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    It is a dubbing of M's character in one of the Skyfall scenes. It lasts 1 minute 20 seconds (a paused short script) that I need for a college job. THE SPEECH IS IN ENGLISH. I need a female announcer who does not necessarily have a similar voice, however she must sound credible. It's a small college job. --- Se trata de un doblaje del personaje de M en una de las escenas de Skyfall. Dura 1 minuto con 20 segundos (un guión corto y pausado) que necesito para un trabajo de la universidad. LA LOCUCIÓN ES EN INGLÉS. Necesito una locutora que no necesariamente tenga una voz parecida, sin embargo, debe sonar creíble. Es un trabajo pequeño de universidad.

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    Ángeles caídos Finalizado left

    Traducir el poemario "Ángeles caídos" del español al inglés. 56 páginas. Unas 3.900 palabras. Translate the poetry book " Fallen Angels " from Spanish to English. 56 pages. Some 3,900 words.

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    Ángeles caídos Finalizado left

    Traducir el poemario "Ángeles caídos" del español al inglés. 56 páginas. Unas 3.900 palabras. Translate the poetry book " Fallen Angels " from Spanish to English. 56 pages. Some 3,900 words.

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    Necesito escribir algo sobre "chucherias y sentimientos", puede ser en cualquier tipo de formato: cuento, soneto, poesia, historia.... con un minimo de 350 palabras. La idea es que tenga que ver con la violencia de genero o discapacidades en niños. Me gustaría que fuera de aventura o cómico. I need to write something about "candies and feelings", it can be in any kind of format: tale, poetry, history.... with a minimum 350 words. The idea is that it has to be in relation with genre violence or some disable in children. I would like to be in an adventure or comic way.

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    The person must be moderate to excellent in Hindi poetic expression and able to put situations into poetry or story format.

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    Developer worked with XRPL Final left

    I need a back end NFT blockchain developer with experience Social web app on XRPL The project consists of creating a platform where people can post their poetry. This will connect to the XRPL and allow people to NFT their poetry. it should have the basic functionality of a social media app of Create, Edit, Deleting, commenting, liking and sharing and searching. This is a platform for Poets to share their poetry. the Tokens have already been created. XPoesy. The job will consist of building the front end(we did it) and also connecting it to XRPL. Website for poets to upload their poems and everyone can interact. Each interaction is connected to the xrp ledger and to their metamask wallet.

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    I am an Author and want my work to be marketed in social media in India and Uk / Canada / USA Instagram Poetry with Graphics Facebook Posts Other Social Media Prefer to work with young people passionate about Art

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    Literature paper Finalizado left

    hey there, i want someone specialized in literature for analyzing novels and poetry. The most important things are using very powerful sources (MLA style of citation) with %0 plagiarism. 3000 words-60$. Anyone interested?

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    I have the script I wrote myself. Its called deadnoir issue 1 The queen of The redlace. its a fantasy noir pulp series made from poetry. Videos should be around 12 min per issue

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    Build a blog Finalizado left

    I need a personal blog where i can post my poetry and stories. The posts should look like <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> , also i want the website to be seo friendly and super fast

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    Book review Finalizado left

    In the year 2019, I have published autobiography in my mother thong - Bosnian, and now it has been translated into English. However, the book needs skilled linguist, with feeling for style, poetry. Since content is spiritual, I would like to have someone who is mind-opened and who will see everything I wrote just as part of my life story, and will not be judged. The book is around 200 pages in Word document. I would need the book done until June.

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    I wrote a book on the history of the building of a liquified natural gas plant in Nigeria. The book received critical acclaim so I wish to turn it into a movie. I seek writers who will go beyond the technical jargons to dramatize the human interest on the history of the building of a liquified natural gas plant in Nigeria. The book received critical acclaim so I wish to turn it into a movie. I seek writers who will go beyond the technical jargons to dramatize the human interest stories at the heart of this project; writers who will tell the story from a layman's point of view without losing its essence; writers who will turn my prose to poetry. I am aiming this film at Netflix, Disney, etc. Writers with good relationship with these or any other major film companies ...

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    UK GCSE Poetry Expert (ideally a Teacher and/or Tutor) to help with poetry resource creation - written content. Support and a comprehensive guide will be provided. Freelancer MUST be: 1. Familiar with the core poems studied at UK English GCSE (e.g., 'Power and Conflict' cluster or 'Love and Relationships' cluster). 2. Be well versed in the technical aspects of poetry (e.g. Structure, Form, Language etc.) to be able to provide accurate resources. Any questions, just feel free to ask.

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    Poetry writer Finalizado left

    میرے دل کے ہار ، بیٹھے ہوں گے کسی اور کا مقدر بن کر ۔۔

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    Creative writing Finalizado left

    Hello, if you are interested in working on an article, I can do it. I love writing fields such as articles, poetry or even copywriting.

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    I am writing three poetry books of 50 poems each. Book 1 is ready and is entitled " Thought Dreams Under The Gilloutine". Book 2 is also ready and called " Thought Dreams in times of Madness". Third is being written. I need three matching stunning artistic Book colours with a common theme.

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    Promote OnlineBookClub's free-to-enter contest to gain at least 100 new entries. The contest is free to enter. We value an entry at $1 each, so for at least 100 new entries I can pay up to $100. I have attached a flyer with the details of the contest. This is time sensitive so SEO will NOT work for this. Please do not post SEO offers. I need advertising and promotion.

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    I am looking for help advertising and promoting a free contest for artists and poets we are hosting at my website, OnlineBookClub.

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    Looking for someone to produce art for 65 individual poems. Please see attached picture to further understand the requirements. I don't want someone who is just doing it for the money, I want someone who loves both art, poetry, and the expression of both combined.

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    I want to build application for Android contains poetry in two languages. I have content in both the languages

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    I am not Spanish speaker. I ordered Dao De Ching Spanish wanted Words Melody, Poetic, Poetry (can be blank verses), Preserved from original Not Misty, Clear Sense, Meaning. As of now two very respectful people confirmed that translation-adaptation is Beautiful, even may be Very:) Beautiful. May be enough but nothing wrong I need more opinion-feedback from at least third person

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    use PixelPlayer Finalizado left

    I need help in implementing this tool and creating a code in this tool to separate the instrument from the poetry I just need the resource code, explanation of what happened, readme file it's from

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    We are looking for an animator for a YouTube project. The job is to animate a video where the poetry voiceover will be provided. Note that if we are satisfied with your work then you will be contacted on a regular basis for the same, at least once a month. Please refer to the video attached here. We are aware that such type customization is not possible at such low prices, so all you have to do is recreate the concept according to your own skills.

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    ...realized that I do not have the confidence or personality to manage a marketing campaign for myself. Posting on Instagram and other social media does not come easy to me and I am in some dire need of help since this is a crucial part of self-publishing. Another project that I have in mind (but can not guarantee will become a reality) is for example a podcast. My book's name is Feather and it is a poetry collection consisting of 50 poems varying in length and theme. It is currently published on Amazon, both as a paperback and as an e-book. Among the files uploaded is the cover of my book. I hope to get in contact with someone who are willing to have an open dialogue with me about managing my marketing and social media in a way that fits me, and an affordable price range (as...

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    Hi Slobodan S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I have a collection of poems. I am looking to get it formatted into an eBook manuscript as well as a paperback manuscript. Please send me a message if you are available to take on my project.

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    essay writer Finalizado left

    ...cultures, US and Chinese, and whether and why it favors one culture over the other. Consider how internal rhyme, assonance, and alliteration help the poem to work with small differences. In the early stages of your thinking, you might note that the difference between the words “precision” and “persimmons” highlights the small shifts in perception that poets like Julia Alvarez find to be important in poetry. You also might pay attention to the tone in which acts of eating and holding persimmons are described in detail. Does such attention seem more important to one culture than the other? Why is it important? 2. Discuss the ways that the stage directions in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles are important for expressing its theme. Organize your essay aro...

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    Trophy icon Hapebeast NFT Fan Art Finalizado left

    HAPELIST status is awarded by hand to outstanding members of the HAPE community. That might mean you produce some art, music, poetry, food or anything else that represents HAPE – but it certainly means that you’re part of our server and being respectful and warm to others. Website: Goal: Create the best fan art, can be of any nature using the content available on their Instagram, discord server, and website. I will award multiple projects - please be creative in your submissions.

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    YouTube channel Finalizado left

    I have created a youtube channel for entertainment and fun purpose for sports comedy poetry Top5 type videos So if anyone can help me to achieve my 1500 subscribers with videos atleast 10-15 videos as per my requirement. After that I ll handle myself.

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    ...What forces operate in this situation? What does it mean to be a human being in this world? What threatens the characters? What solutions are available? How are problems resolved, if they are resolved at all? What sort of feelings are aroused by these characters, these events? V. DICTION (LANGUAGE): Describe the play's language and any rhetorical plays on language associated with it. Prose or poetry? Poetry: rhymed or unrhymed? metrical or free? imitative of daily speech or highly manipulated? Prose: rhythm imitative of daily speech or highly manipulated? Both: dialect and vocabulary of daily life or elevated/manipulated? Relationship of character and diction? VI. MUSIC: Describe the playwright's choices regarding rhythm, time, and sound. Include examples of r...

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    You've read short stories, poems, and a play. You've seen videos of poetry and the play. What genre (short story, poetry, drama) do you prefer? Does the format influence your preference (read, video)? You must consider what you have learned from each experience. (Seeing live theater is not the same as watching a film of live theater. Watching a video of a poem is not the same as a spoken word performance.)

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    I need to develop app which will allow for support participants submitting video recital within a prescribed window of time online. once participant is ready to submit, click ready and web cam activated and run for a time...recording and stops after a preset time. recital is automatically uploaded to a database. This will be done as fun raiser for charity so need to have registration, ecommerce page and database.

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    Rap, Rock, Scream (high pitched not that low growl garbage) and even a little country and country rap, as well as not startling background noise to spoken poetry

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    Rap, Rock, Scream (high pitched not that low growl garbage) and even a little country and country rap, as well as not startling background noise to spoken poetry

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    I need someone with artistic skills to design and illustrate the front and back covers for a paperback book (poetry compilation - love poems written by a teenager with no obscene language). Proposed book size is 8 inches x 5 inches. I also need at least 13 full color illustrations for the book. Illustrations vary in sizes the largest being 4 inches x 4 inches. I have some ideas for most of the illustrations but would need some creative input as well. The illustrations will revolve around a female character named River. River's details will be shown but all other persons captured in the scenes will either be silhouettes or have very little detail. The artist will be expected to design the character (River) and generate scenes based on an existing narrative. As part of the quotat...

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
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    I am looking for several illustrations to be created for a poetry book. The illustrator must be able to take inspiration from the poetry in order to create the pieces. I am looking for 10 to 20 illustrations in total.

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    UK GCSE Poetry analysis expert (literature) needed for content creation and writing. e-learning content development.

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    Capstone Essay Finalizado left

    ...theories are described here: _criticism/ The following topics provide a literary lens through which to view and analyze a work. Use the questions presented for each lens in the OWL Purdue link to help guide your analysis.  Gender Studies and Queer Theory for analyzing Whitman’s poetry (various poems)  Historical lens for analyzing Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”  Historical lens for analyzing Melville’s Benito Cereno and “The Swamp Angel” or “The Portent”  Feminist Critical lens for analyzing two or three of the following: Judith Sargent Murray’s “On the Equality of the Sexes,” Sojourner Truth’s “Speech to the

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    Hello! I am currently working on a wonderful Anthology project that I will launch incredibly soon. I am looking for someone who can do a final proofread and edit in terms of the grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. The book consists of about 1000 pages filled with poetry. I would also like if there is experience with copyright. The book is in English.

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    I have a rush job that needs to be done before end of day today. It is a very small poetry book for a high school student and there are some photographs that are jpeg that need to be uploaded into the book and converted to pdf for print. The book needs to be ready to sent to the printer for end of day today (November 20th)

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    Create logo Finalizado left

    I want you to Create logo for for website Website is about Poetry and literary materials!

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    We are looking for a creative graphic designer who can turn text content into visual poetry. He must have done some awesome work in past for consumer brands in India. We are looking to advertise on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin , google etc) You will be given content ideas and we expect you to design a creatives and publish them to get maximum impact

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    Want to hire for 30 words crisp and creative content for facial cleanser relating to the theme in poetry form

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    Design company Logo Finalizado left

    As the name implies, Digital Khidki opens doors of opportunity to provide answers for all of your marketing demands while also assisting you in creating your brand in the digital space. We are the first company in India to manage poets and poetry events around the country, as well as the only Indian public relations firm with the vision and competence to handle everything in-house. Our company collaborates with India's most well-known poets, and we serve as a digital platform for all the most well-known personalities in Hindi literature and the arts. We at Digital Khidki are client-focused and strive to provide each client with a positive brand experience.

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    Content Editor Finalizado left

    I'm just looking for a content editor to edit a poetry book that tells a story and tell me if the poems are in a good order

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    POETRY Finalizado left

    I need a poem edited and made more appealing

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    I would like to have my blog monetized by advertisers. It's a poetry blog that conveys ethical values and thought-provoking quality content. Google analytics and search Console are integrated and it's all set up and ready. However, I need someone who is knowledgeable about Digital Marketing (Monetization) SEO, (Google Ranking), Keywords and Traffic. Good English communication a must. Skills: SEO, Internet Marketing, Advertising, Link Building, Keywords, Google ranking.

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    build me a website Finalizado left

    Building a poetry educational website. Working on a budget. I need a serious designer to help me do this. Thank you

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    I'm looking for an English (GCSE) professional who could create English poetry materials: quizzes, worksheets and learner checklists (in PDF , Word and online/flashcard format) for a tutoring website. Information on specific literature/poems, along with the specific competencies, will be provided to support you in this project. You MUST be extremely competent in the poetry 'anthology', modern poetry and poetic techniques etc. You MUST also have excellent writing skills and be able to incorporate lots of images and colour themes.

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    I would like to have my blog monetized without considering Adsense. It's a poetry blog that conveys values and meanings which are not so popular nowadays. Google analytics and search Console are integrated and it's all set up and ready. However, I need someone who is knowledgable about Marketing and SEO.

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