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How to use a freelance graphic designer to make your LinkedIn look great 

A boring LinkedIn profile could prevent you from landing your dream job. In this post we show you how a freelance graphic designer can help you.
20 abr 2020 • Lectura de 4 minutos
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Learn how to revamp your LinkedIn content by using great graphics 

Linkedin is a highly competitive landscape. Everybody is doing their best to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential recruiters. So what are the chances that your Linkedin profile will get noticed?
Quite high if your profile is adorned with beautiful, high impact graphics.
In this post we'll identify the key areas of your Linkedin profile you should focus on and also how to work with a freelance graphic designer to spruce it up. 

Core features of LinkedIn

Linkedin isn't just an employment seeking platform. It has many different features to maximize engagement between users.These different features highlight how every function of the platform is predicated on high quality graphics. 

Social content sharing

Social Content Sharing is a key aspect of LinkedIn as the platform facilitates the sharing of invaluable corporate insight to users. This insight serves as a resource for companies to effectively boost their digital engagement and customer interaction. Social media content is also a great way to effectively push forward B2B interaction and increase general awareness.

Professional searching features

LinkedIn offers an array of premium searching tools to help companies search for specific leads and resources to boost their general digital interaction. Linkedin's Sales and Employment Navigators provide users with a range of tools to connect with people that matter. 

Convenient lead connectivity 

Thanks to its InMail feature, Linkedin users can now message anyone even if they're not a connection. This is a premium feature that requires a paid upgrade. 
Linkedin members that receive a direct InMail always follow up by taking a look at the profile of the sender first to determine whether they are trustworthy. This is why it's so important to have a professional looking profile. Low quality graphics represent poor effort and therefore a low trust score.  

Comprehensive profile presentation

Arguably the best feature of LinkedIn; the profile presentation on linked in allows individuals to present a comprehensive professional outlook of their key career achievements. This isn't only limited to dot point summaries, Linkedin also allows users to upload articles and work portfolios. 

Key aspects to consider on LinkedIn

It can be a great idea to focus on hiring a talented professional designer to improve the presentation of your LinkedIn. A designer will optimize your profile for maximum aesthetic appeal to immediately impress anyone viewing your profile.
Here are the key areas a graphic designer will focus on:

Profile picture

The profile picture is the first thing users look at, so it needs to be spectacular.
A designer can optimize your current photo with specialized grading methods to make it look like it was taken by a professional photographer. If you want to update your profile you could also take a photo of yourself with your phone camera and then provide it to your designer for processing. Today's phone cameras can take really impressive photos so your graphic designer should have sufficient quality bandwidth to work with. 
If you really want to stand out, a graphic designer can transform your profile into a cartoon character. This works really well for laid back and informal business.
linkedin profile example 

Cover image 

The cover image is often overlooked which is a terrible mistake because it takes up so much visual real estate on a profile page. More editable real estate means more opportunities to wow visitors, so you shouldn't waste it. 
Everyone can identify a stock cover image so you won't impress anyone with such a choice. A professional graphic designer can create a cover image that's completely unique to you. 

Social images

Social images are a great way to share company insights and updates with your followers and connections on LinkedIn. It is essential to have well-designed images to maximize engagements.
Example # 1:
microsoft linkedin example
The Microsoft LinkedIn Page offers the perfect combination of profile picture with a similarly themed cover image to offer a professional outlook and give a consistent message across to followers. 
The profile image is the Logo of the company which is reflected in the cover image creatively as well.
Example # 2:
apple linkedin profile
Apple is another example of a professionally conveyed social page with the Logo professionally reflecting the company’s insignia and the cover image well sized to reflect the company’s headquarters in Cupertino. 

Image types 

LinkedIn supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF image types. GIF’s are an especially invaluable resource as they allow you to include multiple pictures in the single image. This is a great way of maximizing content delivery with minimal real estate. 
Hire a professional freelance graphic designer for your LinkedIn page 
Your Linkedin profile is the gateway to your financial security so you need to take it seriously. If you're not a talented designer and you attempt to optimize your profile yourself, you could jeopardize your chances of landing your next dream job.
The good news is, you can source a professional graphic designer within minutes through a freelancing platform. 
There are multiple benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer.
Freelancer rates are affordable, you can peruse their design portfolios and access past employer feedback before choosing one to hire. You also have the peace of mind of payment protection and a deadline guarantee.
Make your Linkedin profile irresistible to recruiters, hire an expert graphic designer today
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