS Batch Processing - Develop simulation model in simulation software Develop simulations using booksim. - Develop site in drupal 8 Develop site like - Develop slot game backend using Node JS Develop small android app - develop small software that obtain the data from URL develop small static informational website(10 pages) - Develop SMTP Creating Script Develop SMTP proxy server for e-mail archiving - Develop Social Media Script Develop Social Network - Develop Software Develop Software - develop software Develop Software - Google And Amazon Data Extractor - Develop Software for downloading various media - repost develop software for existing website preety much similar to sign up page software. - Develop software for you. Java SE. Develop software for you. Java SE. - Develop Software to Auto Post Videos from Youtube Vimeo Metacafe to Blogger / Wordpress Develop software to automatically generate catalog pages - Develop Software with Integration with affiliate system APIs Develop Software with the same functionality of - Develop some functionalitites to our existing website Develop some Hotel Software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop Space Efficient Using Java | C++ Develop Space Efficient Using Java | C++ - Develop Sports Social Networking Site (Cricket) - PHP / SQl Server