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    Google Adwords 11 horas left

    I have a campaign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I want the best results on the Google page. I work in a company to move furniture and clean houses, detect water leaks

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    draw a model for an invention 6 días left
    VERIFICADO stooped: the device will be connected to the vehicle gear to detect its status. The update is done when the gear is moved to Neutral or Parked. This is more suitable to small vehicle like cars and buses. 2. Door is open: sensors will be placed in all entries of the vehicle to detect when it is open. This is suitable to all sort of vehicles including

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    VPN application for IOS/Android 6 días left

    ...something similar like ExpressVPN app for both IOS and Android . We just need users to have a simple connect bottom for making connection to server. ( app should be able to detect the fastest server and connect to it). VPN protocol: L2TP / Open connect Backend: Just be able to do server configuration, changing banner, user setting (ban ,un-ban), user

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    3cx problem when check for firewall

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    Wireless Sensor Networks 5 días left

    Part I. Object Detection A sensor network is deployed in a 2D field (a 2D rectangular grid) to detect objects of interest. For ease of data presentation, the collected sensor data is described by an N×N grid of characters. The characters are in the range A…Z. The object could be an animal or a vehicle of some shape or color. Let the characters represent

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    Play Go App 5 días left or tomorrow at the most. The application is about movies and series. The code used here is the Easyplex code and is in java. The problem is that it apparently does not detect the subdomain that this application's panel has. The application in debugging mode enters but it is when the application is signed that the error appears to occur. I cannot

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    hi, I am looking php script that detect the watermark image.

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    Premiere pro Extension 4 días left

    hi , we are looking for premiere pro extension that can show real time shake detect percentage , So media will be on sequence then we will see the what is the shake rate in live view .

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    ...object is detected at the input. This is achieved by using a laser and a photodetector as object detectors. Similarly, another object detector is used at the camera module, to detect the presence of an object, to capture an image of it. The captured image is then fed to the convolutional neural network, present in the Decision-Making Module, which outputs

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    React Native Object C developer. 4 días left

    ...94698834 [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] It seems like the exactly same package react-native-callid, but it seems like not working. Please let me know

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    more secure and anti hack. for own membership use only 300-1000 persons Json script , web design, search engine speed and etc. firewall is important to protect my source and website

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    Virtual Machine Analysis 3 días left

    Review Hyper-V System, analyze current situation. Review problem to access some VIrtual OS with RDP, review and make recommendation to Baclup/Restore system, performance. Detect problem with lost connection - eather VM setup, Hardware or Network. Make recommendation to improve.

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    8 ofertas Verify Mobile number with OTP. ii)Social signup option, 2) New Post: Posting new product for sell Fields: Category, Product Name, Product Photo (Max. 5 photos) Location (detect automatically or set manually), Product Description, Price. 3) Search/Filter product based on i)Category ii)Location- Discover ads near you iii)Price iv)Combination of

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    Network Admin 3 días left

    We are an outsource company for IT Network Maintenance. We need an engineer to support one of our clients. Main equipment involved are switches, routers and firewall.

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    ML project text classification 2 días left

    ..."review", "reconcile", "track", "resolve", "identify", "log", "audit trail", "report", "dashboard", "diagnose", "escalate", "investigate", "variance", "error", "exception", "detect", "differences", "compare against...

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    ...they are taking time to load. Make sure it loads fast. 2. Customer, Driver and Merchant app should work in every android device. Remove auto send OTP after 30 seconds. Auto detect OTP. 3. Max cash allowed for placing order. Add this feature from backend. 4. Sometimes item value is getting zero at the checkout when added item through search option. 5

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    ...for an expert, i have 6 aerial images taken for some roadway ramps, the roads contain of a set of curves connected together (circular and spiral curve), firstly, i want to detect the start and ends of each sub-curves by calculation the radius of curvature at 1 m or 2 m position, then after the start and ends are determined i want to calculate the length

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    Expert in Golang and Web Scraping 2 días left

    I need someone with good knowlodges on Golang and Web Scraping on my script: - Fix and detect bugs - Optimize speed and load - Upgrade latest headers and variables If you are familiar with Golang and Web Scraping, this is the project for you.

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    ...tested 2 libs for python with neural network and with pyin implementation, both detecting pitch very well, but not suitable for realtime. i also know one lib for C++ which detect reasonably and can work in realtime. Scrolling and pitch tracking should look like in vocaberry app on android/ios In future or if budget will allow to do in that project:

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    Install and configure Sophos XG Firewall alongside an existing Azure environment

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    game name is march of empires. Available in steam ios android and microsoft store. needed me only via microsoft. There are alliances and their respecti...their respective regions in the game. Within these regions, items such as stone, iron wood, which are the source of the game, appear. I need software that will automatically detect and collect them.

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    Note : We require L-3 Level expert engineer visit require for Juniper Firewall SRX 3400 Node 0 Link up and down issue in Chennai. Kindly Check your engineer availability and share lowest visit charges. There are two firewalls one is Node-0 and 2nd is Node-1, both are working in cluster scenario. Customer is facing issue with Node-0 up & down frequently

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    ...94698834 [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] It seems like the exactly same package react-native-callid, but it seems like not working. Please let me know

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    network security 2 días left

    implement a SSH server, 2. implement a honeypot, 3. implement security controls using baseline configurations, multi-factor authentication, and a firewall 4. perform security monitoring through logging 5. evaluate the network for vulnerabilities and recommend changes

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    ...a webpage, a textbox in a webpage etc. i want to be able to add images in the vb6 exe software and it should scan for all of them on the screen every second or so. it must detect the image even if it is for example 70% similar. if you can give a good price for this project, i can give more projects in the future too. it should export the X Y where the

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    ...detection, we have a list of proxies to use for the tool via the SOCKS protocol. The algorithm that chooses the accounts and proxies should work smart in a way that it tries to detect if entering possibly did not work because of the account data or the proxy and only switch to another choice accordingly. We have limited lists of accounts/proxies and want

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    Hello, This job is for October 13 at 8AM (gmt -5, new york time). Sophos XGS116 This job is to configure Internet routing rules for 3 groups A B C Group A has access to WAN 2 and redundant to WAN1 Group B has access to WAN 1 only Group C has access to WAN 1 only. But there can be a rule in case of emergency where traffic can be sent via WAN2 as well. I also need you to show me how to limit band...

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    Create a Website like Quora using Laravel for $100. Key Focus: -Multilanguage support -Automatic topic assignment (tagging) for posts. -Moderation tools. -Detect user preferences -Automize newsfeed based on user preferences -Implement machine Learning optimizations

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    ...extracting and analyzing various features of legitimate and phishing URLs. Decision Tree, random forest and support vector machine algorithms are used to detect phishing websites. Aim of the paper is to detect phishing URLs as well as narrow them down to best machine learning algorithm by comparing the accuracy rate, false positive and false negative rate

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    I need C# codes to detect and define the duplicated percentage from an image with others. i have 2 folders, folder1 and folder2 the tool will take one by one from folder1 to compare with all images from folder2 and return in a grid the result of duplicated percentage of this images to each of images from folder2 let's say we have 2 images from folder1

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    I have an event listener that records the value of a toggle slicer in my application. The toggle can have value set to OFF or ON. I have a variable called filteredValue which contains the value of the current toggle state eg let filteredValue = [iniciar sesión para ver URL][0].values; I need to apply an action when the value of that variable changes. eg When filteredValue changes fro...

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    Sophos Firewall 22 horas left

    Deployment Services - Conduct Environment Assessment - Migrate from existing 2 units of firewall to Sophos XG 3300 firewall - Deploy two units of Sophos XG 3300 firewall as HA pair - Design and configure firewall, IPS, ATP, remote VPN VPN, site-to-site VPN to oversea branch offices, Web Security and Control - Rollout new SSL VPN client configuration

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    Deployment Services - Conduct Environment Assessment - Migrate from existing 2 units of firewall to Sophos XG 3300 firewall - Deploy two units of Sophos XG 3300 firewall as HA pair - Design and configure firewall, IPS, ATP, remote VPN VPN, site-to-site VPN to oversea branch offices, Web Security and Control - Rollout new SSL VPN client configuration

    $450 (Avg Bid)
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    6 ofertas

    ... I need a bot that detects when new liquidity is added to the AMM (Automated Market Maker) pool on Pancakeswap (runs on Binance smart chain, bep20 network). The bot must detect this and immediately execute the transaction according to my parameters (front running bot). Must be able to give bots their own parameters, such as: BSC contract address

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    We at Crophyl are trying to build a Crop Health Monitoring system which would non invasively detect anomalies in a crop canopy. In order to reach that goal, we need to convert an existing git hub repo which acts as a calibration piece already working on windows OS to work with linux OS.

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    ...development for iOS and Android, could be Cordova, Ionic, Native React or similar, and must include all the sourcecode and instructions of configuration. The main part: The App must detect an image, of a set of 20 to 30 with the mobile camera in real-time. The The images are phisically in a book, and each one launches an audio or a video directly. The user can

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    Bot detection 9 horas left

    Hi there Let's imagine someone used a bot to browse your website. How would you detect this? Off the top of my head, here are a few options: * Presence of bot-specific signatures. * Presence of common automation tools. * Support of non-standard browser features. * User agent browser / API mismatch, e.g. a Safari only API is available but the user

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    9 ofertas

    Hello, My name is Ismael, a medical student in Sweden, and working on developing an app that will help elementary schools to detect mental illness and bullying among children. I need help with creating an amazing and simple logo for the app. I looking for someone who can offer: - Guarantee 100% unique design concept. - Initial draft submission - Unlimited

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    49 ofertas

    ...etc. 2- Complete removal of all malware from all [iniciar sesión para ver URL] will fix the redirects & hacking issues. 3- Installation with correct configurations of security plugins, firewall and settings to avoid future threats (Settings include htaccess/files/folders protection, brute force attack protection, sql injection and many other aspects). 4- add security

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    Laravel on Ubuntu server setup Finalizado left

    You'll be given Ubuntu 20 server and SSH connection, please follow the below steps: ...ompose/ 2. Save all history of commands plus screenshots (where GUI is) to a document on the server. 3. Show a running demo site with all security settings of the server firewall/ports. IMPORTANT: please tell your hourly support rate for such environment later on?

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