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    Illustration Finalizado left

    Hi Guys, i need a square shaped illustration (min 900x900 pixel) for a cover art. The illustration needs to be tarot-like, example: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Hit me up for more messages.

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    Initial basic website Finalizado left

    Require basic website for pre-launch business project. Includes title, 3 family changing images with room for text descriptions. Service text 0f 1 or 2 pages. Email out/in facility, and standard block emails for potential clients.

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    Review and Fix buggy APIs - 65% 0f the entire work Tasks • build, and maintain APIs, • setup koa js and neo4j integration and sync data from mongo on existing models • setup koa js with graphql • suggested users for users to follow • order APIs, checkout, • push notification and notifications APIs, notification socket io events • email templates/handlin...

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    Project for Rajdeep A. Finalizado left

    ...13bQ9t01A1P`13`NHr0mdTI>05jT,0*2F !AIVDM,1,1,,A,141iWb0P000`=c0NGri@0?wL0HK?,0*7A !AIVDM,1,1,,B,139eVOPP00P`<FtNGpl6lgwT25jT,0*6E !AIVDM,1,1,,B,141iWb0P000`=c6NGrhP0?wh0<0u,0*0F More Data will be available for shortlisted freelancers. They are send through the Internet to my small Cloud Server through NTP and received in my case on Port 4545 (but this

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    Project for Marina L. Finalizado left

    Hi Marina, I need a programmer. I have data coming in in following formating: !AIVDM,1,1,,B,141iWb0P000`=blNGrhh0?vR0<0u,0*57 !AIVDM,2,1,2,B,541iWb400000tkKC3J05@PDp400000000000001S:0945t@P00mPC1CP,0*5F !AIVDM,2,2,2,B,jACSQDp00000000,2*4B !AIVDM,1,1,,B,841iWb0j2d>==LL=<QT0g?`06pP0,0*6C !AIVDM,1,1,,A,141iWb0P000`=bfNGrhh0?vl0<0u,0*60 !AIVDM,1,1,,B,1

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    1 ofertas a suggestion for starting the coding: import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('[iniciar sesión para ver URL]',parse_dates=['Order_Date']) pd.options.display.float_format = '{:,.0f}'.format df.pivot_table(index=[[iniciar sesión para ver URL](freq='M', key='Order_Date'),],columns=['Category','Location']...

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    ...written a book. We need an illustrator to supply us with images for the book- we hope to publish the book before the end of the school year if possible....we also want to try and incorporate AR in the book using [iniciar sesión para ver URL]???? We have never done this before..If it works it will be an annual assignment for my students. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] # ...

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    needs to finished by 7th Feb (Wednesday) Provide a 1800 words p0licy paper for government. This paper should analyses an important contemporary surveillance (telemetric policing). The paper needs to identify the area 0f surveillance to address (eg. traff1c policing; welfare surveillance, intelligence, big data, urban surveillance, etc.). Key issues

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    ...percentage to meet your target in future, for example if you are earning #200, 000 a month and you have to pay your ward’s school fees of #75,000 in 3months time and your rent 0f #600,000 in 12months time, depending on your expenditure profile you can set aside let’s say #25,000/month for school fees and ‘fix’ it as it comes and #50,000 for rent, so

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    Project for Eagles Finalizado left

    [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Please scrape this database of all data as follows (in the following order of priority): Search By: 0F Search By: 0D Search By 0E Search By: 0H Search By: 0A Search By: 0B Search By: 0C Each of the above is a separate search which will bring up company lists. You can highlight and view each company to get a new window of Detail

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    Hello, I have some text whi...TEXT IN HEX 54 d8 d0 94 a8 93 3f 8a d3 41 52 f4 27 d3 8c 60 8d 2c 8a 88 70 59 0f a6 c0 ec 1e 82 c9 eb df 7d 08 e1 c3 ac I need some help to figure out how to unencrypt the text. I have attached a DLL file (inside the zip file) which contains the answer. You will need to decompile the DLL file to find the key.

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    Trophy icon Design Icons Finalizado left

    Hello guys and girls. I need small icons to be designed, very tiny ones just like smile face :) I need the following: GF VE V FOR EXAMPLE ONLY; [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I need them to be small size, they are for microsoft word document on menu. Quick competition.

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    image typing Finalizado left

    i have a project of typing 0f 300 pages in english

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    131 ofertas[iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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    Design a Logo Finalizado left

    North of 60º design maybe start with N normal size and "0f" top right of N and 60 right below it. and maybe add a compass

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    ...Chinese specific content for our product Xpresso. Xpresso, which is currently live on both Android Playstore and Apple Appstore, has more than 200000 downloads and a rating 0f 4.6. Its an avatar based gif app, where you can create your 3D avatar and share animated Gifs with your text and your avatar. Currently, most of our users are from the USA and

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    I need help during implementation of C# interface (.NET framework) for encryption of messages which are sent to/from HBCI (Homebanking Computer Interface) server according to RDH-10 standard. Predispositions for the encryption process are as follows: Signature algorithm: RSA Operation mode with signature: RSASSA-PSS [PKCS1], owner signing HASH

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    You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previ...94:3B:C6:E0:82:7F:09:B0:50:B0:28:30:68:5A:76:73:4E:56:61:68 ] and the certificate(s) used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint(s): [ SHA1: 21:9D:54:2F:90:1D:8D:B8:5C:72:9B:0F:7A:E3:24:10:09:60:77:CB ] Your APK needs to have the package name com.wFEBA_5291655.

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    Write some Software Finalizado left

    ...have 2 interest free options. Afterpay and Zipmoney I need them to be advertised better on the site and as youcan see by the images i need it integrated to the front end Afterpay is 4 fortnightly oayments so i need coding that every price be shown in full and also the 4 easy payments 0f ($25% of price) shown on each product page. I have shown

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    ...[iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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