Looking for brilliant Frontend developers from RUSSIA, UKRAINE or BRAZIL, independent, innovative, smart, highly motivated PYTHON developers to work on a new Crypto Exchange




Hello Dear Professional DJANGO and PYTHON 3.5 Developer,


Please also address our requirements specifically in your application if you want to actually get the job.

I have a Platform that allow customers to BUY and SELL Bitcoin and Ethereum using their credit card, e-wallet, or if they wish, a bank account.

The site is developed in Django, some Django Rest Framework, and plain javascript (Jquery, requirejs, browserify).

We run on DOCKER using micro-components approach and put lots of attention to security,

testability and scalability.

We use Wercker for CI, and so far it worked great for us to save development and deployment time as one.

PEP8 compatible code is required (we have a pre-commit hook that will not let you commit otherwise).

So is the ability to run clean and beautiful code (Flat is better than nested, Explicit is better than Implicit).

Tests are also a must, we currently have 80% coverage, and plan on increasing it to as close to 100% as possible!

Some familiarity with docker, micro components approach werckerCI are required, however we used docker as a managed service by WerckerCI, and you do not need to be a Sysadmin, this part is covered.

As for general guidelines for what's planned for this product:

Pre launch:

1. Fix last small and medium bugs.

2. Improve tests.

3. Improve our CI and CD processes (we use docker + docker compose + wercker).

4. Enhance payment integration (some are already made, so there's an example).

Post launch:

1. Help us move to service based architecture (React project in progress).

2. Support and developer the system.

3. Develop more features and add more supported crypto currencies.


All is working seemlessly, automatically, and perfectly, interface is pleasant to the average user, written in React(we have Frontend devs as well) and is consuming a fully service based Django REST Framework API.

All the background jobs are implemented in Celery, and are on different nodes that have private networking between them, and communicate strictly in JSON API over private networking.

General requirements:

Base requirements:


Django Rest Framework

Javascript (jQuery, RequireJS, browserify)

ReactJS is a huge plus.

Some Docker and Devops knowledge is also a big plus, especially concerning OpenVPN and cloud security in relation to micro services.

Website can be viewed at:

https://[url removed, login to view]

https://[url removed, login to view]


Side note:

Russian and Spanish speakers are preferred simply since we are aiming mainly at those markets.

How ever anyone who answers the minimal requirements and can write good code will be warmly welcome for an interview with equal chances based only on personal and technological competence!

Habilidades: Django, HTML, PHP, Python

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