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Develop InfoBip USSD Platform/App - Develop interactive e commerce website Develop interactive event calendar with PHP/filters - Develop Interview Questions to Ask Athletes when they Relocate or Get traded Develop Interview Questions to Ask Athletes when they Relocate or Get traded(repost) - Develop iOS & Android apps with server side and database setup .We need to create a mobile app (including iOS & Android version), and also the server side setup to receive and reply requests from app. Develop iOS & Android Game with unity 3D - Develop IOS and Android App with nice UI Develop IOS and Android Application - Develop iOS app Develop iOS app - Develop IOS application Develop IOS application - DEVELOP iOS GAME FOR iPAD. develop iOS iPhone application - Develop Ipad and android App Develop iPad app - Develop iPhone & Android Apps for site Develop iPhone & Android Game - develop iPhone and Androind Application Develop Iphone and Blackberry App - Develop iPhone app - Video app + Social Develop iPhone app a-la Yellow Pages - Develop iPhone Application Develop iPhone Application - Develop Iphone Facebook Only Login/Sign in Sample App Develop iPhone Font Scanning App - Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. - repost - Develop IT consulting website develop it now - Develop Java plugin for internet explorer and chrome DLL will be provided Develop Java program - Develop Job site Develop Job site portal & Online tutorial - Develop Joomla template from image Develop Joomla Website - develop website Develop keys Generatore of a program - DEVELOP LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE FOR BUSINESSES Develop Lead Generation Website - Develop Linux 2.6 System Profiler with Graphing Develop Linux Based Operating System For Guest Computers - Develop login function for car parts website develop login page - Develop Logo for new Internet Radio Show Develop Logo for Photography Interview Website - Develop Loyalty CRM program + POS terminal configuration & integrate with the program Develop Loyalty CRM program and integrate POS terminal with the program - Develop MacOS script develop macro in Excel & Website implement - Develop Magento Plugin Develop Magento Site - develop management software for language academy Develop management website with web service jobs - Develop mashup application using Google app engine develop mass embeddeder - develop MCQ's(repost) Develop MDM system with beacons - Develop Member's Area for Website Develop Member/Registration Form - Develop method to transcribe resume details into standardized format Develop Miayuco application and backbone - Develop MMORPG game -- 2 Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop mobile app for Maptags using Phonegap/Ionic Develop Mobile App for my current widget - Develop Mobile App using Phone Gap API Develop mobile app using phonegap - Develop mobile application for android and ios iphone. Develop mobile application for existing small application - Develop mobile food ordering APP - repost 2 Develop mobile friendly version of an existing website - Develop mobile version of pre-existing landing page Develop mobile versions of landing page with proper browser / platform sniffers to spec - Develop module for prestashop Develop module for PrestaShop (carousel banners) - Develop more module for artvenue script Develop more pages in a MAC Pages document (Windows Word) - Develop MS-Word Template and rework tech bulletins Develop MSI project for an application using the Microsoft Speech SDK - Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet - Develop my chat android app from scratch Develop my coming soon - Develop my IOS App *Easy Social Media* Develop my Java + SQLite application (only two classes) - develop my Search website better(repost) develop my shopify website - Develop My Website Develop my website - Develop MyLikes Bot/Traffic Gain? Develop Myspace Robot / Auto Friend Request - Develop Navigation GUI mockup using HTML5 - ongoing work Develop Network Marketing Suite in PHP/MYSql [MLM script] - Develop new data entry webpages Develop new document scanner and "simple" tablet on a stand, and software. - Develop New homapage and Apply on website Develop New homapage and Apply on website - develop new online shopping website using magento Develop new or modify existing Wordpress plugin - Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure -- 2 - Develop New Website Skin Using Custom CSS - fantasy football site Develop new website using the some of the concepts from an existing website - Develop Ning API Develop node.js - Develop of Android App with bluetooth interaction Develop of Bowling Game (HTML5, WebGL) - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food - Develop one page Website Develop one page with paralax scrolling and outstanding graphics - Develop Online Backup Software Solution Develop online backup website - Develop online game using HTML/CSS/javascript Develop online game: HTML/CSS/javascript - Develop Online Selling Website Module Develop Online Service that Disguises Sites as Word Document - Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software - develop openerp Develop OpenERP module - Develop or use existing IRC-chat for iphone Develop or use existing IRC-chat for iphone. - Develop our CMS on regular bases Develop our compant website - Develop our simple Webapplication in PHP Develop our team site in Sharepoint - Develop page (UI) for existing web site (buy page) Develop Page - Angular, Struts2, Sql Server - Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce Develop Payment Gateway module in WHMCS - Develop PC Game (Boxing) develop pcb - develop personal website - Personal Marketing develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost - Develop Photo Rating Website Develop photobook web app for Wordpress - Develop php file to load and parse an xml file pulled from a url develop php files - Develop PHP site or in joomla Develop PHP Web , Scrape the Android Market data - Develop Planner/Countdown iPhone App Develop Platform Connector - Develop plugin for wordpress
Develop Plugin for Wordpress and Emby Media Server - Develop Poker playing software develop Policy, training calendar, management Training projects - develop prayer and qibla for muslim - repost Develop pre-built theme - develop prestashop tpl file -- 3 Develop price comparison algorithm - Develop Product Number generator Develop production drawings from existing Solidworks 3D model - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 2 Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 3 - Develop proposal to convert existing web site to osCommerce Develop Proprietary CAPTCHA-Solving System For Us - Develop Python Barcode Label Printing using CUPS and Native Printer Languages with Firebird SQL Develop Python Barcode Label Printing using CUPS and Native Printer Languages with Firebird SQL - open to bidding - Develop quality template for nopcommerce, and to install and build site using nopcommerce Develop quality flash player to our video site - Develop Random Numbers in Excel Develop Ranking Website for tomydeveloper - develop Realtek RTL8188SU/8191/2 driver for Microchip PIC32MX695F512L Develop Realtime stats update - Develop remote support for linux based on reverse SSL Develop Remote Support Web Application - Develop Requirements - audio loop ecommerce website Develop Requirements Doc. and Project Plan for Facebook Application - Develop Responsive Wordpress Theme Develop Responsive Wordpress Theme -- 2 - Develop Reverse Engineered / Enhanced Products. Develop Reverse Engineered Products with Product Enhancement - Develop router / firewall software Develop routines and modules to store and display all characters correctly in oracle and mysql databases using php and HTML sources - Develop Sales/Marketing Strategy Develop Salesforce app with - Develop Scheduling App develop schematics - Develop script for email migration Develop Script for Hugin software (image processing) - Develop Search categories within site Develop Search Engine - Develop SEO contents for my new website Develop SEO for my site - Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app IOS, Andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app ios/andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X - Develop Sharepoint theme branding Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost - Develop side widget plugin which one can be found Astrologic Rising Star Develop signalr live support web chat - Develop simple android app for online quick cash loan website Develop Simple android app using HTML5 - Develop Simple Cloud-based Sales Automation Develop simple CSS theme for website - Develop Simple iOS App Develop simple iOS APP (Swift2) based on existing Android APP (Android Studio project attached) - Develop simple marketplace website Develop Simple Member Area & Affiliate Link - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling only(repost) Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function only - Develop simple Stored procedures Develop simple time-tracking spreadsheet - Develop simplistic App quickly Develop simplistic simulation model,1-2 page report on appro - Develop Site cargo. Russian speaker developer Develop site content - Develop skeleton strategies for securing Google endpoints Develop sketchup model - Develop small PCB for 6VDC/1A output converter Develop small PHP Mysql site - Develop SMS Application Develop SMS Application(repost) - Develop Social Media for a growing business Develop Social Media just like Twitter by replacing tweet with 10 second of Audio - Develop Social Networking Sites Develop Social Networking Website - develop software develop software - Develop software for classifieds posting develop software for converting the afl codes in amibroker to DLL / plugin. - Develop Software for Social Networking Develop Software for Social Networking - repost - Develop Software Similar to CustomInk develop software solution - Develop Software To Read Currency Note Number And Year Develop software to remove folders - Develop some content Develop some content for Website related to science - Develop some routines in c# Develop some routines in c# -- 2 - Develop some software Develop some software - DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE -- 2 - develop spider/crawler - repost Develop splash page from designs - Develop standard set of templates Develop startup webpages, analytic tools and freelance projects - Develop strategy game apps (Android, Windows, iOS, FaceBook) and client-server game network Develop Streaming Website Audio - Develop Survey Code for CrateJoy Website Develop Survey Creating software - Develop system to auto upload documents to web site Develop system to help automate processes - Develop Teamdesk/DBFlex database applications Develop TEASER ads network - Develop Temporary Landing Page for Game Website Develop Terms and Conditions for Web Applicaiton - Develop the Android version of Top Around app Develop the AngularJS+Bootstrap Hybrid App Front End of a new App - Develop the data structure for a project costing database Develop the database schema for implementing the model in the Oracle OORDBMS. - Develop the interface module for eBay and Amazon Develop the light system for eBay and Amazon - Develop the redesigned UI for an existing Android app (Design already made) develop the same app - develop the website Develop the website and mobile application - Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost 2 - Develop tour guide website Develop tourism program - Develop Travel Website Develop Travel Website - develop twitter strategy Develop two android applications - one for the customer and another for the provider. Customer places a request for a service which gets assigned to a service team. The service team manages delivery from within the provider app. - Develop two-way communication service between Twilio and using PHP/Laravel Develop TWS Java API - Develop unique responsive Wordpress website Develop Unique Selling Point for Education Business + Fill Website Content - Develop User Interface Develop User Interface on AutoCAD - Develop VBA macro for PowerPoint 2010 to count words Develop VBA Macro to Create name with Dynamic range - Develop video Crash course on basic C programming Develop video Crash course on core java programming - Develop Video security application Develop Video/Movie Recognition Software - Develop VOIP application using twilio APIs Develop VoIP billing program - Develop Wearable Kids Tracking Device - Need only GPS data from device to server Develop wearable product based on BLE. Small device of coin size -- URGENT (Business case Study) - develop web applcation with chat Develop Web Application - Develop web application using API to existing and well documented engine Develop web application using C# - Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET - Develop web parts Develop Web Platform and Andriod,IOS apps for Cab Service - Develop web scraping software