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My task was to redesign all pages of the site, make it responsive and speed up site.

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Over a 6 years of experience behind with such stack of technologies: [strong possession] - Computer Vision (C++, C#, Python, OpenCV, etc..): Object classification, detection & re/Identification, Semantic and instance segmentation, Image retrieval, Optical Character Recognition, Facial recognition and surveillance, Depth prediction, etc. - Machine Learning (Python, Numpy, Scikit, matplotlib, etc..): Linear & Logistic regressions, SVM, Decision Trees, Random Forest, kNN, aNN, K-Means clustering, T-SNE, PCA, Boosting, etc. - Artificial Intelligence (C++, Python, Java, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, etc..): Convolutional, Deep, Recurrent neural networks, Evolutionary algorithms, Long Short Term Memory, Auto Encoders, GANs, etc. [weak possession] - System Administration (UNIX based OS) - Full-Stack Software & Web Development (C++, C#, Java, Python, PyQt HTML, CSS, JS, PHP): Frontend, Backend, Desktop & Mobile apps, services, etc - Robotics (prototyping, programming (Arduino, Raspberry)

$32 USD / hora

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