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We are going to start a big-scale blog focusing purely on how small businesses can increase their revenue by using incremental small changes.


Alot of new online businesses don't pay much attention to their logo designs. They just create a very bad logo and launch their website. This is bad. Why? First impression counts so do their logo! We can mention to the reader the importance of logo design the various types of logo designs and how they should ask for a logo design from a designer so that the designer is able to give them what they need (if they have something in mind). After mentioning all that we redirect them to our affiliate link where they can get logo designs from $5.

Logo design is just a small aspect of the mega blog. Any small changes that may increase one's online business will go into this blog. More examples could be video marketing, sponsored reviews and etc. The list is really big.

Therefore, my plan is to get as many writers as possible on board. create various topics on how small changes can improve their business. for each topic I will assign an individual writer.


For Writer A - His/Her department could be logo designs. He/She will constantly craft articles related to logo designs and how various types of logo Designs impact a business and where can one get it done (our affiliate link)

For Writer B - His/Her Department could be sponsored reviews. He/She will constantly craft articles related to sponsored reviews. why it is good. how to make it natural and where to get it done (our affiliate link)

these are just 2 departments, as I mentioned there are way more content aspects that we can cover. any small change that is easy to do, cheap to do and will highly impact one's business in a better way should be our focus.

With all that said, I require plenty of writers on board. Don't just be a regular writer. You will own a share of the affiliate commissions that the site will generate. How? for each topic you are assigned to, I will place a SUBID mentioning your author name in every link that comes under your topic and article. And when a commission is generated, we will know from which writer the commission was generated and we will give a share to the writer. why are we doing this? I have hired writers before, whenever they feel there is an ownership, they write better and better written content converts better.

You do what you do best - write.

We will do what we do best - to put the site to the mass public and generate boat load of traffic so that the articles can convert for us.

All that mentioned, I am looking for writers who can work for coffee-money while realizing that their articles could be generating much more affiliate commission for them in the near future.

If you are interested to be part of this exciting journal, please bid how much coffee money would you like to be paid for each article that you are willing to contribute. The article will be working for both of us in terms of generating income. So bid wisely and also write well.

Habilidades: Artículos, Redacción de contenidos, Redacción en línea

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