AHC Mailer.

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Custom contacts/visitors database including donations information and its own webmail client for Angkor Hospital for Children.

image of username jgarcias Flag of Cambodia Siem Reap, Cambodia

Mi perfil

In my software development experience I have worked with the following programming languages: C#.Net, Delphi, PHP, JSP. The projects I have worked in combine different technologies so that I have developed good skills to work in Back-end and Front-end side as well (jQuery, mootools, javascript, HTML and CSS). I have developed websites and web applications from scratch and also maintained existing ones, created using CMS like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress, and frameworks like Yii and cakePHP. My experience includes creating pages and websites from PSD files and modifying ready made templates. I would like to establish a long term relationship with anybody who needs development service for one or several software projects for some hours a week. Nevertheless, short/fixed projects are also welcome.

$8 USD / hora