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Hello, my name is Michael and i am a magician from Austria now i am looking for a new stage name my current artist name is : MICHAEL LATE but i dont think it;s a good name for the i...

6 $100 USD Oct 17, 2019 5 días, 17 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

I want a christmas card image for our business relating to Air Conditioning/HVAC I have found other companies in America but obviously our christmas is more Warmer climate - but happy t...

21 $110 AUD Oct 17, 2019 1 semana, 1 día Publica un Concurso Similar

Our consulting firm is looking for fresh ideas from those interested in working with Microsoft Visio. We expect to award a small experimental design project to multiple (2-4) talented d...

1 $100 USD Oct 16, 2019 2 días, 19 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

I'm a start up Photography Editing business looking to have someone do up an introduction marketing email. If your english is not immaculate please don't apply. Basically photographers ...

4 $147 AUD Oct 16, 2019 4 días, 16 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

Hi there, we are in the process of looking to purchase a vehicle for promotional purposes for our business. The vehicle will be a Holden Commodore VE Utility (2008 - 2011 model). The b...

98 $100 USD Oct 16, 2019 15 horas, 9 minutos Publica un Concurso Similar

Please see attached file. This is a basic bag print. It's too plain, I'd like it to look smarter but keep to 3 colours maximum. Looking forward to your talented response. Thanks.

40 $100 AUD Oct 15, 2019 2 días, 5 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

Hello guys, I want you to imagine a luxury gift that you may give to a beloved and important person and very VIP All the prats of the gifts are influenced by the Iraqi monuments ...

19 $300 USD Oct 15, 2019 4 días, 18 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

Create a marketing flyer to be posted on social media sites highlighting our promotional NBN offer. I have taken the time to complete a quick brief and also provided examples of what ...

90 $118 AUD Oct 14, 2019 8 horas, 24 minutos Publica un Concurso Similar