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    Prototype Unit, using Microcontroller or Arduino, to control the delivery of CO2 gas, through a solenoid valve, according to the supplied protocols of Volume and dispatch time. Development of the programming software of the PIC or Arduino.

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    Captación de proyectos de automatización (Adquision de datos, SCADA, Microcontroller) y clientes potenciales, para la industria, particularmente Food&Beverage.

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    Firmware Development 6 días left

    I am seeking a skilled firmware developer to assist with the development of firmware for a microcontroller-based communication device. Requirements: - Experience in firmware development for microcontrollers - Strong understanding of communication protocols - Ability to develop firmware from scratch - Familiarity with the development of communication devices Skills and experience: - Proficient in programming languages such as C or C++ - Knowledge of microcontroller architectures - Experience with communication protocols such as UART, SPI, or I2C - Understanding of data transmission and reception - Ability to troubleshoot and debug firmware - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of developing firmware fo...

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    We are looking for a ESP32 Developer to create the software for a Mini AVS that will play video and audio on a ESP32-WROOM-32D microcontroller. The video, audio and JPEGS will be stored on a SD card. The project will be done in three phases. Each phase must be completed in order and on time before moving to the next phase. • PHASE 1 -Using the esp32, ili9341 display, and a SD MMC card, play audio in sync with video • PHASE 2 - Create a GUI touch interface using a ili9341 display, where the user can pause/resume videos and navigate a menu system. • PHASE 3 – Integrate phase 1 and 2 in to a fully functioning system without bugs.

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    ? Project Overview: I'm diving into the complexities of the ESP32 microcontroller and require some expertise. My goal? To implement Proactive Process Switching. Essentially, I want to switch from a default process (PID 0/1) to any process between PID 2-7. Once switched, we need to access a specific memory location. ? What's the Challenge? Upon boot-up, the ESP32 runs in "kernel mode" by default with a PID of 0. This is the core of the system. My aim is to change the PID to 4 mean smoothly transition the ESP32 into "user mode". This user mode is a bit like the playground for application tasks, separate from the main tasks. But, here's the twist: I wrote the code but issue is as soon as it hit “PIDCTRL_NMI_MASK_DISABLE_REG” the program c...

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    I need an ALTIUM schematic with a TRIAC section to power on AC motor with 230Vac single...20A current in single phase and 10A in three phase (10A in each phase) I would use current monitor like ACS71240 or similar to read current in normal condition with microcontroller. I prefer to detect short circuit condition with ACS71240 but without microcontroller, with analog section indipendent from microcontroller. In short circuit condition microcontroller detects short circuit but protection with power off of TRIACS is indipendent from microcontroller. Requirements : 1) Choise TRIAC with good value for money 2) Design analog section to detect short circuit condition in output and power off TRIAC regardless of microcontroller 3) Design current monitor s...

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    My name is Ashok Kumar and I'm looking for someone to program a PIC16F877 microcontroller for me. I need someone who is experienced in programming in either C, Assembly, or Basic and is able to program the microcontroller model that I have and customize it to my specific requirements. The person I hire has to be comfortable with working on PIC microcontrollers and be able to deliver a successful project within the timeline I agreed on. I am open to suggestions, this is a simple change over unit requirements that need to be met. there are two sources and two sets of relays, at a time only one set of relays will be on and if any of the sources is failed then relay should switch automatically. and unit should also work in manual mode as well whenever needed. I'm sure t...

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    Stm32 programming 9 horas left

    I am looking for an experienced programmer to help me with a project using an STM32 microcontroller. Specifically, I would like for the programmer to use C programming language for the project and I am asking for the STM32 microcontroller to perform communications. I already have a specific STM32 microcontroller model in mind. The programmer must have experience with the STM32 platform and should be able to quickly understand and design the project. If the programmer has experience with control systems and/or data processing, that would be a great additional bonus. This project is part of a larger goal and an important component within it, so I am looking for a reliable programmer who can complete the project to the highest standards and on time. I am open to discuss ...

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    Hi , Considering to low power consumption and high power efficiency I propose: -. use a high power efficiency of the charger controller like bq24560 - .Active diode instead of the passive one -. Latching relay as you mentioned or low power loadswitch -. Low power microcontroller like stm32 or atmega -. Synchronous switching buck converter, _. Etc I can design the board in 4 layers and double side Thank You - Hendra

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    1-I want a design for the smallest Pic Microcontroller that will handle the program. 2-I want the circuit to operate at 9vdc(common battery) and the program to remain unchanged when powered off. 3a)-I want the program to control a vertical line of 10 conventional 3 or 5mm, 20ma LEDs. 3b)-I want the program to also control three common 5mm LEDS @20ma in parallel. 4-When the circuit is powered on I want the stack of 10 LEDs to act in this manner…..the top LED will light then go off and the next LED will light below it with the effect continuing till the bottom LED is lighted and remain on. Next the effect starts again at the top until the column of LEDs is all lighted. This column stays lighted for about two seconds. 5-I want a potentiometer to adjust the fill rate but not h...

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    ...volume, etc. Driving Screens: Real-time communication between the mobile app and Rover via Bluetooth. Reset Screen: Reset all blocks to default settings. Programming Screen: For advanced users to build their own command execution pipeline. Command Transmission: The generated code or command set from Blockly should be transmitted to the Rover via Bluetooth. Action Execution: The Rover's onboard microcontroller should interpret and execute the received commands. Technical Requirements: Platform: Flutter Libraries/Tools: Blockly, flutter_blockly, webview_flutter (for potential WebView approach) Bluetooth Integration: For device connection and command transmission. Additional Notes: The app is designed for educational purposes, targeting children aged 4-8. The Rover robot r...

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    Circuit #1) The goal is to have a circuit to give/cut power (+3.3v / +5v) to sub ICs/sensors, command by a microcontroller pin. Must cut the input voltage (circuit must be placed between VCC and IC) = high-side switch. Circuit #2) The goal is to have a circuit to enable/cut I2C bus (+3.3v / +5v), command by a microcontroller pin. We want +3.3v and +5v sensors to be connected on the same I2C bus - what about pull-up resistor ? Remarks: If power is cut (by circuit #1), power must not leak through I2C pull-up resistors. Maybe circuit #2 is not necessary if we can be sure that no current leak through pull-up resistors when cut the power. Guidelines : - Simplest as possible (the less or cheaper components) - Easy to find component (AliExpress, Mouser, ...) - Easy to hand-sold...

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    I am looking for a freelancer with beginner-level expertise in PIC microcontroller programming, specifically in the area of hardware interface. I prefer to use the C programming language, and am looking for someone who can provide guidance and expertise in this field. If you have the skills and knowledge to help with this project, please reach out. Thank you!

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    My name is __Konesan___, and I’m looking for assistance in learning how to program a PIC microcontroller and ultimately interface an Ethernet(enc28j60) connection with a PIC32MK1024MCM100. As a beginner with this microcontroller, I believe the best method for me to learn would be through one-on-one tutoring. I understand I may have abilities in a shorter amount of time with a mentor guiding me through the process. I’d like to have this project done in less than a month. If you're an experienced mentor in PIC microcontroller programming and you think you can help me reach my goal, please contact me and we can discuss further. Thanks for taking the time to read my project!

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    ...have errors. Project description: Iot device connected to App and server through MQTT (Already working). We are looking for a collaborator who has the following experience: -Programming in "C" language -Management and knowledge in IDF expressif -Management of free-RTOS -Knowledge of structured programming -Knowledge of ADC signals Jobs to finish: - Wifi local network configuration for Esp32 microcontroller - OTA installation (remote updates via server) - Installation of Radio Frequency module -Code check in "C" to repair it or program it again. We offer: Team of collaborators in all areas (Electronics, App. Backend) Daily support as required. Contact the professional who made the current firmware for clarification. Collaborate on a project with a great showc...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me integrate Instagram feeds and posts into a standalone embedded system, such as an ESP32. - The objective is to fetch the photos videos from insta/fb etc user's account and display over custom ESP32 based display board. - My requirement is toward fetching the content side (using microcontroller) not embedded side. Currently I have no idea how I can take the raw photos n videos from insta/fb with microcontroller. - I am open to the freelancer's creative input when it comes to the style and theme of the Instagram feeds and posts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with embedded systems - Knowledge of Instagram API - Familiarity with alternative methods of embedding Instagram content

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    I am looking for a professional engineer to design a smart irrigation system that contains the following set of points: 1- Remote control of irrigation valves 2- A master microcontroller (Ex ESP32) that controls a group of nodes as slaves distributed within the farm. 3- Communication between the master microcontroller and other microcontrollers through a communication protocol let's say MODBUS RS485 4- Displaying data on a computer or mobile dashboard that can be monitored and controlled.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has experience in microcontroller programming using PIC12F683. The project involves writing code for the microcontroller to control various input and output pins. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PIC microcontroller programming - Familiarity with PIC12F683 - Knowledge of C and/or Assembly programming languages The freelancer should have a good understanding of microcontroller programming principles and be able to write efficient and optimized code. Experience with similar projects and the ability to troubleshoot and debug any issues that may arise during the programming process would be highly desirable.

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    PCB for ESP32 Finalizado left

    I am looking for an experienced engineer to design and manufacture a small printed circuit board (PCB) for an ESP32 microcontroller of size less than 5cm x 5cm. I have some ideas for the layout but am open to suggestions from the engineer to ensure my desired results. The PCB will be used for consumer electronics applications.

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    Embedded Circuit Design and Microcontroller Program We are looking for an experienced freelancer to design an embedded circuit and develop a microcontroller program for a control system using a PIC/stm32 microcontroller. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in embedded circuit design and microcontroller programming, specifically with the PIC microcontroller. - Proficiency in C/C++ programming language. - Experience in developing control systems. - Familiarity with analog input/output functionalities. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Project Scope: - Design and develop an embedded circuit for a control system using a PIC/stm32 microcontroller. - Program the microcontroller to perform ...

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    Hi, I need a PCB with a microcontroller (ESP32 or suggestions) with connections for: 1x SMPS Power supply 24VDC 4x model servos with GND-POT position feedback. 5x 24VDC NPN for inductive proximity sensors. 1x Potentiometer as JOG controller. 1x ZigBee long distance wireless. 1x CAN-BUS connected to 2x close loop CAN-BUS stepper motors, 1x tilt sensor. 6x Outputs for small solenoid valves. It is a plus if you can also build it and send to me (I pay for the components and shipping) We are on a VERY tight budget, so lower bid wins. Let me know how many hours/time/price you need to complete this incl some simple program to test all functions out. Additional programming will probably be needed, but that is another assignment. Thanks

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    DMX 512 Decoding Program for 8051 Microcontroller to Control RGB LED - Programming Language: C - Program Type: Automatic - Documentation: Only if necessary Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in C programming language - Experience with microcontroller programming, specifically 8051 - Knowledge of DMX 512 protocol and decoding - Understanding of RGB LED control principles - Ability to develop an automatic program for controlling RGB LED based on DMX 512 input - Experience in creating efficient and optimized code for microcontrollers - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and debug code for reliable operation

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    I need the help of an experienced engineer to set up my NXP RT microcontroller. I am specifically looking for someone to provide me with programming assistance, as I have experience with using this microcontroller but need some guidance as I get started. I do not have the necessary components and tools for the setup, so I also need advice on what to get. If you are knowledgeable and experienced with NXP RT microcontrollers and can help me with the setup, I would appreciate your assistance. YOU MUST BE KNOWLEDGEABLE OF NXP RT MCUS (RT1060-RT1170) Thanks

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    ...platform. Requirements: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience in firmware development - Intermediate level of experience in firmware development - Familiarity with Raspberry Pi hardware platform Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of Python and experience in firmware development in RaspBerryPi - Able to understand PCB schematics and develop interfaces for microcontroller components - Proven experience with firmware involving I2C components, GPIO and sensors - Must have knowledge on REST API for IOT integration, and message brokers like MQTT - Ability to work independently and solve complex firmware issues - Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with rel...

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    The defrost cycle is not working on my home fridge. My home fridge uses the newer "Adaptive Defrost" cycle that is run by a microcontroller on the motherboard of the fridge. I don't want to replace the motherboard just for this problem so I want to bypass the problem with my own defrost control using an external ESP32 wifi-switch. EXPLANATION OF ADAPTIVE DEFROST Adaptive Defrost Adaptive Defrost can be described as a defrost system that adapts to a refrigerator’s surrounding environment and household usage. Unlike conventional defrost systems that use electromechanical timers with a fixed defrost cycle time, Adaptive Defrost utilizes an intelligent, electronic control to determine when the defrost cycle is necessary. In order to accomplish the correct defrost...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with coding for an STM32G030F6P6 microcontroller project. The project involves programming a police siren using WS2812 LEDs and a passive buzzer. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Embedded C programming language - Experience with STM32 microcontrollers - Knowledge of WS2812 LED protocol - Familiarity with passive buzzers Project details: - I will provide the hardware required for the project - No documentation is required for the code If you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this project, please bid and provide examples of similar projects you have worked on.

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    I have a custom board that uses an nRF52840 microcontroller with an nRF21540 FEM bluetooth amplifier. I need a programmer who can create a bluetooth connection between my board and a smartphone in Long Range (Coded PHY) mode. The ideal candidate should have experience programming Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 microcontrollers in VS Code + nRF Connect SDK environment and have experience with NRF21540 FEM. Also, ideally, he should have a nRF52840 DK or nRF21540 DK debug board on which he will debug the program. I am looking forward to your suggestions and hope for fruitful cooperation.

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    ...to normal now on the right side of the screen there are 8 emg serial plotter one under each other that show the electrical activity from each sensor( the 8 emg sensors are connected to the esp32) and the app has a navbar that shows available bluetooth devices so i can click on them and thats all for the front end of the for the working of the app: I want the app to connect to esp32 microcontroller via bluetooth when i click on the available device from the navbar(since in navbar available bluetooth devices appear) And also if i click again it disconnects, now i want when i wanna record the emg for a gesture i click on the name of the gesture and the emg signals from the 8 emg sensors will start recording and i can do the gesture and when i wanna stop recording for the gesture i ...

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    (Preferred Locations Singapore, India, Vietnam and Malaysia) Company Overview: BROADMIND is a deep neurotech company, one of the technological leaders in the field of co focused Position Overview: As the Lead Electronics Engineer, you will take a central role in designing, developing, and refining high-performance electronic devices. Your expertise in analog circuit design, microcontroller systems, and electronics CAD will be pivotal in transforming concepts into functional and optimized devices. Key Responsibilities: - Lead a team of electronics engineers, guiding their efforts toward creating exceptional electronic devices. - Spearhead the design, development, and optimization of electronic devices, focusing on analog circuit design with a low-frequency, low-noise emphasis. - ...

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    ARM EMBDEED FREELANCER Finalizado left

    I am looking for a skilled ARM embedded freelancer to assist with my personal project of designing an embedded system. Specific Project: - Embedded system design ...requirements Ideal Skills and Experience: • Good grasp of fundamentals in Electronics Engineering, • Knowledge of digital electronics, VLSI, microprocessor architecture is a plus • Interest and experience in digital design and verification • Good understanding of Assembly-level programming, Verilog/VHDL • Proficient in C/C++, and scripting languages - Strong knowledge and experience in ARM microcontroller programming - Proficiency in real-time operating system (RTOS) development - Expertise in embedded system design and implementation - Familiarity with the specific hardware and software req...

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    ...system can send this newly received print file to the printer via USB port. We need suggestions on using cost-effective parts as the total cost should be around 20 USD or less per unit of the system. I will suggest about the printers that can be used. We need to first choose an appropriate microprocessor/controller, whichever should be good enough for this. Can we get this done using a microcontroller, if yes can we choose a low-cost MCU so that we can have this as cheap as possible? I am an electronics engineer and I myself will design the PCB for this, but I need someone to assist with the software part of the project. Please reply with some possible solutions and if you have relevant experiences, share those as well. The key requirements are cost-effective solutions an...

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    Project Title: SAMD (Atmel/Microc...(Atmel/Microchip) programming Description: I am looking for a freelancer who is skilled in programming the SAMD21 microcontroller, especially the SAMD21's internal configurations. I am a skilled C programmer with much experience with Atmel/Microchip microcontrollers, using ASF sometimes (when it's convenient) but also coding without ASF. However, sometimes I encounter problems getting the correct C code to configure some aspects of the SAMD microcontrollers. I am looking for expert help so I don't have to spend too much time working on unexpected SAMD configuration difficulties. Specific freelancer requirements: - Very experienced in programming the SAMD21 microcontroller - Proficient in programming languages C Timeline:...

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    ...help me with a PIC program and circuit board design project. Here are the details: PIC Program: - I need a microcontroller PIC program for my project. - The program should be able to control various functions and components. Circuit Board: - The circuit board should support the PIC program and a few other components required for the project. - The intended function of the circuit board is to control a device. Quantity: - I will need multiple circuit boards for my project. - I will most likely use the provided gerber files to have 5-10 circuit boards made in China. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing PIC programs and circuit boards. - Proficiency in microcontroller programming and embedded systems. - Knowledge of IoT would be a plus. If you have the ...

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    Consultation needed to setup mutual TLS using Arduino MKR WiFi1010 device and mosquitto MQTT broker (server). There are self-signed certificates generated: CA (root), client and server. It needs using that certificate to configure mutual TLS data encryption to communicate between microcontroller Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 and mosquitto MQTT broker. The data should be encrypted using the self-signed certificate. The communication is done withing the LAN network.

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    Stm32 rtos Finalizado left

    My project requires a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for an STM32 microcontroller. I have chosen the FreeRTOS RTOS for the project and expect that it will primarily manage communications. For this project, the preferred programming language is Embedded C. Imu/gps integration project with board stm32f469 Discovery board

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help create a BLDC Motor Controller with an Atmega328 microcontroller, 128x64 LCD, and a rotary encoder. The controller would have low speed control capabilities only, and the LCD and rotary encoder would need to have at least an intermediate interface with multiple features. I am looking to have this project completed in less than a month.

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    Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a project involving 4 camera streaming using a microcontroller in real time to android phone using wifi. The project is required urgently which includes schematics and pcb design. Budget for this project is 40$. Camera: I am planning to use a CSI camera. Connection: I require a wired connection for the camera streaming. Microcontroller: I need a freelancer who is experienced in working with microcontrollers . I want to use microcontroller which is capable of streaming 4 videos simultaneously in real time. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in working with microcontrollers. - Knowledgeable in camera streaming and connecting cameras to microcontrollers - Familiarity with wired connections...

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    My project is to use embedded C programming on the LPC1768 microcontroller to develop a new product. I have specific hardware requirements that must be met. I am hoping to keep this project within a relatively short timeline of two weeks. If, for any reason, this timeline is not doable, I would be open to extending the timeline by a few more weeks. The cost of the services should factor in an appropriate timeline and the hardware requirements. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

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    ...by designing and delivering training sessions that enhance employee skills, productivity, and engagement. Job Type: Freelance Training Locations: Trivandrum / Bangalore / Chennai / Pune / Hyderabad Training Stream 1 - C, Microcontroller, RTOS - 55 Days (2.5 Months) Training Stream 2 - C Batch - 68 Days (3.1 Months) C++ Batch - 83 Days (3.8 Months) Training Date: Tentatively starting from 1st of September REQUIREMENT: 8+ years of prior experience in training or equivalent history of increasing the learning curve. Good in Embedded C , Modern C++ , Microcontroller, Linux device driver trainer Familiarity with working with clients of all sizes in a professional set-up. Excellent communication skills. Detail-oriented. Ability to thrive in a multi-tasking environme...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me with porting C driver code to an STM32 microcontroller. the code is simply setting and controlling tuner chip via i2c. Current Platform: - The C driver code is currently running on a platform other than Windows or Linux. the SDK wrote for satellite receiver in plain C. Microcontroller Model: - The code needs to be ported to the STM32F series microcontroller with HAL library. Specific Requirements: - i will provide SDK and C source codes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in C programming - Expertise in working with STM32 microcontrollers - Familiarity with driver code porting - Ability to understand and implement specific requirements If you have the required skills and experience, please re...

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    ...update Epaper display - Battery service - periodically notify battery level - Implement power saving/sleep mode, sleeping when all pending wake state tasks are complete. Device will wake up in 1 second intervals to receive commands from gateway (GATT client), notify periodic and requested quantities, and service pending tasks. Development Environment --------------------------------- Microcontroller: nRF52840 Toolchain: Zephyr Project SDK: nRF Connect SDK Preferred IDE: VSCode with nRFConnect Extension pack and Doxygen documentation generator Documentation style: Doxygen Developer Responsibilities --------------------------------- - Maintain/organize embedded code base for corridor light button - Initially, analyze and familiarize with current code base as-i...

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    ...to run fastest througput for every phone model. Manually see all items to control radio receiver transmit to offer best tcp ip offering for low latency. Should be able to run the phone on battery for 5 minutes. Connects to network, then to Juniper switch 320 for one port one ip, one tower, one dbl, place phone in state for best througput. Target 80 Mbs to Uganda ISP in Helsinki. Connector microcontroller to run app, optimize rf for input. rf spec built tcp ip connection with stops in signaling rf spec build http https codec encodec to write protocol stack rf to control tower, set each dbl for each tower for best signal rf to minimize latency 50 25 10 5 2 1 jitter 10 8 7 6 4 2 1 rf to minimize batery consumption in t = U / f avrage length of current off, E = f * t * deltaP lambda...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can design a BLDC ESC PCB and develop the necessary software. The project requirements are as follows: Voltage Range: - The required voltage range for the ESC is 3S to 6S. Microcontroller Preference: - I have no preference for the microcontroller to be used in the ESC. Intended Application: - The ESC will be used for an RC model. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing BLDC ESC PCBs. - Proficiency in developing software for ESCs. - Knowledge of microcontrollers, preferably Atmel or Texas Instruments. - Familiarity with RC models and their specific requirements. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and are interested in working on this project, please submit your proposal.

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    Embedded C Finalizado left

    My project is a custom embedded C code base for a wifi module. This project needs to be completed within a week's timeframe. The desired functionality of the embedded system is communication with external devices. The microcontroller to be used for the project is Arduino. After the completion of the project I need the code base to be thoroughly tested and debugged in line with industry standard best practices. I am looking for a professional freelancer who has significant experience in embedded systems, specifically C programming. It is necessary that this freelancer is highly responsive and dedicated to completing the project quickly and efficiently. With an accurate timeline and standards of quality in mind, I am confident that the right freelancer can take on this project a...

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    I am looking for an expert experienced with PCB layout to design a small (less than 5 cm x 5 cm) layout for a wearable device with a teensy microcontroller and sensors. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in designing PCB layouts for small, wearable devices, with a specific focus on carbon and copper usage. The candidate must also be knowledgeable about sensor placement and layout in order to achieve the maximum performance from the design. I am looking for thorough work and attention to detail as this project is essential to the success of the device. There is potential for additional work upon successful completion of this iteration of the layout. If you believe you have the right qualifications and experience to complete this PCB layout project, please apply. I...

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    we have desktop software and using uart with arduino but our speed is low. We need high speed communication with CY7C68013A...and STM microcontrollers. Skills and experience needed for this job: - Familiarity with the CY7C68013A EZ chip and its capabilities - Strong knowledge of both Arduino and STM microcontrollers - Experience with programming in C++ - Understanding of USB protocols and communication - Ability to troubleshoot and debug existing converter designs This project requires the use of both the STM32 microcontroller and Arduino development tools. The ideal freelancer should be proficient in both of these tools and should be able to integrate them seamlessly for this project. Please note that the desired output voltage for the converter was not specified in the client&...

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    ESP32 Dev Board Finalizado left

    I am looking for a freelancer to build a project utilizing an ESP32 Dev Board. The main purpose of this project is to create an IoT project. The board will need to have buttons as peripherals, in order to control the board. It will also be running on an ESP32 Microcontroller. I need someone who is experienced in developing for hardware projects, and is comfortable working with the ESP32 Dev Board. If this sounds like a project you would be willing to take on, I look forward to seeing your bids. Thank you for your time.

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    Recreate Schematics and PCB for Arduino Shield Purpose of the Arduino Shield: - Sensor integration Microcontroller board: - Arduino Nano ESP32 Programming requirements: - Yes, programming will be needed for the schematics and PCB design Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and recreating PCBs and schematics for Arduino shields - Proficiency in programming for ESP32 - Knowledge of sensor integration and communication protocols - Familiarity with electronic components and circuit design

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