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    Prototype Unit, using Microcontroller or Arduino, to control the delivery of CO2 gas, through a solenoid valve, according to the supplied protocols of Volume and dispatch time. Development of the programming software of the PIC or Arduino.

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    Captación de proyectos de automatización (Adquision de datos, SCADA, Microcontroller) y clientes potenciales, para la industria, particularmente Food&Beverage.

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    ...embedded software for a microcontroller-based system. The software should have the following key functionalities: - User Interface: The software should have an interactive and user-friendly interface to allow users to easily interact with the system. - Real-time Processing: The software needs to work in real-time to process data and respond to user inputs without any noticeable delay. - Data Communication: Implement robust data communication functionality to ensure seamless exchange of information between the system and external devices or networks. The project involves: - Developing the software from scratch. - Writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code in C++. - Extensive testing and debugging to ensure the software functions as expected on the microcontroller pla...

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    I have a requirement for programming a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller to interact with multiple sensors in an escape room. The project responsibilities include: - Sensing and gathering data from temperature, pressure, and motion sensors in the escape room. - Control and actuation tasks for unlocking doors, manipulating lights, and triggering audio cues. - Provide feedback to players in the escape room. - Ensuring smooth communication and networking capabilities. Ideal candidates for the job should have experience in microcontroller programming, specifically the Raspberry Pi Pico, understanding of various sensor inputs, and experience with escape room devices would be an added advantage. It is required to have knowledge in coordinating sensed information to act upon vari...

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    We have fully working IAR C code for a Nuvoton ARM project which targets several sub devices. We want to tidy the code so that each device only exists in it's particular file. So for example we have files main.c,A.c,B,C.c but at the moment device A is also accessed from main as well as A.c. In short we want the C code tidying. Remote access will be given to the Target device for checking functionality.

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    I'm in need of a PIC microcontroller programmer to help with enhancing an existing project and resolving issues. Key Responsibilities: - Enhance existing project: You'll be tasked with improving the functionality of an existing project that utilizes the PIC microcontroller. - Troubleshooting and Debugging: Your primary responsibility will be to identify and fix issues with the current setup. Requirements: - Proficiency with PIC microcontroller programming. - Experience with debugging and troubleshooting existing PIC microcontroller projects. - Ability to improve existing systems without comprehensive documentation. Ideal Candidate: - Strong problem-solving skills. - Experience in enhancing existing systems with limited or no documentation. - Abili...

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    I'm seeking a skilled microcontroller designer to create a specialized microcontroller for an HVAC application. The microcontroller requires specific features and functionalities. Key Requirements: - Temperature Control: The microcontroller should be able to regulate temperature within a range of -50 to 100 degrees Celsius. - Timer Function: An essential feature, the microcontroller needs to support timer functions. - Inputs and Outputs: Integrate 3 Analog, 5 Digital inputs, and 8 digital outputs for a comprehensive system. - Should have integrated IoT for viewing data online. Ideal candidates should have: - Previous experience in designing microcontrollers. - Proficiency in programming and testing microcontrollers. - Knowledge of sensor integratio...

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    I'm seeking a skilled microcontroller programmer for translating our control strategy into a code compatible with a dsPIC microcontroller. This code should be able to handle inputs of both voltage and current. The key features of this project include: 1. Control Strategy: Implementing a Proportional-Integral (PI) controller into the dsPIC microcontroller. 2. Input signals of the system include voltage and current. Being proficient in handling such systems is paramount. 3. Beyond written code, you should provide thoughtful documentation and comments so we can understand your strategies and algorithms. I am not specific about setpoints for voltage and current, so the approach should be adaptable. Ideal freelancers should possess the following skills and experienc...

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    I am looking for an experienced Electronics Engineer, well-versed in using Altium Designer, for a series of projects that demand proficiency in a wide array of electronics, specifically focusing on Microcontroller integration, PCB layout and USB connectivity. Key Aspects: - PCB Layout design - Microcontroller implementation - USB Connectivity solutions Additional Requirements: - Expertise in Circuit design - Experience in selecting suitable electronic components - Signal analysis knowledge - Ability to conduct thorough testing procedures This project demands an adept understanding of electronic systems and circuitry meant for consumer electronics. Candidates with a solid track record in crafting and refining consumer electronic designs are strongly preferred. Your task ...

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    I'm in need of an adept illustrator to create a visually compelling poster for my microcontroller company. The poster must predominantly feature: - Product images showcasing our microcontroller models - Descriptive content about these products. For the aesthetics, I want a design that breathes futurism into the representation of these models. Ideal skills for the project are: - Proven experience in Adobe Illustrator - A knack for creating futuristic designs - Sound understanding of the microcontroller industry - Excellent attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics. Your ability to present product specifications in an engaging way will be key to the success of this project. I'm looking forward to witnessing your creative prowess in action.

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    SmartInverter IoT 3 días left

    The project is to create Inverter automation to start export, stop export and charge the battery automatically using a microcontroller that can subscribe to the server to get spot prices to run the automation. Objectives: 1. Modbus read and write 2. ESP32 Webserver 3. Spot price subscribe 4. Calculation / rules 5. MQTT Service (Server) 6. Price Service (Server) 7. Device Dashboard (Server) Project scope and system architecture are referred to the project brief documentation "Inverter Automation Project "

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    I need a program developed for a microchip aimed at controlling industrial machinery. - The program should focus on device control, ensuring seamless operation and management of the machinery. - The ideal candidate for this task should be proficient in microcontroller programming, particularly in the context of industrial applications. - Familiarity with industrial machinery and relevant safety standards in this field is highly desirable. - Candidates with a background in device control systems are strongly encouraged to apply.

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    Project Job: ...circuitry to switch between power sources (USB Type-C and battery power bank) as needed, with appropriate voltage regulation and power management. 9. RGB LEDs: - Integrate the RGB LEDs into the schematic, providing connections for power, ground, and control signals. - Include circuitry for programmable control of the LEDs, possibly using PWM signals from the RK3588 SoC or an external microcontroller. When designing the schematic, be sure to follow best practices for signal integrity, power distribution, and thermal management. Consult the datasheets and reference designs for each component to ensure proper connections and compatibility. Additionally, consider factors such as power consumption, board layout, and user interface requirements when finalizing the ...

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    POE lighting panel Finalizado left

    I'm looking for a seasoned electronics engineer to develop a circuit board with a microcontroller with ethernet connectivity, POE power and addressable LEDs, with the design done using EasyEDA software to be fully manufactured by JLCPCB (or equivalent). The core functionality of this project focuses on power management. Your skills and expertise should include: - Comprehensive understanding of EasyEDA software (can take other suggestions) - Proven experience in multi-layer circuit board design - Extensive knowledge in PCB design for power management This project requires intricate knowledge of these areas, so please only bid if you're confident in your ability to deliver. Looking forward to working with experienced and dedicated specialists. Proven portfolio related ...

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    step motor with target Finalizado left

    I hope you are good. I have read your description carefully and understand everything. I’m Electronics engineer who have 25 year experience on analog design, renewable energy, power electronics, motor control, microcontroller coding and PCB design. I have used Arduino, PIC, MSP430, C2000 and STM32 for 8 years. I have developed several codes by using their IDE and compilers. I know all principles of them. And I can do microcontroller simulation by using Proteus. Proteus have microcontroller model and peripheral components to simulate the code. The code can be debugged by using COF file also. Simulation result is same with real time application.

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    hardware+firmware Finalizado left

    I hope you are good. I have read your description carefully and understand everything. I’m Electronics engineer who have 25 year experience on analog design, renewable energy, power electronics, motor control, microcontroller coding and PCB design. I have used Arduino, PIC, MSP430, C2000 and STM32 for 8 years. I have developed several codes by using their IDE and compilers. I know all principles of them. And I can do microcontroller simulation by using Proteus. Proteus have microcontroller model and peripheral components to simulate the code. The code can be debugged by using COF file also. Simulation result is same with real time application. I have 8 year experience on Arduino and know all principles of it. I’m using Atmega chip instead of Arduino board...

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    I'm in need of an experienced engineer who has a solid background in measurement systems particularly using load cells and load cell amps and basic platform development. The objective is to develop a project which measures loads within a range of 10-20kg , with data input to an Arduino microcontroller. The ability to configure an edge device to continuously stream data to a simple BI dashboard on a desktop is also required. The successful freelancer should have the following skills and experience: - An excellent understanding of load cells and how to operate and interpret readings from them. - Extensive experience using Arduino microcontrollers and able to proficiently program and troubleshoot them. - Knowledge on how to integrate an edge device with this setup, and the skill...

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    We have a hardware in the loop (simulator) project that needs to be completed in 15 days time. Develop and write register level programs for an Arduino microcontroller that satisfy the following control objectives: 1. Speed / cruise control (PID) - maintain a desired car speed 2. Traction / launch control - maximize acceleration until a desired speed is reached 3. Braking control - maximize deceleration until the car stops - similar to traction control 4. Steering control down the track 5. Obstacle and crash avoidance We need the register level programming as well as C++ codes for simulation

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    ...We are developing a wearable device powered by an ESP32 microcontroller and a 5000mAh LiPo battery. To ensure safe and efficient charging of the LiPo battery, we require a skilled electronic engineer (if you've already worked on similiar project) to create a LiPo charger circuit with comprehensive protection features, including low and high voltage charging protection. I've tried with TP4056 but the charging time is too big. **Key Features:** 1. Overvoltage protection to prevent damage to the battery during charging. 2. Overcurrent protection to safeguard against excessive current flow. 3. Low voltage charging protection to prevent the battery from reaching dangerously low levels. 4. Charging status indication for the microcontroller **Key Responsibilities:**...

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    The project revolves around developing a bespoke PID software based on a specific logic. Key Aspects: - ...software based on a specific logic. Key Aspects: - Programming will be done using C++ - The software should be compatible with PIC16F15325, SOIC14 microcontroller - The desired features include a control algorithm, sensor data acquisition, and user interface - A sampling rate of 50 Hz is expected for the software Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in C++ programming - Experience with PIC microcontrollers - Familiarity with PID control systems - Understanding of sensor data acquisition and UI development This project offers the chance to work on developing a unique PID software and should be a great opportunity for those with expertise in microcontroller systems and...

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    We require microcontroller programming services to execute sensor interfacing and manage communication protocols. Our project needs an expert who can: - Interface our 32 bit PIC microcontroller with temperature sensors, analog circuits like Op-Amp and ADC - Implement SPI communication protocol within the microcontroller Experience with PIC microcontrollers is a must, along with a sound understanding of sensors, analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), and SPI protocol. Proven experience in similar tasks will make you an ideal candidate for us.

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    I'm looking for an experienced electronics expert to help design a circuit for a consumer electronics device. Key Tasks: - Advanced PCB Design: This will involve creating a complex PCB layout that can accommodate the circuit's requirements. - RF Circuit Design: The circuit will need to ...and Experience: - Seeking Electronics Expert with the following skills: Proficient in LTSpice, Multisim, or SPICE. Analog, digital circuit design, power supplies, signal conditioning. Skilled in Altium Designer, Eagle, or KiCad. Knowledge of PCB fabrication processes. Experience integrating optical filters into IR-based devices. Write algorithms for signal processing, and control systems. Microcontroller programming (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi). Design experience with IR-based devices...

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    I am in need of a specialist to help me build a STM32 based microcontroller board and program to convert an ESP32 prototype. The ideal candidate should have experience with STM32 and ESP32 and strong programming skills. Key Aspects of the Project: - Sensor integration is fundamental as it uses a strain gauge load sensor, a Lidar sensor as well as an LED display. - The board should also have connectivity functions. - There's a need for additional hardware integration with a thermal printer and a coin unit. Required Skills: - Strong experience with STM32 and ESP32 - Sensor integration - Connectivity programming proficiency - Hardware integration knowledge Apply if you have the necessary skills and equipment for this project. Let's convert this ESP32 prototype into a devel...

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    ...seeking a skilled professional to collaborate on and contribute their expertise to the development and integration of our Smart Vending Kiosk System. If you possess the necessary skills and experience, please consider this opportunity to be a part of our project. Key Requirements: - Expertise in UI/UX design - Ability to integrate mobile payment systems - Understanding communication between a microcontroller and an HTML-based application - Strong HTML experience - Proficiency in JavaScript and its frameworks/libraries (e.g., React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js) for front-end development - Understanding of web accessibility standards and best practices (e.g., WCAG guidelines) - Knowledge of back-end technologies (e.g., Node.js, Python, PHP) for API development and integration with the f...

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    I'm seeking an expert in PIC microcontroller to assist in converting an existing embedded project. The primary goal of this conversion is to replicate the functionality of an existing project on a sister PIC chip. The original project was to create an Ethernet to Serial functionality on the Microchip Ethernet Starter Kit. This functionality was achieved. Now the objective is to move that project to a physically smaller PIC chip of the same family. A new custom daughterboard has been built. Some programmers are thinking to start over with the new chip. I believe this is an uncertain way forward. My request is to convert the existing project rather than start over. I am open to your suggestions. It's essential that interested freelancers have a strong background i...

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    I'm seeking to develop a unique PCB design for a product that will use the STM32H7 microcontroller series. The board will need to allow for specific external hardware interfaces including a USB interface, USB-C, MIDI IN/OUT, and a 5v Power connector. Ideal candidates for this job will have experience with the hardware details of the STM32H7 series and be proficient in the design of PCB's that incorporate multiple hardware interfaces. Proficiency in the following areas is desired: - PCB design for manufacturing - Working with STM32H7 series - Incorporating USB, USB-C, MIDI and power interfaces into designs - Handling debugger connection in the design. The successful delivery of this project will provide a PCB design ready for manufacturing. I hope you will join me in turn...

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    ...looking for an experienced and proficient developer with solid understanding of a Nextion 7" display. Your main tasks will include: - Developing new features in the existing code - Improving the code for better performance and efficiency It's crucial that you have worked on similar projects in the past, as it requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of Nextion displays and also ESP32 microcontroller knowledge is a plus. Please note, for this project, I can provide the existing code but lack comprehensive documentation. Thus, your ability to understand existing coding frameworks without exhaustive documentation would be a big plus. Preferred skills: - Strong knowledge of Nextion displays - Previous experience with ESP 32 microcontrollers is a plus - A knack f...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Arduino programmer who has superb skills in the development and integration of sensor systems (Temperature, Humidity, Motion) and device control. This proje...superb skills in the development and integration of sensor systems (Temperature, Humidity, Motion) and device control. This project will require: - Proficiency in programming an Arduino microcontroller - Sensor data collection from the temperature, humidity, and motion sensors - Expertise in device control with the Arduino - Command over efficient communication protocols for device interaction The ideal freelancer should have a well-rounded background in both embedded systems development and sensor integration. At the end of this project, I expect a fully integrated and functional Arduino ...

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    ...programmer with proficiency in the 89c51-52 microcontrollers who can take on two major tasks: 1. Programming the Microcontroller - You'll be in charge of writing the core program that will run the microcontroller. 2. Debugging and Troubleshooting - I will count on you to identify and resolve any issues, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The aim of this project is twofold: - Controlling Electrical Devices - The programmed microcontroller will need to handle managing different electronic devices. Your code will directly affect the functioning and control of these devices. - Collecting Sensor Data - There will be various sensors connected to the microcontroller, capturing multiple types of data. The program will need to successfully fetc...

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    I'm seeking an experienced embedded software programmer for a Keil 8051 microcontroller. The key functionalities required include: - Control of GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) - Timer/Counter functionality Preferably, the freelancer should have prior experience with microcontrollers and a deep understanding of Keil 8051. You will be tasked with the development, testing, and debugging of the embedded software codes to ensure efficient and reliable interaction among the said functionalities of this microcontroller. Any experience with real-time operating systems is a plus.

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    I need an expert assembler programmer to write new code. The code needs to have the follow functions: Programming is for a circuit with an ATmega328P microcontroller, 4 push buttons, 4 LEDs, and a common cathode 7-segment display. Button 1: Displays the letter 'L' on the screen, turns on LED 1, and makes it blink. Button 2: Displays the letter 'D' on the screen, turns on LED 2, and makes both LED 1 and LED 2 blink. Button 3: Displays the letter 'R' on the screen, turns on LED 3, and makes LED 1, LED 2, and LED 3 blink. Button 4: Displays the letter 'S' on the screen, turns on LED 4, and makes LED 1, LED 2, LED 3, and LED 4 blink. When a button is pressed, a letter will be displayed on the screen and the corresponding LED will be turned on, bl...

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    I need an experienced engineer who is specialized in embedded system development. Key Responsibilities: - Developing and implementing hardware designs Know the microcontroller programming advance lavel Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding and practical experience in hardware design - Proven experience in relevant projects Please share relevant experience when applying. The project details will be discussed with the selected candidate. Qualified and serious bidders only, please.

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    I need to design a web interface which can communicate with a USB using a micro:bit microcontroller. Web interface can be made using Java, HTML and CSS. Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    I need to design a web interface which can communicate with a USB using a micro:bit microcontroller. Web interface can be made using Java, HTML and CSS. Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    ...include: Part numbers Descriptions Quantities Suppliers Board Files: Design files for the UPS system's printed circuit boards (PCBs). This should include: PCB layouts Component placements Routing details Gerber Files: Standard manufacturing files for PCB production. These should be compatible with industry-standard PCB manufacturing processes. Firmware: Custom firmware for the UPS system's microcontroller or digital control unit. This should include: Control algorithms Communication protocols Safety and fault detection routines Qualifications: Proven experience in UPS design, particularly modular UPS systems. Proficiency in CAD software for schematic design and PCB layout. Expertise in selecting and sourcing components for high-power applications. Experience in fi...

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    I need to design a web interface which can communicate with a USB using a micro:bit microcontroller. Web interface can be made using Java, HTML and CSS. Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    2 layer PCB ATMEGA328p TQFP-32 16 RGB Backlit buttons LED backlights driven from WS2812 chips 4 way dipswitch connected to ATMEGA328 for ID 6 pin ISP header 4 pin connector (serial IO, 5v & GND) PCB dimensions: 40mm high x 180mm wide Buttons arranged in a 2x8 matrix

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    Using an STM32F1 Microcontroller and a NFC reader like PN532 (or any other), write C code to a. write a string value to an NFC tag, hereafter referred to as 'data' b. read multiple tags (one by one) and add their data (string value) to an array c. should be able to read minimum 4-5 tags one by one and add their data to the array d. send this array over UART to an ESP8266 (ESP code is not required) e. Use STM32F0 / STM32G0 The tags are placed within reading distance of the reader and the reader must read all tags and log their data to an array. No hardware or circuit design is required, only the STM code is required, along with the description of the hardware used (modules or chipsets that are used). Only limitation is that the NFC reader must be economical.

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    I require an adept programmer versed in JS Rust and microcontrollers for a unique task. This project entails designing a browser application that establishes connectivity to an external device via RS232, connected to a computer. Project Specifics: - The microcontroller that needs to be worked with is CH32. - A thorough understanding of JS / CS / HTML programming is mandatory for this role. - Proficiency in working with microcontrollers is an essential requirement for this project. Essential Features: - The prime functionality required for this browser application is to facilitate remote control of the device. Applications: - Freelancers should majorly focus on highlighting their experiences related to similar projects in their applications. Looking forward to working with profe...

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    I need an experienced mechanical engineer to help me with my project. you will be: - Writing C++ code. - Extensive work with microcontrollers. - Using software such as MicroC and Proteus. The main goal of the project is to develop a specific and simple product. I am looking for someone s...project. you will be: - Writing C++ code. - Extensive work with microcontrollers. - Using software such as MicroC and Proteus. The main goal of the project is to develop a specific and simple product. I am looking for someone skilled in the above areas, who is able to demonstrate initiative and innovation in the face of project-related challenges. If you have previous experience in developing microcontroller products, you are likely to be a perfect fit. Let's collaborate to bring this p...

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    ...effectively, ensuring smooth operation of the system. Apply your expertise in vibration analysis, including frequency analysis, spectrum analysis, and FFT techniques, to enhance the functionality of the system. Provide PCB design files for final production once the prototype has been approved, ensuring adherence to industry standards. Qualifications: Proficiency in Python programming and microcontroller development, with hands-on experience in STM32 and Arduino platforms. Demonstrated ability to select and integrate sensors tailored to project requirements. Thorough understanding of RS485 communication standards and data transmission methodologies. Experience in designing professional-grade electronic circuits and PCBs using CAD tools such as Eagle or KiCad. Familiarity with 4G ...

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    As the client, I'm seeking a talented freelancer to help advance my audio project by adding key features. The device is a handheld one, meant for recording and playing audio. You ...device is a handheld one, meant for recording and playing audio. You will be tasked with: • Implementing Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) • Integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Prior progress includes the selection of a MEMS mic and Codec. Ideal Skills: • Demonstrable experience in ANC development • Proficient understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy integration • Familiarity with STM32 Microcontroller This project needs a meticulous freelancer, as attention to audio quality is imperative. It's also crucial to possess an understanding of sound engineering principle...

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    ...assist me in my project. This involves designing microcontroller-based systems that implement data acquisition coupled with proficient C++ coding. Key Responsibilities: - Design of microcontroller systems - Developing C++ code in relevance to the project - Handling softwares such as Proteus and MicroC The ideal candidate should possess an intermediate level of C++ programming and a good understanding of data acquisition methods via microcontrollers. Knowledge regarding Proteus and MicroC will be considered an additional advantage. This project requires an individual with a keen eye for detail, commitment towards precision, and timely completion of tasks. Comprehensive knowledge in the realm of mechanical engineering, specifically microcontroller-based systems,...

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    ...consists of 3 different main parts: - a DC motor (3V7) with gearbox, - a short plastic piece X connected to motor shaft (rotating RED COLOR) - a long plastic piece Y connected to X and use grease and mounted on external shaft (indicated by PINK COLOR) A printed circuit board will be equipped with the correct transistor drivers while the motor signals (pulsating or not) will be generated by a microcontroller The intention of this design is that 2 identical pieces of Y (call Y1 and Y2 for reference purpose) can move synchronously together (exactly same movement) or individually (opposite of each other lets say or one moving and the other one stand still) and this with just 1 single motor drive. The whole can be controlled by a single or dual push button (electrical signal) to actua...

    $33 - $271
    $33 - $271
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    STM32F07 IR Controller Finalizado left

    Project Title: STM32F0 IR Transmitter Project Description: We are seeking a skilled developer to implement the Phillips RECS80 protocol, as described in the SAA3008 datasheet, on an STM32F072 microcontroller device. The project will involve utilizing the Keil compiler with STM Low Level Drivers (LL) to develop firmware for the IR transmitter. Please note that the project should not use the HAL driver. Responsibilities: - Implement the Phillips RECS80 protocol on the STM32F072 microcontroller. - Develop firmware using the Keil compiler and STM Low Level Drivers (LL). - Utilize the IRTIM peripheral on the STM device, with TIM17 for the carrier frequency and TIM16 for data transmission. - Interface the IR LED through an MMBF170 N-Channel FET on the GPIOB9 pin. Requirements: -...

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    I'm looking for a professional with in-depth experience in microcontroller programming and hardware design to create a controller that's capable of operating through GSM, with a primary function of controlling electrical devices. Scope of Work: - Development and programming of the controller. - Setting up GSM operations for the controller. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in microcontroller programming. - Extensive knowledge of GSM communication protocol. - Experience in designing and developing device controllers. - Ability to create detailed project proposals. Please include a detailed proposal which demonstrates a clear understanding of the project's requirements and how you plan to achieve them in your application. All aspects of the project including the tech...

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    We are seeking a skilled embedded systems engineer to develop a FlexRay driver for the STMicroelectronics SPC56EL54 microcontroller. Responsibilities: - Design and implement a FlexRay driver utilizing both channels (A & B) for redundancy. - Configure and integrate the driver with configurable bus timing parameters and timeslot schedules. - Develop an API for message transmission and reception based on slot and cycle information. - Ensure code adheres to MISRA-C:2012 guidelines and established coding style practices. - Collaborate with the engineering team to integrate the driver seamlessly into the existing codebase. - Develop a test application to demonstrate driver functionality, to be developed for SPC56xL Discovery+ Evaluation board. The ideal candidate should have: - Prov...

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    I'm seeking a diligent electronics expert proficient in Python, with experience in microcontroller, sensor usage, Arduino, PCB design, and RS485. Your responsibility will entail: - Developing STM32 based prototype using dev boards - Find best suited sensors for our needs (suggestions supplied) - Develop software for Main controller including 4G communication - Develop RS485 for the main controller to talk to at least 4 sensor boxes each with up to 15 sensors - Develop software for sensor boxes - Develop software for handling data form sensors such as temp, humidity, vibration, sound pressure, diff pressure, water detection, voltage, currency. - APIs for secure data storage on the Azure Mysql servercollection. - Effectively managing periodic data collection functions. - Be pro...

    $1500 - $3000
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    I'm currently seeking an experienced MATLAB/Simulink expert to assist with the calibration of Arduino/Raspberry Pi using the C2000 microcontroller over CAN Bus. Key Responsibilities: - Calibrate Arduino/Raspberry Pi with C2000 microcontroller - Develop MATLAB/Simulink models for project The primary intent behind the calibration is to ensure smooth data communication between the devices. Therefore, proficiency in handling C2000 microcontroller and Arduino/Raspberry Pi is crucial along with extensive hands-on experience with MATLAB/Simulink. Performance Criteria: A critical determinant of success in this role will be the capability to design and implement solutions with real-time execution. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate will have experience with Arduin...

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