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I want a new school cartoon bucket that is chugging a beer out of a red solo cup. Take beer pong and a 5 gallon bucket and merge the two. We would like an image of a cool looking buck...

161 $300 USD May 4, 2021 1 semana, 1 día Publica un concurso similar

I am looking for a web designer that can create a very modern WEBSITE DESIGN for my real estate business in the "we buy houses niche". Design Only. Must be a brilliant WEBSITE design, b...

55 $500 USD May 4, 2021 3 días, 19 horas Publica un concurso similar

We’re looking for a new custom illustration (or detailed logo) for our website is a website where you can hire DJs for weddings, birthdays, and corporate ev...

343 $253 USD May 3, 2021 3 semanas, 6 días Publica un concurso similar

I need a short 30 second video template, it will be an informational clip talking about a type of tick, ticks are biting pests. 30 seconds is an estimate, it does not need specifically ...

33 $80 USD Apr 29, 2021 1 semana Publica un concurso similar

We are looking for a cool packaging design for our brand new line of products: - FLOWER POWER - MOONBEAM - ELECTRIC MIND COMPANY BACKGROUND: Our company is a brand new cannabis distr...

166 $150 USD Apr 29, 2021 19 horas, 15 minutos Publica un concurso similar

hi I am Larry I have 2 books that I'm writing but I only going to leave an excerpt from one to see contestants put there imagination to work. as real life as possible. Excert: Ben'Nia...

8 $100 USD Apr 29, 2021 3 semanas Publica un concurso similar

I am looking to hire someone full time to work with our record label: No Limit Recordings I want an expert to join our team who is a rock star at creating amazing videos like the exam...

70 £118 GBP Apr 27, 2021 1 día, 18 horas Publica un concurso similar

It's a small startup company: A tourism company for booking holiday destinations, where individuals can book a hotel/resort for their chosen destination. Specializes in island destinat...

1316 $200 USD Apr 23, 2021 3 días, 3 horas Publica un concurso similar