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Business plans include many sections, including the executive summary, marketing plan, financial projections, and operations management plans. These plans help keep the business owner focused on their goals and success, but they also serve as a hook for investors and banks, which are essential to raising capital. Even if you have a sound business idea, you will not attract investors or obtain loans if you have a poorly written or incomplete business plan. Hiring a freelance writer with experience and knowledge in this area will guarantee the success of your start up. Contratar a Business Planners


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    Business plan 6 días left

    Setting up a burger and fries stand in a university environment

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    I need a professional business plan for an investor and to collect loan from bank to start my own business.

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    Business plan 6 días left

    To adapt a sample plan to my own business model to submit to a government institution to get relevant required permits. Please tell me how I can attach the file as its size too large.

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    ODAYEX 6 PROJECT 6 días left

    Odayex 6 is a rear projection speedometer which showcases to other drivers and pedestrians the speed you are going.

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    Mikefeeodayex6 6 días left

    Looking for someone that can write a great business plan for my Company I'm an inventor and I started a company called Odayex6 I created a digital display of your speed that shows out of the rear windshield have it patent And basically need a business plan to propose to investors Also someone that is great at writing pitches

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    Pharmacy opening 6 días left

    Business Plan/Executive Summary that should include the following: -Resume showing relatable skill set -3 year pro forma -Marketing Plan -Budget for all start-up expenses -Operations Budget

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    Looking for a copywriter 6 días left

    Hi everyone, We are looking for a copywriter to help edit the copy in our pitch dec. We have ~32 slides. The purpose of this document is to introduce our services to potential clients and the objective is to get the viewer of the presentation to book a meeting with us. I will share the slides with freelancers that I am interested in engaging. Please outline any other questions in your bid.

    $25 - $50 / hr
    Sellado Acuerdo de Confidencialidad
    $25 - $50 / hr
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    Need to write a business consulting proposal within a day

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    Horse Stable Management Expert 5 días left

    Hello there, I am looking for someone who has expertise in Horse Stable Management in many aspects: - assess the current situation for the stable from all aspects, process, grooms, health, feed etc... - build a plan and process for the whole stable in terms of horse feed, groom schedule, stall management. - build checklist tasks for all types of roles for grooms and trainers etc.. - what they should do for each horse by hour on timely manner etc.... - exercises etc... - recommended systems for horse stable (is plus) so basically, I am looking for someone who can help as an owner to manage all of this and have tracking systems potentially for the stable manager or me to manage this

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    anyone want to upgrade your business you can content me

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    Help write a business plan 5 días left

    I am starting a car hauling service and as a woman truck driver, I need a business plan geared towards my core values and compliments my company model, just a Chix trucking.

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    I would like for you to create a course on Kajabi**** that will be an outline of my business. I would like this to be designed and targeted for the audience of young female entrepreneurs that are looking for a career that they'll enjoy.

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    looking for a business consultant that can help to create a business plan/ pitch deck

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    I want to make a project on the defensive, offensive and rationalisation marketing strategies followwed by ICCI bank

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    We want to study business opportunities in turkey then prepare a business plan for the selected opportunities. Need very experienced business consultant in turkey. (Only a Turkish consultant with long experience in the field needed).

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    A researcher in health care industry business is required, their is a project that has specific requirements

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    I have a web application (a startup discovery platform) to be launched in India for college students and investors. I need to plan the business, do competitive research, decide pricing, understand legalities involved and financial modeling.

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    I need a new Brand Logo 4 días left

    + Upgrade, Improvement of the current logo (see attachment). + Slogan Addition: Individuell / Innovative / Professionell

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    researcher for Rental Cars 4 días left

    I need some help with my business. we want you to fully research the current Rental Car industry for the fully automated hire systems via online hiring our plan is similar to existing car rental companies your job is to comprehensively IDENTIFY the workings and operational systems of each of these neighbourhood style Businesses as we have our ideas on how to improve upon this current situation

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    client consultation 4 días left

    case study based project consulting and client managemnt

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    I already have a real estate market study completed for 30 apartments. I need a business plan for investors, and lenders in slides,

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    Executive summary report writer 4 días left

    I need this Executive report udated and tweaked. Im applying for business grant assistance.

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    Business planner 4 días left

    I need to put in my application for a delivery contract of a big company.

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    We are venturing into the business of ELV scrapping. We have to present a business case to an Indian automobile giant. We already have our templates in place. We would like somebody having expertise in preparing Business cases and basic knowledge about ELV policy to assist us in creating a business proposal.

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    We would like to transform our corporate profile in accordance with today's modern business environment

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    hello, i am looking to start a business to resell virtual debit cards. i need someone that can do some research on how the business work. i am mainly interested in virtual cards that can be used for Facebook ads. and to make other online purchases. i am looking for a virtual card provider where i can register and get multiple card numbers so i can resell these to people. the ideal would card that can be refilled.

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    I need a business planner 3 días left

    I am interested in purchasing a wine bar in Oakland, CA. I will need to apply for a business loan and will need a business plan. The wine bar is already operational with a fully functional kitchen and 1600 sq ft of dining space for patrons. This business is being sold for 200k. Its yearly revenue is 600-650k. I'm hoping to acquire the space so I can become self employed and realize my dream of owning a restaurant. The wine bar has ample space to host events which will add additional revenue. Also, with a fully functional kitchen I can provide food and pastries to pair with the wine. I also plan to provide catering services as a part of my plan to grow and expand my business. I've attached the listing with details on the rent and lease.

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    Hello there, I need a NFT Marketing plan for Estonia, Us and the U.K. I need it urgently

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    Type up a business plan for me 2 días left

    Hi - i have quickly written up a business plan, but requires proof reading, glancing over - and made to look good by a professional academic writer.

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    BD and Sales Executive -- 2 2 días left

    Identify partnership opportunities Develop new relationships in an effort to grow business and help the company expand Maintain existing business Think critically when planning to assure project success

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    Help with a marketing presentation 2 días left

    I am putting together a business plan for a new investment management business and need assistance with presentation design/graphics, incorporation of data and charts, etc.

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    Project Marketing 2 días left

    Digital Marketing Business Development Sales of luxury apartments Sales for project management

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    Market research for a shoe factory Location: Caracas, Venezuela

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    Business plan writer Restaurant 1 día left

    Hi. I need to write a small business plan and analyse for a restaurant

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    Sustainable Operations 1 día left

    •Individual Case Study 1: Implementing Sustainability in the Global Supply Chain – The Case of Grundfos (Sage Business Case free in KPU library) •Summarize in your own words the key sustainability learnings from this case •Provide your opinion on this company’s sustainability •Submit this word document into the Week 3 Case Study Moodle folder before next class. (Word count between 400 and 600 words)

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    This business will contain myself offering wellness services such as lymphatic drainage massage and nurse care post surgical care. I will be offering services to post op women that had plastic surgeries such As butt lift tummy tuck and liposuction. I can help them recover comfortably and decrease their risk from post op complications

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    Any ideas business in uk online business

    $236 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a business plan creator for my start up. Must have graphics, flowchats and simple to understand documentations.

    $435 (Avg Bid)
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